Beauty Redefined with Shiseido


If you follow my blog, then you already know that few weeks ago i’ve posted about Beauty Service at Shiseido Counter and bring home a wonderful red box consists of 6 items from Shiseido. Both the best selling and the newest collections were inside the box ❤️

As i promised earlier that i am going to do a review about the products, so here i am today. Fulfilling my words 🙂

But before we start, let me give you a short Event Report when i attended Beauty Redefined Event on Thursday, 15 June 2017 at Atrium Pakuwon Mall Surabaya. It was the biggest pop up store for beauty bazaar in Surabaya.

The event started around 7 p.m and it was fun, filled with informative tips about beauty as well as knowledge about Shiseido products.

On one occasion, MC of the event called one lady, named Michelle from Australia. She gave testimony that she used Shiseido Ultimune for 2 weeks and had already felt the big difference. She likes it ❤️ [Wait for my review down below. I have prepared it for you]

Michelle gave testimony about Ultimune Serum

After held a talkshow with the audience, MC guided us for tour to each booth on the Bazaar. There were:

• Skin Sensor Check Booth – We can get free skin check here to know about our skin firmness, moisture level and more. After a deep screening and consultation, The Beauty Consultant will introduce you to the right Shiseido products to answer your skin need.

• Play Makeup Room – We can try many make up products here. From lipstick, eyeshadow, to the latest collection of mascara and cushion! ❤️

• Makeup Booth by Professional – Here the makeup artists will help you to do touch up or even do the makeup from your bare face situation.

• Massage Booth – Expect a relax moment here. From face to hand massage. Definitely refreshing!

• Styling Booth by Shiseido Team – Here, The Team will makeover your hair, from a curl to another hair style, and of course all the products were from Shiseido Hair Series. I love the serum. It made my dry hair become manageable.

• Ring Light Photobooth – A booth for you to take picture using the ring light after enjoying the treatment series from Shiseido Pop Up Store. Pampering kinda day!❤️

Got my hair styled with the professional team
Trying out the lipstick on makeup playroom
The newest cushion from Shiseido

It was really amazing event. I got the chance to wear kimono and took the picture before i went home ❤️


Now let’s start with the products review ❤️

• Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is all time favorite best seller products.

I used this serum 2 times a day, morning and evening after cleansing, before i apply my moisturizer. After applying this serum on half of the face, i can notice a huge difference between the 2 areas. Area which has been covered by this serum is supple and smooth as compared to the other area ❤️

I love the scent of this product. It isn’t a powdery or flowery scent, i can’t really describe what smell is that, but one thing i know, the scent is good and fresh.

Daily use of Ultimune will help make skin visibly brighter, softer, and more hydrated.

It claims that wrinkles and lines will appear less visible too if you use this product regularly.

No wonder Michelle, one of the audience during the Event likes it. I love it too ❤️

• Shiseido Shampoo & Scalp Essence

Do you know that many professional and premium salons use Shiseido Adenovital series?
It’s super recommended to grow more baby hair which lead to thicker hair.

I haven’t tried this two products long enough so i can’t really tell you the result or seeing many new baby hairs. 

However i wanna discuss the scent. Shiseido shampoo smells really good ❤️ and the essence has a mentol/mint scent.

I feel great after usage.

• Shiseido 7 Lights Powder Illuminator

The powder is one of the latest products for Shiseido Makeup and definitely my favourite ❤️ 

It consists of 7 different colors. Soft rainbow color and comes with super soft brush applicator.

Perfect to make face skin looks radiant and shimmer.

I also use this for highlighter and blush on.

The result is soft and natural. Super recommended 👍🏻

• Shiseido Full Lash Multi Dimension Mascara

The brush is super gentle! I surprised that it’s easy to be applied even on very thin and short lashes like mine. 

After i google more about this mascara, i just knew that Shiseido’s easy to use peanut shape brush exclusively bends 30 degrees and rotates 360 degrees and works with the natural curve of the eye to lift and fan from the root.

So don’t worry if you want to bend the brush, it won’t break 😊

For perfect result, don’t forget to use Eyelash Curler first.

• Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Duo

My crush ❤️ i love this Eyebrow Styling Duo.

The pencil is thin, sharp, it’s perfect to make a natural eyebrow strokes. The color is soft and light. If you need more definition on the eyebrows, i do suggest to press a bit so the color will get darker.

I used the powder to blend and smoothen the color even more. Especially on the edge near nose.

That’s all about the review. Are you ready to see how the result turns on my face?

What do you think?

I personally love everything on that picture. It’s natural, soft, and fresh.

Thank you Shiseido for giving me the chance to try your wonderful products. I really like it ❤️

Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Hohoho it’s finally up on my blog.

I receive question about gift ideas so often. On average, i get 3 in a month.

Therefore, i decide to put it on my blog.

Just in case you need ideas to give your parents, in law, friends, or your crush a gift, you can rely on this directory ❤️

Let’s start!

• Gift for Boyfriend

Wallet, Belt, Pen, Cufflink, Tshirt, Shirt, Polo, Long Sleeve, Jacket, Hat/Cap, Video Game, Book.

• Gift for Girlfriend

Makeup, Dolls, Bag, Wallet, Shopping Vouchers, Flowers, Skin Care, Jewellery, Accessory, Clothes, Book. Or just simply bring her flowers and romantic dinner, she’ll love it ❤️

• Gift for Mom or In Law (Ladies)

Skincare, bag, handbag, wallet, blouse, make up, clothes, bouquet of flowers, ice tart / cake tart, healthy supplement: preferably ginseng or bird nest.

• Gift for Dad or In Law (Men)

Cufflink, pen, wallet, belt, clothes, healthy supplement, book.

• Gift for Friend

Clothes, wallet, skincare, accessory, book or just as simple as birthday cake with heart warming birthday card.

• Gift for Graduation

Pen – a good one, for him/her sign a contract paper and many more great deals in their life.

Flowers and Card

• Gift for Valentine’s or White Day

Flowers, Chocolate, Fancy / Homemade Romantic Dinner .

• Gift to Come Over or Visit BF/GF Family

If you live in another town, bring the most favorite/popular foods/goodies from your hometown. But if you live in the same city, don’t bother. Just bring the best version of yourself and be polite 😊

• Gift for CNY / Christmas / NYE / Ramadhan, etc

Hampers of food, fruits, or healthy supplement for the family.

For your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, i don’t think it’s mandatory. If you still want to give, then you can always refer to the gift ideas i have mentioned above tho it might be confusing to differentiate birthday gift and other celebratory gift.

• Bridal Shower Gift

It is best to coordinate with friends and spare your time to have dinner/lunch together. Even without decoration, bridal shower could be heart warming too. You can give a letter and don’t forget…. Lingerie 😍

• Baby Shower Gift

I prefer to give and receive things that are usefull for the journey like pregnancy book, parenting book, sterilizer for baby bottles, feeding set, or even a treatment for mom to make sure she still looking gorgeous on pregnancy and after delivery such as massage coupon, skincare.


There’s a believe that you cannot give Watch – Perfume – and Shoes to your loved ones as it will cause the relationship to end.

Shoes – you ask the person to go away from your life.

Watch – as the battery dry and the clock stop ticking, so is your relationship.

Perfume – perfume will evaporate. They believed it will happen to the relationship. Love and the fire inside will evaporate and gone.

So how this thing relevant in our modern life? Do i believe this?

I personally don’t believe that. I gave my husband perfume and he’s still with me ❤️ I never gave those 3 items above to my exs but our relationship still end.

But if you have a doubt, then it is better to stay away from the “old believe” because i once heard this saying that if you have even only 0.1% of believe, it will happen to you. But if you don’t, it will never affect you.

We’ve come to an end 🙂

I do believe that every gifts should match the personality of the receiver and the financial of the giver.

It’s important!

If you running out of ideas, you can always ask their wishlists and make one of it comes true! A personalised gift could always be a great option too 🙂

Don’t measure the gift from the price and the brand
. Measure it from the thought and the care and the time the person (giver) put to prepare you such things.

And don’t feel burden to “pay back” at the same level of gift.

But i’m not here to teach you to become stingy okay…. If you have the budget, make sure you give your best too.

At the end of the day, your priority, commitment, your time, your consistency and loyalty are the things they will remember for life ❤️

Before i put this to end, i believe some of you will whisper like “can you suggest me the brand or which store to go to buy the clothes, bag, etc?

Brand always related to the budget you have. It is wiser and better that you go for yourself and look for what suits your wallet.

Don’t be afraid or feel ashame if you just browsing around without buying.

Ignore their weird look. Help yourself 😁 or you can always browse it on your browser first to know the price range of particular brands before visitting the store 🙂

Good luck preparing your gift 🙏🏻

And if you have another great idea to share, just comment below. I would love to have new insights too ❤️

** Pictures are from various sources at Pinterest**

Urban Street Style x Levi’s

Hello friends!

Today i want to share with you my OOTD when i had my photoshoot for Levi’s x Sunglass Planet by Optik Tunggal Campaign last May 2017.

The theme for the photoshoot was Urban Street Style.

I am so happy because this style is really my everyday style.

So here’s my first look:

Sunglass: LEVI’S LS 99043 CO1P BLK

Playsuit: Black Kimono Playsuit from Instagram @Javaincloth

Scarf: Random No Brand Scarf with Zebra Prints

Blazer: Grey color from Uniqlo

Shoulder Bag: Charles and Keith

Second look:

Sunnies: LEVI’S LS 98040 CO4P 49 GOLD

Top: Black Sabrina from instagram @ikaletsshop2

Bottom: Long Cullote in White from instagram @frupi_ig

Pouch: Instagram

Sandal: VNC

Necklace: Choker from instagram @lovelinastore

Third look:

Eyewear: LEVI’S LS 91093 CO2P 52 MBLK

Outer: Black Long Cardi from Instagram

Top: Basic Crop from Pull&Bear

Jeans: Zara Basic


I love how easy it is to mix and match things from my wardrobe for this theme.

Old top suddenly become fashionable with a touch of cool eyewear.

And look at this picture below:

Do you think we slay this look?

I really love this shot. We took it effortlessly.

Good weather, good lighting, and this is it ❤️ Almost look like professional models.

My friend here, Claresta, even said that we’re Kelly and Kendal Jenner copied. ROFL! Pardon our thick skin by saying that 😂


So that’s all about this fashion style.

You can definitely re-create this look easily and slay your day ❤️😎

If you happen to live in Surabaya, Indonesia, you can go to Sunglass Planet by Optik Tunggal at Pakuwon Mall.

Simply show this picture (or on my instagram account) or state this code: ANG/SP PKW/517 to get IDR 100K OFF for your purchase there ❤️

Stay connected with me. Kindly show some love by following or subscribing to this blog.

And don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @angeliasamodro 😘

Have a good day, 


Beauty Service at Shiseido Counter

Hello beauty lovers. Happy Monday to all of you ❤️

This afternoon, i want to share with you my personal experience with Shiseido.

On Saturday, June 3rd 2017, i was invited to try Shiseido Beauty Service at Metro Ciputra World Surabaya.

This beauty service is a service open for public, this is a session where people can experience or try Shiseido products prior to purchase. 

All you need to do is come there [You can make your appointment at Metro CW or SOGO TP] and tell them you want to try Shiseido Beauty Service. Then, they will prepare things for you to try.

It’s a good service that Shiseido offered because we can have personal experience before deciding which product we should buy and eliminate the doubt whether our skin will show some side effects or not.

On this occasion, i tried the newest series of Shiseido, the skin brightening series – White Lucent ❤️

After the Beautycian prepared all Shiseido White Lucent Series, she began to clean my whole face and start the treatment. It’s massage time! ❤️

She started by cleaning my face using Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Gel. My skin feel smooth and no sign of irritation. 

Then she continued with White Lucent Luminizing Infuser. This is a toner for our skin. We use this to prevent skin problems.

Then she pampered my eyes area with Shiseido Ultimune Eye. This is one of the oldest and all time best seller products from Shiseido.

After a gentle massage around the eyes, she gave me Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. It’s a serum. And this is another all time best seller from Shiseido. People usually take this serum home together with the Ultimune Eye.

After the serum dried, it’s time for another massage. This time using Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Massage Cream. Simply massage it for 2 – 5 minutes on face.

Time to use White Lucent Micro Targetting Spot Corrector.

If the Luminizing Infuser is for prevention, this targetting spot corrector was designed to heal the problems.

And finally time to apply the day cream, White Lucent All Day Brightener with SPF 36. With this day cream, we don’t need to apply another layer of sunscreen cream.

And that was the end of my first beauty service session: massage.

Time to share with you the second session, Makeup Retouch.

My makeup was done by Shiseido Team. What do you think about it?

If you want to re-create my look, here’s the products:

The beautycian used Glow Enhancing Primer as a primer to make my makeup last longer, and she applied Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Foundation in Neutral 2 for me.

This foundation is very light, however it has great coverage.

Next, she used White Lucent OnMakeup Spot Correcting. This to cover my panda eyes and other imperfection such as acnes and redness. She used this as highlighter and concealer too. And for your info, this is one of the newest products Shiseido has!

For shading, she used powder in Medium 2.

And here’s what she used for my eyebrow:

I personally love the eyebrow pencil. It feels like having a korean shading. The color is soft. Even after i put more and more layers on it, still look natural.

You can zoom in the picture and show them if you want to try the products i used.

After my beauty service ended, i have a toured to know Shiseido newest series. So here it is:

And thank you to Shiseido and Kak Ical from 7D Organizer i can bring home a package of Shiseido newest products as well as its best seller.

I am a happy lady! Thank you for having me ❤️

And expect a review for these 6 items on my wonderful red box soon ❤️❤️❤️

Self Reflection (Bahasa)

Hello semua ❤️

Udah lama ya ngga nulis soal “Girl’s Talk”.

Been busy with events and product reviews lately.

Lalu ditengah kesibukan sambil jagain anak, aku jadi belajar dan merenung banyak hal.

Iya lohhh jadi seorang ibu malah bikin waktu “self reflection” nya banyak, dan cuman dari mengamati si baby.

Aku jujur aja lupa, kayaknya aku pernah nulis hal serupa udahan yah. Tapi aku sambil nemenin si Darren, lagi-lagi hati dan kesadaran aku jadi terketuk kembali.

Aku sering banget ngga sabaran. Semua pingin instant. Kalo nunggu proses itu kayaknya kok lama dan ngga kunjung dateng. Sampe kadang mikir, “aduhhh ini doanya manjur ngga si… didengerin dan bakal dijawab ngga si” 😂

Lalu aku ngeliat ke anak aku, Darren.

Aku ngajarin dia minum dari sedotan itu susah banget loh. Trainingnya lama. Dan adanya sedotannya digigit atau dibuang sama dia. Lumayan putus asa dan nyerah akhirnya aku biarin aja berhenti latian.

Selang 2 bulan tanpa training, satu hari aku iseng kasih dia minum pake straw lagi. And he surprised me! Dia bisa minum dengan lancar 😊

Lalu sama halnya kayak waktu Darren tiba-tiba jalan sendiri, berdiri sendiri, tengkurep sendiri. Padahal uda aku nantikan.

Akhirnya satu kesimpulan aku, kalo uda waktunya yah dia akan bisa.

Mau sedikit lebih lama, sewajarnya, atau lebih cepat, tapi endingnya selalu sama “indah pada waktunya”.

Hal ini juga berlaku buat kehidupan kita orang gede. Kita harus selalu percaya kalau apa yang kita kerjakan ngga akan pernah sia-sia (tentunya kerjaan yang baik loh ya.. rencana yang baik juga)

Hasilnya yah ada waktunya semua. Sama kayak nanam pohon buah. Ada yang cepet berbuah ada yang takes time. Tapi harus selalu dipupuk dan disiramkan.

Kuncinya selain sabar, ngga putus asa, adalah terus mengerjakan yang terbaik.

Aku tau ini hal yang simple diomongin yah, cenderung klise. Tapi berapa sering juga kita putus asa dan ngga sabaran?

Jadi sama-sama di moment ini kita berhenti sejenak, jangan marah dan putus asa. Flash back ke belakang. Kalau semua pencapaian kita saat ini ada proses, jerih payah dan hasilnya. Dan ini akan terjadi lagi. Sekarang. Dan di masa akan datang.

Semua akan indah pada waktunya 😊

Karena ketika kita belajar tentang hal ini dan lebih relax alias tidak terbebani, kita juga akan belajar hal lain, yaitu “bahagia itu sederhana”.

Aku belajar lagi dari Darren.

Mainan anak kecil itu banyakkk loh. Kalo semua mau dibeli, bisa gila-gilaan pengeluarannya. Belom lagi space yang makin sesak buat storingnya, dan belom lagi rasa interest dia sama mainan baru yang cuman singkat.

Jadi biasa aku “akalin” aja si Darren. Contoh dia lagi demen main kuda goyang. Aku naikin dia diguling, lalu aku goyang-goyang.

Dia bisa ketawa happy minta digoyang terus-terusan.

Di lain waktu, cukup aku kasih kertas sama tissue, dia happy robek-robek.

Kadang aku cium-cium perutnya uda ketawa ngakak-ngakak lalu aku dipeluk dicium ❤️

Bahagia itu simple.

Ekspektasi kita dan keinginan kita yang berlebih yang membuat kita sering merasa ngga puas dan merasa kalo bahagia itu mahal harganya.

Padahal bahagia itu keputusan kita. Tanggung jawab kita sendiri.

Jangan selalu melihat ke atas atau berpikir kita hanya bisa bahagia kalau A-B-C tercapai atau kita miliki.

Karena saat hal itu kita punyai, pasti ada yang kosong lagi dan bikin ngga bahagia.

Mari sama-sama belajar lagi kalau dengan mensyukuri hal terkecil maka kita bisa bahagia dengan sederhana juga ❤️

Selamat hari Minggu. Jangan lupa buat selalu semangat, bersabar, dan bahagia selalu.

Karena kebahagiaan adalah tanggung jawab kita sendiri 🙂

Hair Beauty Dating with Natur (Bahasa)

Halo semua. Ini adalah latepost banget buat aku yah.

Aku mau sharing soal Event yang aku datangi tanggal 20 Mei 2017 lalu.

Berlokasi di 1903 Society Complex Surabaya, ini merupakan acara dating para Beauty Bloggers dan Influencers Surabaya dengan Natur 

Kita yang di Indonesia tentunya sudah ngga asing yah sama nama Natur ini.

Cuman di jaman aku dulu, Natur lebih dikenal dipakai sama ibu-ibu buat ngerawat rambut mereka. Kalo anak muda jarang pake Natur karena emang aromanya masih tradisional dan jamu banget.

Nah konsep baru Natur ini yang diperkenalkan saat Beauty Dating kemarin.

Natur sekarang scentnya sudah fresh, wangi dan enak. Bukan lagi wangi jejamuan seperti dulu.

Wanginya sudah berubah, tapi khasiatnya semakin ditambah.

Sekarang selain Shampoo, Conditioner, dan Tonic yang sudah dikenal, Natur juga meluncurkan Serum.

Serum ini gunanya adalah melindungi rambut dari kerusakan, mengembalikan vitamin dan kesehatan rambut. Serum Natur juga berfungsi sebagai pelindung sebelum kita menggunakan curling iron maupun catokan.

Pada kesempatan kali ini juga, Tim Natur menjelaskan ke kami semua kalau produk Natur harus digunakan lengkap dan satu seri.

Produk Natur tidak didesign untuk bisa digabung-gabung dengan produk lain.

Ketika kita gunakan produknya lengkap satu seri, maka mereka menjamin hasil akan terlihat dalam 14 hari penggunaan.

Namun ingat kata kuncinya yah.. Harus rutin dan emang satu rangkaian.

And who’s excited for the new formula of Natur? My mom ❤️

Karena emang mama aku pengguna setia Natur. Jadi goodie bag yang aku bawa pulang langsung diterima dengan happy. 

Sedikit cerita kalau mama aku rambutnya mengalami kerontokan. Saking parahnya sampai beberapa taun rutin ke dokter untuk perawatan.

Sekarang akar rambutnya udah ngga rapuh, lalu juga pori-pori yang kosong udah numbuh rambutnya.

Mami aku juga uda stop pakai perawatan dokter karena hasilnya juga udah baik. Jadi mami ngelanjutin pake Natur lagi.

Buat my mom, Natur ini enak. Karena ngga mengandung banyak busa alias detergent.

Lalu juga selalu merasa fresh, bersih. Lalu juga dengan Natur mami aku ngerasa rambutnya bagus dan membantu ngurangin kerontolan banget. Makanya my mom setia sama Natur.

So i am happy for her juga kalo mami aku jadi seneng goodie bagnya boleh dia pake 😊

And here’s a few pictures from Natur Event:

Thank you for inviting and choose me as the winner of Boomerang Challenge ❤️ Ini kedua kalinya aku menangin Challenge saat Event loh hahaha Dewi Fortune lagi di samping aku kayaknya nih 😍

Check my boomerang challenge here:

Ceritanya aku pake filter Mahkota. Karena rambut kan emang Mahkota perempuan yah 😊 Lalu kibas-kibas rambut sehat karena pake serumnya Natur 😂 Do you think it’s cheesy or creative? 

However this boomerang post bikin beberapa orang jadi bilang “Kamu ternyata bisa gila ya.. kirain kamu cuma tipe yang kalem-kalem aja” 😂

Well, lagi gila atau kalem semuanya memang diri aku kok. Tanpa topeng 🙂

Tapi momentnya kan harus disesuaikan kapan gilanya, kapan kalemnya, kapan galak dan tegesnya kan 😁😁😁 

Okay maafkan intermezzo panjang ini.

Sekian sedikit cerita tentang Hair Beauty Dating with Natur .

Kalian bisa juga cobain rangkaian terbaru dari Natur dengan membeli di toko-toko terdekat ❤️

My Best Pick for K-Drama

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. This is because of the dream i had.

I was dreaming of taking a lead role of lady that successfully bring her team to achieve ultimate goal at work. My team is the best Sales Team at One International Company.

Sounds familiar? Haha coz i dremt about Misaeng – the korean drama that i watch recently.

And as i open my Ask.Fm and scrolling through hundreds of unanswered questions, i can notice that some of my friends were asking about which korean drama i love the most, who’s the best korean actor and else.

So i do think why don’t i make a blog post about it. Something fun to share 😊

Let’s start 😎

Frankly speaking, i am not really into K-Dramas, K-Pop, and anything fancy about Korea.

For me, KDramas are too good to be true. Over romantic that can make some of my friends go crazy and have high irrelevant expectation about what sweet man must do.

But i’m not anti or against it. I watch K-Drama. And only few were really my favourite.

It’s not The Heirs, Goblin, Descendant Of The Sun, My Secret Romance, and many more infamous title. I like them, but not in my favourite lists. I guess i have weird taste of drama.

So here’re my all time favourite K-Dramas:

Misaeng | Incomplete Life

Misaeng portrayed Yim Si Wan as Jang Geu Rae, a man who devoted his time to become a professional Baduk Player. When he failed to become professional player, he need to start living as an ordinary man, looking for job to earn money. Too bad he has no other qualification beside Baduk. This make him almost impossible to survive the competition and deadline at his work. Luckily he has a boss and team who very hard on him but also supporting him to become success.

Misaeng is the most relevant and practical drama ever! You can relate well to the story. Even if my synopsis sounds boring, you have to give it a chance and watch for yourself. My sister who never work at company at starting level, also love this drama.

You can relate well how bossy is your boss, how cruel is other colleague, office politic, self motivation to excel in workplace, not to forget this drama has a lot of motivational quotes for us to carry on life.

Other than very rational heart warming story, this drama also starred with many good looking actors and actress. So you won’t want to miss an episode of it.

I love some of the original soundtracks too:

Tomorrow – Han Hee Jung 

But So – Si Wan

Fly – Lee Seung Yul

Hidden Path – Red Cheek Puberty

Try to browse the review, you’ll see high rating and most people love this drama, even our friends in America also love this!

This series teach me to become tougher and have perseverence in life. Get up and continue to work hard coz real attitude and real success will never fail you.

Cinderella and Four Knights

A story about a broke woman who work so hard to get into university after her mother passed away and her dad doubted that she’s his daughter. Ha Won (Park So Dam) then working for super rich man with a mission to make his grandchildren relationship work well with him. This filthy man will support Ha Won financially with one condition, she cannot date his three grandchildren. As we all can predict, she dated one of them!

In this drama, Park So Dam played with Jung Il Woo . Bitter sweet of the story really heart warming. This drama turns my moody days into a bright one.

I always sit quietly and watch the series, making sure i do not missed an episode of it.

This not like Misaeng which is relevant in life, Cinderella and Four Knights is typical fairytale story. Not too exaggerated in act of sweetness of the male actors, that’s the reason why i like it. I love the chemistry between the roles there. Almost real ❤️

And i kinda have crush for Jung Il Woo too (before, my perfect idea for fine man are Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, and Robert Downey Jr. and now, an Asian man!) I’m a new fans wohoo ❤️❤️❤️

Super love the soundtrack too, especially the one from BTOB, called For You.

This is the second time i love korean song! My first one is when Shin Min Ah sang one of the soundtrack of Gumiho. Relaxing, soothing and heartwarming ❤️

Glorious Day

Almost like Misaeng, the drama is filled with good looking actors and actress. The storyline is real too.

You won’t see a love with big gap of background or any other fairy thingy.

Just a mother who wanted her sons to marry women from same class. She might be evil, but she never did anything contrary to the law. No murdering, no poisoning, just give a cold shoulder and  sharp words, which is so relevant and not exaggerated. 

And this drama has happy ending ❤️

Tho the synopsis i give might be a little sad, this series genre is not a sad drama. It’s a romantic comedy. So expect laugh and more laugh.

Gumiho | My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox

This is my very first crush to K-Drama. 

It’s about Gumiho (Shin Min Ah) who trapped into a paint in the temple and manage to make a contact with modern man (Lee Seung Gi) to rescue her. After that Gumiho follows this man everywhere, share her power to this man too. Till the day come that she wanted so bad to become human.

I know the story line does not make sense. This is totally a fantasy. But i love how the story goes and the epic acting of the roles. 


A fantasy and thrill genre. This is an epic drama for me. No time for over romantic love life, this drama make my heart beats race with the plot.

It’s about an old walkie talkie that send transmission and make a detective from the past able to communicate with present day detective.

With the help from both past and present days, criminal case solved one by one. But they need to be careful because changing the timeline might affect the past and future differently. And the danger also closer to them.

Fabulous Neighbour

This is a bad bad bad story to be true in real life.

A wife who is unfaithful then got amnesia, a husband who want revenge because his one and only daughter passed away due to the careless act of his wife and  her love affairs.

This drama is suitable for 28 years old and above since the actors and actress are not so young anymore and the story line is heavy too. However they manage to deliver the story and emotion well.

I love how Seo Do Young played his role here. Romantic, ambitious, cold, gentle at the same time.

Please Come Back, Mister

This is a super funny and heart warming drama, starred Rain as the main man role.

A story about two spirit who back to life but their body were not their previous one. They got into someone else body.

I always laugh so bad in every episode. Hilarious! Perfect drama to enlighten busy stress day.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This drama was recommended by my BFF. It’s about Bong Soon who inherit superhuman power from her grandmother. She is super strong.

She’s in love with her friend while her boss secretly like her, and without her knowing, she also start to like her boss.

Story is super fun and cute, and it doesn’t get me bored since it has a crime scene too.

Doctor Stranger

I can say that this drama very different to others. It involved many medical scene and terms. Genius. Smart.

But just like any other K-Drama, it filled with wonderful love story too. I love how Lee Jong Suk played as Park Hoon here. Charming and smart ❤️

So that’s all about my favourite K-Drama to present days!

I know my synopsis were all boring. I have hard time to deliver it well to you. But i guess you can always google it for yourself 😁 You got the drama titles, so you can check the review by yourself. Sure you will want to watch it.

I have been recommending the titles i listed above to many of my friends and they all like it 💗

They still have their best list too, but my recommendation definitely match their preference too.

So if you have nothing to do on your holiday, i guess it’s the right time to have K-Drama Marathon with the lists i’ve given you.

My BFF, Jessica Salim shared with me directory to stream online:

Look for Newasiantv on your browser. You can streaming your drama fast here. Or you can try for substitles in Bahasa Indonesia.

Enjoy ❤️