Absolute New York First Flagship Studio in Surabaya & Products Review

A lot of good things happen to beauty enthusiasts in Surabaya.

Many beauty brands is opening their flagship studio in this city.

One of them is Absolute New York .

I was super lucky to be invited by Clozette to attend the opening store of Absolute New York.

Taken place at Ciputra World First Floor, on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, me and other Beauty Bloggers in Surabaya worn New Yorker themed outfit and bring the joy to the store.

There were a make up demo by Yenny Lemonade and make up tips from Surabaya Famous Influencer Wulan Wu.

The store is dynamic, edgy. It has wide range of makeup products that we need. The price is affordable. Don’t ask about the quality. It definitely great!!

I browse through the stores and have difficulties to pick my needs! I feel like buying them all!

Product Review

So after browsing and ask for the expert guidance there, i bought some recommended products from Absolute New York that is also an essential for my makeup.

Strobing & Shading Palette and HD Flawless Translucent Loose Powder.

The Beautycian recommend me the Tan to Deep Palette because it match my skin tone.

I love the powder palette than cream palette / stick products because powder works well on my oily skin. I could blend it easily using brush. Some color could also be used as a blusher! I get 6 colors for only IDR 275K. What a deal!

For highlight, there are:


Just Peachy


For contour, there are:




And if you’re first timer and curious how to highlight and contour, there is a “cheat sheet” behind the box to guide you which area you need to highlight and contour 👍🏻😊

And for the HD Flawless Powder, i choose the translucent because it is more transparent and neutral. I bought this for IDR 180K.

These 2 items are essential in my makeup routines.

I used contour and shading to help me achieve V-shaped look. My cheeks are big and nose is flat. (Please help, God). This powder is used to minimize the excessive oil that my hormone produce. It also smoothen my makeup and blurred my big pores. It’s non drying, lightweight and mattify skin. I strongly suggest these two products for the great result and affordable price. I would definitely visit the store often!


Face: VOV Mineral Illuminated Cushion, ANY HD Loose Powder

Contour Highlight: ANY palette

Blush: VOV Balls on Cheek

Eyes: Kanebo Liquid Liner

Lip: Berry Me Avione Beauty

Thank you Clozette and Absolute New York for having me. It is an honour for me. Looking forward for more collaborations.

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Even Steven Whipped Foundation – The Balm Review

Wohooo.. It’s October already. Time flies so fast.

Anyway… All beauty enthusiasts in Surabaya are happy to know that The Balm is finally has its studio at Ciputra World Surabaya.

The grand opening was held at Studio The Balm Ciputra World Surabaya on September 27, 2017.


The hype was crazy. All dressed up in Nude Chic to celebrate the launching of Even Steven Whipped Foundation which is inspired by Disney Channel Show.

img_4904Guest star Imel Vilentcia (One of the taltented MUAs in Surabaya) gives make up demo titled “Complexion Rescue” using the latest foundation: Even Steven to create healthy complexion look.

img_4926Even Steven Whipped Foundation Review

img_5004As i told you earlier, this foundation is inspired by Disney Channel Programme: Even Steven.

The texture of this foundation is like a whipped cream or in other word, it is souffle!

If it is dropped, the foundation won’t go out and become a mess.

Even Steven Whipped Foundation comes in 8 natural shades.

What’s make Even Steven Whipped Foundation different?

Small cute packaging that can last for a long time. Just like the tagline “a little goes a long way with Even Steven“.

We only need to apply very little of this product on our face. After blending, the color become brighter. So it is suggested to buy one shade darker than your natural tone.

img_5002img_4998This foundation is pigmented, high coverage, easy to blend and has matte finished. But unlike other matte finished foundation that will make your skin feeling heavy or thick, this is light, anti crack, won’t look cakey.

I feel great after using this. Oh i don’t know whether it is only me, but i feel that fresh feeling and my complexion looks healthy in a second!

This product will stay for 6 hours and could be used without powder.

I learnt from Imel Vilentcia that we need to use brush to have the maximum result of this product. Brush will help the foundation to fill our pores and has the flawless look.

It is also suggested to use this product with Time Balm Primer and Photo Balm Powder to have the maximum result.

And that is why i also purchase the Time Balm Primer.

It has cute packaging, pink color. The primer textured is like balm, but lighter. Very easy to blend and moist.

So.. I have bought the Even Steven Whipped Foundation, Time Balm Primer… Now it’s time to work harder to buy the Photo Balm Powder, The Eye Palette, and the famous Mary Lou Manizer (I am a huge fans for this! I have repurchased this more than 3 times).

What do you think about the new foundation? Share your thought with me!

Have a good day.


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VOV Mineral Illuminated Collections Review

Whether you’re living in Asia or other continents, i believe you have heard about this brand before, VOV.

This brand is a Korean brand that has been known widely.

In Indonesia, this brand is managed under PT. Teguh Pesona.

On this special occasion, i was joining Clozette ID Review Project to try and give review on VOV newest collection – VOV Mineral Illuminated series: The Cushion, The Blusher and The Eye Palette.

So, what’s make Mineral Illuminated Series stand a chance to win our heart?

VOV Mineral Illuminated Series is lightweight, it is suitable for all skin type including the sensitive one. It also contains natural ingredients that won’t harm our skin. Healthy and safe. It’s animal cruelty free, no testing on animals.

It’s pigmented just like American products brands, but the shade is suitable for Asian skin.

And as the name goes with “illuminated”, we all can expect the beautiful shimmer in most of the products of this line.


My Mineral Illuminated Collections Pick


It comes in 2 color shade: Natural and Light.

I choose the natural shade because it blend well with my skin color.

Now how’s the product goes?

It’s super light. However, it has great coverage! It will stay until 8 hours!

Skin look radiance but it won’t make my oily skin become too dewy or shiny. Perfect!

Additional point from me is…… You just need to apply a little bit of it and do not need to apply powder after that. It has SPF 50 and also PA! And when it is time to remove the makeup, i could wipe this off easily!

Last but not least, please give an extra credit to the beautiful packaging. Lux!


VOV Mineral Illuminated Blusher has 3 color choices: soft pink, rose, and coral.

I choose Coral Blusher. This is the best seller!

It gives a natural look for the cheek. The shimmer could be used to highlight cheek bone.

Oh i tried this to use as an eyeshadow. It works! ❤️

The brush is soft and smooth, it helps to apply the blusher easily.

Now that I only have the cushion and blusher with me, i do feel that i need to purchase the eye palette as well. Can’t stop thinking about the palette.

The Application


Face: VOV Mineral Illuminated Cushion, ANY HD Loose Powder

Contour Highlight: ANY palette

Blush: VOV Balls on Cheek

Eyes: Kanebo Liquid Liner

Lip: Berry Me Avione Beauty

My Personal Thought

I love VOV so much! All the products that i’ve tried is so pigmented.

High coverage but feels light on the skin.

Good color.

Easy to blend.

Long lasting.

My oily and sensitive skin doesn’t react to the products.

It is affordable!

I didn’t only bring home the Mineral Illuminated series. I also purchased SHOW CASE Balls on Cheeks blusher that can be used as shimmering and highlighter as well.

This is different with the Mineral Illuminated Blusher. This balls on cheek is similar to Guerlain Meteorites. It comes in 2 colors: Pink and Gold. Pink is more natural, Gold is more shining. So i choose Gold for a perfect additional for my highlighter tools.

The scent is sweet! Packaging is cute! Color is wonderful. Price??? Amazing!!! IDR 190K only.

If my friend didn’t stop me that time, i will end up buying a lot of products and have difficulties to pick up my favourite.

That’s all my review about VOV Mineral Illuminated products.

I do recommend the products if you’re looking for product ingredients that is friendly to sensitive and oily skin, pigmented, and has that shimmering effect, this is the one for you.

Have you ever tried VOV? Do share with me your review by dropping the link on comment box. Or if you have any questions or want to discuss about VOV, just drop a comment.

Have a good day ❤️

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Naavagreen Beauty Blogger Gathering

Hello semua. Apa kabar hari ini?

Hari ini aku mau kasih liputan Beauty Gathering yang aku hadiri hari Sabtu tanggal 23 September 2017 kemarin.

Jadi ceritanya, aku bersama para anggota Surabaya Beauty Blogger diundang ke gatheringnya Naavagreen di Kabinet Ngagel, yang diorganize oleh Kotak Media.

Saat memasuki Kabinet Ngagel, aku udah suka banget sama ambiencenya, belum lagi dekorasi cantik yang udah disiapkan buat kita sama Lucretia Decoration.

Dan setelah semua peserta hadir, Host kita Mba Lilies Rolina langsung memulai dengan perkenalan blogger dan memanggil Mas Deka selaku Brand Manager dari Naavagreen.

About Naavagreen

Naavagreen sudah ada di Indonesia sejak 11 agustus 2012 dan merupakan buah dari kerja Dr. Freddy Setiawan yang sudah berpengalaman selama 20 tahun di bidang skincare Indonesia.

Salah satu produk dan jasa yang sudah sangat kita kenal adalah Natasha Skincare.

Jadi bisa dikatakan bahwa Naavagreen adalah adik dari Natasha Skincare.

Berbeda dengan Natasha Skincare, Naavagreen memiliki lab dan produksi sendiri dibawah naungan PT Dion Farma Abadi.

Semua produk Naavagreen mendapat ISO dan tersertifikasi HALAL.

Naavagreen juga mengutamakan 3 hal sebagai fokus mereka yaitu:

Kualitas yang baik

•Terbuat dari bahan alami dan natural

•Harga terjangkau untuk semua kalangan


Pada saat gathering, hadir pula Dr. Intan Rahayu yang menjelaskan produk-produk dari Naavagreen seperti:

• Program Facial

• Program Peeling

Facial dan Peeling dapat disesuaikan kondisi kulit apakah untuk kulit normal, berjerawat, apakah untuk brightening, mengatasi wrinkle, dan lain sebagainya.

• Red Blue Bio Light Therapy – Untuk menyegarkan dan mencerahkan, menjaga kelenturan dan kekenyalan, serta mempercepat proses penyembuhan jerawat.

Saat gathering ini juga kami mencoba tester Milk Cleanser, Body Scrub dan CC Cream dari Naavagreen.

Aromanya wangi dan segar. Ada aroma seperti jeruk.

CC Creamnya sangat ringan dan meresap dengan baik di kulit. CC Cream Naavagreen juga sudah dilengkapi SPF. Jadi dengan menggunakan CC Creamnya, kita tidak perlu lagi menggunakan tabir surya, foundation, maupun bedak.

Saat sesi tanya jawab, ada teman blogger yang menanyakan keamanan produk Naavagreen dan Dr.Intan serta Mas Deka menjamin bahwa semua produk Naavagreen tanpa steroid, natural, dan tidak membuat kulit rusak maupun ketagihan.

Sedikit tips dari Dr.Intan untuk kami semua adalah untuk menjaga kesehatan kulit kami dengan cara melakukan perawatan yang tepat.

Setelah produk perawatan lengkap, jangan lupa juga untuk istirahat cukup, makanan yang sehat, dan tidak stress.

Acara gathering ditutup dengan makan siang cantik dan foto bersama. Kami juga diberikan goodiebag berupa Cactus, CC Cream, Body Scrub dan Milk Cleanser 💚

Thank you Naavagreen untuk sosialisasi dan acara gatheringnya!

Kalau temen-temen pada penasaran sama Naavagreen, kalian bisa check segala infonya di www.naavagreen.com

See you on the next post and let’s stay connected!

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Feeling Good About Yourself

Good day friends!

How are you doing today?

It’s been awhile from the last time i share on my “girl’s talk” category.

Do you feel happy, mad, or sad now?

Coz today i am gonna share about how i manage to feel good about myself in such situation.

I am an ordinary woman with thousand of problems daily.

I can become very moody, feeling hurt, annoyed, happy, mad, and extremely temperament depend on my heart’s situation.

When the blood pressure getting high and intense (read: may explode anytime soon), or when i am in my lowest point (read: tsunami of tears soon) i’d like to take deep breath and sit down.

Then i will do anything that would make me feel great about myself.

Oh this is not the battle of the mind whether i am making an excuse of things that i’ve done (or going to do) or not…

Make me feel great about myself here simply means doing things to relax my mind and tension.

What I Love

I love to take a quick nap. This is the best cure for my exhaust mind.

Before napping, i usually would do a chit-chat (grumbling) to God 😂 followed with an apology and off to sleep.

Wake up with peaceful state of mind, i usually take a shower to refresh the body.And then…

The fun begins.

I will lock up my room and read my favourite book, listen to comforting music, and…. light on scented candle (if there is one).

The fun does not stop there. I have bunch of wonderfully smell good body lotion.

I love to apply it on my skin. Feeling fresh, smell good, and then i do feel good about myself.

But that’s not how i am gonna end my day.

Feeling good on the outside is great. But no one can deceive an empty heart (whether you’re too angry or too sad, you’ll feel that empty huge hole inside the heart)

The greatest move is about to come. It is to ask forgiveness whether you’re wrong or right.

Apology here doesn’t mean we are weak, wrong, or sinner.

It is simply means that we have big enough heart to humble ourself.

Apology comes with sincerity.

After that, i will definitely feel greaaaat about myself.

That empty hole is now filled with warmth and peace.

Don’t hold back or wait other to say “sorry” first. It will make your heart heavy.

Start doing good things to make yourself alive. To feel good (but not pretending to be that good person okay… Sincerity is the key here)

What if, you’re not in a mood to say sorry?

Tell you what, i have been on that position my whole life too! But practice makes perfect.

I know for sure whenever i hold back, my days will get darker. So i better to end it soon.

Find perfect timing. And then, shoot the bullet.

I know it will feel awkward, might be shameful too. But once you get over it, you’ll jump for joy! I guess that is worth it.

Afterall, don’t we like and need a good day? So let’s create one.

No matter how sad or angry you are, remember to treat yourself good and be glad about yourself.

Don’t forget to be happy today. ❤️

Avione Sandkiss Lipstick

Good day to you dolls! ❤️

Today i am so excited to share my review for Avione Lipstick with you.

You know that i am not really a beauty blogger, but my love for lipstick is a bit overdose..

I am a lipstick junkie 😍 before i was really addicted to the 50 shades of Red, now i am uncontrollably in love with anything nude and chocolate. So does the hunt begins…

This time, i tried another Indonesian local brand lipstick: Avione, manufactured in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. I fall in love with Avione Lipstick since the very first time they have promotional poster on Instagram.

I have big crushed for their Sandkiss Series: Caramel, Truffle and Berry Me.my surprised the lipstick is sold for only IDR 55,000/piece or if you buy one series, you’ll get 10K OFF which only cost me for IDR 155,000 and i get 3 lipsticks ❤️

What will you think if the price is cheap?

Do you afraid that the color won’t be good? Not long lasting? Or might contain dangerous chemicals?

I really don’t have any expectation on this. But i am surprised (once again) after trying this brand.

At one swatch, without any primer, you can notice the color right awayIt is
very moist and last long ❤️

I don’t experience any sign of lip allergies, dryness, nor sticky feeling on my lip.

It has matte finished 😊

I am pleased and happy.

What about the ingredients? Is it safe?
Do you know that we can check whether a lipstick we love contain dangerous chemical or not in easy way?

This is how to test it.
First, swatch the lipstick color on your hand. Then, using any gold (pure gold) material, scratch over the lipstick shade on the hand.
If the color turns to black, means the lipstick contain harmful chemical.

It is such a relieve that the lipstick color on my hand didn’t turn black after i scratch with my gold ring.

Pretty amazing right!

Now let’s see how the color turns on my lip.

Caramel – The lightest color of the series. It gives me such a pinkish nude finish. The color is slightly lighter than Colourpop Echo Park. Avione caramel is my favourite color to look natural without being so plain.


Berry Me – The light choco red color. I had hard time describing this color. Because this is not red, not chocolate either. So my best pick will be light choco red. Perfect for day time and more casual gathering.


Truffle – The darkest nude for this series. It’s like Berry Me with more intense color. You can’t really say this is red or chocolate *again*. If you swatch more of this color to your lip, it will become sexy dark choco red. Perfect choice for night out and going to any events that you need to look amazingly stand out.


You can notice that i have chapped lip during the color test. I didn’t put any lip concealer, lipgloss, or lip cream. But still, the lipstick work well on my dry lip.

So let me give quick rate before saying good bye to all of you.

Packaging 4/5

Price 5/5

Color 5/5

Texture 5/5

Will i recommend this? DEFINITELY.

Will i repurchase? SURE.

Yeayyy that’s all about my newest lipstick collection from Avione Beauty. If you wish to purchase this, you can simply go to its website at www.avionebeauty.com

Have a good day and let’s stay connected ❤

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Facial Experience with Thalgo

Hello Beauty Enthusiasts!
Today i want to share with you my first ever facial experience with THALGO, which has been known widely for its Marine Beauty 😍
Before i start with the review, let's have a history class about THALGO

The History: THALGO

THALGO is the pioneer in marine cosmetology created in France, 1964 by pharmacist Andre Bouclet.
And today THALGO has partnering with luxury 5 stars hotels, resorts, and spas in more than 90 countries all over the world to expand its unique treatments and cosmetic products.

And here in Indonesia, PT Auraluxe Indonesia is the only distributor of THALGO.

All THALGO products contain NO:
Parabens, Mineral Oil, GMO, and Propylene Glycol.
Free from those materials. Its all marine and no testing on animals too ❤️ For my dearest Muslim friends, THALGO products also HALAL.

You can visit Thalgo Website to get to know more about it.

The Experience: Collagen Facial

Nowww let's get back to our main topic. The exclusive experience ❤️
I was happy and blessed to try THALGO beauty branch at SOGO Pakuwon Mall Surabaya.

On that special occasion, i got the chance to try THALGO Collagen Facial and become the model for Beauty Workshop that happen to be on the same date with my appoinment.

This is not the kind of facial that feels hurt and gonna make you shed a tear.

THALGO facial is a beauty and wellness facial, which you can looking forward for luxury spa treatment for face and body. Not just a massage, but also to make our skin radiance.
Not just a beauty treatment, but also a gentle pat here and there to circulate the blood and make sure the serum is fully absorbed.

I feel relax through all the process. And to my surprised, i didn't get that itchy, tingling, or burning sensation. It means that my sensitive skin could accept this ❤️

Facial Process:
The facial started with a mist that sprayed onto my face, then the Therapist give me a gentle massage.

After i feel relax, then se continue to clean my face from makeup.
Give another massage.

Third, she give me scrub serum. First to the wrinkle areas, fine lines, smile lines, and near eyes area.
Then she scrubbed it gently. 8 minutes focusing on the wrinkle areas, 2 minutes on other area.
So the scrubbing time is 10 minutes in total.

I know this is a bit longer than any usual scrub routine, thus, my skin become a bit red.

But don't you worry. I didn't get any rash after that. In fact, i have a brighter skin and feeling more smooth!

After done with the scrubbing, the Therapist prepare the Collagen mask, and leave it on my face and neck for 15 minutes. When the timer showed it's already 15 mins and the therapist removed the mask, everyone said "woahhh…" to express their excitement to see my face. They said my face look brighter immediately.

Turns out to have beauty skin we don't need to go under hurtful treatment 😁

After finish with the facial demo, Ms Vicka as the PR of THALGO Indonesia gave me a moisturizer for sensitive skin to try. She really concerned about my sensitive skin. I happily received the cream and give it a try.
How do i feel about the cream?

The Cream

I love the packaging! It feels like carrying beautiful blue stone on your hand 😊

Blue clear bottle with stone like shape 🙂

When i first torn the seal, i smell the moisturizer and fell in love the scent!
I can't really tell what smell is that, but i can describe it in words: luxury spa!

Yes.. That's the scent you can smell at Luxurious Spa places. The elegant and calming scent with a twist of root, flowers and marine.

Super love 💙

The moisturizer works well on my skin. Don't see any sign of redness, rash so far. I do experience purging on my chin.

FYI, My chin is the most sensitive part on my face. I have breakouts everytime i eat oily and fatty meals. It get worst whenever i get cough and sore throat.

I guess my chin need to do some adaption with the cream 😊

But don't worry, purging is normal and it will end eventually.

So that's all about my first ever facial and cream from THALGO.

You can ask me anything or share your experience too.

If you wish to try their facial, you can get it for FREE when you buy THALGO products with minimum purchase of IDR 800 K.
You can simply book your Beauty Spa experience at Papillon Blu – Raya Sukomanunggal (without product purchase). A good place to relax body and soul.

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Toddler Meals Recipe (BAHASA)

Hello dear parents!

Darren start gerakan tutup mulut (GTM) lagi nih lately. Ini bikin mommy Angel back to kitchen lagi dan coba masak ini itu biar si Darren nafsu makan dan ngga bosen.

So, after i created a post about MPASI ( below 1 year old), i guess this is the time to share with you about Toddler's Recipe ❤️

• Beef Roulade


Daging, wortel, seasoning, 2 telur ayam (1 kocok lepas, 1 ambil putihnya aja)

How to cook?

1. Daging dicincang, wortel diparut

2. Campur daging+wortel, aduk dengan putih telur, bumbui seasalt & gula secukupnya

3. Kocok lepas telur lainnya, panaskan teflon, bikin telur dadar menggunakan EVOO.

4. Setelah telur jadi, letakkan adonan daging wortel dan putih telur di atas telur dadar ini, lalu gulung.

Bungkus ke dalam aluminium foil, kukus 20 menit.

5. Sajikan dengan kuah kaldu

Note: Sayuran dapat diganti lainnya, daging juga bisa pake daging apa aja. Ini boleh untuk anak di bawah 1 taon yah dengan catatan ngga pake perasa (gula, garam) dan anak ngga alergi sama dairy food.

• Butter Rice Salmon Vegie


Salmon diberi lemon peras dan timun parut, slightly salted butter, wortel parut (sudah direbus), bayam (sudah direbus) cincang halus, nasi, keju parut, bawang putih cincang, kecap manis

How to cook?

1. Panaskan teflon dengan slightly salter butter, masukkan bawang putih, tumis sampai wangi

2. Masukkan salmon, tumis hingga matang lalu pindahkan ke piring

3. Teflon ditambah butter sedikit lagi, masukkan nasi + bayam + wortel + keju parut. Aduk hingga rata dan teksur sedikit lengket.

4. Masukkan salmon lagi dan aduk rata. Tambahkan kecap manis sedikit.

Ini enak banget.. gurih rasanya. Orang dewasa makan juga bakal demen. Rasa lemon+timun nya juga bikin jadi lebih seger lagi.

Note:Butter nya aku pilih yang slightly salted buat ngegantiin seasalt. Pengalaman kalo pake seasalt buat bikin ginian harus banyakan juga biar berasa. Buat dibawah 1y.o, butter bisa diganti UB, kecap bisa dihilangkan 🙂

• Beef Carbonara


Organ Corn Spiral (Gluten Free, Egg free, etc, really safe for baby's tummy)

Daging cincang halus campur/uleni dengan oregano + garlic powder + nutmeg powder + rempah steak

UB, EVOO, Cooking Cream, Keju Parut

How to Cook?

1. Panaskan teflon, masukkan UB. Masukkan daging cincang yang sudah diuleni.

2. Panci terpisah, rebus pasta hingga matang. Tambahkan EVOO agar pasta tidak keras dan menggumpal

3. Setelah daging dan pasta matang, campur jadi satu dalam pan. Tuangkan cooking cream secukupnya beserta keju parut. Aduk dengan api kecil hingga semua cooking cream yang dimasukkan habis teresap.

Ini sudah bisa disajikan, biasanya rasanya masih sedikit hambar. Bisa tambahkan gula, garam dan herbs lainnya. Untuk Darren prosesnya selesai di sana, tidak saya tambahin bumbu lagi soalnya buat aku ini udah berlemak yaah hahaha

• Salmon Nugget


Ikan salmon, beri lemon dan irisan timun untuk pencucian dan biar lebih fresh.

Tepung terigu beri air hangat dan aduk, tepung roti, keju parut, wortel parut, telur kocok.

How to Cook:

1. Campurkan wortel parut dan keju parut dalam wadah tepung terigu yang sudah dicampur air hangat

2. Potong ikan salmon untuk jadi tiny bites, lalu campur pada wadah wortel+keju+tepung terigu. Gulingkan semua sisi hingga merata

3. Kemudian masukkan dalam mangkuk berisi telur kocok untuk merekatkan. Balurkan sampai rata

4. Lalu gulingkan merata di wadah berisi tepung roti/breadcrumbs hingga semua sisi tertutup tepung roti.

Note: Bila langsung dimasak, panaskan wajan dan beri minyak cukup banyak. Test dengan memasukkan tepung roti. Apabila minyak berbuih kecil, brati minyak sudah siap digunakan. Pastikan nugget terendam dengan minyak supaya benar-benar matang.

Bila untuk difreezer, letakkan adonan dalam wadah tertutup rapat. Masukkan dalam freezer. Sebaiknya digunakan dalam 1 minggu.

Bukan basi, ini untuk menjaga agar tepungnya tetap crispy. Kalau kelamaan bakal lembek. Kalau mau dimasak, tinggal diturunkan 10 menit, lalu siap digoreng.

Peanut Butter Banana Toast


Peanut butter

Roti gandum


How to Cook:

1. Kupas pinggiran roti, lalu pipihkan dengan gilingan.

2. Olesi dengan peanut butter

3. Potong tipis pisang dan letakkan di satu sisi

4. Lipat roti jadi dua bagian, pipihkan lagi, lalu tekan bagian ujung-ujung dengan jari agar tidak terbuka

5. Oven dengan api sedang 5-8 menit. Jangan lupa dibalik agar kedua sisi jadi renyah

Note: Peanut butter dioles tipis saja karena terlalu banyak akan mengakibatkan anak susah menelan. Tenggorokannya seret kalo orang jawa bilang. Ini cocok buat menu ganti ganti nasi biar si kecil tidak bosan dan tetep dapet energi dan gizinya.

Omu Rice


Telur kocok, garam lada bawang secukupnya

Kecap manis / teriyaki honey sauce

Nasi putih matang

Keju parut

Ayam suwir / daging suwir matang

How to Cook?

1. Panaskan teflon dengan UB. Lalu tumis bawang, nasi putih dan lauk hingga matang. Pindahkan ke wadah lain

2. Beri UB/minyak sedikit pada teflon, masukkan telur kocok sebagian. Setelah hampir matang, masukkan dengan segera tumisan nasi dan lauk.

Bumbui dengan lada, garam, kecap manis/teriyaki sauce (lebih enak), lalu masukkan keju parut.

3. Tutup telur dengan menambahan sisa lainnya. Nasi dan lauk harus terbungkus semua dalam telur.

• Semur Daging


Daging, kecap manis, bawang goreng, bawang putih, garam, pala, merica

How to Cook:

1. Potong daging jadi dadu, rebus hingga matang. Kuahnya jangan dibuang. Jangan lupa saring busa biar kuah bening

2. Setelah matang, masukkan bawang goreng, bumbui kuah dengan kecap manis – garam – bawang putih – pala – merica secukupnya.

3. Setelah rasa cukup pas, tunggu mendidih lalu matikan. Siap disajikan hangat.

Note: daging sapi dapat diganti dengan daging ayam. Prosesnya akan sama persis.

Sup Sehat


Ayam potong dadu, wortel potong dadu, buncis potong kecil-kecil, bawang putih geprek, daun bawang iris kecil-kecil, sosis, mihun, kubis

How to Cook:

Siapkan air secukupnya di dalam panci, masukkan semua bahan jadi satu.

Bumbui dengan gula, garam, dan garlic powder secukupnya.

Tunggu hingga mendidih, siap disajikan.

Note: untuk menghindari penggunaan gula garam, dapat menggunakan kuah dari kaldu tulang ayam atau daging. Sehingga cita rasanya sudah manis enak tanpa bumbu.

Fried Rice


Nasi matang jangan lembek, daging ayam suwir, mie, keju parut, kacang polong, wortel, telur m, bawang putih, saos tomat, kecap manis

How to Cook:

1. Siapkan frying pan, panaskan dengan UB / minyak

2. Tumis bawang putih hingga kuning dan wangi

3. Masukkan ayam suwir dan masak. Bumbui dengan garam secukupnya. Setelah matang pindahkan piring lain. Masukkan telur, dadar dan hancurkan jadi kecil-kecil. Bumbui dengan garam sedikit dan kecap manis.

4. Setelah itu masukkan nasi dan semua bahan lainnya (selain keju).

Tambahkan sedikit UB (bila banyak nanti jadi butter rice, bukan nasi goreng). Bumbui dengan kecap manis, saos tomat, garam, gula secukupnya hingga rasa pas.

5. Setelah rasa pas, sajikan. Taburi keju parut diatasnya.

Note: menu ini bisa diubah jadi Nasgor Oriental caranya dengan tidak memakai kecap manis dan tomat.

Jadi masukkan nasi dan bahan lainnya, bumbui dengan kecap asin dan minyak wijen sedikit.



Australian beef, putih telur, garam, nutmeg powder, garlic powder, oregano, parsley, keju parut

How to Cook:

1. Cincang halus beef

2. Tuang putih telur secukupnya di atas daging, taburi garam – garlic – nutmeg – oregano – parsley – keju parut

3. Campurkan jadi satu (diuleni) menggunakan tangan.

4. Ambil daging yang sudah dibumbui tersebut dan buat jadi beberapa bola.

5. Setelah itu masukkan dalam putih telur lagi dan penyet bola jadi pipih. Sehingga tampilannya seperti daging burger pada umumnya.

6. Lakukan hal yang sama pada sisa daging.

Freezer selama 2 jam.

Bila akan digoreng, turunkan dulu selama 10 menit. Daging jangan sampai terlalu lembek ketika digoreng.

Daging Tim


Daging, telur, jahe, bawang putih, seasalt, air

How to Cook:

1. Cincang halus daging

2. Siapkan wadah untuk tim. Saya pakai mangkok enamel.

3. Beri air agak banyak dan masukkan garam, bawang, jahe

4. Tempat terpisah, kocok telur lalu tuangkan pada daging cincang

5. Masukkan daging tadi ke dalam mangkok dan nyalakan api kecil. Jangan lupa aduk terus hingga daging benar-benar hancur tidak menggumpal.

6. Setelah itu stop mengaduk. Biarkan mendidih. Setelah mendidih tambah lagi 20 menit baru matikan kompor.

Sekian beberapa resep yang saya bagikan. Kalau ada lagi, nanti langsung aku update tambahannya di atas.

Aku pernah sharing resep mpasi 6-10 bulan. Itu bisa dipakai juga yah buat anak gede. Tinggal disesuaikan lagi bumbu garam gulanya biar ada rasanya dan nafsu.

Link to Mpasi bisa click di sini.

Cerita lainnya mengenai Balada Makan anak sama tips tricks aku, bisa dibaca di sini.


Fun Facts

Before i put my recipe post to an end, here's a little fun facts for you to know:

I don't like to cook for adult. True haha tho i do experimenting and cooking sometimes, but i don't really enjoy it.

However, when it comes to my baby meal, i volunteer myself to cook different food and do more experiment at my kitchen lab.

It's funny that most of the times i end up eating the same food with my lil man. Less sugar, less salt, no MSG, i guess this is a good thing to become healthy 😆

I do not really own the recipes. You can always google the recipe. Yet, you might find there's few or even major change. Coz, just as i told you earlier, i do secret experiment at my kitchen lab. Using the ingredients i have, mix and match, and i'm done 😊 some recipes may comes within my own idea, but again, after i google it, turns out that my idea is a common mom ideas too 😆 just a bit different from one another.

Happy trying moms!❤️

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Summer OOTD

Summer is almost over and i haven't submit my OOTD post 😊

Despite the hot weather that make me sweat a corn, i do really like Summer. Especially to play dress up!

I love it to be flowery, flowy, bright color and comfy when it is Summer.

So before it's too late, here's my favourite pick for #Summer OOTD (Please forgive me that all the pictures were taken indoor… i get busier than before since i start to send my toddler to class)

• Flowy Dress

I love flowy dress…. Chiffon…
It describes Summer well! This outfit is suitable for beach OOTD, as well as going casual at Shopping Mall.
I bought this at random boutique in Bugis Singapore for S$10

• Flowery Outfit

Flower print outfit goes well with summer vibes 😊
My sabrina dress is H&M, i forgot the price. I bought that in US during sale season, it is so cheap.

The flowery flowy dress is from random boutique near Shaw House Singapore during bazaar. Bought that at S$18

• Tank Top + Short

Ultimate style that describes Summer at its best!
Time to show off a bit of your arms and belly if necessary LOL 😆
Don't be afraid to look out of shape. It is summer time!

My HW short is from random store at Mangga Dua Jakarta, i bought that long time ago. Couldn't remember the exact price. But as i remember it, it would be around IDR 90K – 115K only.

Bright red tank top is from Pasar Ubud Bali. Bought that at IDR 115K . Consider it expensive because the material is bad. Over priced.
But i couldn't say anything since i bought it on holiday season and in most visitted place too.
Back in 2014, this top is booming there. Lot of people wearing the same tank, just different color. So wherever i go, i can easily spot my twinsies! 😊

• Blue Stripe Outfit

Aye aye captain!
When i see blue stripes, it relates to nautical things, which relates to the sea…..

When will you plan to visit the sea? Summer!

Though it can be wear daily too, but this prints also describe summer well.

My dress is imported from Bangkok. I once sold this for IDR 100K only on my previous online shop, The Heirloom.

I'm lucky to keep one for myself haha now i can wear this for Summer OOTD Reference.

Now, what else to prepare to rock our Summer OOTD?

  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Earrings and bracelets (Colourful or Boho will be great!)
  • Comfy sandals (slippers or gladiator)
  • Lace cardigan
  • Cute bikini
  • Shoulder bag (colourful, knitted, canvas with cute prints)

And don't forget to apply sunscreen cream before you go outside. It will help to prevent getting the sunburn and spots when we grow older.

That's my pick for Summer OOTD. What do you think about my outfit? Please share with me your summer OOTD too ❤️

Wishing you a great day friends 😍
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Independence Day Makeup Look

It is August, 17 2017 here in Indonesia 🇲🇨❤️

And today we celebrate Independence Day wohooo…

I guess there're still many things to fight.. this country isn't free yet. Not from the invaders but from within: moral issues, political issues, and of course from the attitude.
It's everyone homework and responsibility to change the nation and be useful for the community.

However still, i love Indonesia and proud to be Indonesian!

Okay, enough with the speech…. Today i create easy makeup special to celebrate Independence Day ❤️

Since i am not expert, you can expect really simple and everyday makeup look coming from me.

Here's my makeup. I choose combination of red, purple, and black for the theme.

Let's go to the detail.

First of all, make sure face is clean and skincare is applied ❤️

Then i use Bare Minerals Vanilla for the foundation.

After that, i countour my nose with CityColor Cream Contour&Highlight.

Now let's focus on the eyes area.

Since my eyelid is small, i put a layer of scotch to make it bigger.

Then i applied Kanebo Black Liquid Eyeliner.


I started using red eyeshadow on the eye. Then add a little bit of black eyeshadow on the edge and blend it.
Then put purple on the centre, blend.
I use red and white eyeshadow for the crease.
But it isn't noticeable since i don't apply any primer.

I don't create a gradation here. I just simply mix and blend the 3 colors (black, purple, red) in order to make new shade of purplish red.

Using the same brush that already has mixed color on it, i draw a thin line under the eye.

For my lip, i use Wardah Chocoaholic Palette, shade Matte09

And for the final touch before putting on my Clinique Powder, i take my Etude House Drawing Eyebrow No 2 and give more definition to my korean shading eyebrow.

That's all about my makeup look for Independence Day Celebration ❤️

Turns out that purple red eyeshadow could look natural for everyday look too 🙂
I used to apply only brown, beige and black eyeshadow for my daily look.

Ohh… I use red and white eyeshadow to draw the flag on my cheek. (Should have borrowed face paint from my sis instead)

Ready to go to Parade (i wish…) lol

Oh i forget to mention, this look make me win Cathy Doll Indonesia X Womanblitz Giveaway yaiiyy ❤️

What do you think about this look? If you create any Independence Day look, share with me and give me the link. Would love to see and find inspiration too.

Have a good day everyone!

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