Beauty Rollers Review

These past few years people are crazy about Beauty Roller.

Indeed, this beauty roller has brought benefit for face and skin. So it doesn’t surprise me if this tool become a trend.

Now, there are a lot of different rollers in the market, from Stone (Jade – Rose Quartz) to Stainless, Platinum and more.

I have 3 rollers on my own, 2 from stone (jade and rose quartz) and 1 made of stainless.

Which is the best roller? You’re about to find out my preference.

First before we start, let me explain to you the benefits of using beauty roller. Regardless what type of roller you have, they all carry the same benefits.

What are the Benefits?

– Increase blood circulation

– Minimize pores

– Reduce the appearance of fine lines

– Minimize puffy eyes and face

– Tighten skin

– Help skin to absorb skincare better

How to use this Roller?

Use small roller for eyes, nose, and smaller areas and the big roller for the entire face.

Use 3 times per area.

Always roll upwards, don’t put any pressure.

Angel’s Preference:

1. Put on mask sheet and use the roller for massage

2. Use your skincare followed by this roller for blending and deep penetration

3. Put on the fridge 5 minutes before using for cooling and relaxing sensation

Now time to review the beauty rollers that I have.

A) Rose Quartz Roller

Okay I got my Rose Quartz Roller from Kay Collection.

Why Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz symbolized love. Love for yourself. This stone add confidence, acceptance, and draw more love towards you.

In my opinion, this Rose Quartz roller has cooling sensation than any other roller, even without putting it inside the fridge.

Glides smoothly. And the design is sweet.

B) Jade Roller

I got mine from Marne Official. This brand is one of the first who comes up with beauty roller in Indonesia.

For me this Jade Roller looking more real in terms of stone. The color get darker as time passes by just as how jade stone should be.

It glides smoothly.

C) Laneige Time Freeze Face Fit Roller

As comparison with the Rose and Jade Roller, Laneige face roller has very different feature.

It has 2 rollers big and small, and the shape is V.

Making it possible to roll both small and big roller together.

And perfectly fit on jaw area.

So yes definitely this one help to achieve more V shape.

But V Shape does not come as simple as rolling your beauty roller, okay?

Please really take note of that.

So among these 3, which one is my favorite roller?

I bet you already know!

I use 3 of them regularly. But my favorite one will be Laneige Time Freeze Face-Fit Roller.

Because somehow beside it functions like any other beauty roller, it also help me glides away the fat i have along on my jaw area. Making it tights and more V i guess.

The downside of this Laneige Time Freeze Face-Fit Roller is the price that quite expensive. It’s around 650k Rupiahs while the 2 stone is around 200k Rupiahs only.

But if you do have some spare on your piggy bank account, i recommend to invest on Laneige.

Now, if you ask me where to buy those Roller… I believe you can find many now, regardless the brand.

And as i stated earlier, all Beauty Roller carry the same function. So you can choose based on your budget preference and color favorite.

Is this roller really necessary?

Well, this beauty roller just a tool to boost a performance. Just a helping tool. It is not a must. Not necessary.

You can still reduce fine lines with extra care and anti aginh products, not to mention: laser.

You can still depuff swollen face with ice cube.

You can still minimize pore with the right serum and pore products.

So do not be discouraged if you don’t have this hype tool yet.

I hope my review give a little enlightment and information for you all.

Have a great day, Beauty Enthusiast!


Victorious Life

Hello! How’s everybody doing?

I admit that i’ve been inactive on this blog for quite a long time and only posting for collaboration purpose.

If you ask me “How have you been, Angelia?” I’ve been well this far and quite busy due to moving to new house and expand new business. So yeah basically i am still a home momma, working things out from my house while taking care my kid, going to new office on crucial days and weekend.

And same old same old, 24 hours seem not enough for me.

This is not just a quick update post of how i am doing.

This a post to share that like many, i also felt overwhelmed at time and feeling like given up.

All the problems that keep on coming, facing new trials and challenges…. Even imposed to dark magic. Haha. You read it right. Dark magic and evil power, some people really targetted us as the subject. (worry not, nothing bad happened to us. He is good! We just terrified how people can become so mean)

Yeah that’s my new roller coaster ride.

But above all, Praise God that He is a God who lives, who hears and has already won over everything so by His grace alone, i can overcome all sorts of that crazy ride and stand still with a smile.

And this introduction lead into my sharing points.

Our mind could easily take over everything. Whisper that life is unfair, how this friend so blessed while we are not…

How that friend still blessed though everybody in this town know s/he did dirty things…

And even saying that we’re uncapable to do most of the things and a total failure as compared to everybody else in this universe.

Sounds you enough? That sounds me enough at a time! Yes i am also that shallow! I stand high, but when i fall, i pretty much rolling into the dark deep hole. I am an ordinary human ☺️

At that point, i know that our nature will direct us to make conversation with those whom we trust, whose so dear to us.

Life partner, sibling, best friends.

Thank God if those group of bunch bring the words of season and freshen our soul. What if it doesn’t work that way?

So i change my source of refuelment.

Instead of sharing first and hopefully that they will all ears and not judging first… I turn to prayer.

The only One whom always all ears, no judgement, and with open hands ready to rescue….

God and God alone.

And by then my life become easier, i can see things in whole new perspective and ready to “fight” again. Doors and windows opened to lead to way out.

And my conversation with others goes on to new level! Instead of complaining and feel miserable, i could tell facts that burdened me and share how i can overcome things though there’re some that still going on.

Such a good news, such a good vibes will hard to be rejected by those who perceived you as their dearest.

They will also find new hope and you impact good things to their life.

Many candles be lighted up again. Hopes flames, faith strengthens.

Because you never know the journey that they walking in (tho everything look so good on the outside).

God bless us so we could be a blessing. To become a living testimony that everyone else might experience exactly the same, even greater.

Changing our source of hope changes the game.

Don’t let God be the last option when you go into life’s trouble. Put Him on the frontline.

I believe you will say “read this somewhere else. Heard this before”

Even i, wrote this before.

But yes i tend to make Him my last defense. And i always know that putting Him as my defense will change the game. And i always overcome things then.

But again and again, i always put Him on my last and then shout “Praise God for He is good!”

Indeed He is.

But changing directly for God to become the frontline will really overjoyed you.

And instead of saying “at the end, we win this with God” it will be more wonderful to say “from the very beginning we knew we won this with God”

And as this post writen and published, for the first few months in my life i have already practicing this.

Turn to Him first. My number 1.

And all i can see is from glory to glory He brings me in His mighty wings.

My dearest friend who is so keen to spare your time and read through….

Regardless of your religion and whom you believe, turn to God first.

I know you have walked so many beautiful journeys too and today if you feel stuck, opt for Him first.

Our live is an opened book. A book that God has written. So who can help? Only He alone can.

I hope this little sharing time and quick update from me become new refreshment to your soul to fight the day, the week, the month, and everyday in your life!


Thank you for reading and have a super blessed day!

I’ll be back often. Promise you.

Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence Review

Hello my beauty family…

Hari ini aku mau share salah satu produk lokal yang uda hype banget beberapa tahun terakhir ini, yaitu Avoskin. Avoskin sudah dikenal sebagai brand dengan produk yang tidak menggunakan animal testing, cruelty free.

Pada kesempatan kali ini aku nyobain produk Avoskin yang Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence (PHTE). Essence best seller dari Avoskin yang mengandung bahan unggulan seperti ascorbic acid, ekstrak chamomile, carrot oil dan rosehip oil.

Jadi Avoskin PHTE ini adalah essence yang dipakai setelah cleansing. Bentuknya cair tapi ngga se-watery atau se-runny air.

Berwarna transparan dan ada wanginya yah Avoskin PHTE ini.

Fungsi Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence sendiri adalah untuk membantu menjaga kesegaran dan kelembapan kulit, menghaluskan kulit, mencerahkan kulit, mengecilkan pori-pori dan juga mengurangi kerutan.

Nah penasaran gimana result pemakaian aku selama kurang lebih dua minggu rutin menggunakan Avoskin PHTE ini kan?

Yuk kita langsung bahas lebih detail yah.

Personal Experience

Okay jadi kondisi kulit aku adalah sensitif dan sedikit oily. Tapi belakangan karena pola tidur dan makan yang agak kacau dikarenakan aktivitas, kulit aku jadi kering.

Dan aku cobain Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence ini rutin, tanpa bolong, selama 2 minggu setiap pagi dan malam hari.

First impression aku sendiri adalah “wahh oke juga nih produknya“.

Karena Avoskin PHTE ini terserap cukup cepat di kulit aku, tidak meninggalkan kesan oily, tidak membuat kulit sensitive aku gatal merah atau bereaksi. Dan dari first impression yang cukup baik itu aku jadi semangat dan expect lebih pada produk ini.

Pada foto pertama di atas, bisa dilihat kalau kulit aku kering sekali, terutama di bagian dagu (area yang paling sensitive di wajah aku. Semua problem selalu muncul dibagian ini) kelihatan kering, crack, dan merah. Setelah pemakaian 2 minggu, kulit keringnya tidak terdeteksi lagi. Kemerahan juga jadi pudar. Area sekitar jadi halus juga.

Pada foto kedua, ini fotonya diambil sama jam 7 pagi setelah mandi pagi, bare skin. Bisa dilihat juga overall skintone lebih baik dan segar. Lebih cerah.

Untuk kedua foto aku sengaja tidak memberi filter brightness, shadow, saturation. Itu RAW file. Dan bare face, untuk menunjukkan dengan jelas kondisi kulit sebelum dan sesudah pemakaian.

Jadi kesimpulannya, setelah pemakaian rutin, seperti yang kalian bisa lihat di atas, ada perubahan nyata di kulit aku.

Kulit kering aku beneran jadi lebih sehat. Ngga crack lagi.

Lalu terlihat lebih segar dan cerah, masih dengan aktivitas padat dan jadwal makan dan tidur yang berantakan loh.

Jadi produk Avoskin Perfect Treatment Essence ini BAGUS yah kalo buat aku.

Aku suka ❤️

Dan teman-teman pasti tau yah kalau produk treatment essence awalnya dipopulerkan oleh brand Jepang, lalu banyak banget dupe nya. Termasuk brand Korea yang sukses membuat dengan harga sangat terjangkau. Aku pernah coba semua baik leading brand dan dupe Korean brandnya.

Jujur, bagus Avoskin dibanding dupe brand Korea nya. Untuk konsistensi formula, untuk hasil. Aku recommend Avoskin. Belum lagi juga karena ini lokal, udah lebih cocok dengan iklim tropis dan kulit orang Indonesia.

Kandungan Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence

Sekarang move bahas soal kandungan yah.

Untuk kandungannya sendiri aku perhatiin emang aman semua.

Tapi jujur awalnya ada satu concern aku, produk Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Essence ini ada fragrance dan terasa bau alkoholnya.

Pasti temen-temen tau yah kalau kulit normal aja sebisa mungkin menghindari yang beralkohol, apalagi kulit sensitive seperti aku itu sebisa mungkin jauh dari produk beralkohol karena bisa trigger kulit. So yes awalnya deg-deg an dan cemas.

Tapi setelah aku cari tahu, ternyata alkohol yang ada di kandungan Avoskin PHTE jenisnya adalah Fatty Alcohol dimana malah mengikat kelembapan kulit. Makanya aman buat kulit sensitif aku, dan ngga membuat kering.

Bahkan jenis fatty alcohol dianggap efektif untuk melembutkan dan menghaluskan kulit.

Malah beneran menutrisi balik jadi sehat ya… No wonder kulit aku juga malah sehat dan baik lagi.

Packaging Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence

Dan sekarang yuk bahas packagingnya.

Avoskin PHTE ini packagingnya berupa botol kaca bening dan tebal. Jadi harus hati-hati jangan sampai jatuh karena bisa pecah berantakan.

Sudah umum dengan botol essence kaca, yang ngebedain Avoskin adalah tersedia stopper di dalamnya. Ini solusi banget buat dibawa travelling. Jadi uda pasti isi essence di dalem ngga tumpah-tumpah dan basahin skincare pouch atau baju kita.

Jadi kesimpulannya: aku beneran suka dan cocok. Melewati dua minggu rutin dengan hasil yang baik di wajah, kandungan aman, packaging bagus…. Maka yesss aku rekomendasikan produk ini buat temen-temen semua cobain.


Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Essence

Kemasan: 30 ml & 100 ml

Kandungan: aqua, alcohol, ethyl ascorbic acid, propylene glycol, glycerin, fragrance, chamomile extract, carrot oil, rosa canina fruit oil, carbomer, triethanolamine, mineral oil.

Tipe Kulit: semua jenis kulit

Cara Pakai: tuangkan secukupnya pada telapak tangan atau kapas, aplikasikan pada wajah dan leher, setiap pagi dan malam hari setelah mencuci wajah.

Keunggulan: fatty alcohol mengikat kelembapan kulit dan aman untuk kulit sensitif, cruelty free – no animal testing, dengan carrot oil dan rosehip oil, chamomile ekstrak, dan ascorbic acid.

Result: melembabkan, mencerahkan dan menyegarkan.

Apakah direkomendasikan? DEFINITELY!

Kalian wajib banget coba Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence! Karena seperti biasa semua review yang aku tulis sudah dicoba dan buktikan sendiri. Selain itu, produk ini bener-bener worth the hype!

Nah buat temen-temen yang penasaran dan pengen cobain juga….

Produk Avoskin dapat juga diperoleh secara online melalui website Avoskin di

Share juga sama aku yah gimana kesan-kesan kalian menggunakan Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence di kolom komentar di bawah.

Have a lovely day, beauties!

Face, Body, and Hair Care Favorite

Good day to all of you! Sorry for being MIA for a while now. I’ve been busy with my new start up.

But heyy, here i am again, doing the one thing i love: writing a blog.

Today i am going to share my favorite face – body – and hair care.

Before labelling them as “my favorite”, i’ve used them regularly and bought repeatedly. Thus, the result is legit for my skin.

Are you excited to find out? Let’s start!

These are my morning routine.

After facial wash, i use Neutrogena Eye Cream.

Since i don’t have wrinkle yet, i am not so sure if this cream really working but for me it’s better to prevent. And so far, everytime i go to face clinic they always say that my eyes areas are still in very good condition.

This cream is absorb easily and leaving to spot or marks when i apply my makeup.

Next step… Prreti: Oil Serum . Prreti is a Korean brand skincare. I got this serum from Althea.Kr

I use 3 drops for my whole face.

I love the smell of orange inside the serum. Feeling refresh and brighten up my mood.

This serum also absorb almost immediately. It’s hydrating well. The only minor thing is this serum contain more water as compared to other oil serum.

Then, i apply my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo for the next step. I have already reviewed this and LRP is one of my skin saver 🙂 a product that really helps me achieve my current healthy looking complexion. Read here if you haven’t read.

Wait 3 minutes to dry, and then i layer my face with Althea Korea Petal Velvet Sunaway. It’s a sunscreen. I’ve been using this and repurchased. Totally in love with this sunscreen that hydrating my skin, non comedogenic and also contains no white cast! Perfect.

Read here for my full review of the product.

Last step, pat a little powder onto my face using Althea Korea Petal Velvet loose powder and lipbalm to protect my lip from dryness, from Young Living.

Actually i love to use Young Living lipbalm and lipgloss because their product do not make my lip darker. In fact, it change my lip color in healthier color , and permanently! From dark and pale (i am not a smoker), into natural pinkish color.

and these are my night routine.

Start with a clean face after facial wash, then i apply my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

I really love this face oil. It calmed my skin, and powerful to work overnight and let me wakeup with brand new – healthy – and hydrated skin.

Must have! I have reviewed this in a detail before. Click here to read.

Once my skin absorb all the oil, i continue my night skincare with La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and Young Living Lipbalm.

Before i sleep, i love to use eyepatch , two times a week, and also a mask sheet – 3 times a week.

This is how i do my skincare routine.

All the products mentioned have been with me quite a while and been on my repeat order cart too.

I am not going to replace them because i really like it. Favorite ❤️

As for the Prreti Oil Serum, i have already finished 2 bottles and i am going to change to Kiehl’s Dark Spot Serum .

And lastly…. My favorit bodycare.

Cetaphil is my one and only lover for face cleanser. It is gentle and wipes off the dirts perfectly.

I have reviewed Cetaphil in depth before, you can click here.

And i always bring face mist on my bag because it always helps me to relieve the stress over hot weather while keeps my face hydrated.

Spray spray spray. Spray as many as you like it.

Then for hair care…

I have an oily scalp. This makes me need to wash my hair daily, otherwise my hair will be so freaking ugly the next day.

But since i knew Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo, i can relax.

My scalp doesn’t get quickly so fast, and my hair smells good too. Very refreshing.

But as the shampoo helps to control my excess sebum, i find it a bit drying too and leads to flaky scalp (not dandruff okay). To solve this, i use Makarizo Mint Sorbet Hair Spa once a week and phewwww this trick really works!

Lastly, over the years i have made Chloe my signature scent. I love the sweet powdery floral scent. It’s not too much, linger longer, and smells elegant.

All the products above have been used by me for at least 3 bottles/tubes for over 2 years latest. And if you ask me whether i’ll continue to use it or not, my answer will be YES I WILL CONTINUE. In fact, i’m still using it now.

That’s when i can labelled them “favorite” ❤️

What about you? Have you try any of the products i mention above? Do you also like it? Or what products suit you best?

Share with me your opinion on the comment section.

Have a great day!


Best Photospots in Paris

Paris, the city of lights. Paris, the romantic city.

People go crazy over Paris and dressed up to get best picture here. Not only for the gram, but also for memory to bring home.

Today, on my blog, I am going to share with you my version of Paris Photospots and a little tips to get your best shoot there.

The photospots might be the same, but i do hope with personal tips, you can access the spots and get your picture nicer ❤️ so this blog will be useful for you. Enjoy!

Best Photospots in Paris

Eiffel Tower

From my personal experience, the best photospot for Eiffel will be Trocadero.

Hat: Primark, Dress: Existcollections, Sandal: Vincci

From this area, you can get full size picture of the tower while you can still have your nice OOTD captured full body too.

How to get there?

Board the red line metro and alight at Trocadero. From there, take exit 1, and use the stairs up. The building will be on your left side.

Best timing?

Best timing will be early in the morning from 5AM – 8AM. After 8AM, you’ll see more and more crowd coming leaving you no empty space to take your best shot.


There’re no toilets, especially in the morning. So plan your outfit well.

And do not forget to bring extra lens. The view is wonderful, but the sun might trouble you a little bit.

Arc de Triomphe

Too bad for my last visit there, there was a chaos, demo by the green vest for the protest that government spend much for Notre Dame reconstruction and forget the homeless. Therefore police block every corner to Arch De Triomphe.

I manage to take 1 picture near the police bus at Champs Elysees.

Sunglass: Givenchy, Jacket: Stradivarius, Jumpsuit: Fashiongrosirindo, Bag: Michael Kors, Shoes: Adidas

And we woke up a bit late. If only we rise earlier, i believe i would be able to take picture with empty background.

So always remember, the key for your great picture is rise early in the morning!


In order to get full size of the building, you need to stand on the street. Sometimes in the middle of the street. Always be careful and strike only when the vehicles stop.

Don’t forget to ask your photographer of the day to alert you when the traffic light is change.

Musee Du Louvre

Visited this famous museum the same day with my Arc De Triomphe. Please excuse the same outfit. And because once again we late, then the crowd were already all over the place.

Sunglass: Christian Dior

So i took one touristy photo and make my way to the garden (behind the large tall trees). Quite quiet here, so i can take picture without so much distraction. But then the famous pyramid glass look smaller.

Beret Hat collaboration with Lepetite Sunshine

However this is a good finding, so whenever you come there and not able to find empty space, you can come to my spot here and take as many pictures as you want.

Le Petit France Strasbourg

Ride with the fast train from Paris City to Strasbourg. This small town is gorgeous. You can also easily spot this wonderful house in the middle of the river.

Dress collaboration with Gilolillo Collection

Unsual spot but gorgeous to take one 🙂

It is worth the journey.

I know it’s not Paris (while my title is Paris) but this small town is close to Paris and famous. So put down the name on your list and have a visit.

Best Season?

Best season to visit this house will be Spring – Summer while the flowers bloom colorfully.

Mont St. Michel

It’s a bit far from Paris city actually, but it’s one of the destination to visit while you’re there.

This place always so crowded but there will be that magic short moment, while everybody busy listens to the headset information and look around, and you can quickly strike a pose.

From my personal experience, the best spot to take is between the pillars.

Turtleneck: Zara, Jumpsuit Collaboration with Ohayo Fashion

Actually there are many spots that i’ve not yet explore due to limited time. I will come back next time with longer stay to hunt the perfect spots and update for you.

But for now, this is what i can share with you.

Don’t forget to wake up early. Because it is the best timing to get your perfect shot.

Another tips from me, when you travel, don’t make last minute itinerary.

Browse your destination so you can start planning your outfit.

Great pictures require extra effort. Trust me.

I haven’t done my best either 🙂 but i have seen i’m progressing. That’s why i am confident to share with you.

Lastly, when you take picture, ignore all the stares toward you.

You don’t know them, they don’t know you. They will remember you only for few more minutes.

So instead of feeling shy and hold back in posing, strike like a pro.

This confidence will gradually add up everytime you manage to stand and ignore the stare.

Just be focus with your goal: GET NICE PICTURE ❤️

I hope my blog give you a fresh air and new insight! Have a good day!


Face & Body Treatment at Pacific Klinik Surabaya

Yang tinggal di Surabaya pasti udah tau sama yang namanya Pacific Klinik. Klinik kecantikan dan spa satu ini sudah berdiri cukup lama dan turun-temurun. Jaya di masanya.

Sampai sekarang Pacific Klinik tetap aktif mengikuti perkembangan jaman untuk memberikan treatment terbaik bagi perempuan di Surabaya.

Aku berkesempatan melakukan HIFU & RF (Radio Frequency) body treatment juga di Pacific Klinik Jalan Polisi Istimewa No.6 Surabaya ini.

Sebelum melakukan treatment, team dari Pacific Klinik & Spa akan meminta data riwayat klien, usia – masalah kulit – masalah kesehatan dan lain sebagainya dari kuisioner yang mereka buat.

Ini gunanya agar treatment dapat mengena dan punya hasil yang maksimal, yang dapat dilihat.

Jadi setelah mengisi semua data, aku berganti pakaian di ruang tersedia sambil melakukan pengukuran lanjutan (berat badan, lingkar lengan – paha – perut) untuk keperluan data treatment RF, dan skin check untuk keperluan HIFU.

Radio Frequency Treatment + Cavitation

RF secara singkat adalah treatment untuk memecah lemak padat dalam tubuh. Selain memecahkan lemak padat, RF juga dapat membuat kulit lebih kencang dan kesat.

Setelah melakukan pengukuran seksama, diputuskan bagian perut aku yang perlu melakukan treatment RF. Ini karena kondisi perut aku ngga kencang, sedikit melorot dan menggelambir. Khas ibu yang sudah pernah melahirkan 😁

Jadi dimulailah rangkaian prosedurnya.

Dimulai dengan scrub dulu sehingga kotoran dapat terangkat. Lalu diberikan serum sehingga treatment dapat bekerja meresap sampai ke dalam. Dan dimulai RF selama 20 menit. Alatnya diputar dan tekan di area perut.

Tidak ada rasa sakit sama sekali. Hanya sedikit rasa panas, tanda bahwa cream sudah meresap dan alat berfungsi memecah lemak di dalam.

Bila merasa terlalu panas, silahkan beritahu terapis. Maka terapis akan mengalihkan ke daerah lain dahulu. Setelah 20 menit selesai, dilanjutkan dengan pemberian gel untuk proses Cavitation.

Cavitation ini berfungsi untuk melunakkan lemak yang sudah dipecahkan oleh RF. Dari dilunakkan ini, lemak akan dapat dikeluarkan tubuh melalui pembuangan urin kita.

Tidak ada rasa sakit dan tidak ada rasa panas selama proses Cavitation. Perut hanya ditekan-tekan. Dan aku dapat merasakan ada “grenjelan” (bagian tidak rata) selama proses ini berlangsung.

Bagian tidak rata di dalam perut tadi adalah lemak-lemak padat yang sudah dipecah.

Proses ini berlangsung selama 20 menit dan dilanjutkan oleh proses vakum. Ini lemak yang sudah dilunakkan oleh Cavitation diarahkan menuju pembuangan, ke jalur perut bawah.

Aku sangat amazed dengan hasil treatment ini karena dalam 1x treatment sudah terlihat.

Jadi sebelum proses dimulai, berat badan aku adalah 47 kg, dengan area lingkar perut atas 80 cm (gambar D) dan lingkar perut bawah 85 cm (gambar E)

Setelah treatment, berat badan aku adalah 46.8 kg, perut atas 79 cm dan bagian perut bawah adalah 82 cm.

100% langsung terlihat. Lalu kalau ada yang tanya apakah ini permanent?

Treatment perlu dilakukan berkala. Dan sekali lagi pola makan, tidur juga mempengaruhi dan harus disertai oleh olahraga agar menjaga bentuk ideal yang sudah dibantu oleh treatment RF dan Cavitation ini.

Pasca treatment: kita diwajibkan minum air putih banyak. Fungsinya untuk membantu menggelontor / mengeluarkan lemak yang sudah lunak tadi sehingga ikut dalam pembuangan. Dan jangan lupa berolahraga dna makan sehat.

HIFU Treatment

HIFU atau High Intensity Focused Ultrasound adalah treatment untuk skin tightening, reduce fine lines juga untuk membuat wajah menjadi V-Shape alias tirus.

Sebelum treatment dimulai, dilakukan skin check terlebih dahulu.

Lalu mulai dibersihkan wajahnya

Dan diberi krim anastesi dan didiamkan selama 30 menit. Anastesi ini gunanya agar tidak shock dengan rasa yang ditimbulkan dari alat HIFU.

Sesudahnya, terapis akan memulai menggambar focused area untuk dilakukan HIFU. Kebetulan kondisi kulit aku masih baik, sehingga fokus areanya lebih ke double chin aku, smile line yang mulai tampak, dan kerutan halus di sudut mata.

Secara umum, HIFU ini bekerja dengan cara menghancurkan lemak melalui tembakan alat. Nantinya kulit akan mereproduksi collagen untuk menghasilkan bentuk yang sesuai. Lebih tirus, lebih kencang.

Berbeda dengan treatment RF yang tidak ada rasa sakitnya, HIFU ini sedikit sakit.

Terutama saat alat HIFU menembak ke area tulang. Pertama treatment dilakukan aku agak sedikit kaget dengan rasa tembakannya di kulit dan tingkatannya dikurangi sehingga rasa sakit sangat bearable.

Akhirnya aku bisa melanjutkan treatment dengan baik. Ngga ada drama air mata keluar dan sebagainya. Malahan bisa mengobrol santai dengan terapis yang bertugas.

Jadi aku rekomendasikan Pacific Klinik karena di sini terbukti semuanya professional dan bisa bekerja tanpa membuat pasien jadi tidak nyaman.

Tulisan ini benar apa adanya. Selama treatment aku juga memasukkan dalam instastory jadi bener adanya aku ngga nangis, atau kesakitan yah. Ini lebih ngga sakit daripada sulam alis.

HIFU ini boleh dikatakan seperti treatment tanam benang maupun filler.

Bedanya, ini tidak ada benda asing atau obat-obatan yang dimasukkan. Jadi HIFU sangat aman dan tidak ada efek samping.

Lalu proses HIFU tidak dapat langsung terlihat namun harus menunggu seminggu hingga sebulan dari treatment. Karena HIFU ini membantu sel tubuh kita untuk memperbaiki sendiri.

Namun bila dilihat ke foto before after treatment, sebetulnya sudah mulai bisa dilihat walau samar. Area pipi dan dagu tidak setembem semula. Terlihat lebih kencang.

Treatment boleh dilakukan untuk usia 25 tahun ke atas, dan dapat diulang setiap 3 bulan sekali untuk hasil maksimal.

Setiap treatment, hasil yang didapatkan akan bertahan kurang lebih 6 bulan.

Pasca treatment: aku diberitahu dalam 2-4 hari ke depan akan ada rasa ngilu di area yang di HIFU. Namun dipenampilan luar tidak ada bengkak, merah maupun iritasi yah. Kondisi wajah normal. Dan ternyata setelah treatment aku tidak merasa ada rasa ngilu seperti yang diberitahukan.

Selain treatment RF dan HIFU aku juga diberi cream YONKA .

YONKA Paris cream ini adalah cream untuk age correction. Gunanya untuk merawat kekencangan kulit wajah, dan melembabkan.

Diaplikasikan pada wajah dan leher, pagi dan malam hari.

Cream ini baik digunakan setelah HIFU sehingga hasilnya lebih maksimal lagi.

Yonka cream ini berwarna putih, teksturnya creamy dan meninggalkan efek oily di wajah aku. Setelah berlalu 15 menit baru terserap sempurna dan tidak ada efek oily lagi.

Kulit oily dan sensitive aku sedikit breakouts ketika menggunakan cream ini. Mungkin toner dan serum yang aku gunakan juga sudah terlalu rich.

Jadi caranya untuk mencegah breakouts lanjutan, aku hanya menggunakan Yonka cream ini saat malam hari saja.

Dan setelah tahu selanya (digunakan sekali saja dalam sehari), sudah tidak ada breakouts yang muncul.

Untuk hasilnya sendiri aku merasa kulit jadi lembab, yang paling terlihat beda adalah kulit di sekitar leher. Lebih kenyal.

Jadi aku merekomendasikan kalian yang ingin melakukan treatment face / body atau sekedar spa di Pacific Klinik & Spa Surabaya ini.

Selain treatmentnya yang beragam dan aman, aku sudah buktikan kalau ada hasil nyata. Selain itu, jam operasional Pacific Klinik juga sangat enak, buka dari Senin – Minggu dan hari besar.

Untuk info lebih lanjut, silahkan menghubungi:

Pacific Klinik & Spa

Jl. Polisi Istimewa No.6 Surabaya

031 – 5677514 / 5611291

Jam beroperasi:

Senin – Sabtu: 7 AM – 7 PM

Minggu & Hari Libur: 9 AM – 5 PM

Semoga review ini bermanfaat ❤️


Tryme Skincare Review

Akhirnya setelah sekian lama, aku kembali menghadirkan skincare lokal Indonesia untuk direview.

Ini untuk menjawab masukan teman-teman sekalian untuk mereview produk lokal. Dan karena aku bener-bener cobain baru menulis review, aku jadi lebih picky untuk menentukan kolaborasi.

Kali ini aku memilih Tryme untuk direview, sebagai kolaborasi dengan Surabaya Beauty Blogger, komunitas beauty di mana aku tergabung.

Tryme adalah brand dari Indonesia, didistribusikan oleh TR Makmur Sentosa dan tentunya sudah memiliki ijin BPOM.

Untuk kolaborasi kali ini, produk Tryme yang aku dapatkan adalah sebagai berikut ini:

-Facial Wash

-Face Toner

-Whitening Serum

-Glowing Secret Day untuk pelembab pagi/siang hari , dan

-Shining Ultima Night Cream untuk pelembab pada malam hari

Keunggulan produk Tryme adalah:

– menyegarkan dan membersihkan sisa kotoran

– mencerahkan kulit wajah

– memperlambat proses penuaan

– menyamarkan bekas jerawat dan flek

– melembabkan dan melembutkan kulit

– mengecilkan pori-pori kulit

– mencegah timbulnya jerawat

Cara pemakaian rangkaian produk ini juga mudah.

Selalu mulai dengan mencuci wajah dengan Tryme Facial Wash, lanjutkan dengan menyemprotkan Tryme Face Toner, setelah kering aplikasikan Tryme Whitening Serum. Diamkan lalu untuk pagi hari, tutup dengan Tryme Glowing Secret Day.

Untuk langkah malam hari lakukan sama dengan penjelasan di atas, hanya saja ganti step untuk Glowing Secret Day dengan Tryme Shining Ultima Night Cream.

Untuk menulis review ini, aku telah mencoba rutin rangkaian produk Tryme selama 2 minggu.

Yuk kita bahas lebih detail review masing-masing produk Tryme ini.

• Tryme Facial Wash

Produk Detail:

Kegunaan: membersihkan kulit wajah dengan menghilangkan debu, minyak, kotoran dan sisa makeup. Membuat wajah lebih bersih, lembab dan segar.

Kandungan: diperkaya licorice extract (kaya antioksidan dan menghentikan pigmentasi akibat panas matahari), alpha arbutin (anti flek, skin lightening), collagen (penjaga elastisitas), niacinamide (skin conditioning), aloe vera (anti inflamasi), sunflower seed oil (skin conditioning)

Spesifikasi: lebih intens untuk kulit normal, berminyak, kombinasi dan sensitive. Tidak disarankan untuk kulit kering

Packaging Tryme Facial Wash ini berupa botol dengan pump dan menghasilkan sabun cuci muka berupa foam.

Foam nya sangat lembut dan aman untuk kulit oily dan sensitif aku. Tryme Facial Wash ini juga memiliki aroma yang wangi.

Setelah dibilas dengan air, Tryme Facial Wash tidak membuat kulit kering dan kaku maupun teriritasi.

• Tryme Face Toner

Produk Detail:

Kegunaan: menyegarkan dan membersihkan sisa kotoran.

Kandungan: niacinamide, alpha arbutin, citrus lemon fruit extract (skin conditioning dapat mengecilkan pori) , kojic acid (menghilangkan tanda-tanda hiperpigmentasi)

Spesifikasi: kulit wajah normal, oily, kombinasi, sensitive. Untuk kulit kering hanya disarankan 1x sehari

Tryme Face Toner digunakan setelah wajah bersih. Guna toner ini adalah mempersiapkan kulit untuk proses skincare berikutnya, sehingga bisa diserap dengan baik oleh kulit.

Tryme Face Toner berupa botol spray. Butiran air toner yang dikeluarkan sangat halus. Ketika di spray ke wajah dan leher akan menimbulkan rasa segar.

Tryme Face Toner juga tidak meninggalkan kesan lengket dan oily di wajah.

Nah menurut petunjuk penggunaan, semprotkan Tryme Face Toner pada kapas, lalu usapkan merata di kulit. Kalo aku pribadi, aku suka langsung spray ke wajah lalu ditepuk-tepuk.

• Tryme Whitening Face Serum

Produk Detail:

Kegunaan: membantu mencerahkan kulit kusam dan membuat tampak cerah

Kandungan: alpha arbutin, citrus lemon fruit extract, niacinamide, aloe vera, bengkoang (pencerah kulit alamiah)

Spesifikasi: untuk semua jenis kulit

Tryme Whitening Face Serum berbentuk botol pump. Nah untuk isi dari Tryme Whitening Face Serum ini warnanya bening. Bentuknya lebih padat dari air namun tetap glides easily ketika dituangkan.

Untuk aku sendiri, aku pakai sekitar 2-3 pumps, dan aku oleskan merata pada wajah. Selanjutnya tepuk-tepuk wajah perlahan untuk peresapan yang lebih sempurna.

Ketika di tangan, Tryme Whitening Face Serum ini terasa sedikit lengket. Tapi begitu diaplikasikan pada wajah, serum ini dapat diserap dengan cepat tanpa meninggalkan kesan sticky.

• Tryme Glowing Secret Day

Produk Detail:

Kegunaan: perawatan kulit difungsikan khusus dnegan UV Filter membantu melindungi dari sinar matahari, membuat kulit lembut dan lembab.

Kandungan: titanium dioxide (untuk UV filter), zinc oxide (untuk UV filter), citrus lemon fruit extract, aloe vera extract, beeswax (menjaga kelembapan tanpa menyumbat pori)

Spesifikasi: untuk semua jenis kulit

Nah ini cream pagi nya. Dipakai setelah selesai aplikasi serum. Creamnya ini ngga thick, dan cepet meresap di kulit.

Ngga ada aromanya.

Yang aku suka dari cream paginya ini udah include UV Filter yeaaay!!! Jadi kalo buat dipake di rumah uda ngga ribet yah. Ngga perlu pake sunblock lagi.

Kalau untuk dipakai aktivitas outdoor, aku masih aplikasiin sunblock lagi buat step terakhirnya.

Lalu untuk jenis kulit aku yang sensitive dan oily, pelembab pagi nya ini abis dipakai setelah beberapa lama sedikit membuat kulit lebih oily.

Tapi walaupun jadi oily, selama 2 minggu aku pakai, aman tidak ada breakouts dikarenakan excess oil yang keluar.

• Tryme Shining Ultima Night Cream

Produk Detail:

Kegunaan: mencerahkan wajah, melembabkan kulit, menyamarkan noda

Kandungan: kojic acid, niacinamide, alpha arbutin, citrus lemon fruit extract, beeswax, collagen, PEA extract (mengurangi penuaan dini), sunflower seed oil

Spesifikasi: untuk semua jenis kulit

Untuk pelembab malam dari Tryme ini teksturnya cukup unik. Bukan berupa crim tapi lebih seperti watery lotion.

Jadi ngga padat, tapi juga bukan cair yang glides smoothly kayak Tryme serum. Warnanya pink transparan.

Ini juga ngga ada wanginya creamnya.

Berbeda dengan cream pagi yang bikin kulit aku lebih oily, pelembab malam ini aku suka.

Selain cepet menyerap, bikin kenyal dan ternutrisi dengan baik feelingnya setelah pakai.

Lembab tanpa sticky dan oily.

Jadi untuk menyimpulkan 2 minggu penggunaan produk Tryme skincare Series ini cocok ajah ya di kulit sensitive dan oily aku.

Ngga menimbulkan jerawat, iritasi, kering, dan sebagainya.


Cuman cream paginya aja yang bikin produksi oil aku semakin nambah.

Selebihnya suka banget.

Mulai face washnya yang gentle, tonernya yang seger banget, serumnya yang ngga oily, dan cream malem yang melembabkan.

Applying Tryme Skincare

Dan yang pasti engga bikin kusam! Dan aku sudah cukup happy.

Soalnya kadang ada skincare yang udah ngga dapet glowing dan putihnya, eh malah kusam loh.

Jadi selama tidak membuat kusam, aku sudah lega ☺️

Paling engga kondisi kulit sehatnya tetep sehat. Yang berarti nutrisi yang didapet sama nihh dengan skincare aku yang biasanya.

Jadi mari kita check recheck keunggulan produk Tryme dengan pengalaman aku yah:

– menyegarkan dan membersihkan sisa kotoran ✔️ setuju

– mencerahkan kulit wajah , dalam artian tidak kusam iyah setuju

– memperlambat proses penuaan , saya percaya dengan pemakaian rutin teratur pasti ini terjadi ya. Tapi tidak dapat dinilai instant

– menyamarkan bekas jerawat dan flek, bekas lumayan susah dan perlu waktu lama. Bekas jerawat dan flek mudah dilihat hasilnya dari laser. Jadi kalau rutin menggunakan, saya yakin bisa samar juga.

– melembabkan dan melembutkan kulit ✔️ setuju

– mengecilkan pori-pori kulit, ini hal yang susah dilihat lagi. Membutuhkan waktu yang lama.

– mencegah timbulnya jerawat ✔️ setuju

Untuk yang tidak ada tanda “✔️” adalah karena belum terlihat dalam 2 minggu yah.

So yesss, kalian boleh juga cobain Tryme ini buat yang penasaran dan pinginnya yang dari produk Indonesia.

Untuk informasi lebih jelas, bisa menghubungi:

Bumi Citra Fajar

Jl. Sekawan Ayu Blok F 55B – 55C

Kel. Bulu Sidokare

Kec. Sidoarjo – Sidoarjo


IG @official.tryme

Sekian review aku untuk Tryme Skincare Series. Semoga reviewnya bermanfaat yah ❤️

Have a good day!


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Staycation at Ibis Surabaya City Center

Hello readers! Today I want to share with you my staycation experience at Ibis Surabaya City Center.

Ibis Surabaya City Center is a business hotel that located strategically in the center of Surabaya, at Jalan Basuki Rachmat 94-96, under Accor Group.

The hotel is walking distance to Tunjungan Plaza shopping mall, Gramedia Bookstore, convenient stores and cafes, and also near to the business district.

This hotel has minimalist room feature, modern high technology meeting rooms, lobby bar and restaurant.

Facilities at Ibis Surabaya City Center

Having the title of Business Hotel, we all can expect a good sleep and good meals and facilities to make us stay productive during the stay.

Now let me share in details about my stay here.

The Lobby

Here is the look of the Lobby Bar of Ibis Surabaya City Center.

In order to get that neat picture, not many guests at the lobby, i needed to wait quite long and checking back every 1 hour (up to 5 times) to take picture because the lobby always busy. The occupancy rate quite high here.

There’s a corner that you can help yourself with traditional drink, juices and snacks while chilling on the couch in front of the reception desk.

Chilling by the lobby

And just beside the reception desk is the bar and restaurant. It is safe to say that Ibis Surabaya City Center has roomy (big) restaurant that can accommodate many people.

Perfect for company’s luncheon, don’t you think so?

The Room

Bed for 2, equipped with pillows, bolsters and extra pillow

The room is spacious enough and equipped with couch, drawer, TV, AC, safety deposit, and desk for working.

I love how i am still able to move freely even with my luggage opened on the floor.

Adding extra point besides the spacious and complete amenities is bolster! Not many hotels provide bolster.

Immediately after I found the bolster on my bed, i couldn’t stop praising Ibis Surabaya City Center.

This wasn’t stop at that point. The room is really cozy and could be described as a heaven after long day.

Quality sleep during staycation

Not to mention, the toilet that looks like a cruise cabin toilet. Oh yes, with full amenities and hairdryer as well.

Shower place also spacious enough that I can bathe without feeling too cramped.

In case you book your stay at Ibis Surabaya City Center and wondering where the tissue is, you can find it below the sink. *wink*

Room: Approved ✔️

Really convenient and cozy, has bolster and complete amenities!

The Restaurant

Breakfast Buffet

The buffet offers wide range of variety from Indonesian Food to International Food.

During my stay, the breakfast menu were porridge, soto ayam, egg station, nasi campur station, breads & cereals station, and also potato wedges – fried rice – salad station- fried noodle – toast bread with sausages – and dessert station for pudding, cake, and slice fruits.

For the drinks, there’re tea & coffee station, traditional drinks (beras kencur, sinom), juice, tea, and water station.

My Breakfast

I also had my lunch and dinner at the restaurant.

When it comes to dine in Hotel’s restaurant, many of us will have the stereotype of “hotel’s restaurant is expensive and taste only so – so”

Am i right?

During my staycation, all i want was relaxing day to unwind from the hectic schedules i had beforehand. That’s the reason i chose to dine at hotel. Frankly speaking, having the same stereotype, i wasn’t expecting much.

But the truth did surprise me!

Lunch: Chef’s Recommendation

My lunch was made and recommended by the chef.

The shrimps were fresh and sweet while the chicken well seasoned with herbs. The salad taste fresh and delightful.

Dinner: Bebek Kretep & Sop Buntut Goreng

I had Sop Buntut Goreng for my dinner while my dear friend had her Bebek Kretep.

The foods were yummy and delighted our taste bud. Not to mention the spicy chilli and crackers! Everything were perfect and beyond expectation.

And if you scroll up again to the price list, it is worth the price! I can just plainly say it is not expensive! If i can do one thing, i will add the rice portion *lol*

It because both of us finished the rice while we still had leftover meats. And it is more marvelous to eat the meat with rice and sambal.

Food: Approved ✔️

Beyond expectation and delightful.

(Especially the lunch and dinner at the restaurant)

Highlighted Facilities

1. Web Corner

Web Corner at Ibis Surabaya City Center

As a business hotel, Ibis Surabaya City Center provides the guest with Web Corner.

A corner where the guests can work, browse, send email, and stay connected with internet both for entertainment and source informations.

The corner is quite cozy and provided with magz and newspaper also.

2. Spa

Get massage to loosen heavy muscles.

3. Late Check-Out Time

If you need a late check-out, don’t forget to double confirm with the receptionist. Ibis Surabaya City Center does allow late check-out up to 5 PM at possible condition.

4. Early Breakfast Daily for Early Riser

Breakfast served as early as 4 AM in the morning. This really accommodate the needs of certain people that might leave early for flight / meeting / other call.

5. Angkringan Corner at Evening

These angkringan will be set up at dusk at the outdoor area. Enjoy coffee, crackers, grill foods, and more while chatting with friends, colleagues, family.

I have already stated my point of views during my staycation at Ibis Surabaya City Center .

It was enjoyable getaway for me and my friend.

I know that Ibis Surabaya City Center is a business hotel, but it won’t matter if you plan to stay there for leisure.

Why is that so?

Room is comfortable to get quality sleep, a thing that all travellers looking for, be it for working or for leisure.

Short distance to Surabaya’s famous entertainment place, shopping mall – cafes – cultural heritage

Located in the center of Surabaya, make all travellers easily make a trip to many areas in Surabaya without worrying that the distance will be too far. Everything is near from the center!

Food Variety, to satisfy hunger. From child to adult. The restaurant and buffet could cater most of your needs.

Ever think that your little one will be bored without pool and playground?

Well, my son happily jumping and running around the spacious lobby. TV on room also equipped with international channels like HBO, FOX, and Music to keep little one entertained.

So yes, Ibis Surabaya City Center could be the perfect destination for you too.

Book your hotel today at:

Ibis Surabaya City Center

Jl. Basuki Rahmat 94-96, Surabaya



Tel: +62 31 535 888 5

Fax: +62 31 535 888 0


Thank you Ibis Surabaya City Center for the warm welcome and made my staycation really enjoyable that i can really loosen up a while and recharge my energy.

Sugeng Rawuh


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A’bloom by Althea – One Brand Products Review

My love for Althea is growing everyday as Althea keeps on launching new products that really satisfy and important for my skin.

And now, Althea introducing a new line: A’bloom , which is very cute.

I got every products that A’bloom has, which is:

• Meringue Puffs: Giant Meringue Puff and Baby Meringue Puffs,

• Refreshing Skin Fruit Mask Pack: Watermelon, Avocado, Peach, and Lemon Lime,

• BHA Blackhead Blaster

And let’s get to the details, shall we?

I will give you a product knowledge of each line and also a personal opinion for my honest review.

Let’s start ❤

Meringue Puffs

A’bloom Meringue Sponge Puff was inspired by baking meringue cookies. It does look like cookie with pastel pink color and fluffy! Boingg – boingggggg ❤️

The meringue puffs are made out of non latex sponge with hydrophilic properties which will grow 1.5 times bigger when soaked with water, allowing makeup to be applied perfectly on skin.

Now there’re 2 ways of using this meringue puffs:

1. Soaked with water, to achieve moist and glossy skin makeup

2. Not soaked, to achieve matte and flawless skin makeup.

Personal Opinion:

For my daily makeup, i love to damp the meringue puff with water. It makes my makeup light and looks natural.

But for attending event, i love to use the puff without water. The result will be matte and give more coverage than when i damped the puff into water.

A’bloom Meringue Puffs come in 2 size: Giant and Baby.

The giant puff make makeup application faster on wide area like the whole face and neck. And the pointy tip is useful for small areas under eyes and near the nose.

The baby puff give result on more flawless skin look and the pointy tip is just right for my nose and eyes area.

When it comes to travelling, i love to bring the giant puff. I can do my makeup faster and also it already has pointy tip for detailing.

But when i’m home, i prefer to use the baby meringue puffs.

There’s one more reason i love A’bloom Meringue Puffs. It is because this puff could be use with anything from foundation, BB Cream, CC Cream, even Cushion!

So yessss, give this meringue puff a go 🙂

BHA Blackhead Blaster

A magic stick that works for treating blackheads, whiteheads, dead skin for daily care.

With Natural BHA ingredients to deep cleanse the pore by exfoliating the dead skin, Apricot Seed Powder helps to remove excessive sebum, Charcoal absorbs the dirt in the pores, Tea Tree Leaf Oil to soothe as well as to prevent any redness and irritation on skin.

Personal Opinion:

I like this magic stick because it’s very handy and easy to be used.

All i need is to damp my face with water, then use the stick on targetted areas.

I like to rub the stick on my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.

Then, i’ll massage evenly to my whole face for 30 seconds and rinse with water.

And done!

I always look forward to product that really does wonder on my big pores. Be it to cleanse or to reduce the pores.

So this BHA Blackhead Blaster is very much needed for me. Because when the dirt is remove, i believe the pores will shrink.

Oh i love how gentle the product is! No irritation, no redness and no dryness. Experience has taught me that everything for pores (that i’ve tried before) always make my skin dry and irritate. But not happening when i use this magic stick. It is really a magic! Leaving my pores clean, and the skin soft!

Now the crucial question, is the whitehead/blackhead really gone? Yes!!!! Not in one time, and not 100% but mostly they disappear with routine usage

I believe we all agree that whiteheads and blackheads need to be plucked with facial pinset or must be pinch out during facial on beauty clinic, correct?

But upon application, i notice that my whiteheads come up so i can easily pluck it off. And i don’t know where my blackheads going, but my nose pores dramatically change from black to clean! Daebak 👍🏻

Refreshing Skin Fruit Mask Pack

A’bloom refreshing skin masks have strong antioxidant power of fruits and soothing energy of natural plants to care for each skin concern such as hydration, nutrition, whitening and blemishes.

The sheet masks are made with 100% natural eco friendly fabric to effectively deliver the essence.

The essence on A’bloom masks are formulated with reduce viscosity that are available in creams.

Now it comes with 4 variance:

1. Avocado Nourishing Mask

Avocado is rich in protein, prevents anti-aging and strong anti-oxidant with vitamin E tocopherol.

This mask also contains hibiscus flower extract that contains Antocyanin, an antioxidant to prevent the skin from aging.

Unsaturated fatty acid on this mask provide shininess and elasticity to the skin.

2. Peach Ac Control Mask

Peaches are rich in moisture and vitamin A retinol helps to control oil and water balance of skin.

This mask also contains tea tree extract to help sterilization and take care trouble areas and acnes.

This mask helps normalize skin turnover cycle by preventing troubles and taking care of dead skin cells, provide smooth and hydrated skin.

3. Watermelon Nourishing Mask

Watermelon rich in water which is excellent for moisturizing and soothing the skin during hot weather.

This mask contains natural aminoic acid : Betain and Citrulin that forms natural moisturizing membrane on skin, leaving skin moisturized and smooth.

Also contains lavender extract to soothe sensitive skin and provide liveliness.

4. Lemon Lime Whitening Mask

Lemon and Lime have high vitamin C to help repair and protect skin from UV damage.

The vitamin C also function in ihbihiting melanin production provides clear and transparent skin.

This mask also contains green tea extract which also rich in vitamin C ingredient to assist in controlling melanin production and skin care.

Personal Opinion:

Mask is a must in my skincare regime. I use mask at least once a week. Sometimes it could be 3 times a week depending on the condition of my skin and whether i need extra care in nourishing and brighten the skin.

So this mask is a yeaay! I love them all!

After my 3 weeks Europe trip, my skin become dry and i need special care due to weather change and also 3 weeks of full makeup, no rest!

So i tried A’bloom mask, i finished them all so i can write the review for you.

There’s this cooling sensation upon usage. Very refreshing and relaxing.

This mask also has great absorption.

Each mask contains 25grams of essence! I use until the last drop of the essence. I pat evenly on my face and neck.

And the result? My supple and moist skin is back.

If you’re expecting fruity smell from these mask, you might get a little bit surprise because all of the masks have citrus smell. Not peach, avocado, watermelon. But it still relaxing 🙂

If you haven’t put masker in to your beauty regime, i suggest you to start doing so and be amaze with what a mask can do to nourish your skin.

That’s gonna be all for my review on products that A’bloom has. Please remember that this review is based on my sensitive oily combination skin.

A’bloom is definitely Angel’s approved!

About Althea and A’bloom Promotion

I really like this new line from Althea.

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Explore Milan and Nearby Towns in 7 Days Itinerary

Good day to all of you. Today I am going to share my itinerary for Italy Trip.

I went there on 8 April 2019. It was Spring-Summer time. But the Spring still has the last cold of Winter season. So it was still windy and cold without coat.

So next time, if you are going to go on that date, make sure to pack thermal inner and padded coat, because it was what everybody else wear.

My family and I packed for Spring Summer (more to Summer). We did survive the chill, but it kinda torturing *sob* 😭

But if your trip will be in the middle of April, 18 something and above , a leather jacket will be enough to help in the morning. In fact, you might not need that at all because it gets hotter by afternoon (temperature reach 25’C)

Done with the weather briefing, now let’s get to the itinerary. ❤️

4 Days at Milan

My first destination is Milan. Frankly speaking, nothing much to be done here rather than shopping.

For tourist attractions, i recommend the famous Duomo Cathedral.

And if you want to chill with Duomo view, instead of paying extra on cafe, you can go to Mc Donald’s there, and sit on the second floor. They have window outviews the Duomo, very pretty. The tricky part of taking the picture there is only the lighting. I have tried editting on my phone but still not bright enough.

When you take your photo at Duomo, be careful with stranger that suddenly put on bracelet on your wrist or throw bird’s food to attract the doves.

From saying “it’s free and bonus” they will end up chase you and ask you to pay, even if you don’t want.

So 1) always say no or leave when they come near you, 2) always prepare coin.

After Duomo, there’s Castello Sforzesco di Milano. It’s museum. Quite pretty inside and you can chillin on the garden as well. Relaxing like how the local does it.

Next is Colonne Di San Lorenzo, it’s a ruin of old building.

And just nearby, there’s Milano Navigli, a river with beautiful view.

Try to eat at the cafe nearby and shop at the local market for ham and cheese and some souvenirs to bring home.

Don’t forget to try as many gelato as possible while you’re in Italy. Which one to try? From the truck’s gelato to cafe gelato, they mostly are good. The different will be the price, range of flavors and taste of the cone. But for the gelato itself, all yummy. For personal suggestion, i love Tre Gazzelle Gelato.

Food recommendations:

If you are a fan of Asian Food, there’s a Michelin Star Restaurant just 5 minutes walking from Duomo, the name is Jade Cafe. Very crowded at lunch and dinner hour. Reservation will be great or come early during the opening hours.

Any Italian foods there are mostly nice and acceptable. Also Japanese Food there are nice!

If you are looking for steak in affordable way, I suggest Roadhouse Steak at Milano Centrale.

You can enjoy a steak as low as 15€ with great taste! Good deals rite? And their Chianti also nice, not bitter not sweet.

On picture above is 300gr rib eye (18€) + onion ring + a glass of chianti.

Oh don’t forget to try drink Spritz ☺️

A drink with alcohol inside, taste a bit combination of orange. Really refreshing especially at noon.

Now for shopping, if you aiming for high end luxury brand then you must visit: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Even if you’re not planning to shop, don’t forget to make time to go there to admire the building.

But if you want an affordable shopping, good quality but cheaper than Zara, H&M, then try the famous local retail: OVS and Alcott.

I bought so many from that 2 retail shops.

From Milan, our next itinerary was Como. We took fast train to Lake Como.

Como – Bellagio – Varenna

Knit Outer sponsored by @gilolillo.collection

Lake Como is like the center of the vibes, it’s big, surrounded by mountains and also small towns.

Best thing to do there is enjoying meal with the lake as the view.

I have one cafe recommendation at Como, named Crevo Ristorante. The price is really worth because they have delicious food, great hospitality, and huge portion of food.

After enjoying Como, we ride funicular to take us on the high site, Brunette. The view is very pretty from up above here. Too bad it was Wednesday and most of the restaurants up there closed 😦

From Como, we took bus for 45 minutes to Bellagio.

In Bellagio, there are many beautiful alleyways. This town is famous for the alleyways. The place is smaller than the center of Como.

And from Bellagio, took a ferry/taxiboat to Varenna.

Varenna is even smaller than Bellagio. It is an old style town, with colorful houses and more relax ambience all over the town.

For these 3 places, we can unwind the hectic day and relax to the max. The surrounding really support the relaxation. A place that i really enjoy and release my stress.

We came back from Varenna to Milan using fast train.

1 Day at Venice

Next, we visit Venice, boarding on a fast train from Milan.

Hat Sponsored by @lepetite.sunshine

When in Venice, don’t forget to ride a gondola. The price is 80€ for 30 minutes. 1 gondola can fit until 6 people.

And surely you can board the gondola without waiting the seating is full.

When you arrive at Santa Lucia, buy boat ticket that drive you to San Marco – the heart, the busy, and the famous part of Venice.

I don’t have specific food recommendation here but most of the cafes and restaurants we ate there were acceptable for both price and taste.

And for gelato here, try Venchi. They have fancy cone. Taste good.

In Venice, what everyone else (including me) was enjoying the view and eats and drinks and shops. Not much to be done.

Actually there’re still many place to visit in Italy like Rome, Florence, Verona and more. Due to limitted time (because i was actually attending exhibition in Milan), i can only explore that cities above.

Public Transport

I love the public transport in Italy. Most train stations (including Metro) equipped with Lift. So it’s very stroller friendly, wheel chair friendly, and luggage friendly.

All the direction also clear and easy to understand.

I do recommend you to use the Metro for your mobilization.

Airport transfer in Milan also very easy. There’re direct buses from Milan Malpensa to Milano Centrale which is quite affordable and you can sit comfortably. After you reach Milano Centrale, you can continue your journey with Metro.

So far in Italy, we never took taxi.

Photo Spots and Suggestions

Anti Radiation Necklace Sponsored by

If you plan to take picture nicely (not many people on the background) i do suggest you to wake up early and take picture.

Best time will be 7 AM during Summer because after 7, the sun glare might reflect on camera.

I do not suggest taking picture on evening. I know that the sky still bright at 8PM, but everybody also still outside and taking picture. So the crowd will still be there.

If you cannot go early, then wait until the place is less crowded. That’s how i took majority of my photos, and as you can see, always minimum distraction of the crowd ☺️

Peek at my instagram account @angeliasamodro , i turn on my location detail so you can easily reach the photo spots too.

Onemore thing about photo, try to ignore strangers that stare on you. They will forget you. So be confident and pose. This is also hard for me, but i push myself. Because this will be the only trip i didn’t bring my son along, so i can take many pictures. So i must cherish the moment and make the best of it. And that’s how every pictures taken, even on crowded day.

Things to Note

Here’s some tips for you to note.

If you travel with fast train to other city, always be on time. All the trains are on time, and they will not wait for you.

Book your train ticket in advance to enjoy special price. The tickets could be bought online 3 months before your departure date. So you must plan your visit well.

Now what’s the benefit of booking ticket in advance?

1. You can choose your seating

2. Price a lot cheaper

There’s a destination that only cost us 75€ (4 people) because we bought in advance. But when you buy on the spot, the ticket is actually 68€ per pax.

The price difference is quite big and you can save a lot!

The minus point is you will be given the last wagon to board ☺️ so for example the train has wagon 1 – 18, because you bought in advance, you will always get wagon 16-18.

But don’t worry about the wagon, all the seats are same size, proper, and clean enough.

Last but not least, always be on guard. Especially your bag and wallet while you’re in Milan. Pickpocket is one of the issue here. So always be careful.

I love Italy. The weather, the food, though the people are not as friendly as the French, and they not really fluent in English, but overall this place is special.

I always think that Prague and Budapest are forever taking special place in my heart rather than any other part in Europe. Now, i take that words.

Because now i have Milan and Paris in heart.

My parents do not agree with this as they also have been so many times to Paris and Milan, and for them, Prague is still the best.

On next post, i will be sharing my Paris itinerary with you.

So stay tuned and hopefully this post help you on planning your trip to Italy.