My Skincare Routine

Good day to all of you ❤️

By now, i believe you have already read my reviews about skincare products. There’re quite a lot about them.

Just in case you’re wondering what my skincare routine aside of the brands that i’ve been reviewing is…. and that’s what i am going to talk on this post.

My SkincareRoutine

Step 1: Face Cleanser
I have already discussed this before. I am a loyal customer of Cetaphil Facial Wash (it’s an active link. Click to find my review) . I clean my face twice daily during bath time.

Step 2: Moisturizer and Friends

I have been using SK-II for the past 2 years (from 2015) and pretty happy with the result.

I know in term of money, this brand is quite expensive.

Still, i can’t help myself to try and become SK-II loyal customers after seeing the great result.

Before SK-II i used skincare from doctor and it made my skin “addicted” to his medicine and dull. So i stopped and changed to drugstore brand like Ponds, Garnier, and even Etude House.

When i reached my 25, i finally decided to take a good care of my skin. I did believe that skin health is important. I can’t hide under the makeup forever.

I am a strong believer that to prevent is better than to cure.

Therefore i went to SK-II counter, did my skin problem check and started using the products diligently.

All this time, i knew that my skin type is combination skin and it’s super sensitive. After the skin checked, i knew that i carried genetic skin which has a lot of naughty spots if i don’t take a good care of my skin 😞😭

Hence, the Beauty Consultant recommended me to use:

SK-II Clear Lotion – This is to eliminate dead skin cell. This clear lotion also helps our skin to fully absorb the essence/serum/cream that we are going to apply, hence, it maximized the function/main purpose of the product.

I use this twice daily, after cleansing.

SK-II FTE– Use this twice daily. Simply gently pat the cotton to face and neck. Sometimes i prefer to use my own hand and sprayer 😊 FTE helps skin to become crystal clear.

I do really believe and see the result myself. My dull skin completely change to be brighter 😊 This is a must have item!

You can also purchase this alone and apply another skin treatment from various brands.

SK-II Genoptic Spot Essence is to eliminate all the spots (in surface of the skin, as well as under the skin). I use this twice daily after FTE.
The result is visible within 2 weeks of routine usage. I am so glad. As for the spots that placed under my skin, the numbers also reduced.

SK-II Radical New Age (R.N.A) Cream
My day and night cream. This to tighten the skin. I am 27 years old now. I need products that help me to fight the early sign of aging. And we can actually use this cream at the age of 25.

I’ve been using this cream for 2 years, and i am happy enough to know that my skin age is 11 years old! (i am 27 now) .


(Bare Face: No foundation/bb/cc/powder. Only SK-II cream on skin. Eyebrow korean shading semi permanent and eyeliner)

You can look at the picture above. I am happy with my skin. It’s flawless even without makeup or powder. I am a pleased SK-II Customer ❤️

Oh FYI, SK-II products are formulated to cover “all skin type”. You can do the skin check and ask for suitable product to cater your skin’s need.

And if you buy almost full set of their products, the estimate cost will be around IDR 5 to 6 million (i can use them for almost 1 year [except the 30ml genoptic essence] Large size + you will get free gifts too)


Step 3: UV Cream

I am using Frozen Age Verglass UV Cream. Love this because it has good coverage and also it is tinted, so it feels like foundation. Easy to blend on skin and makeup.

Read the full review here: Frozen Age Skincare Review

You can get this UV cream for IDR 750,000 for 30 ml.

If you find it hard to get this product, you can try Melanox at Guardian. It’s also tinted. At the price of IDR 200,000 this product is not as good as Frozen Age but more ‘wallet friendly’.

For more tips about how to take a good care of my skin, kindly read this post below:

Easy Step For Healthy Skin

That’s all about my Skincare Routine.

Does anyone of you using the same products with me? How do you like it? Share with me ❤️

Thank you for reading 🙏🏻

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Planning a Holiday

Holiday season is here! Can you believe how fast time flies? I remember i started to think about my new resolution around this time last year and now……. Gosh!

Okay since this is a holiday season, i believe many of us have been busy planning for holiday. Good news is…. I will share with you my tips and tricks about planning a holiday.

My family always go for holiday together minimum twice a year. During Ramadhan and Christmas.

If the holiday was unplanned/sudden, we will just join tour. This is easier since we just need to pay them and the agent will arrange everything for us.

However if we’ve planned the holiday long before, we will become adventurer and wanderer in new country 🙂 which i kinda like ❤️

Busy arranging place to visit, food to eat, attractions to watch, till accomodation. All were prepared by ourselves.

So let’s start!

1. Find Itinerary

Thank God for internet. It’s a huge source for a wandering soul! Just type in the browser your destination, and thousand itineraries will be there for you to choose.

Study the itinerary and arrange it the way you like. You can definitely eliminate or adds on activity. The itinerary you got online is just for a basic guideline to make sure you don’t lost.

The itinerary will help you book your accomodation and planning your activity there.

This would take the most of your time. It’s really not easy to create your own itinerary.

Before, i used to complain almost all the itinerary that travel agents gave. But after travelling several times on my own, now i know how to be grateful to them and complain no more.

Still, in my personal view, i like to travel on my own coz everything is just the way i like it. The food, the hotel, the attractions, plus… no need to rush and wake up early 😂  and maybe this the only reason my family started to go without travel agent since 2015. We’re not a morning person.

2. Check The Weather

This is important! You don’t want to underdressed or overdressed. If you know the climate, the temperature, it will help you to pack your stuffs and prepare for a good OOTD picture 😁

3. Bring Travel Adaptor and Cable Extension

Another important things that always on my list. It is safe to bring one rather than buying on spot. Why? Because you never know when will you have the chance to buy or find the place to buy. So prepare one first.

For me, one travel adaptor is enough. Then i will use cable extension to share with the whole members. Easy to charge. No need to wait and put on queueing number 😁

4. Prepare First Aid Kit

Bandage, medicine to cure cough, cold, diarhea, gastric, headache and for food poisoning and vitamin c is a must.

5. Get Local Simcard

Make sure to stay connected with the internet when you travel. This is to help you find a map and search anythinh you need if you have no one to ask. Plus, you can upload your picture to social media 😁 and you don’t need to feel afraid or anxious if you accidentally separated from your group/family.

This is why i prefer simcard than renting a wifi router. I always buy local simcard everytime i travel to new country.

6. Extra Pouch For Safety

Are you worried about pickpocket? Or even worse, they could ripped your bag off and get your important stuffs?

I always have pouch attached inside my main bag. I always put extra cash, identity card, passport there. Just in case they ripped it, my important stuff still hanging securely ❤️

7. Be Brave

As you travel on your own, the risk of getting lost is higher. Not only los, sometimes it will be hard to find transportation to get to our next destination. And people seems not so friendly and helpful.

Be brave. This is the art of travelling on your own. Take this as a chance to go outside your comfort zone and become the true adventurer!

8. Set Your Budget


Budget is very important here. Please always remember your budget. Be flexible but don’t over exceed your budget.

It’s good to eat Chipottle or Panda Express or quick meal on convenience store, but it is great to try at least one nice meal at your destination. Find at Tripadvisor or other web to try the local recommendation for those worthy “michelin star” meal.

Last but not least…

9. Transportation Apps


Installing transportation apps is one of the smart move. You don’t need to queue long time for Bus or Taxi. You could always get a lift when you’re almost lost 😁

Not only UBER and friends, i do install some train maps too to ease my journey.

Anddddd that’s how i always plan my holiday. Simple but could give a real headache too! 😂 i hope you’re ready to plan yours by now 🙂

Season Greetings! Happy Holiday pallls!❤️

Acne Pair Cream and B2B6 Vitamin Review

Heyho! My blogging family and beloved readers!

We almost reach the end of 2017. Time flies so fast.

And here i am, still struggling with my acnes.

Yesss, acne is real problem for me over years!! My skin is sensitive and acne prone skin. That’s why i am longing for the best cure , coz after a while, my skin will get used to whatever medication/product and the recovery become slower (and some show no progress at all, *sob*)

So after a while struggle with my everyday breakouts (yesss, it’s here today, gone tomorrow, and comeback again at night, and the cycle continues.. i am extremely tired and annoyed), i finally tried:

B2B6 Vitamin and Pair Acne Cream.


Bought this at instagram. They open Japan PO and all the products they sold are authentic and they do test it for themselves! That’s why i have the confidence and purchase it myself (and some also endorsement, but heyyy, my review is honest and neutral. Sit back and relax 😁)

Let’s start with the vitamin.

B2B6 The famous vitamin taken by majority of Japanese daily to treat acnes.

Contains of :

20mg Vitamin B2

100mg Vitamin B6

110mg Vitamin C

107.7mg Yokunin Extract

1.4g As Protozoa Drug

40mg L-Cysteine

30mg Nicotic Acid Amide and,

0.05mg Vitamin H

And some partially pregelatinized starch, corn starch, hydroxypropyl cellulose, CMC-Ca, MG stearate, hypromellose, titanium oxide, talc, yellow No 5, iron sesquioxide.

Nah, why is it important to list them all? It’s because i want you to google it by yourself (to ensure you) and read that all those are normal and good and safe to be consumed.

Now, the dosage.

Best to be consumed 2 times a day, 1 pill each (15 years old and above) and 1 tablet a day if you’re at least 7 years old.

It works well to heal all acnes type, inconsistent menstrual period, pre-menstrual symptoms, mouth ulcers, sebums, whiteheads, rash, skin irritation, as well as helping the formation of collagen.

Now what about my personal justification? I love the vitamin! I browse all the ingredients and find detail information about it.

All the ingredients contained inside are really good for our body, our health.

I do not against this. I am a strong believer that sometimes we need to cure acnes from the inside. We need a better supplement to help our body reproduce the good and fight from within.

I experience no side effects. In fact, i consumed for 3 days and had visible result on the 4th day.

Better complexion, a healed breakout, no dry skin on the troubled areas.

Next is the Pair Cream.

Pair Acne Cream This is number 1 best selling and most wanted cream.

Contains of:

30mg Ibuprofen Piconol

3mg Isopropylmethylphenol

Stearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, disodium edetate, paraben, diisopropanolamine, octyldodecanol, 1,3-butyleneglycol, carboxyvinyl, polymer and fragrance.

Recommended for acne prone skin, (to heal any type of acnes), skin eruptions.

Why do i love this Pair Cream? The cream is light! My skin could absorb this cream fast, so i don’t need to wait longer to apply my skincare routine and makeup.

This cream could be used multiple times a day as needed. Very light scented. Not greasy, not oily, not sticky.

And effective to treat my breakouts!

The dry skin around my breakout also soothen, well moisturized.

The cure process took a while for big acnes, but works fast for minor breakouts.

The only thing saddened me is this cream contains paraben. However, i do notice that most of the skincare products out there also contain paraben. And they have already test this out before selling, so sit back 😁

[Paraben is not a dangerous thing. It is some kind of preservative commonly used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products]

Now let’s see the progress on my skin. I have better complexion after the 4th day.

My skin become moist, breakouts almost healed. You can see the visible improvement for yourself.

I have small tips for all of you who are going to buy and try these products.

Vitamins: You can try the 70 pills for a start. It is stated to get best result, consume 1 pill, twice a day.

I drink this every morning and before bed.

Pair Acne Cream: Don’t forget to wash your face first, then apply toner and essence (if any on your skincare routine), apply Pair Acne Cream on areas that need to be taken care of, then apply moisturizer on any other areas.

I don’t recommend to apply the cream after you spread your moisturizer onto the whole face, coz you will feel that this acne cream “doesn’t stay” or blend too well with the moisturizer. Like easily wiped amd gone. Such a waste right :,(

That’s why, for me, it is better to put no moisturizer on the breakouts.

I apply this cream 5 times a day.

The key for the maximum result is the consistency in everyday usage. It is important to stay committed!

Now if you ask me how long you need to take the pills and use the cream, i have very diplomatic answer to that.

Use the cream only if you need them. When acnes come, apply the cream regularly. When the acnes gone, stop applying the cream. This cream is not for eliminating redness and acnes scar, okay?

For the vitamins, if you have already opened the bottle, then finished it. If that’s your second bottle and you think your skin is back to normal, finish it then you can stop.

Why? Because it is real vitamin! So you don’t need to be worry to consume that.

I almost finish my first 70 pills, and i am going to continue to my second bottle. Just to maintain the good hormone inside of me. I am going to take another bottles in the future, when my breakouts get worse again.


So are you going to give it a try? You can check on Instagram to place your order. And do read their testimonies to enlightened your curiosity.

For my fellow bloggers and readers outside Indonesia, you can try to browse them. Or if you happen to be in Japan, you can find these 2 easily.

If you want to discuss this with me, you can drop a comment below 🙂 I will assist you.

** Disclaimer: Products used were some endorsements and some i purchase myself. What stated above is true and honest from my personal experience. I never published a review that is not experienced personally by me.

Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream Review

Hello beauty lovers ❤️ How are you today?

I am so excited to share with you my review for Purbasari Hi-Matte Lipcream.

Purbasari is a local brand from Indonesia selling skincare and beautycare products. Its lipstick has been a famous and most wanted since the past one year.

And today, thanks to Surabaya Beauty Blogger, i got the chance to try it by myself, for their collaboration project with Purbasari.

We all know that a lipstick could make a total different change to someone’s face.

Therefore, we must find the right lipstick to enhance our beauty.

This, including to find the right color, right formula and ingredients.

And i am pleased to have this box set of 5 colors from Purbasari Hi-Matte Lipcream HYDRA series.

Why Purbasari Hi-Matte Lipcream?
Lip cream gives a matte finished on lip, gentle, not easily stain, and long lasting as compared to other type of lipsticks.

I personally love Purbasari Hi-Matte Lipcream because:

• The Color Variance is Great

I could use them from casual to formal gathering.

For a daily look, i prefer 01 Vinca and 02 Azalea.

For attending event, or to look stand out without being too much, wear 03 Lantana and 04 Zinnia.

Now, for more formal gathering, glamorous, and bold makeup, 05 Freesia is the Queen!

Leave No Stain
When a brand claimed that its lipstick leave no stain, i always a bit skeptical about it.

But Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream does proof that they’re not only sugarcoat and selling the product.

It really leave no stain.

The color stay on my lip even i drink water, juice, tea, eating oily food, and then wipe it with tissue.

Hence it leads to another point from me which is:

Long Lasting
Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream is really pigmented and long lasting. But not to worry, you can remove this easily with makeup remover later on.

I clumsily left a smudge on my blouse and to my surprised, it was easy to clean with water and detergent.

Upon application, it feels moist on lip. No crack on lip after the usage. It is really safe and healthy. It contains Vitamin E too.

The price ranged at IDR 55,000 depends on which store you make your purchase for one lipcream with netto 6.5 g.


It may not be a signifacant need in other countries. But in majority of Moslem country such as Indonesia, having this “Halal” certification means a lot.

As it is doesn’t really affect me, but i am glad to share this so that people will know and have no doubt when buying this.

Later on, i found out that Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream was produced and proven to contain antioxidants & UV Filter. It is long lasting, fast drying and high coverage.

Couldn’t argue with the statement because i have proven it by myself ❤️

Now let’s see how the color turns on my lip:

• The Casual – Daily Look

• The Date & Hangout Look

• The Glamorous LookIMG_5630 What do you think about them?

If you ask me which one is my favourite from Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream Hydra Series, i will confidently say that i like 02Azalea. The color is pink choco nude, my forever crush for lippie.

Now if you wish to try and purchase Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream, you can get them at:


Cosmetic Store & Supermarket

Or you can purchase them online and look for GOC Shop at:









That’s all about Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream. It worth the buzz. Super recommended.

If you have tried Purbasari Lipcream, you can share with me by dropping your blog link below 🙂

Let’s stay connected ❤️


Angelia 💋


**Disclaimer: Items are given, not purchased by myself. But it doesn’t affect my justification and review of the products. This article written with honesty and dignity as a blogger.

Cheese for Kids (ENG/BAHASA)

[ For English Version of the review, kindly scroll to the bottom ]

Halo semua, khususnya para parents.. Uda lama ngga ngereview barang baby yah 😊

Nah hari ini aku mau review Cheese stick buat baby kita.

Aku baru aja mulai beliin buat Darren soalnya belakangan dia nunjukin kalo dia demen banget sama anything yang ada rasa cheese nya.

Dan aku juga demen cheese, jadi aku seneng sama selera baru dia.

Lalu juga kita pasti tau semua yah, cheese itu high calcium and protein, bagus buat pertumbuhan tulang dan gigi (*selama dimakan tidak over quantity yah)

Perlu diingat dulu buat yang babynya below 12 months, keju yang boleh dikonsumsi cuman Cheddar and Ricotta only yah.

Nahh buat yang udah 12 bulan ke atas, apalagi per-ibu-an jaman 2017 pasti sering buanget ngeliat cheese stick ini di social media yah.

Bega Stringers Cheese


Aku liat Bega Stringers ini dipostingan hampir semua baby celebs, dan kebetulan liat di Supermarket ada, aku cobain.

1 pack isi 4 pieces (20gr / stick) dengan harga IDR 41-46K depends di mana belinya yah.

100% Natural, preservative free, dairy calcium for strong teeth and bones, dan merupakan produk Australia.

Bega Stringers Cheese ini keju mozzarella. Jadi kalo kita makan, berasa banget rasa mozzarellanya.

Best consume when it is cold.

Kalo uda keluar dari kulkas, lembek, rasanya jadi ngga enak menurut saya.

Lalu, texturenya aga seperti karet dan sedikit oily.

Lalu gimana reaksi Darren?

As a cheese lovers, dia seneng ngemilin Bega String Cheese ini. Terutama kalo lagi dingin.

Begitu uda ngga dingin, dia ngga mau makan lagi. Mungkin seperti yang saya cicipin sendiri, ngga dingin ngga enak.
Kalo makan ini, karena aga ngaret, jadi dia cuman bisa gigit dikit-dikit. Tunggu habis, baru mamam lagi.

Now what about the competitor brand?

Arla Kids Cheese Sticks1 pack isi 6 bungkus cheese (18gr each). Harganya start dari IDR 46K – 50K depends belinya di supermarket/online shop mana.

Yang ini bukan mozzarella cheese, melainkan full fat Danish processed cheese.
Dan yappp benar sekali kalo ini adalah produk Denmark dan mereka memenangkan World Championship Cheese Contest pada 2012.

Untuk rasa, aku suka banget rasanya. kayak makan milky cheese gitu. Terasa keju, terasa susu dengan texture lembut yang pas. Tidak oily di tangan.

Dimakan dingin enak, setelah ngga dingin, agak meleleh gitu tetep enak banget dimakan.

Produk ini high in proteins and calcium.

Lalu apa reaksi Darren?

Suka pake banget… Yang ini Darren bisa habisin 1 bungkus 18gr sendirian. Dia bisa makan banyak juga soalnya kejunya bisa meleleh. Ngga susah gigitnya.

Dan khusus Arla Cheese Stick ini, Darren suka rebutan sama mommy. Soalnya maminya nganggur-nganggur bisa ngemilin ini juga.

Enak banget.

Nahh kalo dari kesimpulan, Mommy and Darren choose Arla Kids Cheese Sticks for the winner.

Why Arla Cheese?

• Cheaper

• Tasty

• As healthy as other cheese sticks

• Bisa dimakan dingin atau udah meleleh juga

Point to remember:

Semua cheese products contains cholestrol. Tinggal mereka sebutin ato engga kadar kolestrolnya. Jadi baik buat kita untuk wise juga, jangan dicemilin sehari banyak dan rutin bertahun-tahun.

Walau kadarnya sedikit banget (kayak dalem 18gr Arla cheese, ada 14mg cholestrol) tapi yang sedikit bisa numpuk dan jadi tidak baik.

Lalu semua produk cheese ini produk allergen yah. Soalnya dairy. Contains milk juga.

Jadi wajib cek apa si kecil bisa tolerate this or not.

Last but not least, do not forget to keep this on refrigerator for best storage 🙂

Tips to Enjoy the Cheese ala Mommy Darren:
– Dimakan dingin / baru dari kulkas

– Dimelt bareng salmon / potato biar si kecil lebih lahap lagi.


That’s all about my Cheese Sticks Review 🙂

Bu-ibu pernah nyobain? Gimana komentarnya atau reviewnya? Atau sekiranya ada suggestion cheese lainnya buat cemilan si anak, monggo diberitahu saya yah.

Have a good day!



Hello all mommies and dads out there! It’s been a while since my last post on Parenting Category.

And today here i am, back discussing and reviewing Cheese Sticks for our todds!

Today i am going to compare between Bega Stringers and Arla Kids Cheese.

Let’s start with Bega Stringers.
Bega Stringers Cheese Stick is a product of Australia.
onsists of 4 sticks, each is 20gr per serving.

It is a mozzarella cheese so do anticipate the feeling like eating a mozzarella pizza! ❤️

It is best consumed when cold or immediately after take out from your fridge.

A bit oily on hand and the textured is a bit like rubber.

What i love about this stick is because it is 100% natural, preservative free, and good for the bones and teeth.

Now the down side is….. The taste is not that tasty when it has been take out long from the refrigerator. Still taste like mozzarella though, but the sensation is not as it best as first come out from the fridge.

What does my baby say about it?

just like his momma, he likes it when it is cold. The texture is chewy and a bit hard to digest with his small 8 teeth, so he needs to eat slowly and finish 1 stick by one little bite over time. He throws the cheese after several minutes (when the stick become warmer and not in room temperature) because he’s unable to eat it and the taste is change.

Now what about the competitor brand?

Arla Kids Cheese Stick is a Denmark product.

It is a full fat processed cheese, taste like milky cheese. You can taste the milk and the cheese right away.

The texture is perfect. And it could be consumed cold and warm. The taste won’t change and super tasty!

Arla has won 2012 World Championship Cheese Contest too, so it is no wonder that its stick taste really good.

It is 18gr per serving, and 1 pack contains of 6 sticks. Slightly cheaper than Bega Stringers.

Now what about my son? Again… Just like mother, so the son is. He likes it to every bite until finish. Perfect taste, perfect texture.

And for this stick, he will put a fight with me coz i really like it and i love to snack it myself! 😂

Point to Remember:
1. Children under 12 months could only take Cheddar and Ricotta cheese only.
2. Cheese is classified as allergen product. It is better to check whether the kids able to consume it or not.
3. Cheese contains cholestrol though the number is so so so small in one serving. But still, be wise and be consider about the quantity you allow your child to snack it on regular basis.
4. Cheese is good for teeth and bone, high in protein and calcium if it is consumed it normal quantity over period of time

Last but not least, here’s my tips to snack the cheese sticks at its best:
Bega Stringers: consumed when cold or at normal room temperature only.
Arla Cheese: consumed whenever you want. You can melt in on potato or salmon or baked rice. It’s also good and tasty

Have you tried those brands before? What is your personal experience with the cheese sticks? Share with me by dropping your blog link on my comment box below. I also open for more cheese sticks suggestion to try!

Have a good day to all of you and happy snacking the cheese!

From cheese lovers,
Mommy Angel and Darren ❤️


Letter to Friends

Setiap kali ada topic soal “Bullying” aku selalu panas dan merasa sebel.

Aku rasa semua dari kita pasti benci juga ya sama namanya di-bully.

Kalo aku jujur, aku ngga terlalu sakit jadi korban dari kejahilan dan nakalnya anak jaman sekolah. Dikatain “kurus” “item” , barang disembunyiin. Kursi didorong sampe kecepit di antara bangku sekolah…..

Aku punya pengalaman lebih pahit dinilai sebagai Pembully.

Ini kejadiannya lama banget. Jaman aku sekolah dulu.

Aku dulu bergaulnya ngga pinter. Pada satu masa, dieksklusifin cuman segerombol itu juga mau aja. Singkat cerita gerombolannya pecah semua dan pindah. Cewenya tinggal aku dan si A.

Si A tipe yang jarang masuk sekolah, bolos. Karena selalu bergerombol sama mereka aja, aku jujur merasa kesepian banget kalo si A ngga masuk.

Akhirnya aku bilang “kalo kamu ngga masuk, kasih tau. Aku juga bakal bolos”.

Suatu kali kita berantem karena satu hal yang aku ngga inget udahan. Tapi aku inget banget aku emang keterlaluan dan katain dia “bitch”.

One thing that i regret saying that time… Kalo jaman sekarang ngatain “bitch” gitu uda malah kayak panggilan ke BFF ya.

Pada jaman itu kasar. Dan aku tau aku salah.

I did apologize later on and it was fine…. Gitu yang aku pikir.

Ternyata ngga demikian sama si A.

Dia memendam itu dan kalo bahasa kasar aku jadi halu dianya.

Dia mulai ngga masuk sekolah terusan. Lalu dia lapor bilang katanya aku ngancam dia kalo dia harus selalu laporan sama aku. Lalu dia bilang aku mau bunuh dia kalo ke mall jadi dia takut banget.

Dia bilang aku sobek kertas ulangan dia karena nilainya lebih bagus.

Dia bilang kalo aku ngga gosok gigi. Dia bilang kalo pinjem uang sama aku, bakal aku tagih sampe ke sen paling kecil.

Dia adukan ini semua ke Kepala Sekolah dan aku dipanggil selama beberapa hari.

Aku masih kecil ya. Ngga bisa mikir. Aku cuman stress aja bilang aku ngga ngelakuin itu semua. Aku jelasin ceritanya yang bener.

Aku ngga pernah ngancam, ngga pernah sobek ulangan dia, ngga pernah nagih kalo kasih pinjeman uang, gosok gigi .

Singkat cerita Kepala Sekolah cuman bilang aku salah uda ngatain “bitch” dan harus berubah. Tapi rumor uda kesebar.

Seluruh angkatan aku taunya aku bikin gila temen aku. Aku sadis. Aku ini penagih utang. Dan julukan lainnya.

Konyolnya anak kecil, ngga ada yang berani bergaul sama aku karena takut nanti bisa gila juga.

Ohh kata-kata gila itu aku juga ngga tau gimana munculnya. Mereka menilai si A jadi gila.

Lalu kejadian makin aneh.

Satu siang mama si A dateng ke rumah. Kenalan. Memuji aku. Bilang aku ini BFF anaknya. Anaknya ceritain banyak hal tentang aku. Bahkan dia pengen aku jadi anak angkat dia supaya bisa sodaraan sama si A.

Besoknya dia dateng rumah teriak-teriak bilang aku bikin anaknya jadi stress dan depresi.

Besoknya dateng lagi minta maaf bilang aku anak baik, pengen kerja sama bareng papa mama aku buat kerjaan.

Esoknya marah-marah.

Sampe my mom ngga terima dan ke Kepala Sekolah. Mami aku bilang kalo mami si A berani dateng ke rumah lagi, mami aku bakal bawa kasus ke pengadilan dan perkarakan ini ke lembaga sekolah.

Lalu Kepala Sekolah dan guru BP minta maaf dan bilang setelah melalui beberapa rangkaian pemeriksaan terhadap si A, si A dinyatakan kondisinya memang “labil” dan ceritanya banyak karangan dan menyatakan aku ngga salah.

Tapi temen-temen ngga ada yang tau.

Aku cuman bisa ceritain ke beberapa temen yang berani samperin aku dan hibur aku. Ke beberapa yang kenal aku sejak kecil, cuman ke mereka aku bisa cerita. Sayangnya kita beda kelas.

Jadi cuman saat istirahat aku bisa merasa tenang punya temen.

Sekelas aku benci aku. Belum lagi kalo istirahat sendirian belom ketemu temen aku, ada aja yang bakal nyinyirin dan gosipin.

Aku jadi males. 8 jam pelajaran, aku bisa 6 jam ke UKS bilang sakit. Lalu sering bolos.

Wali Kelas aku cukup tanggap dan bilang kalo dia percaya sama aku. Kalo aku kayak gini, aku cuma ngerugiin diri aku sendiri. Aku harus bangkit.

Dia bilang juga, kalo aku baiknya tulus, orang pasti tau. Temen-temen yang awalnya uda menutup hati pasti jadi tau juga.

Dari sana aku sedikit bangkit.

Pelan-pelan membuka diri lagi.

Dan temen-temen pelan-pelan kenal aku lagi. Dan bilang “lohh kamu kok beda ya sama kata si A? Kamu ga kayak yang dia bilang sama sekali. Padahal awal bertemen aku jujur takut sama kamu, Ngel”

Waktu terus berlalu. Kita naik kelas. Tiap naik kelas, ketemu temen baru, pasti aja ada yang bikin itu bercandaan dan bilang “hati-hati sama Angel, nanti kita dibikin gila loh…” lalu mereka ketawa geli.

Beberapa masa lalu, si A masih merasa dia korban bully aku. Dia pernah wawancara dengan media untuk campaign aksi Bully ini.

Waktu berita keluar, bahkan saat itu aku tinggal di luar negri buat sekolah. Temen-temen bisa BB in itu. (Iya jaman blackberry masih berjaya). Ngetawain bilang “ihh Angel famous nihhhhh walo namanya disunting tapi kita tau itu kamu hahahahahaha.” Lalu chatnya diakhirin dengan kata “sabar ya. Kita percaya kamu. Kamu ngga gitu”

Tapi tetep dijadiin bercandaan kan. Tetep melekat sepanjang masa.


Kalo ditanya aku sama si A gimana sekarang. Sejak kejadian itu kita ngga pernah ketemu sama sekali.

Aku cuman pernah sekali ninggalin pesen di Facebook gara-gara aku terakhir suka mimpi bertemen lagi sama dia sampe tua. Di message FB aku bilang kalo aku minta maaf kalo aku dulu punya salah. Aku tau aku ngomong kurang ajar. Dia merasa dia victim, tapi yang terjadi sama aku juga lebih buruk. Lalu aku bilang kalo kamu uda maafin, approved aja friend requestnya.

Dan di approve.

Baru waktu gede ini, beberapa tahun lalu sempet kita ketemu di ClubHouse. Awkward.

Aku dengan sengaja pura-pura ngga lihat. Temen aku yang notice langsung bantuin dengan terus ngajakin aku cerita-cerita jadi aku ngga perlu liat kehadiran si A.

Tapi akhirnya si A nyapa. Tanya kabar. Dan selesai.


Jujur aku ngga tau mau bereaksi apa.

Kalo dibilang apa iya dia uda beneran maafin, tapi kok ya media menulis begitu. Jadi mungkin belum maafin.

Lalu kalo nyapa lalu malah berantem? Apa iya dia inget aku juga karena aku uda apus Facebook lama banget.

I am a coward. I admit that.

Tapi ada 1 yang mau aku sampaikan…..

Kalo soal bully…. jangan hanya dengar 1 cerita dari 1 sisi.

Dengarkan semua.

Cari tau kebenarannya.

Ketika kalian menjauhi yang kalian anggap “pembully” itu. Atau ikut mengolok-olok padahal dia berusaha menjelaskan atau bahkan dia berubah, kalian juga udah jadi pembully itu sendiri.

Just be wise. Yang bertikai biarlah menyelesaikan sendiri. Yang berwajib biarlah menilai dan menegakkan kebenaran.

Sisanya….. Jangan ikut campur dan berlakulah adil.

Dan sekali lagi mohon baca ini untuk membedakan:

Buat orang tua, jangan terbawa emosi. Cari tau dan selesaikan dengan jalan terbaik.

Buat yang lain…. apa itu bully? Apa itu beneran kasus bully? Apa dia boleh diperlakukan seperti itu sebagai hukuman kalian? Let’s check first…

A special thanks to my dearest teacher… Aku ngga bisa sebutin namanya. Ibu Guru A, terima kasih sekali atas kepercayaan dan dorongannya setiap hari. Kalau Ibu ngga pernah datang ke UKS dan selalu minta ketemu saya sebelum atau sesudah kelas, saya pasti sudah menyerah lama.

To my dearest friends Tine, Jane, YC, who support me during my lowest point that time.

Ngga peduli apa kata yang lain, kalian bertemen sama aku, dengerin aku, cheering me during the break. Itu berarti banget buat aku. Tanpa kalian saat itu, aku yakin aku uda out dari sekolah dan ga tau jadi apa.

Buat Angel, Selvi, Cyn, Manda…. 4 orang pertama yang beraniin diri ngajak aku gabung di kelas yang uda ngucilin aku…..

Walopun kalian takut banget sama aku…. tapi kalian mau temenan.

Sampe kita uda deket dan ngetawain kok bisa aku ngalamin kejadian ini, kok bisa dulu kalian percaya cerita dan takut sama aku…

Kalo ngga ada kalian juga… Aku ngga mungkin bertahan di kelas.

And to my forever and ever BFF….. Jo, Jinju, Yua, Lilo… Yang kenal aku luar biasa….. Buat selalu support aku. Jadi yang mengingatkan aku pas lagi salah. Tapi ngga malu buat berdiri dan bela aku kalo ada yang jelekin aku. Walaupun bukan kenal di masa kejadian di atas, tapi setelahnya ada banyak hal lain yang kalian udah nunjukin kalo persahabatan kita tahan ujian.

And to you A…. i’m deeply sorry for what i’ve done.

I spent years after that regretting the one word that made this all happened. They recognized me as the evil one. They made fun of me, they took it as the best joke ever portraying me as the clown.

It was hard on me too.

Aku memang salah bicara, jadikan aku list orang bermulut kasar ngga berpendidikanmu. But don’t put my name dalam cerita ancaman, sobek nilai ulangan dan cerita lainnya yang ngga exist…

And deep inside, i do think we really make a good frienship kalo semua itu ngga pernah kejadian. I lost a good friend too. Yes.. You are one of the bests.

Butterhoop – Terang Bulan Mini

Helloooo semuanyaaa..

Udah lama banget aku ngga pernah post tentang “Food” yah.

Today aku mau review tentang Terang Bulan Mini – Butterhoop.

Yang bukan orang Surabaya ato Jawa Timur mungkin ngga tau apa itu terang bulan yah. Ini martabak manis! Lol

Awal aku kerja di Jakarta aku malah lucu, kaget, jadi namanya martabak itu ada 2. Asin dan manis.

Asin itu yang daging-daging, digoreng. Martabak manis itu ya terang bulan itu. Yang ada chocolate, keju, wijen, kacang dan rasa macem-macem.

Rupanya cuman yang di Jawa Timur aja yang pake istilah “terang bulan”.

Ini istilah juga ngga ngaco. Soalnya kan emang wajan (tempat cetakannya) juga bulet gede kan.

Mungkin dari sana namanya jadi Terang Bulan 😁

Okeyy cut the story short….

Sepupu aku ngajakin cobain ini. Dan aku under estimate banget awalnya kayak “hahh uda banyak lah ya terang bulan rasa macem-macem. Ya gitu-gitu aja”.

Tapi kebetulan banget beberapa waktu lalu aku lagi doing grocery di PAPAYA Supermarket dan ada Butterhoop ini. Jadi ya iseng aja cobain.

Butterhoop punya banyak rasa.

1 terbul (terang bulan) mini nya dibanderol dengan harga 15 Ribu++ hampir IDR 16K lah kalo gampangnya 😁

Flavor Favoritnya:

Tripple Cheese

Salted Egg

Caramel Popcorn

Nahh aku beli 6 pieces: Ovomaltine

Banana Nutella

Tripple Cheese

Caramel Popcorn

dan Salted Egg

Dari yang aku beli ini, aku paling suka banget sama Ovomaltine nya.

Kayaknya rasa adonan dan coklatnya pas pake banget.

Bukan berarti yang lain ngga enak yah.

In fact, i am having hard time choosing which flavor my favourite is…

Kalo boleh aku urutkan dari yang aku paling suka adalah Ovomaltine, Triple Cheese, Banana Nutella, Caramel Popcorn & Salted Egg.

Buat aku caramel popcornnya sedikit too sweet . Salted egg sejujurnya enak.

Cuman aku expectnya pasti ada rasa gurih asin ya. Namanya salted egg.

Ternyata salted eggnya manis. Jadi rada ngga cocok. Dan kalo aku merasa ketimbang dibilang salted egg, rasanya lebih mirip custard.

Custard oh custard… Jadi kangen masa-masa dulu tinggal di Singapore. My breakfast on the go was custard pao and hot milo or hot tea 😆

Well balik ke Butter Hoop…..

Kalo ditanya aku bakal beli lagi ato engga…

Kalo lagi ke Papaya bakal mampir beli kok. Soalnya masih banyak flavors lain yang belum dicobain.

Tapi kalo diem-diem bakal gojekin ini, kayaknya engga. Aku lebih milih gojekin Martabak Mafia 😆😆😆

Bakal rekomendasiin ini ngga? Yess kalo buat yang belom pernah coba dong.. Ini oke kok buat dicoba. Toh bukan rasanya ngga enak.

Rasanya sangat acceptable. Adonannya empuk dan enak juga.

Jadi… Kalian udah tertarik cobain Butter Hoop ngga? Share penilaian kalian juga yah kalo ada ❤️

Have a great day readers!

Absolute New York First Flagship Studio in Surabaya & Products Review

A lot of good things happen to beauty enthusiasts in Surabaya.

Many beauty brands is opening their flagship studio in this city.

One of them is Absolute New York .

I was super lucky to be invited by Clozette to attend the opening store of Absolute New York.

Taken place at Ciputra World First Floor, on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, me and other Beauty Bloggers in Surabaya worn New Yorker themed outfit and bring the joy to the store.

There were a make up demo by Yenny Lemonade and make up tips from Surabaya Famous Influencer Wulan Wu.

The store is dynamic, edgy. It has wide range of makeup products that we need. The price is affordable. Don’t ask about the quality. It definitely great!!

I browse through the stores and have difficulties to pick my needs! I feel like buying them all!

Product Review

So after browsing and ask for the expert guidance there, i bought some recommended products from Absolute New York that is also an essential for my makeup.

Strobing & Shading Palette and HD Flawless Translucent Loose Powder.

The Beautycian recommend me the Tan to Deep Palette because it match my skin tone.

I love powder palette than cream palette / stick products because powder works well on my oily skin. I could blend it easily using brush. Some color could also be used as a blusher! I get 6 colors for only IDR 275K. What a deal!

For highlight, there are:


Just Peachy


For contour, there are:




And if you’re first timer and curious how to highlight and contour, there is a “cheat sheet” behind the box to guide you which area you need to highlight and contour 👍🏻😊

For me personally I only highlight my nose bridge and a little near the cheekbone to give a strong definition on face.

I contour my nose, cheek, and chin.

And for the HD Flawless Powder, i choose the translucent because it is more transparent and neutral (also available on skin natural shade) . I bought this for IDR 180K.

These 2 items are essential in my makeup routines.

I used contour and shading to help me achieve V-shaped look. My cheeks are big and nose is flat. (Please help, God). This powder is used to minimize the excessive oil that my hormone produce. It also smoothen my makeup and blurred my big pores. It’s non drying, lightweight and mattify skin. It can be used daily without makeup and after makeup.

I strongly suggest Absolute New York products for the great result and affordable price. I would definitely visit the store often!


Face: VOV Mineral Illuminated Cushion, ANY HD Loose Powder

Contour Highlight: ANY palette

Blush: VOV Balls on Cheek

Eyes: Kanebo Liquid Liner

Lip: Berry Me Avione Beauty

Thank you Clozette and Absolute New York for having me. It is an honour for me. Looking forward for more collaborations.

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Even Steven Whipped Foundation – The Balm Review

Wohooo.. It’s October already. Time flies so fast.

Anyway… All beauty enthusiasts in Surabaya are happy to know that The Balm is finally has its studio at Ciputra World Surabaya.

The grand opening was held at Studio The Balm Ciputra World Surabaya on September 27, 2017.


The hype was crazy. All dressed up in Nude Chic to celebrate the launching of Even Steven Whipped Foundation which is inspired by Disney Channel Show.

img_4904Guest star Imel Vilentcia (One of the taltented MUAs in Surabaya) gives make up demo titled “Complexion Rescue” using the latest foundation: Even Steven to create healthy complexion look.

img_4926Even Steven Whipped Foundation Review

img_5004As i told you earlier, this foundation is inspired by Disney Channel Programme: Even Steven.

The texture of this foundation is like a whipped cream or in other word, it is souffle!

If it is dropped, the foundation won’t go out and become a mess.

Even Steven Whipped Foundation comes in 8 natural shades.

What’s make Even Steven Whipped Foundation different?

Small cute packaging that can last for a long time. Just like the tagline “a little goes a long way with Even Steven“.

We only need to apply very little of this product on our face. After blending, the color become brighter. So it is suggested to buy one shade darker than your natural tone.

img_5002img_4998This foundation is pigmented, high coverage, easy to blend and has matte finished. But unlike other matte finished foundation that will make your skin feeling heavy or thick, this is light, anti crack, won’t look cakey.

I feel great after using this. Oh i don’t know whether it is only me, but i feel that fresh feeling and my complexion looks healthy in a second!

This product will stay for 6 hours and could be used without powder.

I learnt from Imel Vilentcia that we need to use brush to have the maximum result of this product. Brush will help the foundation to fill our pores and has the flawless look.

It is also suggested to use this product with Time Balm Primer and Photo Balm Powder to have the maximum result.

And that is why i also purchase the Time Balm Primer.

It has cute packaging, pink color. The primer textured is like balm, but lighter. Very easy to blend and moist.

So.. I have bought the Even Steven Whipped Foundation, Time Balm Primer… Now it’s time to work harder to buy the Photo Balm Powder, The Eye Palette, and the famous Mary Lou Manizer (I am a huge fans for this! I have repurchased this more than 3 times).

What do you think about the new foundation? Share your thought with me!

Have a good day.


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VOV Mineral Illuminated Collections Review

Whether you’re living in Asia or other continents, i believe you have heard about this brand before, VOV.

This brand is a Korean brand that has been known widely.

In Indonesia, this brand is managed under PT. Teguh Pesona.

On this special occasion, i was joining Clozette ID Review Project to try and give review on VOV newest collection – VOV Mineral Illuminated series: The Cushion, The Blusher and The Eye Palette.

So, what’s make Mineral Illuminated Series stand a chance to win my heart and most probably yours too?

VOV Mineral Illuminated Series is lightweight, it is suitable for all skin type including the sensitive one. It also contains natural ingredients that won’t harm our skin. Healthy and safe. It’s animal cruelty free, no testing on animals.

It’s pigmented just like American products brands, but the shade is suitable for Asian skin.

And as the name goes with “illuminated”, we all can expect the beautiful shimmer in most of the products of this line.


My Mineral Illuminated Collections Pick


It comes in 2 color shade: Natural and Light.

I choose the natural shade because it blend well with my skin color.

Now how’s the product goes?

It’s super light. However, it has great coverage! It will stay until 8 hours!

Skin look radiance but it won’t make my oily skin become too dewy or shiny. Perfect!

Additional point from me is…… You just need to apply a little bit (1-2 time pressing is more than enough) and do not need to apply powder after that. It has SPF 50 and also PA! And when it is time to remove the makeup, i could wipe this off easily!

Last but not least, please give an extra credit to the beautiful packaging. Lux! A metal box with rose gold color is pretty, girly, and looking preppy!


VOV Mineral Illuminated Blusher has 3 color choices: soft pink, rose, and coral.

I choose Coral Blusher. This is the best seling item.

It gives a natural look for the cheek. The shimmer could be used to highlight cheek bone.

This blusher contain of gradation of 20 colors from pink to gold.

Oh i tried this to use as an eyeshadow. It works! ❤️

The brush is soft and smooth, it helps to apply the blusher easily.

Tips from me: blend the brush on all the colors to get perfect color for blusher and eyeshadow.

Use only the gold color for shimmer and highlight purpose.

Now that I only have the cushion and blusher with me, i do feel that i need to purchase the eye palette as well. Can’t stop thinking about the palette.

The Application


Face: VOV Mineral Illuminated Cushion, ANY HD Loose Powder

Contour Highlight: ANY palette

Blush: VOV Balls on Cheek

Eyes: Kanebo Liquid Liner

Lip: Berry Me Avione Beauty

My Personal Thought
I love VOV so much! All the products that i’ve tried is so pigmented.

High coverage but feels light on the skin.

Good color.

Easy to blend.

Long lasting.

My oily and sensitive skin doesn’t react to the products.

It is affordable!

I didn’t only bring home the Mineral Illuminated series. I also purchased SHOW CASE Balls on Cheeks blusher that can be used as shimmering and highlighter as well.

This is different with the Mineral Illuminated Blusher. This balls on cheek is similar to Guerlain Meteorites. It comes in 2 colors: Pink and Gold. Pink is more natural, Gold is more shining. So i choose Gold for a perfect additional for my highlighter tools.

The scent is sweet! Packaging is cute! Color is wonderful. Price??? Amazing!!! IDR 190K only.

If my friend didn’t stop me that time, i will end up buying a lot of products and have difficulties to pick up my favourite.

That’s all my review about VOV Mineral Illuminated products.

I do recommend the products if you’re looking for product ingredients that is friendly to sensitive and oily skin, pigmented, and has that shimmering effect, this is the one for you.

Have you ever tried VOV? Do share with me your review by dropping the link on comment box. Or if you have any questions or want to discuss about VOV, just drop a comment.

Have a good day ❤️

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