Blessing in Disguise: COVID19

I have heard many are sad for 2020. So much things happen and most of them were unpleasant events. I have heard people saying that 2020 is so wasted nothing we can do until 2021. I know it is easy to feel stuck during this time. Feel unproductive, hopeless, useless, but you don’t have toContinue reading “Blessing in Disguise: COVID19”

Hang On, Mom! You Got This!

Hi semuanya. It’s been a while ya aku ngga post blog tentang Parenting. Dan hari ini aku mau berbagi cerita dengan kalian. Post ini dilatar belakangi chat dari sepupu yang lagi curhat mau menyapih si kecil. Oh buat yang asing apa itu menyapih, menyapih itu perpindahan minum si kecil seperti dari Breastfeeding ke botol/gelas. KalauContinue reading “Hang On, Mom! You Got This!”

Victorious Life

Hello! How’s everybody doing? I admit that i’ve been inactive on this blog for quite a long time and only posting for collaboration purpose. If you ask me “How have you been, Angelia?” I’ve been well this far and quite busy due to moving to new house and expand new business. So yeah basically iContinue reading “Victorious Life”

DIY Natural Soapbar

Hello everybody! I’m back with content to share and hopefully inspire you. A little story behind this post is from my own experience. I’ve been Paraben Free and SLS Free for 1.5 years now, and since last year my sis and I made our own soapbar. We attended courses and never stop learning to beContinue reading “DIY Natural Soapbar”

Mengenal Lebih Jauh Young Living Essential Oil – Premium Kit

Halo semuanya. Ini kedua kalinya aku bahas Young Living Essential Oil. Kalau post pertama aku adalah ulasan jujur aku dari ngga mau pake YL itu kenapa sampe suka dan Oils apa yang cocok dipunyain kalo belum mau purchase Premium Kit nya… (click here) Di post kedua ini, aku akan bahas tentang oils di Premium KitContinue reading “Mengenal Lebih Jauh Young Living Essential Oil – Premium Kit”

Cerita Inspirasi 2

Hello semua πŸ™‚ Ini kedua kalinya aku bikin blog post dari Whatsapp / pesan berantai yang aku terima. Aku mau share ini ke temen-temen semua soalnya ini juga ngingetin dan menginspirasi aku. Jadi biar sama-sama termotivasi lagi. Aku sering banget juga bahas ini sebenernya.. Yaitu tentang jangan iri karena ngga ada kehidupan orang yang perfect.Continue reading “Cerita Inspirasi 2”


Hi everyone. Welcome back to my Girl’s Talk time! And today i want to share with you all about PRIORITY. β€’β€’β€’ Everything that has life in this world has the same time. It’s 24 hours a day. Whether you’re the busiest man alive, the forever no job man, the richest man, the poorest, the saddest,Continue reading “Priority”

Smoking and Acceptance

Ahhhh it’s been a long time since my last “Girls’ Talk” post. Lately i received some questions about smoking. Let’s talk about this based on my personal view. β€’β€’β€’ I never smoke. I don’t like smoke. I don’t like to smoke. I still remember i almost lay down unconsciously when i waited for my passportContinue reading “Smoking and Acceptance”

The Help, The Debt, and The Responsibility

Good day to you dear friends 😊 Today’s topic will be umm quite serious, but i guarantee that you will get my point easily as usual. And again i am sharing not to show you that i’m perfect, but this is for my reminder also πŸ™‚ Soooo… Lately, people around me were struggle about theContinue reading “The Help, The Debt, and The Responsibility”