Feeling Good About Yourself

Good day friends!

How are you doing today?

It’s been awhile from the last time i share on my “girl’s talk” category.

Do you feel happy, mad, or sad now?

Coz today i am gonna share about how i manage to feel good about myself in such situation.

I am an ordinary woman with thousand of problems daily.

I can become very moody, feeling hurt, annoyed, happy, mad, and extremely temperament depend on my heart’s situation.

When the blood pressure getting high and intense (read: may explode anytime soon), or when i am in my lowest point (read: tsunami of tears soon) i’d like to take deep breath and sit down.

Then i will do anything that would make me feel great about myself.

Oh this is not the battle of the mind whether i am making an excuse of things that i’ve done (or going to do) or not…

Make me feel great about myself here simply means doing things to relax my mind and tension.

What I Love

I love to take a quick nap. This is the best cure for my exhaust mind.

Before napping, i usually would do a chit-chat (grumbling) to God 😂 followed with an apology and off to sleep.

Wake up with peaceful state of mind, i usually take a shower to refresh the body.And then…

The fun begins.

I will lock up my room and read my favourite book, listen to comforting music, and…. light on scented candle (if there is one).

The fun does not stop there. I have bunch of wonderfully smell good body lotion.

I love to apply it on my skin. Feeling fresh, smell good, and then i do feel good about myself.

But that’s not how i am gonna end my day.

Feeling good on the outside is great. But no one can deceive an empty heart (whether you’re too angry or too sad, you’ll feel that empty huge hole inside the heart)

The greatest move is about to come. It is to ask forgiveness whether you’re wrong or right.

Apology here doesn’t mean we are weak, wrong, or sinner.

It is simply means that we have big enough heart to humble ourself.

Apology comes with sincerity.

After that, i will definitely feel greaaaat about myself.

That empty hole is now filled with warmth and peace.

Don’t hold back or wait other to say “sorry” first. It will make your heart heavy.

Start doing good things to make yourself alive. To feel good (but not pretending to be that good person okay… Sincerity is the key here)

What if, you’re not in a mood to say sorry?

Tell you what, i have been on that position my whole life too! But practice makes perfect.

I know for sure whenever i hold back, my days will get darker. So i better to end it soon.

Find perfect timing. And then, shoot the bullet.

I know it will feel awkward, might be shameful too. But once you get over it, you’ll jump for joy! I guess that is worth it.

Afterall, don’t we like and need a good day? So let’s create one.

No matter how sad or angry you are, remember to treat yourself good and be glad about yourself.

Don’t forget to be happy today. ❤ī¸


Sixth Sense

Not many of my friends know that i have interest in anything horror and had experience myself. Only my SOT friends know about this.

Ini dikarenakan emang mereka ngga ada yang demen nonton horor juga sih, jadi topik ini selalu luput dari pembicaraan kita.

Only my family know about it…

Nah hari ini aku mau berbagi pengalaman gara-gara semalem yang seru banget bahas horor sama adek aku. Jadi flashback lah kita ceritanya 😊

Kalo ditanya apa di keluarga aku (dan mama papa dan kakek nenek) ada ngga yang bisa ngeliat atau cukup peka.. jawabannya "TIDAK ADA". Tapi ga tau juga kenapa aku sama adek aku sendirian yang kadang bisa peka dan sensitive.

Pengalaman pertama itu awalnya waktu aku masih TK atau SD.
Misal ada barang jatuh, menggelinding ke bawah entah di mana kan. Aku tinggal tutup mata. Lalu aku bisa liat where the thing is located, exactly!

Bahkan kalo adek aku cari barang, dia tinggal suruh aku tutup mata and voila! I know di mana lokasinya dan dia jadi gampang ambil barang dia.

Beberapa kali waktu ulangan sekolah juga waktu aku mau jawab pertanyaan, aku bisa kayak inget bukunya, halamannya, kata-katanya persis, but that time i thought i just studied too hard. Ngapalinnya terlalu kuat aja sampe inget semua gitu.
Perjumpaan Pertama

Ini terjadi waktu aku pindahan ke salah satu kompleks perumahan di Surabaya Timur.

Aku dan keluarga percaya kalo pindahan gitu mesti selametan yah. Kalo as a Christian, kita sebutnya house warming. Ada Pak Pendeta yang mendoakan dan memberkati rumah, lalu ada jamuan makan buat sodara dan temen deket.

Waktu ditengah-tengah mini ibadah ini, waktu aku nutup mata, aku bisa liat pocong.

"Apa itu bukan bayanganmu sendiri?" Sebelumnya sih aku ngga pernah bayang-bayangin hantu yah. Jadi aku cukup kaget. Aku bilang aja ke pendetanya dan dia juga nemuin hiasan patung yang dia bilang ada isinya.

Sejak saat itu aku lebih sering denger dan ngebau hal-hal yang ngga dirasain orang lain.

Kayak malem-malem suara barang pecah, aku sama adek aku lari keluar ternyata ga ada apa-apa.

Satu malem lagi ada anjing melolong kenceng banget, mami papi aku ngga denger apa-apa.

Belum lagi malam-malam lain kita bisa bau bunga, bau sesajen, bau dupa, bau-bau khas lainnya. Sampe paling seru aku bisa tau ada sosok perempuan serem banget di kamar aku dan lagi tidur di samping adek aku.
Suasana hening banget….
Aku bilang ke adek aku "dek…. ada sesuatu yah…"
Dan adek aku jawab "iya ce.. makanya aku daritadi diem tutupan selimut"
Aku bilang lagi "di sebelahmu ya"
Hening…. doa masing-masing, tidur dalem takut.

Tapi ya sekali lagi semuanya aku liat waktu aku tutup mata yah… aku ngga pernah liat dengan mata terbuka.

Belum lagi waktu retreat juga gitu. Waktu tutup mata aku bisa tau ada yang melayang-layang, lalu bisa tau ada wujud apa aja. Aku cuma kaget dan cerita. Ternyata menurut pembina yang bisa liat begituan, semua yang aku ceritain bener.

Atau waktu colleague aku nunjukin foto penampakan hantu anak kecil, yang lain teriak dan aku nolak liat. Kebetulan suami aku liat. Waktu perjalanan pulang, aku bilang ke suami aku "tadi muka anaknya bla bla bla bla gitu ya?" Dan dia kaget bilang "kok kamu tau? Kamu uda google?"

Semua dari aku tutup mata aja..

Sampe satu saat back to early 2010.. satu malem aku kebangun buat pee… di rumah lama di Timur.

Aku yang setengah sadar cuek aja buka kamar lalu jalan ke kamar mandi. Sepintas dalem gelap aku tau ada cowo rambut keriting lagi duduk dan ngerokok. Tapi aku cuek banget… Making my way to pee dan masuk kamar lagi.

Sampe di kamar, waktu pasang selimut, aku baru mikir "papi ngapain ya malem2 gelap2?" And then aku kaget banget "my dad's hair is not curly! And he doesn't smoke!" MANNNN!!!!

Paginya aku cerita cuman ya sekedar cerita lewat… ngga ada yang ambil pusing.
Sampe setelah lewat 1 taon, si mbak subuh-subuh mau pee juga kan. Dari belakang ngeliat di ruang tengah kok ada yang baca koran gelap-gelap.
Si mbak nekat aja masuk ruang keluarga, jalan lewatin orang itu. Dia bilang wajahnya papi aku, dan melotot liatin si mbak.
Si mbak nyalain lampu dannnn….. korannya melayang jatuh ke bawah… no one there..

Dia histeris langsung bangunin serumah…

I felt sorry for her 😆😆😆

Itu perjumpaan pertama aku.. setelahnya ngga pernah liat dengan mata terbuka lagi.
Semua aku tau cuman dari bau, tutup mata, dan paling sering lainnya adalah lewat suara.
And the story continue

Aku pernah banget sendirian di salah satu hotel di Bali, tiba2 ada yang ketawa kenceng ditelinga aku.
Sampe lari kabur aku.
Ternyata di hotel itu juga mamaku liat aku lari-lari ke parkiran, dikejar, padahal aku di dalem kamar sama my dad and sis.
Belom lagi banyak jimat di depan villa kamar kita.

Masih di rumah lama lagi..
Siang-siang aku lagi makan bareng my mom..
Ada suara oma dari kamar manggil "Jing…. (my chinese name)"
Aku jawab "bentar Bo"

Lalu manggil lagi "Jingggg…"

Aku langsung lari bilang "iyaaaa"

Dan aku masuk kamar ga ada orang. Mami aku bingung. Mami aku bilang "km bicara sama sapa? Cari sapa?"

Aku bilang "mana Bobo? Aku dipanggil panggil"

Mamiku langsung kaget soalnya dia ngga denger suara apa-apa.

Pernah juga waktu kuliah di Singapore.
Satu pagi si mbak pernah bilang "siapa ya semalem mandi jam 3 pagi? Aku tungguin. Waktu pintu kebuka ta lihat udah ngga ada orang. Malem banget mandinya"

Aku cuma mikir kayaknya itu koko-koko yang rent kamar tengah soalnya mereka yang suka pulang malem. Lalu ngga pernah ada ceritaan lainnya.

One day aku ketemu tetangga singaporean, ngobrol, dia nanya "kamu baik-baik kan? Ngga ada yang gangguin?" Aku ngga "ngeh" dan bilang everything is good.

Sampe satu malem, jam 3 pagi, aku kebangun kebelet pee.. (screw you bladder kenapa mesti subuh 😭😭😭)
Kamar mandi di house itu terpisah antara buat mandi dan yang buat buang air.
Yang buat mandi ada kaca gitu, blurry tapi bisa tau di dalem ada orang ga.

Aku keluar kamar dan denger ada yang mandi. Aku lewatin aja dan sempet nengok dari kaca tapi ga ada bayangan apa-apa.
Aku masuk ke kamar kecil. Doing my business.
Sambil mikir edan mandi subuh.
And again aku kaget mendadak and DAMN! i remembered itu cerita mbak dan liat tadi ga ada bayangan orang di dalem.

Aku komat kamit baca doa. And damn, airnya dimatiin pas aku selesai pee juga.

Aku mikir "tamat aku tamat tamat tamat! Gimana kalo aku buka pintu lalu dia juga pintu? Kalo kosong aku pingsan, kalo liat lainnya aku pingsan juga"

Aku diem lama. Yang dikamar mandi juga diem lama. Ga ada suara handuk dan lainnya.

Akirnya aku nekad buka pintu trus lari ke kamar. Kunci. Tutup selimut sambil buka telinga lebar-lebar.

Pintu kamar mandi kebuka KRIEKKKK….
Trus hening, ga ada suara.
Padahal semua pintu di rumah itu berbunyi. Ga mungkin bisa dibuka pelan tanpa ada suara.

Habis mandi hilanggg… ngga ada suara masuk kamar.

Persis cerita si mbak. Dia buka pintu cepet2 setelah kamar mandi dibuka tapi gone… ngga ada orang.

Itu sedikit dari pengalaman-pengalaman yang aku alami.

Kalo ditanya, sekarang gimana?
Ya sesekali masih cium bau khas nya…
Sesekali denger ada yang lari-lari padahal ga ada orang.
Dan ya masih tau kalo ada yang ngamatin…. tapi aku uda ngga pernah nyoba tutup mata dan cari tau sosoknya kayak apa.

Aku suka horror tapi aku juga parno sendiri. I know ini kontras banget ya…

Aku doa sungguh-sungguh aku ngga mau bisa begituan.. ngga mau bisa liat yang begituan. Ngga mau bisa tau apa yang ada di balik pintu ato gudang gelap kalo aku tutup mata. Ngga mau kalo dikonfirmasi ke anak yang punya sixth sense lalu apa yang aku liat selalu bener..
Ngga mau………

Dan itu jarang terjadi lagi.

Mungkin yang ngga sengaja terjadi ya kalo emang aku lagi ngelamun ato "mereka" yang emang lagi ngeliatin diri mereka.
Tapi sekali lagi, aku ngga pernah coba tutup mata dan liat wujudnya apa.
Entah kemampuannya udah hilang dan doa terjawab atau masih ada… i don't wanna know 😊

Tapi mungkin udah hilang sih ya.
Soalnya kalo Darren anak aku nangis liat ke satu titik dan matanya kayak ngikutin gerakan ada yang pindah gitu, aku kok merasanya adem ayem aja ga ada apa-apa.
Aku cuman bilang "jangan ganggu" lalu peluk dia dan ajak doa aja.

If you ask me, "kamu percaya hantu itu ada?" IYA aku percaya.
Tapi aku ngga percaya kalo itu orang yang kita tau.

Aku yakin itu cuman roh jahat yang ngambil wujud mereka. Ngambil ingatan dan lainnya.

Aku percaya yang sudah meninggal semua ke satu tempat perhentian sebelom saat mereka diadili ke surga atau neraka. Tapi semua nunggu di sana. Ngga ada yang terbang gentayangan.
This is what i believe.

I don't believe in mediums.. i don't believe in arwah penasaran atau yang tugasnya belom selesai.

Aku percayanya ada yang pake memory dan wujud mereka aja entah untuk apapun itu. Walo emang banyak cerita yang sejujurnya make sense kalo itu arwah penasaran atau emang yang dipanggil adalah arwah yang uda meninggal. Soalnya kok semua tau dan lainnya.

Aku cuman percaya sama keyakinanku huahahaha dan entah kenapa walo sempet mikir sana sini, i end up stick on what i believe lagi dan lagi…

Hohoho ini Jumat yang seru yah dan jadi pembahasan aku yang beda banget di blog ini.

Walau bahasa penulisannya kadang kocak, formal, kadang casual atau too good to be true, tapi itu semua kejadian nyata. Bukan copy paste cerita orang. Aku ngga bangga kok bisa ngerasain. Adanya serem sendiri. Jadi ngga perlu ngarang cerita 🙂

Dan jangan kebawa takut bacanya yah hahahaha i hope you guys enjoy reading this sebagai sharing aku aja (Congratsss you know me better now! 😆 #gakpenting)

Dan percayalah dengan DOA ❤️ perlindungan dan keajaiban Tuhan cuman sejauh doa kok.. sejauh iman.

Aku setakut apapun, doa juga bisa tidur pules. Ngga diganggu.

Bukti konkrit lagi, aku paling takut sama yang kejadian di Singapore. Itu horror buat aku. Kalo di rumah lama yang horror si adek yah soalnya dia yang tidurnya disampingnya 😆

Pas aku di kamar mandi, walo takut banget tapi tetep doa. Itu iman aku kayaknya hampir ga ada deh..
Liatin "dia" juga nunggu diem kan di kamar mandi satunya. Dia bisa aja keluar duluan. Di mana aku pasti pingsan juga di kamar mandi, ga berani buka pintu. Gimana kalo ditungguin kan 😭😆😁

Ternyata engga kan.. aku bisa keluar duluan. God is good. Apapun itu bikin perhitungannya "dia" milih diem aja dulu. Toh nanti dia keluar abis buka pintu lalu hilang aku juga uda ngeri dan membekas selamanya.

Dan sejauh ini, aku sama adek aku ngga ada yang ganggu ato jahilin ato jahatin. Jangan lupa berdoa yah 🙏🏻

Semoga hari kalian semua menyenangkan dan malem ini ngga ada gangguan 😆😁 *grin*

Little Voice

Hello good morning dear readers ❤️

This post is just another random thought and kind of self reflection for me.. so please pardon me if you got boring while reading it 🙂

You know that inside every one of us, there's a sanctuary for the little voice.

Little voice that will remind us, warn us, and sometimes talk back to us when we are wondering and lost.

This little voice usually says a good and positive vibes.

As the time goes by, do you still hear it often? When does the last time it speak to you?

They said…. the more obedient you are, then the voice will talk often and vice versa, the more you ignore, you will hear no more from it.

For me, i prefer to hear it often. How calming it is when the storm of life come, and everything like trembles and falls into pieces, yet i don't feel alone. Every negative thought and  desperation were driven away.

But of course, to be able to hear it often, we need to nurture it.

We need to take words of encouragement from God's promises. We need to believe that. We need to consume a lot of "positive pills" and load it into our brain and heart.

And when the little voice speaks, we need to obey. We need to be quiet and reflect, and do it 😊

and then we will hear from it often, everytime we need alarm in this life 😊

This little voice…. often become a blessing to my situation. It keeps my mouth and anger shut, thus lead to wonderful harmony of relationship.

This little voice…. helps me to think better and wiser.

This little voice…. saves me from desperation.

I am not a perfect man, i do ignore and keep my ears shut sometimes.. i do let the voice become an echo… just an empty echo…

But I cherish the little voice inside of me. Trying my best to "feed" this little voice often, so it knows that there's a welcome place for it to stay.

So let's give the little voice one more time to shine in the darkness inside of us..

And be the light..

To remind us..

To stay in the right path of life.

Little voice little voice..

You are not only an echo in my head…

You are not only shadow in the heart…

You are part of me, waiting to light out the dark..

So let's fight this darkest hour together.

You and me..

Remind me… encourage me… never depart..

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The Unique Blogger Award

Good day dear friends!

I am excited as i wrote this up.
I was nominated for "The Unique Blogger Award" by my fellow blogger Niken Martini on 27 July 2017.

Thank you Niken 🙂 Do visit her blog. If you enjoy reading mine, you'll enjoy reading her blog! It is informative ❤️ Lifestyle guide

[please bear with me and read to the end, i am nominating some of my fellow bloggers. It could be you!]

By now, you might be wondering what is The Unique Blogger Award about and who start this, or who will be the winner for this award.

I did a research and find no answer. So my best explanation will be this is a wonderful positive thread that is happening in blogging world. Millions of blogger around the world participate on this award.

If this is just a thread, why should join when people nominate you?
Frankly speaking, if someone asking me to join the fun, the positive fun, why holding back? 😊 let's join the hype. This award also have rules in which you must nominate 8-13 bloggers.

I believe the person who nominated you and me follows many influencers. To be remembered and picked for the top 13 on his/her list is awesome for me ❤️ You are remembered! You do a great job inspiring others.

As a new blogger, i feel so honoured and of course beyond happy ❤️ (I know i am not the winner and this kinda loop where you can nominate others too.. but still….. it is a big deal! 😍)

Before, i felt inferior and couldn't see to which group i am belong in the blogging world.

Is it a Fashion Blogger, Food Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Motivational, Parenting or just simply write nonsense out of my brain? 😆

Not only that, i notice that my english is bad too.

But heyyyy… Thanks to all of you who showing me love and support by reading, following, subscribing, liking and dropping a comment 🙂
You all made my day and make me know that i am accepted and loved ❤️

Thus, give me more motivation to write and share my experience with you. I will continue to do my best and i do really hope for your continuous and longterm support for my blog 💗🙏🏻

Now i am carrying a duty as the nominee of Unique Blogger Award.


1. Share the link of the blogger who shown love by nominating you

2. Answer 3 questions from your nominator
•• What are your favourite place for holiday? ••
To be honest, i really like somewhere with cool weather to be my fav place for holiday. Why? Because i do think my brain could explode real soon! I need to cool it down.
Cool weather here doesn't necessarily means a place with snow or mountain. Beach is also my fav place. I could feel the wind blows 🙂 love that!

•• What is the best thing you ever do for your life? ••
Stand up for my own values 🙂
Tho people mock at me, tho others despise, i will always stand on my principle of life. I won't just follow the majority. I will do the best and keep my path as straight as possible. Not to be called saint or angel, i want my conscience to be true and right and pure. And even more to pleased The One i owe so much for this undeserved life and blessings.

•• What will you do during me time?••
I love to read good books with music on my ear while munching sweet treat at Cafe and i will end my day with scented candle and mask on my face ❤️ Perfect!

3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award
•• www.pinkandundecided.blogspot.com

Congrattttts guys! You deserve to be a nominee. You inspire me so much. (Don't forget to copy the rules, and answer 3 questions from me. Questions available on the next paragraph)
I really want to nominate all of the blog that i follow. Since i am limited to select only 13 max, so that's my list. But for those who are not in the list, please know that i love you and love your blog ❤️ that's why i follow you. Surely will pick you for the next award 🙂

4. My 3 Questions For Candidates
1. What are the things you like about being blogger?
2. What are the things you hope to achieve as blogger?
3. What is your dream?

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Innocent Like A Kid

Hello dear friends 🙂

Today i want to share with you my personal thought about being innocent like a kid.

This quiet moment happened few nights ago, when i was at hospital for my baby immunization.

While we were waiting for our turn to see the pediatrician, Darren played at kids playground. And after awhile, came an older girl playing by herself too.

My baby, without hesitation, came to the girl and followed wherever she goes. Knowing that my lil one wanna play with her, she can nurtured my boy.

She invited Darren to play together. Hide and seek, catch me if you can, climbing and sliding together. They laughed and running all over the playground.

Look how simple they are. 

They see new friend, they greet one another and play together. 

Things become complicated when we get older. We choose our friend selectively – which is good if you are selecting them based on the good and bad influence. But often, we, unaware, choose our friends based on the family background, religion, gender, race, and many other complicated aspects.

And this leads to the big gap in humanity. Some group think that they are more exclusive than others, and many more.

How sad it is….

If only we can once again being like a kid.. With pure heart….

And all we want is to make new friends and together we laugh…

I believe that we will create a better world.

Less problems… Less dramas…. Less concerns…. Less jealousy…. Less competition….

More loves.. More friendship… More supports…. More laughs…

Another thing that i reflected from my son…. He's easy to pleased. One hug is enough for him. One silly act could make him giggles long enough. He couldn't get angry for too long, even if i annoyed him.

I do really miss the days when i can laugh at simple things 😊

This is not a naive idea or dream. We all can achieve this if only once again, we become as innocent as a kid.

We all once a kid.. we all once so innocent and have a pure heart.

May this spirit always inside us ❤️

Remember to smile and be the blessing and the help for people around us 🙂

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Travelling with Baby (Domestic Destination)

Sudah lama ngga update bagian “Parenting” yah.

Hari ini aku mau bagi pengalaman buat travelling with baby dengan destinasi lokal 😊 Yes… Aku bakal bagi jadi Domestic Destination and International Destination karena cerita,tips tricks dan packingannya akan sangat berbeda.

Nah kebetulan saat Lebaran kemarin aku mudik ke Semarang, silaturahmi sama mertua. Dan baby Darren usianya 14 bulan saat penerbangan perdana dia ini.

Now kalo namanya liburan pasti sering jalan. Perlu bawa stroller / gendongan / carrier?

Aku jujur bawa carrier aja. Soalnya baby aku itu ngga betah pake gendongan dan duduk manis di stroller. Dia sukanya digendong hadap depan. Kalo tidur bisa nempel ke dada aja.

Untuk carrier aku udah coba berbagai macam brand. Sebenernya sempet ragu mau beli Pognae lagi mana harganya lumayan yah IDR 2.750.000 aku belinya di Suzanna Baby Shop Surabaya, takut nganggur lagi kayak yang lainnya di rumah (karena ga nyaman). Tapi akhirnya penasaran. Dan ini beneran beda banget ternyata. Super empuk dan ringan. Gendong Darren seharian pundak sama pinggang pinggul juga ngga sakit sama sekali. Kaki ngga berasa berat. Darren juga nyaman (padahal merk lainnya dia ga betah duduknya, minta turun)

Jadi yang mau beli Pognae, ternyata mereka bukan cuman iklan kok. Terbukti nyata dan bagus 👍đŸģ Aku recommend banget ini ❤ī¸ [I bought Pognae No5 karena waterproof dan 4 musim. Ini buat bekal perjalanan winter kita ke Amerika besok 😊 Stay tuned buat ulasan tips nya ya]

Apa ngga susah cuman bawa carrier? Jawabannya adalah engga susah. Kita dimudahkan sama mobil. Naik turun mobil terus. Jadi kalo pake stroller malah repot. Bawa ke mall bawa ke tempat makan juga lebih praktis buat aku.

Berikutnya adalah soal sterilizer. Di sini aku sistemnya cuci air biasa lalu aku rebus dalam air mendidih bentar. Ngga ada sterilizer soalnya. Jadi pake cara kuno aja.

Apa ngga kuman mom? Apa botolnya aman? Kalo soal kuman jujur aku ngga bisa garansi. Tapi sejauh ini kemarin Darren tanpa diare sama sekali kok. Kalo soal botol, kebetulan kita memang pake yang botol kaca. Ada botol plastik 3 biji tapi yang udah hampir menyerupai kaca. Jadi tahan panas. Lalu aku ngga lama kok masukin air mendidihnya, cuman diaduk-aduk bentar aja 😊

Sekarang mari kita bahas soal packing barang baby dan makanan selama liburan yah.

Let’s start with the food.

Darren selama ini belom makan makanan aku. Dia cuman paling icip-icip 2 sendok kecil aja. Makanan dia selalu aku masak tanpa garam, gula, msg dan lainnya. Murni kaldu daging dan bawang aja buat rasanya.

Jadi soal makan sedikit challenging. 2 hari pertama Darren ngga mau makan sama sekali. Akhirnya aku banyakin di susu aja. Dia paling icip makanan aku 1-5 sendok maksimal.

Untungnya ini domestik yah dan tinggal di rumah mertua. Jadi kita ada beli daging, ikan, ayam dan masak dikit-dikit. Jadi aku selingin. Misal hari ini banyak susu + biscuit, brati besok aku ngalah. Ngga pergi pagi-pagi. Masak dan biarin Darren makan dulu baru kita jalan.

Baby aku ngga suka makanan instant baby 😭 percuma beliin. Uda dilatih tetep ngga mau. Padahal menurut aku rasanya juga enak. Nah buat lainnya, anaknya bisa dilatih makan makanan instant baby atau makan makanan dewasa. Kalo dia suka, bakal ngebantu banget soalnya.

Untungnya setelah 4 hari dia mulai mau makan dikit-dikit. Jadi biasa aku masak buat lunch and dinner porsi kecil, masukin kotak makan lalu bawa jalan deh nanti nyampe tempat makan sambil aku campurin makanan aku dikit.

Oh ya aku ada bawa gunting TinyBites. Quite expensive yah (IDR 189.000). Parets aku sempet bilang percuma, udah pake pisau garpu sendok aja kalo perlu. Tapi aku kayak merasa butuh ini. Dan ternyata recommended kok. Praktis banget. Beneran kepotong semua jadi kecil-kecil.

What about the milk? Kebetulan Darren udah pake sufor. Jadi aku bawa sedikit dari Surabaya pake Dr.Mama Powder Milk (IDR 120.000 / 30)

Aku bawa secukupnya aja buat selama di airport, pesawat, sama hari pertama. Setelahnya aku beli susu di Semarang. Biar ngga bawa kaleng gede gitu si niat awalnya dari Surabaya. Nanti diselingin sama Susu UHT 😊

Kalo nanya aku kenapa ngga bawa pake Dr.Mama aja semuanya, jujur aja yang bilang packing lebih spacey karena ngga harus bawa kaleng kurang tepat yah. Apalagi kalo perginya lama loh… Bawa kaleng malah praktis. Bawa Dr.Mama malah bulky. Cuman enaknya adalah praktis selama bikin susu kayak di jalan. Tapi enakan bawa kaleng. Makanya buat yang bawa kaleng juga ga masalah kok. Bawa gede sekalian aja. Aku next juga maunya bawa kaleng langsung aja. Dr.Mama nya buat kalo diperjalanan doang baru siapin.

Bahasan terakhir seputar food.. Mungkin soal air. Di rumah Darren minumnya air mineral yang dimasak (rebus). Lalu aku punya termos gede banget. Jadi masukin sana. Kalo holiday kan ngga bisa dan ngga sempet, Darren minum air mineral biasa. Praise Godnya perut pencernaan juga gapapa kok. Lancar aman.


Sekarang mari bahas soal Packing ❤ī¸

Packing ini super berat kalo travellingnya sama baby. Biasa aku bawa koper 32″ itu kalo bepergian overseas aja dan itu 3 minggu. Ini cuman 9 hari, 32″ + handcarry luggage + diaper bag khusus buat si nyonyo (bocah lanang / anak cowo) ini.

Bajunya banyak banget. Soalnya anak aku ngga demen pake bib. Gerah. Jadi kalo makan lagi nakal ya udah ganti bajunya yang banyak banget.

Belom lagi ngepack diapers, alat cuci botol, mainan juga.

Oh ya selalu sediakan pakaian lebih yah buat jaga-jaga 😊 Aku bawa sampai 5 pasang si sparenya. 

Aku ngga pake ziplock lalu ditulisin ato siapin bajunya day by day. Soalnya seperti biasa, jeans bisa dipake beberapa kali. Ada item lainnya juga. Kalo aku jadinya merasa ribet. Jadi aku pake tradisional aja. Yang penting waktu packing udah ada gambaran mix and match bajunya and that’s it. You’ll be okay❤ī¸

Jangan lupa pack obat standard dan perlengkapan standard kayak batuk, pilek, diare, panas, cream alergi (kalo ada), gunting kuku, minyak.

Ini perlu banget. Darren ada dermatitis atopic dan lama ngga kambuh. Ke Semarang aku ngga siapin creamnya. Akhirnya di sini harus cari dokter. Aku sampe pergi ke 3 dokter dan menurut aku tetep kurang memuaskan diagnosa dan pengobatannya. Aku sampe tanyain ke temen yang apoteker dan dokter dan terbukti dokternya di sini sedikit salah. Aku cross check sama dokter Surabaya juga 😞☹ī¸

Jadi lainnya jangan lupa siapin yah. 

Lalu soal diaper bag, aku bawa tas ransel. Ransel jauh lebih praktis daripada bawa tas diaper selempang/long strap menurut aku.

Kalo di Surabaya, aku bawa diaper bag Muji (S$90). Gede banget bahannya waterproof. Barang Darren semua di sana, mainan – baju ganti – pampers – makanan -buku kesehatan dll. Aku kira ini buat bekal aku travelling juga. Tapi ternyata kurang nice buat foto. Berasa bawa handcarry ke mana-mana 😆 dan rupanya lebih praktis dan nice pake backpack.

Udah invest mahal, Mujinya bisa dipake buat bawa handcarry beneran dah hahaha. Oh before i forget, backpacknya merk Anello. Ini dikasitau ipar aku. Recommended 👍đŸģ❤ī¸ Warnanya bagus-bagus, sizenya banyak, ada compartment di kanan kiri, dalemnya juga cukup gede. (Kemarin ke Semarang pake Jansport dipinjemin adek aku, dari sana baru beli Anello)


Last but not least, saran untuk penerbangan….

â€ĸ Sediakan mainan untuk mengisi waktu biar ngga bosan – I know ngga semua anak bisa langsung tidur. Aku bawa flash card Alphabet + Magic Drawing Board. Pas berangkat, Darren anteng banget dan tidur. Pulangnya aku masukin mainan ke bagasi karena mikir dia pasti anteng + tepat jam tidur + cuman 30 mins flight. Ternyata meleset! Dia nangis setengah perjalanan.

Kalo uda gini jangan marahin anaknya atau malu atau ngga enak hati sama penumpang lainnya. Kita fokus gimana bikin baby comfortable aja. Lainnya cuekin. Aku juga sempet diliatin dengan tatapan ngga enak sama penumpang, well i guess dia belim berkeluarga dan ga tau how travelling with baby could be tricky and challenging. Jadi lainnya, jangan pack mainan ke bagasi yahhh.

â€ĸ Minum saat take off dan landing – Bisa susu bisa air putih. Ngga semua anak mau susu. Kayak Darren, kalo bukan waktunya minum susu dia ngga akan mau dikasi susu, jadi pilihannya adalah air putih. Susu bisa disiapin sebelom masuk pesawat biar ngga rempong di dalem.

Earmuff? Penting loh biar ngga bising. Kadang kan kita masih harus jalan sendiri ke pesawat itu bisingnya poool. Sayang anak aku ngga mau pake. Uda beli BabyBanz IDR 350.000 jadi ya maminya nutupin telinga pake tangan aja 😅

â€ĸ Early check in baggage – Biar ngga kiasu sendiri nantinya. Ngga dagdigdug atau rempong atau keburu-buru

â€ĸ Final call boarding – LOL jangan sampe telat yah. Cuman jangan buru-buru masuk pesawat. Karena baby bakal bosen nunggu loading penumpang sama persiapan take off. Apalagi bisa sampe 30 menit sendiri kan. Keburu dia uda ngga betah di kursi. Jadi yang pas-pas aja. Nunggu di Lounge dulu nyantai 👍đŸģ

Itu adalah pengalaman dan tips and tricks aku. 

Intinya liburan sama anak kecil itu challenging dan nyenengin. Ada banyak hal di luar prediksi kita juga.

Bawa happy aja. Inget ini liburan. Jadi bawa santai dan happy. Siasati sebisa mungkin kalau tidak memungkinkan ya let it happen dan berbahagialah 😊

Sebelum bepergian juga pastikan mental siap yah antara ibu dan bapak. Bisa membagi tugas ini juga kunci penting saat liburan.

We are born awesome moms! Percayalah.

Kita bisa akalin dan sanggup ngatasin ribetnya travelling sama baby kok.

Aku juga sebelomnya mikir males dan pasti susah. Apalagi waktu packing kayak uda mau pindahan aja. Lalu hari awal banyak kendala. Sempet down dan pengennya pulang aja. Setelahnya mental langsung kebentuk dan ide banyak muncul kok.

Soal berat anak, aku mikirnya yang penting dia happy dan ngga kosong perutnya. Kalo kurusan nanti sampe rumah bisa dikejar lagi ketinggalannya.

Afterall, hati yang bahagia adalah obat. Tapi semangat yang patah keringkan tulang. Jadi bahagialah.

Start planning your holiday with your baby soon ❤ī¸

Gift Ideas for Loved Ones

Hohoho it’s finally up on my blog.

I receive question about gift ideas so often. On average, i get 3 in a month.

Therefore, i decide to put it on my blog.

Just in case you need ideas to give your parents, in law, friends, or your crush a gift, you can rely on this directory ❤ī¸

Let’s start!

â€ĸ Gift for Boyfriend

Wallet, Belt, Pen, Cufflink, Tshirt, Shirt, Polo, Long Sleeve, Jacket, Hat/Cap, Video Game, Book.

â€ĸ Gift for Girlfriend

Makeup, Dolls, Bag, Wallet, Shopping Vouchers, Flowers, Skin Care, Jewellery, Accessory, Clothes, Book. Or just simply bring her flowers and romantic dinner, she’ll love it ❤ī¸

â€ĸ Gift for Mom or In Law (Ladies)

Skincare, bag, handbag, wallet, blouse, make up, clothes, bouquet of flowers, ice tart / cake tart, healthy supplement: preferably ginseng or bird nest.

â€ĸ Gift for Dad or In Law (Men)

Cufflink, pen, wallet, belt, clothes, healthy supplement, book.

â€ĸ Gift for Friend

Clothes, wallet, skincare, accessory, book or just as simple as birthday cake with heart warming birthday card.

â€ĸ Gift for Graduation

Pen – a good one, for him/her sign a contract paper and many more great deals in their life.

Flowers and Card

â€ĸ Gift for Valentine’s or White Day

Flowers, Chocolate, Fancy / Homemade Romantic Dinner .

â€ĸ Gift to Come Over or Visit BF/GF Family

If you live in another town, bring the most favorite/popular foods/goodies from your hometown. But if you live in the same city, don’t bother. Just bring the best version of yourself and be polite 😊

â€ĸ Gift for CNY / Christmas / NYE / Ramadhan, etc

Hampers of food, fruits, or healthy supplement for the family.

For your Girlfriend/Boyfriend, i don’t think it’s mandatory. If you still want to give, then you can always refer to the gift ideas i have mentioned above tho it might be confusing to differentiate birthday gift and other celebratory gift.

â€ĸ Bridal Shower Gift

It is best to coordinate with friends and spare your time to have dinner/lunch together. Even without decoration, bridal shower could be heart warming too. You can give a letter and don’t forget…. Lingerie 😍

â€ĸ Baby Shower Gift

I prefer to give and receive things that are usefull for the journey like pregnancy book, parenting book, sterilizer for baby bottles, feeding set, or even a treatment for mom to make sure she still looking gorgeous on pregnancy and after delivery such as massage coupon, skincare.


There’s a believe that you cannot give Watch – Perfume – and Shoes to your loved ones as it will cause the relationship to end.

Shoes – you ask the person to go away from your life.

Watch – as the battery dry and the clock stop ticking, so is your relationship.

Perfume – perfume will evaporate. They believed it will happen to the relationship. Love and the fire inside will evaporate and gone.

So how this thing relevant in our modern life? Do i believe this?

I personally don’t believe that. I gave my husband perfume and he’s still with me ❤ī¸ I never gave those 3 items above to my exs but our relationship still end.

But if you have a doubt, then it is better to stay away from the “old believe” because i once heard this saying that if you have even only 0.1% of believe, it will happen to you. But if you don’t, it will never affect you.

We’ve come to an end 🙂

I do believe that every gifts should match the personality of the receiver and the financial of the giver.

It’s important!

If you running out of ideas, you can always ask their wishlists and make one of it comes true! A personalised gift could always be a great option too 🙂

Don’t measure the gift from the price and the brand
. Measure it from the thought and the care and the time the person (giver) put to prepare you such things.

And don’t feel burden to “pay back” at the same level of gift.

But i’m not here to teach you to become stingy okay…. If you have the budget, make sure you give your best too.

At the end of the day, your priority, commitment, your time, your consistency and loyalty are the things they will remember for life ❤ī¸

Before i put this to end, i believe some of you will whisper like “can you suggest me the brand or which store to go to buy the clothes, bag, etc?

Brand always related to the budget you have. It is wiser and better that you go for yourself and look for what suits your wallet.

Don’t be afraid or feel ashame if you just browsing around without buying.

Ignore their weird look. Help yourself 😁 or you can always browse it on your browser first to know the price range of particular brands before visitting the store 🙂

Good luck preparing your gift 🙏đŸģ

And if you have another great idea to share, just comment below. I would love to have new insights too ❤ī¸

** Pictures are from various sources at Pinterest**

Self Reflection (Bahasa)

Hello semua ❤ī¸

Udah lama ya ngga nulis soal “Girl’s Talk”.

Been busy with events and product reviews lately.

Lalu ditengah kesibukan sambil jagain anak, aku jadi belajar dan merenung banyak hal.

Iya lohhh jadi seorang ibu malah bikin waktu “self reflection” nya banyak, dan cuman dari mengamati si baby.

Aku jujur aja lupa, kayaknya aku pernah nulis hal serupa udahan yah. Tapi aku sambil nemenin si Darren, lagi-lagi hati dan kesadaran aku jadi terketuk kembali.

Aku sering banget ngga sabaran. Semua pingin instant. Kalo nunggu proses itu kayaknya kok lama dan ngga kunjung dateng. Sampe kadang mikir, “aduhhh ini doanya manjur ngga si… didengerin dan bakal dijawab ngga si” 😂

Lalu aku ngeliat ke anak aku, Darren.

Aku ngajarin dia minum dari sedotan itu susah banget loh. Trainingnya lama. Dan adanya sedotannya digigit atau dibuang sama dia. Lumayan putus asa dan nyerah akhirnya aku biarin aja berhenti latian.

Selang 2 bulan tanpa training, satu hari aku iseng kasih dia minum pake straw lagi. And he surprised me! Dia bisa minum dengan lancar 😊

Lalu sama halnya kayak waktu Darren tiba-tiba jalan sendiri, berdiri sendiri, tengkurep sendiri. Padahal uda aku nantikan.

Akhirnya satu kesimpulan aku, kalo uda waktunya yah dia akan bisa.

Mau sedikit lebih lama, sewajarnya, atau lebih cepat, tapi endingnya selalu sama “indah pada waktunya”.

Hal ini juga berlaku buat kehidupan kita orang gede. Kita harus selalu percaya kalau apa yang kita kerjakan ngga akan pernah sia-sia (tentunya kerjaan yang baik loh ya.. rencana yang baik juga)

Hasilnya yah ada waktunya semua. Sama kayak nanam pohon buah. Ada yang cepet berbuah ada yang takes time. Tapi harus selalu dipupuk dan disiramkan.

Kuncinya selain sabar, ngga putus asa, adalah terus mengerjakan yang terbaik.

Aku tau ini hal yang simple diomongin yah, cenderung klise. Tapi berapa sering juga kita putus asa dan ngga sabaran?

Jadi sama-sama di moment ini kita berhenti sejenak, jangan marah dan putus asa. Flash back ke belakang. Kalau semua pencapaian kita saat ini ada proses, jerih payah dan hasilnya. Dan ini akan terjadi lagi. Sekarang. Dan di masa akan datang.

Semua akan indah pada waktunya 😊

Karena ketika kita belajar tentang hal ini dan lebih relax alias tidak terbebani, kita juga akan belajar hal lain, yaitu “bahagia itu sederhana”.

Aku belajar lagi dari Darren.

Mainan anak kecil itu banyakkk loh. Kalo semua mau dibeli, bisa gila-gilaan pengeluarannya. Belom lagi space yang makin sesak buat storingnya, dan belom lagi rasa interest dia sama mainan baru yang cuman singkat.

Jadi biasa aku “akalin” aja si Darren. Contoh dia lagi demen main kuda goyang. Aku naikin dia diguling, lalu aku goyang-goyang.

Dia bisa ketawa happy minta digoyang terus-terusan.

Di lain waktu, cukup aku kasih kertas sama tissue, dia happy robek-robek.

Kadang aku cium-cium perutnya uda ketawa ngakak-ngakak lalu aku dipeluk dicium ❤ī¸

Bahagia itu simple.

Ekspektasi kita dan keinginan kita yang berlebih yang membuat kita sering merasa ngga puas dan merasa kalo bahagia itu mahal harganya.

Padahal bahagia itu keputusan kita. Tanggung jawab kita sendiri.

Jangan selalu melihat ke atas atau berpikir kita hanya bisa bahagia kalau A-B-C tercapai atau kita miliki.

Karena saat hal itu kita punyai, pasti ada yang kosong lagi dan bikin ngga bahagia.

Mari sama-sama belajar lagi kalau dengan mensyukuri hal terkecil maka kita bisa bahagia dengan sederhana juga ❤ī¸

Selamat hari Minggu. Jangan lupa buat selalu semangat, bersabar, dan bahagia selalu.

Karena kebahagiaan adalah tanggung jawab kita sendiri 🙂

My Best Pick for K-Drama

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. This is because of the dream i had.

I was dreaming of taking a lead role of lady that successfully bring her team to achieve ultimate goal at work. My team is the best Sales Team at One International Company.

Sounds familiar? Haha coz i dremt about Misaeng – the korean drama that i watch recently.

And as i open my Ask.Fm and scrolling through hundreds of unanswered questions, i can notice that some of my friends were asking about which korean drama i love the most, who’s the best korean actor and else.

So i do think why don’t i make a blog post about it. Something fun to share 😊

Let’s start 😎

Frankly speaking, i am not really into K-Dramas, K-Pop, and anything fancy about Korea.

For me, KDramas are too good to be true. Over romantic that can make some of my friends go crazy and have high irrelevant expectation about what sweet man must do.

But i’m not anti or against it. I watch K-Drama. And only few were really my favourite.

It’s not The Heirs, Goblin, Descendant Of The Sun, My Secret Romance, and many more infamous title. I like them, but not in my favourite lists. I guess i have weird taste of drama.

So here’re my all time favourite K-Dramas:

Misaeng | Incomplete Life

Misaeng portrayed Yim Si Wan as Jang Geu Rae, a man who devoted his time to become a professional Baduk Player. When he failed to become professional player, he need to start living as an ordinary man, looking for job to earn money. Too bad he has no other qualification beside Baduk. This make him almost impossible to survive the competition and deadline at his work. Luckily he has a boss and team who very hard on him but also supporting him to become success.

Misaeng is the most relevant and practical drama ever! You can relate well to the story. Even if my synopsis sounds boring, you have to give it a chance and watch for yourself. My sister who never work at company at starting level, also love this drama.

You can relate well how bossy is your boss, how cruel is other colleague, office politic, self motivation to excel in workplace, not to forget this drama has a lot of motivational quotes for us to carry on life.

Other than very rational heart warming story, this drama also starred with many good looking actors and actress. So you won’t want to miss an episode of it.

Si Wan as Jang Geu Rae
Byun Yo Han as Han Seok Yeol
I love some of the original soundtracks too:

Tomorrow – Han Hee Jung 

But So – Si Wan

Fly – Lee Seung Yul

Hidden Path – Red Cheek Puberty

Try to browse the review, you’ll see high rating and most people love this drama, even our friends in America also love this!

This series teach me to become tougher and have perseverence in life. Get up and continue to work hard coz real attitude and real success will never fail you.

Cinderella and Four Knights

A story about a broke woman who work so hard to get into university after her mother passed away and her dad doubted that she’s his daughter. Ha Won (Park So Dam) then working for super rich man with a mission to make his grandchildren relationship work well with him. This filthy man will support Ha Won financially with one condition, she cannot date his three grandchildren. As we all can predict, she dated one of them!

In this drama, Park So Dam played with Jung Il Woo . Bitter sweet of the story really heart warming. This drama turns my moody days into a bright one.

I always sit quietly and watch the series, making sure i do not missed an episode of it.

This not like Misaeng which is relevant in life, Cinderella and Four Knights is typical fairytale story. Not too exaggerated in act of sweetness of the male actors, that’s the reason why i like it. I love the chemistry between the roles there. Almost real ❤ī¸

And i kinda have crush for Jung Il Woo too (before, my perfect idea for fine man are Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, and Robert Downey Jr. and now, an Asian man!) and oh i forgot to mention earlier, Byun Yo Han. He always kills every characters he play. I’m a new fans wohoo ❤ī¸â¤ī¸â¤ī¸

Jung Il Woo

Super love the soundtrack too, especially the one from BTOB, called For You.

This is the second time i love korean song! My first one is when Shin Min Ah sang one of the soundtrack of Gumiho. Relaxing, soothing and heartwarming ❤ī¸

Glorious Day

Almost like Misaeng, the drama is filled with good looking actors and actress. The storyline is real too.

You won’t see a love with big gap of background or any other fairy thingy.

Just a mother who wanted her sons to marry women from same class. She might be evil, but she never did anything contrary to the law. No murdering, no poisoning, just give a cold shoulder and  sharp words, which is so relevant and not exaggerated. 

And this drama has happy ending ❤ī¸

Tho the synopsis i give might be a little sad, this series genre is not a sad drama. It’s a romantic comedy. So expect laugh and more laugh.

Gumiho | My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox

This is my very first crush to K-Drama. 

It’s about Gumiho (Shin Min Ah) who trapped into a paint in the temple and manage to make a contact with modern man (Lee Seung Gi) to rescue her. After that Gumiho follows this man everywhere, share her power to this man too. Till the day come that she wanted so bad to become human.

I know the story line does not make sense. This is totally a fantasy. But i love how the story goes and the epic acting of the roles. 


A fantasy and thrill genre. This is an epic drama for me. No time for over romantic love life, this drama make my heart beats race with the plot.

It’s about an old walkie talkie that send transmission and make a detective from the past able to communicate with present day detective.

With the help from both past and present days, criminal case solved one by one. But they need to be careful because changing the timeline might affect the past and future differently. And the danger also closer to them.

Fabulous Neighbour

This is a bad bad bad story to be true in real life.

A wife who is unfaithful then got amnesia, a husband who want revenge because his one and only daughter passed away due to the careless act of his wife and  her love affairs.

This drama is suitable for 28 years old and above since the actors and actress are not so young anymore and the story line is heavy too. However they manage to deliver the story and emotion well.

I love how Seo Do Young played his role here. Romantic, ambitious, cold, gentle at the same time.

Please Come Back, Mister

This is a super funny and heart warming drama, starred Rain as the main man role.

A story about two spirit who back to life but their body were not their previous one. They got into someone else body.

I always laugh so bad in every episode. Hilarious! Perfect drama to enlighten busy stress day.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This drama was recommended by my BFF. It’s about Bong Soon who inherit superhuman power from her grandmother. She is super strong.

She’s in love with her friend while her boss secretly like her, and without her knowing, she also start to like her boss.

Story is super fun and cute, and it doesn’t get me bored since it has a crime scene too.

Doctor Stranger

I can say that this drama very different to others. It involved many medical scene and terms. Genius. Smart.

But just like any other K-Drama, it filled with wonderful love story too. I love how Lee Jong Suk played as Park Hoon here. Charming and smart ❤ī¸

So that’s all about my favourite K-Drama to present days!

I know my synopsis were all boring. I have hard time to deliver it well to you. But i guess you can always google it for yourself 😁 You got the drama titles, so you can check the review by yourself. Sure you will want to watch it.

I have been recommending the titles i listed above to many of my friends and they all like it 💗

They still have their best list too, but my recommendation definitely match their preference too.

So if you have nothing to do on your holiday, i guess it’s the right time to have K-Drama Marathon with the lists i’ve given you.

My BFF, Jessica Salim shared with me directory to stream online:

Look for Newasiantv on your browser. You can streaming your drama fast here. Or you can try dramakoreanindo.com for substitles in Bahasa Indonesia.

Enjoy ❤ī¸

Chasing a Man

Good morning dear friends!

It’s been a while since my last post about relationship.

So i got this questions a lot on my Ask.Fm account (if you haven’t followed, please do so. Search for: Angeliasamodro) . YES, A LOTTT!

Most of them think that It is unfair if we, ladies, can’t do anything to chase or approach first the man we like. Don’t you agree?

I have experienced this too. I have crush with this boy but can’t do much. Yes i can approach him with friendly manner and friendly talk. Friend to friend. And make it not obvious and not too excited while we have conversation.

Thanked God that the feeling was not one sided only. So i can sit back and relax.

At other times, i also tried hard to make myself noticeable to one guy. Through the ups and downs and still he didn’t have the feeling for me.

From those experiences, I personally think that it is not right for a woman to chase a man. The furthest a woman can go is by “friend” approaching style only.

You can’t be the one who always text him all days long, excited to ask about his activities and everything else, while he might just send you a steady and short replies.

I am old-fashioned 😆 sorry.

But in my experience, man will be least interested if the woman is aggressive.

Because….. Even the most shy man alive knows that it is his actions to take, to show the woman he loves all the affection, attention, and confession. Not the other way round.

So what happen if the man keeps quiet this far?

Well he might give you a hint that:

1. He’s not interested

2. It’s not the right timing to confess his feeling yet

3. You’re just his “friend with benefit”

Now, how do we know whether he loves us but still waiting the perfect time or he just not interested?

Observe ❤ī¸

Man can sugarcoat all his words. Woman can lulled into his sugarcoated words.

But our conscience won’t lie. It transmits the signal to warn us whether he’s a good one, or just a bad guy playing around. It’s our choice to ignore or be full guard.

If he really interested and just waiting for the perfect time to make his confession, he will: 

Consistence with his act: Keep texting, calling and care about you no matter what

Be a man of his words: Rather than just telling you sweet words, he will show the actual acts.

Prioritize you: Even in his crazy tight schedule, he will find that 5 secs to update you that he’s doing fine and get back to you later and wish you a great day.

It will be so obvious to see and distinguish.

Even for the most shy man… He will do that.

So princess, wear your crown and chin up. No need to chase the prince. He will come to your door, bow down and ask you to take a ride with him.

That’s about chasing. No need to chase okay.

However i will be super okay and agree if you want to take that first act to say “Hi” first or text him first.

Friend to friend, remember.

Nothing wrong with that.

Or if he keep texts you and you like him, you don’t need to play cool by ignoring him.

Just show him your true feeling too. As long as it’s not exaggerated or over. 

Because if you play it too cool, then he might get the idea wrongly and walk away from you.

Being open will not make him thinks that you’re cheap.

He will think that you’re cheap if you show the attitude of being cheap woman. Not by replying his chat and be nice to him 😊

Let me put this to an end by saying that i know that in this life we have, Cinderella story does not exist.  Fairytale is just a tale. Too good to be true, i know.

But i also know that any greatest true love story never start with the girl chasing the man.

It is always and forever the man, chase the woman.

Or enchanted by her kind/friendly acts then he pursue her.

And in many cases where the woman chase the man first, most of the story doesn’t end well because the man just take the advantage or play around.

It’s all my opinion, you might agree to disagree.

It’s your life. I know what happen to the majority couldn’t be used as the scale. So you can continue doing what you believe to be right.

Just remember, let no man look down on you and you must love and  respect yourself first ❤ī¸

Have a good day ❤ī¸