Summer Style 2018

Summer gonna end in few more weeks (or even some countries has start the Fall season) and I won’t let it pass before sharing my Summer Style Idea with you.

Last year i gave insight for more flowery and casual outfit (

This year, no more flowers but i play with

colors and fun bags.

This kind of dress is so famous for Summer 2018 and glad that I scored one in Mustard color. It’s bright, playful and perfect for Summer.

Bright color jumpsuits could never go wrong for Summer! Paired it with backpack, oh i am so holiday ready! Travel chic!❀️

Next, i paired on my “fit for all-season” frill dress with rattan bag and hat.

Are you agree that this picture really Summer ready? 😍

Last but not least, white color will always in for every season of the weather.

Pairing this Berrybenka Playsuit with bralette for more fun effect and i am ready to rock the day!

All the outfits i wear on the pictures cost me not more than IDR 200,000 on average. Trust me ☺️ Looking chic doesn’t have to be expensive. We just need good eye when shopping and wear the confidence to rock the outfit! You’ll look like a millionaire baby πŸ’‹

That’s all about my favourite Summer 2018 outfit. Tho the outfit preference change, my ultimate Summer Rescue still the same:

– Sunblock

– Hat

– Comfy footwear and

– Eyeglasses

What’s your favorite Summer #ootd ? And which one is your favourite from my style?

Share with me your thoughts and wishing you all a great day!

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Winter Style and TIPS to Stay Warm

Before it is too late and the season change….

I want to share my Winter Style with all of you.

I was lucky that this winter i can go back to United States and had my holiday there. Temperature was around -23′ lowest and 0′ highest when i was there. (And it was freezing cold because US hit by the storms. In facts, it was the most coldest days since 1960 the news reported! Everybody layers themselves like a mummy)

Snow wasn’t that thick because i went to New York on December. The snow thickens around mid January usually.

I will share my tips to stay warm during the freezing cold days too, without wearing too much layers. Sound interesting? Let’s head to the first style.

The Sweet Asian Look

I call this “the sweet asian look” because the westerns tend to be more casual. And the asian…… Mostly tends to look as sweet as possible.

So what do you need?

A cute hat

Cute gloves (usually with poms)

Furry sweater/cardigan

Oversized sweater/dress/pants/skirt

Cute outer or skirt or pants

And a nice turtleneck!

Turtleneck, grey skirt playsuit bought at random boutique.

Boots from Stradivarius (IDR 799K)

Sweater and legging from random boutique.

Headband wool H&M (US $10)

Jacket SEMIR Shanghai (IDR 2 mil)

Outfit from random boutique.

Boots Staccato (i can’t remember the price. It’s between IDR 1-3 mil)

The Casual Look

Now second look. The casual look.

This look not requires many details of your outfit and accessories. Just dress up to your comfort πŸ™‚

So you will only need your best hoodie, sweaters, put the glasses on, and some rocking boots!

Pull & Bear hoodie (IDR 350k)

Legging from TOKO LUCKY 88 with thin fur (IDR 100k)

Boots Rotelli (IDR 1 mil)

For the second photo here, just add on stand out accessories and tadaaa you can turn the simple look to sweeter version! πŸ™‚

(Turtleneck, skirt, from random boutique)

Turtleneck: Uniqlo (IDR 129K)

Jeans: Uniqlo Windblock (IDR 499K)

Boots: Rotelli (IDR 2 mil)

The Edgy Look

Third look is edgy.

Edgy here i assumed as a high fashion.

Bold mix and match of colors, patterns, or being simple but put on eyectaching accessories.

So here you can wear all your outfits but pay attention on the extra details. Not the cute sweet one, but choose one thing that will stand out the whole look.

For example, oversized leg jumpsuit and furry jacket.

Remember the key to any oversize and long outfits is to wear high heels, and preferably the slim one. ❀️

Jacket from Northstorm (US $100)

Jumpsuit (instagram

Boots Stradivarius (IDR 799K)

That’s all about the winter’s look i have.

Now is the time to share the tips to stay warm without being mummy πŸ™ˆ

1. Invest on thermal outfit

I love my Kathmandu merino sets. It is so thin, but gives maximum warm and comfort. Bought this at Australia and cost IDR 800.000 for 1 piece. So both pants and shirt cost me IDR 1.600.000

Down side, it is non static. So you can feel the static when you put off your outfit. And coz it statics, you can expect a light struck on skin. Not always happen, so relax 😊

If you want cheaper alternative, you can buy the Ultra Warm Heat Tech Uniqlo.

1 piece is IDR 399K.

Material is thicker than Kathmandu. Non static. Comfortable.

But for the warm….. i do feel that Kathmandu is warmer πŸ™‚

For guys…. you need to buy either Kathmandu or Marks & Spencer merino or Ultra Warm Heat Tech Uniqlo.

2. Invest on windproof jacket

This is a good deal! Because the one thing that make you suffer during the winter is not the snow, or the cold temperature. They’re nothing. But the wind………. this is the thing that make you stoned and freezed.

So what brand is good? North Face! But i know North Face design is not stylish. So you can go with whatever brand you like. Just make sure it is really wind proof.

It’s great if you can get these triplets on 1 jacket:

Wind proof, water proof, and goose fur!

I have one. The brand is SEMIR . I bought this at Shanghai long time ago. Cost around IDR 2 millions (cheap and affordable for such a quality!)

(Photo please refers to the Sweet Asian Look, the jacket i wore on Brooklyn Bridge)

Another jacket that is so popular is Canada Goose! I’m dying to have one. They have many designs and all is waterproof and windproof. They don’t really use goose fur for the filling inside the jacket, but it is guarantee to deliver you heat to stay warm.

One thing hinders me from buying… the jacket is US$ 900 the lowest πŸ™ˆ

Looking for affordable alternative with great quality?

Primark!!! My dad bought this at London. The price is only IDR 230.000 i love to wear this πŸ™‚

I have no down side comments for this brand, except it can’t be bought easily haha.

So that’s all.

I didn’t wear scarf. I put on gloves and earmuffs only few times when the wind is too strong only.

Gloves and earmuffs, no specific brand preferred.

Oh don’t forget to wear wool socks. It really helps your feet to stay warm, unless you wear UGG boots, then you don’t need wool socks because the boots is warm by default. And waterproof πŸ™‚

So if you still wondering how many layers i put…

I only wear:

Underwear – Kathmandu / Uniqlo pants and shirt – Sweater (super thin. It is not knitted or even thick hehe) for top – legging for bottom – and Semir/Primark Jacket.

And mostly i didn’t even put on my jacket. Coz i carry my son, so i still sweat heavily on those freezing wind moments.

Do you have more tips to stay warm? Please share with me ❀️ i believe many want to know too πŸ™‚

Have a good day!

Summer OOTD

Summer is almost over and i haven't submit my OOTD post 😊

Despite the hot weather that make me sweat a corn, i do really like Summer. Especially to play dress up!

I love it to be flowery, flowy, bright color and comfy when it is Summer.

So before it's too late, here's my favourite pick for #Summer OOTD (Please forgive me that all the pictures were taken indoor… i get busier than before since i start to send my toddler to class)

• Flowy Dress

I love flowy dress…. Chiffon…
It describes Summer well! This outfit is suitable for beach OOTD, as well as going casual at Shopping Mall.
I bought this at random boutique in Bugis Singapore for S$10

• Flowery Outfit

Flower print outfit goes well with summer vibes 😊
My sabrina dress is H&M, i forgot the price. I bought that in US during sale season, it is so cheap.

The flowery flowy dress is from random boutique near Shaw House Singapore during bazaar. Bought that at S$18

• Tank Top + Short

Ultimate style that describes Summer at its best!
Time to show off a bit of your arms and belly if necessary LOL 😆
Don't be afraid to look out of shape. It is summer time!

My HW short is from random store at Mangga Dua Jakarta, i bought that long time ago. Couldn't remember the exact price. But as i remember it, it would be around IDR 90K – 115K only.

Bright red tank top is from Pasar Ubud Bali. Bought that at IDR 115K . Consider it expensive because the material is bad. Over priced.
But i couldn't say anything since i bought it on holiday season and in most visitted place too.
Back in 2014, this top is booming there. Lot of people wearing the same tank, just different color. So wherever i go, i can easily spot my twinsies! 😊

• Blue Stripe Outfit

Aye aye captain!
When i see blue stripes, it relates to nautical things, which relates to the sea…..

When will you plan to visit the sea? Summer!

Though it can be wear daily too, but this prints also describe summer well.

My dress is imported from Bangkok. I once sold this for IDR 100K only on my previous online shop, The Heirloom.

I'm lucky to keep one for myself haha now i can wear this for Summer OOTD Reference.

Now, what else to prepare to rock our Summer OOTD?

  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Earrings and bracelets (Colourful or Boho will be great!)
  • Comfy sandals (slippers or gladiator)
  • Lace cardigan
  • Cute bikini
  • Shoulder bag (colourful, knitted, canvas with cute prints)

And don't forget to apply sunscreen cream before you go outside. It will help to prevent getting the sunburn and spots when we grow older.

That's my pick for Summer OOTD. What do you think about my outfit? Please share with me your summer OOTD too ❤️

Wishing you a great day friends 😍
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Urban Street Style x Levi’s

Hello friends!

Today i want to share with you my OOTD when i had my photoshoot for Levi’s x Sunglass Planet by Optik Tunggal Campaign last May 2017.

The theme for the photoshoot was Urban Street Style.

I am so happy because this style is really my everyday style.

So here’s my first look:

Sunglass: LEVI’S LS 99043 CO1P BLK

Playsuit: Black Kimono Playsuit from Instagram @Javaincloth

Scarf: Random No Brand Scarf with Zebra Prints

Blazer: Grey color from Uniqlo

Shoulder Bag: Charles and Keith

Second look:

Sunnies: LEVI’S LS 98040 CO4P 49 GOLD

Top: Black Sabrina from instagram @ikaletsshop2

Bottom: Long Cullote in White from instagram @frupi_ig

Pouch: Instagram

Sandal: VNC

Necklace: Choker from instagram @lovelinastore

Third look:

Eyewear: LEVI’S LS 91093 CO2P 52 MBLK

Outer: Black Long Cardi from Instagram

Top: Basic Crop from Pull&Bear

Jeans: Zara Basic


I love how easy it is to mix and match things from my wardrobe for this theme.

Old top suddenly become fashionable with a touch of cool eyewear.

And look at this picture below:

Do you think we slay this look?

I really love this shot. We took it effortlessly.

Good weather, good lighting, and this is it ❀️ Almost look like professional models.

My friend here, Claresta, even said that we’re Kelly and Kendal Jenner copied. ROFL! Pardon our thick skin by saying that πŸ˜‚


So that’s all about this fashion style.

You can definitely re-create this look easily and slay your day ❀️😎

If you happen to live in Surabaya, Indonesia, you can go to Sunglass Planet by Optik Tunggal at Pakuwon Mall.

Simply show this picture (or on my instagram account) or state this code: ANG/SP PKW/517 to get IDR 100K OFF for your purchase there ❀️

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Have a good day, 


Fashion Haul

Hello! I am so excited as I want to share with you my very first post about FASHION ❀

I made “Fashion” Category from the very first time i set my blog but never posted anything about it.

This mainly because i know i’m not modest, not fashionista and i don’t even know what to talk and review and how to pose! I am that bad πŸ˜†

However, i got many questions coming about recommended Online Shop and Clothing Brand/House that i love to wear, just recently!

So, I guess this is the hint that the universe give and the right time to start my very first blog on Fashion Thingy.


As you can see in most of my pics on Instagram, my style of fashion is simple basic daily wear.

Crop top, loose top, basic top, basic blouse, simple dress, pants.

And the guideline i used to accept endorsement is the clothes need to match with my style and personality. 

I don’t need to look so high fashion with all the frills and metallic on my body. I want to be looked simple and applicable in daily life.

So yeah for me, good style is something that i feel comfortable.

Not the brand, not the price, not the model and the hype.

I have tops priced as low as only IDR 50K on my closet. As long as it is comfortable and not lousy ❀

It is true what they said “ada harga ada rupa” (expensive stuffs have qualities) but in shopping, all you need to do is become smart buyer, not high spender!

Those “looking gorgeous and high class” stuffs don’t always come with high price tag if you lucky πŸ˜†

So before i share with you my favourite place to shop the clothes online, i will tell you what basically in my wardrobe is.

Most of the clothes that i have inside my racks are H&M, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, F21 and Zara, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Topshop and outfit from my previous online shop (TheHeirloom) . I really like those brands. I am their loyal customer 😊

I’ve a few Mango and other brands, but i don’t need to list them all since i don’t purchase from them frequently. Right?


So back to the main topic… My favourite places to buy clothes online are mostly from those who have endorsed me.

Yeahh coz i have already known their products (for endorsement) and when the service + products they deliver is good, i am more than happy to spend my money with them.

But not to worry, this post doesn’t dedicate to promote their shop. This is purely out of satisfaction (coz some were purely purchased by me, non endorsement) and they describe my style well!

β€’ Instagram

β€’ Instagram @ohayofashion

β€’ Instagram @yeppo_girlz

β€’ Instagram @bangkokpreordernew

β€’ Instagram @frupi_ig

β€’ Instagram @onychaboutique

β€’ Instagram

β€’ Instagram @abbys.wardrobe

β€’ Instagram @javaincloth

β€’ Instagram

Last but not least

β€’ Instagram @aquathelabel

All the shops above based in Indonesia but some of them also provide worldwide shipping.

The price of the outfit above range around IDR 50K – IDR 900K.

So do check them up ❀️

If you wish to see more about my fashion haul, kindly follow my Instagram account @angeliasamodro .

Let’s be friend and stay connected! See you on next post

Dining Experience at Transmart Lenmarc


Finally setelah berkali-kali dateng buat tulis review dan ngga pernah kebagian meja, akhirnya kali ini bisa duduk cantik dan makan di dalam Transmart Carrefour Lenmarc.

Postingan kali ini mungkin bakal singkat yah soalnya aku bakal bahas dining experience nya aja yah soalnya lainnya udah aku bahas detail di postingan sebelum ini.

Menu yang aku pilih

Jadi di Ground Floor, di deket daerah fish, poultry dan sayuran, ada daerah tempat kita bisa beli dan duduk makan.

Makanan yang disajikan cukup bervariasi, dari Indonesian Food seperti nasi campur dan nasi pilih-pilih (pilih sendiri mau lauk apa dan sayur apa), Dim Sum, Sushi, dan Bakaran.

Dari semua ini yang selalu rame adalah Bakaran.

Harganya cukup murah dan bersahabat. Kayak ayam bakarnya cuman IDR 15.000 , lalu kita bisa pilih sendiri mau bumbu apa.

Aku recommend banget sama ayamnya. Enak lalu dagingnya juga ngga keras. Bumbunya perfect banget. Lalu kalo saosnya aku pilih sambal biasa πŸ™‚

Selain itu kita bisa pilih sosis dan lain sebagainya. Start dari Delapan Ribuan aja. Ekonomis.

Jadi bisa buat makan berat, bisa sekedar buat ngemil ngemil santai.

Nah untuk Dim Sum sendiri harganya IDR 18.000

Hakau nya seru, ada rasa ayam – udang – sama salmon. Harganya sama semua 😊

Jangan lupa cobain jagung manis cumi-cumi, ini unik rasanya hehe belom nemuin di tempat dimsum lainnya.

Kalo soal rasa, sejujurnya rasanya standard yah untuk dimsumnya. Tapi yang pasti bukan berasa ini frozen dan ngga fresh. Masih acceptable banget di lidah 😊

Bakpao isi coklatnya bikin nagih, kecil mungil, hangat, leleh coklatnya. Mantab! Apalagi kita makannya dengan kondisi di luar hujan dingin. Pas jadinya.

Buat yang pingin makan berat dengan nasi-nasi, ada harga paket special juga yang mesti kalian check. Karena promonya bisa berubah-ubah.

Cukup menggugah selera ya dari semua makanan yang di-display? 😊

Kalo buat makan di sini, aku sarankan milih jamnya yang tepat yah. Karena kalo engga, kita bakal berebut meja dan kursi.

Kalo mau nungguin bakal antri lama. Soalnya seperti biasa, ketika makan, jadi ajang untuk bersosialisasi sambil melepas lelah kan, jadi orang makannya ngga bisa cepet.

Kalo mau yang cepet paling beli bakaran atau sushi buat dibawa pergi langsung πŸ™‚

Oh ya.. Pojok Bakarane ini juga rameee ahahaha jadi ada kemungkinan bakal antri lama juga.

Saran adalah, pergi saat weekdays, malam hari πŸ˜† Ini juga masih antri tapi ngga lama kok.

Hadirnya dining area di Transmart Lenmarc menambah pilihan bersantap bersama keluarga saat jalan-jalan. 

Saat lelah berbelanja juga jadi terhibur bisa ngemil santai dulu.

Mungkin kalo bisa diperbanyak meja dan kursinya bakal lebih nyaman lagi dan menampung lebih banyak customer untuk dine-in.

Pengalaman makan saya cukup menyenangkan. Kalian juga harus merasakan sendiri yah πŸ™‚ Transmart Lenmarc beneran jadi destinasi berbelanja seru buat aku dan keluarga.

Tadi sehabis makan kita juga sempetin belanja bulanan lagi.

Belanjaan kali ini banyakkk banget, struknya sampe panjang banget juga.

Seperti biasa kita beli minyak, roti, keperluan mandi, keperluan Darren, camilan, susu. Aku juga beli handuk dan bantal buat bersantai di sofa rumah.

Harganya ekonomis, ada promo dari bantal yang IDR 99.000 jadi 49.900 aja 😍 Kalo buat bersantai boleh lah ya, cukup empuk tapi bukan yang murah lalu bikin pegel kok.

Darren juga tadi betah duduk di trolley hahaha bisa anteng jadi sempet ambil fotonya. 

Hari ini belanja sama makannya bener-bener puas.

Dannnnn… Sebelum aku mengakhiri blog post tentang Transmart Lenmarc, aku mau berbagi “gossip”.

Kalo di postingan sebelumnya aku bilang Transmart tidak membangun Trans Studio di Lenmarc, ini aku lihat ada space loh buat area permainan. Yaiyyy πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€£

Mungkin bukan wahana besar seperti Trans Studio, tapi kita bisa expect area bermain lainnya yang cukup luas.

Ngga sabar banget jadinya biar cepet kelar. Begitu kelar, aku yakin pasti bakal semakin rame dan seru belanja di sini yah. Soalnya one stop shopping experiencenya bakal bener-bener terwujud .

Dan bakal jadi satu-satunya di daerah Surabaya Barat ❀

Let’s wait and see dan berharap cepat selesai area bermainnya. In the mean time, keep calm dan jangan lupa cobain sendiri serunya shopping di Transmart Carrefour Lenmarc.

Woman Trunk Show 2017 (Dual Language)

Hi everyone πŸ™‚

[If you are an english user, kindly scroll to the bottom. I have the report writen in english there]

Sabtu 22 April 2017, aku diundang hadir di acara seru yang diadakan WomanBlitz dan Surabaya Beauty Blogger, yaitu :

Woman Trunk 2017, yang mengangkat tema Chromatic.

Sedikit background yah kalo ada yang nanyain Apa sih WomanBlitzitu… Nah WomanBlitz ini adalah media elektronik yang ditujukan untuk wanita, yang isinya sangat relevan dan mendidik.

Ada info seputar trend terbaru dari fashion, cerita inspirasi dari wanita-wanita hebat, dan bacaan kesehatan – resep makanan – dan banyak hal lain yang bener-bener bikin wanita cerdas. Kalo cari yang gossip, mungkin ke tetangga sebelah aja ya hehe πŸ˜†

Okay back to Woman Trunk 2017, ini berawal dari ide Mba Lilies Rolina yang mau menggandeng dan menyupport Talenta Indie asal Surabaya. Dari sana, bergabunglah entrepreneur handal asal Surabaya yaitu:

β€’ Me Nail Salon by Elly Sagita yang berfokus untuk kecantikan dan kesehatan kuku.

Untuk Event Woman Trunk ini, Ce Elly membawa tema Mermaid Dream. 

Aku perlu akuin kalo emang nail art itu keliatannya simple tapi ribet banget. Salut banget sama Ce Elly dan Team yang udah telaten bikin kuku mulai dari MC, Models, sampai aku juga dikasih kesempatan buat coba.

Punya aku simple banget emang, maklum ada anak bayi. Kalo kukunya ribet nanti ngga bisa mandiin anak πŸ˜† Untuk kuku ini, aku kombinasiin antara hologram pink + pearly white. Pink nya ada scattered papernya juga.

Kuku yang simple banget gini aja lama lohhh bikinnya. Bener-bener butuh ulet, sama skill.

Lalu waktu nunggu Event sebelom mulai, aku perhatiin banyak Guests yang udah dateng ke Booth Me-Nail, nyapa Teamnya Ce Elly dan bikin Appointment. Dari sini aku kepoin insta mereka, rupanya Me-Nail Salon ini udah ternama banget πŸ‘πŸ» Sering ngadain seminar dan workshop juga.

Buat yang penasaran sama Me-Nail, klik linknya di sini ya. Kalian akan ke-direct menuju profile Me-Nail langsung.

Lalu, Designer kedua dalam show adalah:

β€’ Egie Room by Egie Aksana yang merupakan designer tas-tas cantik.

Buat aku, Nama Egie Aksana ini baru banget didengar. Tapi kenyataannya tetangga kita di Malaysia dan Singapura sudah mengenal tas karya Egie Aksana ini.

1 word for Mas Egie adalah Orisinil. Aku suka banget gimana Mas Egie memasukkan batik yang merupakan ciri-khas nasional kita, dipadukan dengan batu-batu rupawan dalam sebuah tas.

Lebih asiknya lagi, Mas Egie menerima custom design untuk customernya juga. Semua tas dari Egie Room ini juga mendapat garansi. Artinya, tidak perlu kuatir bila tas bernasib malang, dengan adanya garansi, tas yang dibeli di sini bakal selalu dijamin, kalo ada kerusakanpun akan segera diperbaikin.

Pada kesempatan kali ini juga aku mau mengucapkan terima kasih karena Mas Egie juga udah percayain Aku dan Temen Influncer lainnya buat berlenggak lenggok di catwalk sambil bawa tas kecenya.

Pengalaman pertama dan seru banget ❀ Tinggi aku cuman 162cm, pake heels 12cm biar keliatan makin jenjang πŸ˜† Sambil nungguin dipanggil kita semua grogi bukan main. Tiap berhenti di post dan harus pose 10 detik juga sampe grogi harus ngapain haha…

Seru.. Belum lagi rasa pridenya bisa bawa tas terkenal dari G/E Egie Room (click di sini untuk direct link menuju account mereka

Yeiiy. Sukses selalu ya kalian.

And last but not least, Designer ketiga dalam Woman Trunk 2017 ini adalah:

β€’ Nancy Wong Couture by Nancy Wong . 

Yupp dari namanya tidak diragukan lagi kalo Nancy Wong adalah fashion designer yah.

Ada yang special dari design yang ditampilkan Ce Nancy ini. 

Bajunya dibuat dengan sedemikian rupa untuk memantulkan kecantikan alami yang menggunakan, sekaligus memancarkan personality asli dari masing-masing model.

Menurut aku ini penting banget yah. Baju selain bagus, nyaman, harus bisa menunjukkan personality asli yang menggunakan.

Lalu saat fashion show ini aku juga bisa merasakan betapa Ce Nancy bener-bener menaruh hatinya di tiap design dia.

Ohhh, have i told you that the models for Nancy Wong Couture were not Agency Model. Modelnya adalah dokter dari klinik Aesthetic di Surabaya loh.
Diantaranya adalah:

Dr. Hera dari Emdee

Dr. Dewi dari Clariskin

Dr. Adityaningrum dari Maria Elizabeth

Dr. Imelda dari Diandra

Dr. Fanny dari Puraforma

Dan Dr. Meity dari Miracle


Wanita-wanita pekerja professional ini juga bisa melenggang dengan anggun dalam balutan busana karya Ce Nancy.

Kalo kalian masih penasaran dengan karya lain dari Nancy Wong Couture, silahkan klik di sini untuk di-direct menuju Page Official mereka yah.


Woman Trunk 2017 ini menurut aku adalah acara yang sangat spektakuler. 

Woman Trunk 2017 ini yang ditonjolkan adalah benar-benar yang bisa kita gunakan di keseharian. Jadi ngga perlu susah-susah buat ngebayangin “ini bajunya bisa dipakai kapan yah? Ini kukunya bisa buat daily ngga sih? Ini tasnya cocok buat casual, pesta, atau cuman bisa buat nambah koleksi di lemari cantik aja?”

Lalu juga designer nya adalah designer lokal yang bertalenta yang siap go international juga. 

Selain mendukung karya anak bangsa, khususnya Arek-Arek Suroboyo, ini juga menjadi wadah untuk menjalin koneksi baru. Tidak hanya para influencer, Acara ini banyak melibatkan kawan-kawan dari Media.

Aku salut dengan pemikiran Mba Lilies yang mau support karya indie, mengangkat dan memperkenalkan brand baru lokal yang memang pantas mendapat apresiasi dan diketahui public.

Sudah saatnya kita aware dengan karya anak bangsa dan turut mendukung dan memajukan.

Sebut saja Tas dari Egie Room yang sudah mendapat hati di Malaysia dan Singapura. Kita yang di Indonesia juga perlu mencintai dan memberi ruang special untuk prestasi rekan-rekan sebangsa dan setanah air *mulaiii yah bahasanya berat dan puitis πŸ˜†*

Tapi beneran kok, i really mean that.

Aku berharap acara seperti ini boleh rutin diadakan yah. Dan harapannya next time Open for Public hehe soalnya temen aku pada banyak yang pengen dateng juga loh waktu aku post di Instagram.

Mungkin nanti juga jadi makin memperluas peluang designer-designer ini untuk makin dikenal.

Akhir kata, acara seru ini tidak akan terlaksana kalo bukan dengan support dan bantuan dari segenap teman-teman lainnya yaitu:

Hotel Bumi Surabaya sebagai tempat dilangsungkannya Woman Trunk 2017

Fanny_Blackrose yang telah berpartisipasi sebagai MUA untuk acara ini. Semua didandani dengan wowww. Ini jadi penunjang kita semua enjoy ngeliatin modelnya selain juga rancangan designernya ya haha 😁

MakeOver Indonesia untuk goodie bag dan boothnya

Lasalle College Indonesia untuk mendukung woman Trunk 2017

W Models sebagai model 

Et Cetera untuk pakaian yang dikenakan model dari WModels

Uniart ID untuk mendukung kesuksesan Woman Trunk

DNet Provider untuk free wifi selama acara sehingga kami bisa memposting dan InstaStory secara langsung 😊

SafeCare untuk goodie bagnya.

Dannn segenap teman-teman dari Surabaya Beauty Blogger dan WomanBlitz yang sudah membantu mengatur semua sehingga acara bisa berlangsung dengan baik, mengarahkan semua tim pengisi acara, dan menjadi host yang baik.

Sekian report dari saya 😁 Semoga kalian bisa turut merasakan kemeriahan acara Woman Trunk dari tulisan saya dan turut menyupport talenta lokal.

Enjoy the galery below for more pics at the event!

The creative thinker behind Woman Trunk 2017: Lilies Rolina

Evelyn Wong played beautifully to support her sister, Nancy Wong
With Influencer Surabaya: Clarestatok
Before the show started

Left to Right: Mindy (Founder Surabaya Beauty Blogger) – Me – Amelia Gonta (Doctor/Influencer) – Margenie (Miss Earth Indonesia Air 2014) – Fonny Tunggal (Fashion Designer)

β€’β€’β€’ Woman Trunk 2017 Event β€’β€’β€’

Hello. Thank you to be patient with me and scroll this article to the bottom.

I write this article, mainly to target my fellow Indonesians to get to know our local yet qualified designers. Yet, i feel the urge to bring this globally coz these young designers we have, deserve to be known widely.

So let’s start!

Woman Trunk 2017 is an event held by WomanBlitz and Surabaya Beauty Blogger in order to support our local indie designers.

We have:

Me-Nail by Elly Sagita – specializing in nail arts. They are really great! They have conducted several workshops regarding nail art. 

Elly Sagita choose “Mermaid Dreams” as her theme for this event.

Second, we have G/E Egie.Room by Egie Aksana – specializing in bags. Their bags have been known and popular in Malaysia and Singapore too.

If you look at their bags, you can immediately say that the dazzling stones are one of their characters. I love the blinks, who doesn’t anyway? 😍


Nancy Wong Couture – specializing in woman apparel, specially dress.

Frankly speaking, i can’t stop saying “wow” to her designs. Simple, elegant, and you can feel that she really put her heart in each and every design.

All of them have been preparing hard for this Event for one full month.

Their hard work were paid off when the audience gave a warm applaused, as a sign of acceptance and amazed with their original ideas and works.

I am really honored to be invited in such great event, from which i can witnessed that these young talented designers are Indonesians! We have great potential here waiting to be launched widely.

If people from other countries accept their designs, how much – we – indonesians need to do the same and have the pride to wear their masterpiece?

Thank you for showing us our indie designer.

And for you, i hope you do appreciate our local talented designer and show some love by checking their official page on Instagram:

Me-Nail Salon
Egie Room by Egie Aksana
Nancy Wong Couture

Do subscribe. I do believe they will answer your queries gladly ❀

New Hair: OMBRE yaiyy

Become a full time mom and wife doesn’t stop me for being up to date to fashion. Especially hair color!

It is on my top list to have ombre hair and ofc the happening one, in grey shade. 

Tapi… Sama dengan kebanyakan dari kalian yang pingin banget coba tapi udah takut kalo rusak kena bleaching dan lainnya, akupun begitu. Jadi selalu batal dan cuman warnain biasa aja. No special technique.

Untillll.. The famous Blobar Salon announced that they’re going to open their store in Surabaya and give free ombre for one lucky follower.

Let’s have a moment to talk about Blobar before talking about the lucky follower (which is so obvious… ME ME ME) *shameless* #abaikan

Blobar Salon Ini udah terkenal banget di Jakarta! Aku juga tau kalo mau punya rambut dengan warna hits yang bagus, mesti ke Kemang – Blobar.
Coba liatin hasilnya di Instagram mereka. Super WOW. Thumbs up! Dengan warna apapun, super jreng atau soft, keliatan bagus semua. Dan di Surabaya aku belom ngeliat salon yang hasilnya menjamin. Ada satu dua salon, cuman testimony untuk vibrant color belum banyak. Jadi bikin ragu entar rambut kita bakal bagus ato engga.

So balik ke acara free ombre nya, yashh aku menang. Dari 10 giveaway yang pernah aku join, baru 2x ini menang haha God is on my side this time. Thankew Daddy.

Karena giveawaynya temanya Brunette Effect Ombre, pilihan warna aku antara brown, copper, and red. So i choose this loreal red 5.6 . Perpaduan antara merah dan coklat.

Deg deg deg suerrr.. Was afraid that my hair bakal kering karena aku tau ini pasti di bleaching.

Yess mine was 2times bleaching..

Jadi aku mulai dibleaching jam 11.30 am, ditunggu, cuci rambut, bleaching lagi, tunggu dan cuci… Lalu diwarnain… Tunggu lagi 30 mins, lalu diwarna sekali lagi biar maksimal, tunggu, dan cuci.

5.30 pm finally selesai. Lama banget? Yasssshhh!! My flat butt uda makin datar lagi haha.. But it is worth the wait!! Definitely!

Here’re the pictures for you.

Pardon muka jelek. Ambil foto dari samping bukan angle aku si.. Anywayy.. Focus on the hair KAY?? *smooch*😘

Yaiyyy me super likeyy!!! Gradasi warnanya dapet banget.

Dari atas super soft cenderung masih coklat gelap, ke tengah makin coklat, dan ke bawah red! 

Makasih Mas Guntur buat karyanya.. Ngga nyesel kan dibleaching segala πŸ™‚

Rambut juga ngga rusak dan mengerikan kok. Perawatannya sama kayak kalo semir biasa juga. Pake conditioner, serum, jangan lupa hairmask/spa buat jaga rambut.

Bukan lalu kalo ombre ato bleaching perlu perawatan super segala.

Thank you to Merrie Elizabeth as one of the owners yang udah super friendly, ngajakin ngobrol cerita-cerita.

Super happy that u and ur partner akirnya memilih Surabaya duluan buat dibukain cabang. Jadi di kota ini bisa dapetin kualitas hair coloring yang oke πŸ‘

Will definitely go back setelah ini pudar dan try the famous 50 shades of grey! ❀️ or unicorn hair? Galau.. Oke, i still have enough time to think and choose the color buat ke depannya. For now, i can go back for cuci blow and creambath! Girls time.. Pampering self.. Da best!

So if you’re staying in surabaya or jakarta and you want to pimp your hair, but dunno where to go..

Make sure to contact Blobar Hair and try their hair service!

Nb: they don’t pay me or push me to write a review. This is an honest review from happy and satisfied customer. So u can give a try tanpa merasa ini ditulis baik-baik karena disuruh :))

Have a good day and don’t forget to pimp your look!