Rahasia Riasan Wajah Bebas Minyak

Hi semuanya! Post kali ini jadi post spesial loh karena sedikit berbeda dengan blog post aku biasanya, kali ini aku akan berbagi tips makeup. Tips ini bisa digunakan untuk semua jenis kulit loh. Jadi kita semua pasti pinginnya kalau makeup itu bisa halus, menutupi pori dan fine lines, tahan lama, lalu juga bebas minyak kan?Continue reading “Rahasia Riasan Wajah Bebas Minyak”

Elsheskin Review

Good day to my beauty enthusiast family! Hari ini aku mau ngereview ElsheSkin. Salah satu produk lokal yang lagi happening dan yang paling gampang diingat tentang brand ini adalah warnanya yang merah, dan rata-rata semua penggunanya punya kulit glowing. Jadi ketika komunitas aku, Surabaya Beauty Blogger berkolaborasi dengan Elshe Skin, aku juga antusias buat cobain.Continue reading “Elsheskin Review”

Beauty Rollers Review

These past few years people are crazy about Beauty Roller. Indeed, this beauty roller has brought benefit for face and skin. So it doesn’t surprise me if this tool become a trend. Now, there are a lot of different rollers in the market, from Stone (Jade – Rose Quartz) to Stainless, Platinum and more. IContinue reading “Beauty Rollers Review”

Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence Review

Hello my beauty family… Hari ini aku mau share salah satu produk lokal yang uda hype banget beberapa tahun terakhir ini, yaitu Avoskin. Avoskin sudah dikenal sebagai brand dengan produk yang tidak menggunakan animal testing, cruelty free. Pada kesempatan kali ini aku nyobain produk Avoskin yang Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence (PHTE). Essence best seller dariContinue reading “Avoskin Perfect Hydrating Treatment Essence Review”

Face, Body, and Hair Care Favorite

Good day to all of you! Sorry for being MIA for a while now. I’ve been busy with my new start up. But heyy, here i am again, doing the one thing i love: writing a blog. Today i am going to share my favorite face – body – and hair care. Before labelling themContinue reading “Face, Body, and Hair Care Favorite”

Tryme Skincare Review

Akhirnya setelah sekian lama, aku kembali menghadirkan skincare lokal Indonesia untuk direview. Ini untuk menjawab masukan teman-teman sekalian untuk mereview produk lokal. Dan karena aku bener-bener cobain baru menulis review, aku jadi lebih picky untuk menentukan kolaborasi. Kali ini aku memilih Tryme untuk direview, sebagai kolaborasi dengan Surabaya Beauty Blogger, komunitas beauty di mana akuContinue reading “Tryme Skincare Review”

A’bloom by Althea – One Brand Products Review

My love for Althea is growing everyday as Althea keeps on launching new products that really satisfy and important for my skin. And now, Althea introducing a new line: A’bloom , which is very cute. I got every products that A’bloom has, which is: • Meringue Puffs: Giant Meringue Puff and Baby Meringue Puffs, •Continue reading “A’bloom by Althea – One Brand Products Review”

Althea Exclusive: Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and Body Sparkling Mist

Hello everybody! This my very first Beauty Review entry for 2019. So excited to share with you my new found love from Althea Korea, as well as special link to get you, YES YOU, Special Discount (please read until finish). Yesss, it’s their new exclusive items: Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and Sparkling Body Mist ❤️Continue reading “Althea Exclusive: Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and Body Sparkling Mist”

Althea Korea Petal Velvet Series

What is the first thing come into your mind when you hear the word “Korea“? For me, i will jump imagining K-Beauty products. Skincare, makeup. They are all good! Some of the K-Beauty brands open their flagship stores in Indonesia but that’s still not enough. Thank God there’s a trusted online platform where you canContinue reading “Althea Korea Petal Velvet Series”

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review and Updated Skincare

Hello my dearest friends and readers. Today i’m excited to share my review for Kiehl’s Night Recovery Concentrate. Been using this for 3 months now. I always skeptical when it comes to a serum. Because by these far, both cheap and crazily expensive serum never show a significant progress on my skin. And one dayContinue reading “Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review and Updated Skincare”