Kuliner surabaya

Hello… Apa kabar semua? Karena banyak banget yang selalu nanyain recommended places buat kuliner di Surabaya, kali ini aku mau bahas yaa. (For my overseas friends who is planning to visit Surabaya, drop me comment or email me, i will give you the list on English) List nya bakal berdasarkan my favorite! Bisa jadi ituContinue reading “Kuliner surabaya”

Butterhoop – Terang Bulan Mini

Helloooo semuanyaaa.. Udah lama banget aku ngga pernah post tentang “Food” yah. Today aku mau review tentang Terang Bulan Mini – Butterhoop. Yang bukan orang Surabaya ato Jawa Timur mungkin ngga tau apa itu terang bulan yah. Ini martabak manis! Lol Awal aku kerja di Jakarta aku malah lucu, kaget, jadi namanya martabak itu adaContinue reading “Butterhoop – Terang Bulan Mini”

Macaron by Chiboust

Hello girls! I believe that most of us (girls) are really into sweet things. From the sweet scent of the perfume to the delicious sweet tooth. And today I wanna share with you the best Macaron in town (Surabaya, Indonesia). Before i start reviewing this, i want to let you know that i hate macaronContinue reading “Macaron by Chiboust”

Tutto Bono Review

Hello! Today I want to share my personal experience at one of the happening Italian Restaurants in West Surabaya – Tutto Bono. Located at Lenmarc Mall, Ground Floor, Tutto Bono Ristorante Lounge & Bar has classy minimalist design. For the food itself, they offer wide variety range from pasta, soup, and western food like steakContinue reading “Tutto Bono Review”

Singapore food lists

Favourite Picks in Singapore Hello, Fellas! This time i want to share with you my favourite food picks in Singapore ❤️ I lived there in 2008 until end of 2011. So i’ll give you a list that stated not only the fancy expensive food, but also the local and very cheap price, with a deliciousContinue reading “Singapore food lists”