Independence Day Makeup Look

It is August, 17 2017 here in Indonesia 🇲🇨❤️

And today we celebrate Independence Day wohooo…

I guess there're still many things to fight.. this country isn't free yet. Not from the invaders but from within: moral issues, political issues, and of course from the attitude.
It's everyone homework and responsibility to change the nation and be useful for the community.

However still, i love Indonesia and proud to be Indonesian!

Okay, enough with the speech…. Today i create easy makeup special to celebrate Independence Day ❤️

Since i am not expert, you can expect really simple and everyday makeup look coming from me.

Here's my makeup. I choose combination of red, purple, and black for the theme.

Let's go to the detail.

First of all, make sure face is clean and skincare is applied ❤️

Then i use Bare Minerals Vanilla for the foundation.

After that, i countour my nose with CityColor Cream Contour&Highlight.

Now let's focus on the eyes area.

Since my eyelid is small, i put a layer of scotch to make it bigger.

Then i applied Kanebo Black Liquid Eyeliner.


I started using red eyeshadow on the eye. Then add a little bit of black eyeshadow on the edge and blend it.
Then put purple on the centre, blend.
I use red and white eyeshadow for the crease.
But it isn't noticeable since i don't apply any primer.

I don't create a gradation here. I just simply mix and blend the 3 colors (black, purple, red) in order to make new shade of purplish red.

Using the same brush that already has mixed color on it, i draw a thin line under the eye.

For my lip, i use Wardah Chocoaholic Palette, shade Matte09

And for the final touch before putting on my Clinique Powder, i take my Etude House Drawing Eyebrow No 2 and give more definition to my korean shading eyebrow.

That's all about my makeup look for Independence Day Celebration ❤️

Turns out that purple red eyeshadow could look natural for everyday look too 🙂
I used to apply only brown, beige and black eyeshadow for my daily look.

Ohh… I use red and white eyeshadow to draw the flag on my cheek. (Should have borrowed face paint from my sis instead)

Ready to go to Parade (i wish…) lol

What do you think about this look? If you create any Independence Day look, share with me and give me the link. Would love to see and find inspiration too.

Have a good day everyone!

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Review BCL Browlash Ex Water Strong Eyeliner

Hello again ❤️

I'm so addicted to BCL products lately.

You may have already known that most BCL products work in two ways. It's really the best choice for travelling, as well as bringing them inside our makeup pouch for daily as the pouch won't be bulky but still….. we got that ON POINT look ❤️

So here's my second review of BCL Products.

Today i want to share with you about BCL Browlash Ex Water Strong Eyeliner

As you can predict…  Water strong liner means that it's waterproof.. And let me highlight this, it will last for 24 hours!


My eyeliner is in Lady Brown & Pink Beige.

Brown eyeliner will make our eye makeup look super natural ❤️ I love to apply this when i need to welcome guests at home. My look will be on point without feeling too much for house warming. This eyeliner also perfect for sending my boy to school. I look natural without being boring and plain 😆

This could be applied for hangout too. No worries ❤️

Oh have i told you that this eyeliner is 0.1mm only. It helps me to draw perfect sharp, strong line without smudges. Say no no no to shaggy lines!

Since it's two way, it also comes with pink beige chip shadow 😍

The color is super soft……

If you want to make it more visible, just put more layers on it. Then the color will be noticeable easily!

Or…. you can always apply eyeprimer first.

Since the color is super soft, hoho, i can used it as highlighter too! Love love love.

I'm trying to  be as creative as possible.. and of course, i practice light packing.

I'll be travelling with my baby to US. I used to carry 2 big luggages for my own last time, before Darren born. But now, travelling with baby will be trickier. So i must be smart about it and try to pack my stuff light without risking my *cough* beauty appearance 😆😆 #thickskinalert

Okayy sorry for the intermezzo. Now let us discuss about the price.

I got this eyeliner from KayCollection and it costs IDR 255,900 . Honestly, i do think this is for middle up class.

I know there're a lot of good eyeliners on the market and more affordable.

But i'd like to think this way… If it's only for eyeliner, then most probably i will search for better option too.

But it's not only eyeliner. It's also eyeshadow (natural color. Let's be honest, we only use those neutral colors. So having this particular color is enough) and for me, it's not two way. It's eyeliner + eyeshadow + highlighter for me. 3 ways.

And for the sake for easy travelling and still put my appearance on the priority…. yeah, i don't mind to buy this eyeliner 😁🙏🏻😍

It's my honest review about this products.

I do really like everything about BCL.

If you wish to try.. i will suggest you, Water Strong Eyeliner, Gel & Powder Eyebrow and Cream Rouge.

I have reviewed the eyebrow product before. Click here if you haven't read one.
For cream rouge, i tried them during BCL x Kay Gathering event while ago in Surabaya. Click here for the mini review. It's awesome and recommended ❤️❤️❤️ 

Cream Rouge could be used for lip and cheek. Could actually be used for eyeshadow too! 😍

That's all from me. Good luck trying and wish me luck for BCL x Kay Road to Japan Competition 💗

Feel free to drop any comment if you want to discuss or find out more about this product ❤️

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The Unique Blogger Award

Good day dear friends!

I am excited as i wrote this up.
I was nominated for "The Unique Blogger Award" by my fellow blogger Niken Martini on 27 July 2017.

Thank you Niken 🙂 Do visit her blog. If you enjoy reading mine, you'll enjoy reading her blog! It is informative ❤️ Lifestyle guide

[please bear with me and read to the end, i am nominating some of my fellow bloggers. It could be you!]

By now, you might be wondering what is The Unique Blogger Award about and who start this, or who will be the winner for this award.

I did a research and find no answer. So my best explanation will be this is a wonderful positive thread that is happening in blogging world. Millions of blogger around the world participate on this award.

If this is just a thread, why should join when people nominate you?
Frankly speaking, if someone asking me to join the fun, the positive fun, why holding back? 😊 let's join the hype. This award also have rules in which you must nominate 8-13 bloggers.

I believe the person who nominated you and me follows many influencers. To be remembered and picked for the top 13 on his/her list is awesome for me ❤️ You are remembered! You do a great job inspiring others.

As a new blogger, i feel so honoured and of course beyond happy ❤️ (I know i am not the winner and this kinda loop where you can nominate others too.. but still….. it is a big deal! 😍)

Before, i felt inferior and couldn't see to which group i am belong in the blogging world.

Is it a Fashion Blogger, Food Blogger, Beauty Blogger, Motivational, Parenting or just simply write nonsense out of my brain? 😆

Not only that, i notice that my english is bad too.

But heyyyy… Thanks to all of you who showing me love and support by reading, following, subscribing, liking and dropping a comment 🙂
You all made my day and make me know that i am accepted and loved ❤️

Thus, give me more motivation to write and share my experience with you. I will continue to do my best and i do really hope for your continuous and longterm support for my blog 💗🙏🏻

Now i am carrying a duty as the nominee of Unique Blogger Award.


1. Share the link of the blogger who shown love by nominating you

2. Answer 3 questions from your nominator
•• What are your favourite place for holiday? ••
To be honest, i really like somewhere with cool weather to be my fav place for holiday. Why? Because i do think my brain could explode real soon! I need to cool it down.
Cool weather here doesn't necessarily means a place with snow or mountain. Beach is also my fav place. I could feel the wind blows 🙂 love that!

•• What is the best thing you ever do for your life? ••
Stand up for my own values 🙂
Tho people mock at me, tho others despise, i will always stand on my principle of life. I won't just follow the majority. I will do the best and keep my path as straight as possible. Not to be called saint or angel, i want my conscience to be true and right and pure. And even more to pleased The One i owe so much for this undeserved life and blessings.

•• What will you do during me time?••
I love to read good books with music on my ear while munching sweet treat at Cafe and i will end my day with scented candle and mask on my face ❤️ Perfect!

3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award

Congrattttts guys! You deserve to be a nominee. You inspire me so much. (Don't forget to copy the rules, and answer 3 questions from me. Questions available on the next paragraph)
I really want to nominate all of the blog that i follow. Since i am limited to select only 13 max, so that's my list. But for those who are not in the list, please know that i love you and love your blog ❤️ that's why i follow you. Surely will pick you for the next award 🙂

4. My 3 Questions For Candidates
1. What are the things you like about being blogger?
2. What are the things you hope to achieve as blogger?
3. What is your dream?

Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

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Cetaphil Facial Wash Review

Good day to you friends! ❤️

As a woman, i do really concern about products that i am going to use. Especially when it comes to skin care. Including facial wash.


Face wash is important as it is the first step of any beauty skincare regime to achieve that healthy skin.

Healthy from the dust, healthy from the UV, healthy from makeup residue and more.

I have been trying many brands from drugstore like Pond's, Garnier, to the premium brands like SK-II.

And so far, my skin doesn't show any signs of irritation or other thing that make me need to stop from using it.

The reason i change the brand is because i always want to find the best for my skin.

This habit change when i started to travel during Winter season, to the country with super cold weather.

Turns out that the brands i've tried before can't really protect me from this weather. My face become extremely dry.

** please note that my skin is sensitive and this might not happen to you. My mom and sis don't face this problem when travelling during Winter (degree below 0'C)

I went to marts and Sephora and bought different brands and they all gave me the same result.

Until i went to Wallmart and find Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser.
Yeah for face. Not that Gentle Skin Cleanser that could be used for face and body. It is hard to find in Asia. I can only find this at US (so far. Or maybe i haven't explore many marts to find them at other countries)


Why i love Cetaphil Facial Cleanser?

Cetaphil Daily Cleanser is super mild, non irritating even for sensitive skin.

This could be used for deep cleansing, not only removing the oil and dust, this facial wash could cleanse makeup. 

Suitable for all skin type.

It moistures my skin from dryness during winter, but also suitable for humid weather in Asia.

Super affordable

That's why i really love this product and always buy some to bring home.

The downside would be because it is not easy to find 😦

My other option would be the Skin Cleanser: Face & Body

Same as Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser, this is also mild and non irritating. Since it is mild enough, it could be used for baby skin .

This could be used for bodywash and facewash.

Easy to buy wherever you go.

Downside: not for deep cleansing, can't really wipe off our makeup residue.

Both type of Cetaphil Cleanser i mention above can protect me from dryness. It is gentle to my highly sensitive skin. If i have acnes or breakouts, the troubled areas won't get dry or irritate as well ❤️

I have stopped trying new facial wash and rested my final choice on Cetaphil.

I even used Cetaphil products for my baby boy ❤️

Too bad, i could only find the shampoo, lotion, massage oil, and the body&shampoo in Indonesia.

I love the Ultramoisturizing Bath & Wash.

That's why everytime i travel overseas, i would buy a lot of this Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Bath&Wash. and i could just buy the shampoo here.


My family and i really love how Cetaphil take a good care of our skin. What about you? Share with me if you have the same experience ❤️

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Vions Beauty Korean Shading

Hello semuanya…

Jaman sekarang uda bukan rahasia lagi kalo eyebrow adalah hal yang harus dikuasai para wanita yah.. Entah gambar sendiri, shading, tato ataupun sulam.

Nah aku sendiri termasuk yang punya zero tolerance for pain. Jadi buat aku, sulam / shading adalah hal yang aku hindari. Walopun hati pengen bangetttt biar bisa “i woke up like this” dengan alis selalu cetar gitu, tapi ngga kesampean karena nyali kecil. Aku cuman bisa improve skill gambar manual pake pensil.

Nah tepatnya 16 Juni 2017 kemarin, aku nekad banget keluar dari comfort zone aku dan ngeberaniin diri buat Korean Shading.

Buat yang tanya Korean Shading itu apa sih… Korean shading ini hasilnya nanti natural banget kayak kita pake pensil alis biasa. Lalu bentuknya block gitu yah. Bukan yang guratan-guratan. Untuk hasilnya bisa bertahan 1-2 tahun tergantung perawatan masing-masing. Korean shading 3 hari awal bakal “jelek” karena tebal dulu warna dan bentuknya. Setelah itu peel off dan super natural.

…. aku korean shading sama Vions Beauty by Silviana Ong ❤️

Yang di Surabaya pasti udah pada tau yah. Rata-rata baik influencer, blogger, sampe orang umum shading dan eyelash extension di cece cantik satu ini.

Maka dari itu abis rajin stalking hasil shading Vions Beauty dan konsultasi via chat, aku coba buletin tekad dan ngeberaniin diri buat bikin appointment dan di shading sama Silvi.

Yukk kita bahas detail pengerjaan Korean Shading ini yah ❤️

Jadi step awal yang dilakukan adalah gambar alis. Di sini Silvi bakal bikin yang sesuai bentuk wajah kita. Boleh request juga. Proses gambar alis ini pake pensil alis biasa.

Ini agak take time yah karena harus dipastikan sesuai sama wajah dan hati kita ❤️

I do suggest buat kalian lebih kritis dan jangan malu ato sungkan ngutarain keinginan kalian.

Meskipun itu berarti minta Silvi ganti bolak balik gambar alisnya. Jangan ragu dan sungkan.

Masalahnya shading ini 1-2 taon loh. U gonna live with it. Jadi make sure bentuknya kamu cocok.

Silvi juga akan nanya berkali-kali “uda suka belum? Uda cocok? Coba dilihat lagi” dengan super ramah dan sabar.

Untuk aku sendiri cukup cepet. Soalnya tipe alis yang kita suka sama. Jadi Silvi tinggal sesuaiin bentuknya biar lebih rapi dan perfect ❤️

Nah langkah keduanya adalah pemberian obat. Ini untuk anastesi.

Setelah itu ditunggu 15-20 menit baru mulai sesi pengerjaan.

Waktu Silvi bilang dia mau mulai, dia nunjukin kalo jarum yang digunakan adalah baru. Jadi jangan takut kena penyakit ato ngga steril 😊

Saat itu aku mulai deg-deg an si. Aku facial aja juga pake anastesi. Dan itu masih nangis kesakitan. Aku ngeri gitu.

Ternyata waktu dimulai, NGGA SAKIT SAMA SEKALI! Aku juga surprised banget 😆

Silvi yang notice aku awalnya gugup lalu jadi santai juga nanya “gimana? Ngga sakit kayak bayangan awal kamu kan yah?” Aku jadi tersipu malu hahahhaa *lebay* 🤡

Pengerjaannya kurang lebih 2.5 jam. Aku agak lama karena sensitive yah kulitnya. Jadi ada darah yang keluar dan Silvi harus stop, kasih obat lagi, tunggu kering lagi, baru mulai kerjain lagi.

Walau ada darah yang keluar tapi ngga sakit kok. Ada perih dikit kayak kalo tangan ngga sengaja kegores pinggiran kertas. Gitu aja.

Aku yang cupu dan ngga tahan sakit banget bilang ini super nyaman dan ga sakit, aku yakin kalian malah lebih tahan banting 💪🏻

Setelah selesai semua, aku dikasih vitamin gel. Gel ini selain untuk ngobatin juga untuk peel off shading yang tebel banget.

Kalau ngga ada acara atau kebutuhan mendesak, sebaiknya dipakai 1x sehari, malam sebelum tidur. Tinggal dioles di alis. Ini supaya warnanya juga lebih tahan lama.

Tapi kalau buru-buru mau cepet say byebye to alis Sinchan karena ada acara, boleh dipakai sehari 3x.

Aku sendiri karena terdesak uda mau pergi liburan, biar fotonya kece, aku pakai 3 kali sehari: pagi setelah mandi, sore setelah mandi, malem sebelum tidur.

Oh ya, setelah shading uda boleh cuci muka loh. Jadi ngga perlu takut muka kucel atau takut kalo cuci lalu hasilnya sia-sia.

Yuk lihat hasil shading aku day by day dari jadi Sinchan sampe super natural 😊

Sekitar alis masih merah semua. Bentuk alis tebal dan kaku
Tidak ada bekas kemerahan. Warna masih tebal, bentuk mulai natural

Bagian depan alis sudah mulai peel off
Peel off 90% sisa bagian belakang saja
Kiri: Sudah dengan makeup tipis tanpa menambahkan pensil alis lagi. Foto kanan: zoom in bentuk dan warna shading setelah 100% peel off

Sukaaa banget 😍

By the way, Kalian pasti sering denger katanya saat mau peel off itu gatel banget, aku ngga ngalamin yah. Gel yang dikasih itu juga vitamin biar ngga kering. Jadi nyaris tanpa gatal. Kalo gatel mungkin cuman dua detik. Tinggal ditekan tekan bentar aja uda hilang.

Gimana… Jadi pada pengen shading juga ngga? 😍😍😍

Eyebrows on fleek

Ini beneran hemat waktu makeup. Aku suka banget. Mana Ce Silvi super ramah loh. Ditanyain apa aja juga dijawab. Dia juga telaten banget bikinnya.

Super recommended 👍🏻

Untuk Korean Shading seperti ini, Pricelist hingga end July 2017 adalah:

Lalu Vions Beauty juga menyediakan Eyelash Extension, BB Glow Treatment. Tinggal konsultasi aja dan book treatment yang kalian mau.

Aku udah suka dan cocok banget. Bakal balik Vions buat retouch-retouch biar ngga ribet lagi kalo makeup ❤️ selamanya hahahahaha *happy beyond measured*

Let me sum up this review dengan kasih tips and tricks buat Shading alis:

1. Browse first hasil pengerjaan / portofolio nya

2. Make sure bentuknya kalian beneran suka

3. Siapin mental buat jadi “jelek” di hari awal

4. Jangan dikelupasin sendiri, biarin peel off natural dibantu sama vitamin gel nya
5. Hindari pemakaian produk skincare yang mengandung whitening di daerah alis supaya hasil tahan lama

6. Hindari pemakaian masker di daerah alis
Quite easy right?

I got so many compliments for my korean shading ❤️ I hope this review jadi bantu kalian buat punya gambaran soal shading eyebrow itu seperti apa dan jadi berani juga 😊

Do contact Vions through instagram @vionsbeauty or line official @vionsbeauty (menggunakan “@”)

Kalian  ngga akan kecewa ❤️🙏🏻 

Thank you for making my eyebrows effortlessly on fleek, Vions Beauty .

BCL Browlash Ex Eyebrow Gel and Powder Review

Good day beautiful souls ❤️ First of all, let me say Happy Eid Mubarak to all my friends who celebrate this moment 🙏🏻

Today i want to share with you a secret for on fleek eyebrow .

I have thin eyebrow hair. This make me cannot go out without "drawing" my eyebrow first.

I feel naked without it 😞 i know it sounds cheesy, but how many of you can relate to this feeling?

And thank God for this BCL Browlash Ex that i got. It saved my day, my eyebrow, and perfect for travelling too. Wanna know why i say so?


BCL is a Japanese Brand.

And one of their best selling products is this Browlash Ex. 

It's a two ways magic wand.

The first side is for us to draw the frame . I love how thin the pencil is. It's perfect to draw the eyebrow, especially to make the sharp end angle! Plus.. because it's super thin, the color also super fine ❤️ natural

Second side is the powder. This to fill the eyebrow and make it looks soft and natural. Super easy to blend.

What i love about this Browlash is i can use the powder to contour my nose too! Yes true ❤️👍🏻

It's soft and natural. The result isn't obvious so you can't see the visible straight line on my nose. In which, pro MakeUp Artist say that's the right way to contour nose.

Visible straight line will make it look fake and unnatural.

But i do know that some people prefer to have the straight line on the nose. If you wish to achieve that with this BCL Browlash, you just need to apply more layers.

Don't you think this is perfect for travelling? We don't need to pack many beauty stuffs. Just this magic wand and we can have perfect nose and eyebrow 😍

Moreover, this Browlash Ex has a durable formula that will last for 24 hours no matter how hard we sweat, swim, or cry 😍

Always look on fleek for 24H sounds pretty amazing for me ❤️ not to mention the cute Minnie Mouse character on it. I'm a Disney lover! Minnie Mouse is a legend, so does this BCL Browlash Ex.

Time to discuss the price and how can you get this product..

The price is IDR 224,900 . Definitely not the kind of drugstore makeup. I honestly do think that the price is worth  ❤️

I got this from KayCollection.

You can purchase online (worldwide shipping) at or through its instagram @kaycollection .

You can also visit their stores. In Surabaya, Kay has stores at TP3, Pakuwon Mall , also available at SOGO Cosmetics Galaxy, TP4, Pakuwon Mall.

Don't forget to join Kay x BCL Competition: Road To Japan ❤️

Blogger & Vlogger, all you need to do is reviewing BCL Products.

For Beloved Customers, just buy minimum 2 BCL products and you got the chance to win this trip!

Check the full information on my previous post:

More info about BCL, kindly follow its instagram account @bcl_company_official

Last but not least, wish me a great victory a.k.a win the ticket for Japan Trip with BCL and KayCollection ❤️🙏🏻🎉👏🏻💗

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Beauty Redefined with Shiseido


If you follow my blog, then you already know that few weeks ago i've posted about Beauty Service at Shiseido Counter and bring home a wonderful red box consists of 6 items from Shiseido. Both the best selling and the newest collections were inside the box ❤️

As i promised earlier that i am going to do a review about the products, so here i am today. Fulfilling my words 🙂

But before we start, let me give you a short Event Report when i attended Beauty Redefined Event on Thursday, 15 June 2017 at Atrium Pakuwon Mall Surabaya. It was the biggest pop up store for beauty bazaar in Surabaya.

The event started around 7 p.m and it was fun, filled with informative tips about beauty as well as knowledge about Shiseido products.

On one occasion, MC of the event called one lady, named Michelle from Australia. She gave testimony that she used Shiseido Ultimune for 2 weeks and had already felt the big difference. She likes it ❤️ [Wait for my review down below. I have prepared it for you]
After held a talkshow with the audience, MC guided us for tour to each booth on the Bazaar. There were:

Skin Sensor Check Booth – We can get free skin check here to know about our skin firmness, moisture level and more. After a deep screening and consultation, The Beauty Consultant will introduce you to the right Shiseido products to answer your skin need.

Play Makeup Room – We can try many make up products here. From lipstick, eyeshadow, to the latest collection of mascara and cushion! ❤️

Makeup Booth by Professional - Here the makeup artists will help you to do touch up or even do the makeup from your bare face situation.

Massage Booth – Expect a relax moment here. From face to hand massage. Definitely refreshing!

Styling Booth by Shiseido Team – Here, The Team will makeover your hair, from a curl to another hair style, and of course all the products were from Shiseido Hair Series. I love the serum. It made my dry hair become manageable.

Ring Light Photobooth – A booth for you to take picture using the ring light after enjoying the treatment series from Shiseido Pop Up Store. Pampering kinda day!❤️

It was really amazing event. I got the chance to wear kimono and took the picture before i went home ❤️


Now let's start with the products review ❤️

Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is all time favorite best seller products.

I used this serum 2 times a day, morning and evening after cleansing, before i apply my moisturizer. After applying this serum on half of the face, i can notice a huge difference between the 2 areas. Area which has been covered by this serum is supple and smooth as compared to the other area ❤️

I love the scent of this product. It isn't a powdery or flowery scent, i can't really describe what smell is that, but one thing i know, the scent is good and fresh.

Daily use of Ultimune will help make skin visibly brighter, softer, and more hydrated.

It claims that wrinkles and lines will appear less visible too if you use this product regularly.

No wonder Michelle, one of the audience during the Event likes it. I love it too ❤️

• Shiseido Shampoo & Scalp Essence

Do you know that many professional and premium salons use Shiseido Adenovital series?
It's super recommended to grow more baby hair which lead to thicker hair.

I haven't tried this two products long enough so i can't really tell you the result or seeing many new baby hairs. 

However i wanna discuss the scent. Shiseido shampoo smells really good ❤️ and the essence has a mentol/mint scent.

I feel great after usage.

• Shiseido 7 Lights Powder Illuminator

The powder is one of the latest products for Shiseido Makeup and definitely my favourite ❤️ 

It consists of 7 different colors. Soft rainbow color and comes with super soft brush applicator.

Perfect to make face skin looks radiant and shimmer.

I also use this for highlighter and blush on.

The result is soft and natural. Super recommended 👍🏻

Shiseido Full Lash Multi Dimension Mascara

The brush is super gentle! I surprised that it's easy to be applied even on very thin and short lashes like mine. 

After i google more about this mascara, i just knew that Shiseido’s easy to use peanut shape brush exclusively bends 30 degrees and rotates 360 degrees and works with the natural curve of the eye to lift and fan from the root.

So don't worry if you want to bend the brush, it won't break 😊

For perfect result, don't forget to use Eyelash Curler first.

• Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Duo

My crush ❤️ i love this Eyebrow Styling Duo.

The pencil is thin, sharp, it's perfect to make a natural eyebrow strokes. The color is soft and light. If you need more definition on the eyebrows, i do suggest to press a bit so the color will get darker.

I used the powder to blend and smoothen the color even more. Especially on the edge near nose.

That's all about the review. Are you ready to see how the result turns on my face?

What do you think?

I personally love everything on that picture. It's natural, soft, and fresh.

Thank you Shiseido for giving me the chance to try your wonderful products. I really like it ❤️

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