Resilience: New Way to Prepare Your Child Future Ready

Halo kepada teman-teman pembaca Angelworlds. Hari ini aku mau sharing hal yang aku dapetin dari acara Talkshow Nutriclub berjudul: Resilience is the New Way to Prepare Your Child Future Ready. Walaupun acaranya oleh Nutriclub dan ada judul “child”nya, bagi kalian yang masih belum berkeluarga dan masih muda, aku harap tetep stay di sini dan bacaContinue reading “Resilience: New Way to Prepare Your Child Future Ready”

Surabaya Beauty Blogger 3rd Anniversary Event Report

I was so excited and looking forward to join my beloved community anniversary. Yes Surabaya Beauty Blogger is turning 3! I have joined them for 2 years now. Time flies ❤️ On this post, i want to take you on Sunday 24th November 2019, when the celebration happened and feel the fun together. We celebratedContinue reading “Surabaya Beauty Blogger 3rd Anniversary Event Report”

Face & Body Treatment at Pacific Klinik Surabaya

Yang tinggal di Surabaya pasti udah tau sama yang namanya Pacific Klinik. Klinik kecantikan dan spa satu ini sudah berdiri cukup lama dan turun-temurun. Jaya di masanya. Sampai sekarang Pacific Klinik tetap aktif mengikuti perkembangan jaman untuk memberikan treatment terbaik bagi perempuan di Surabaya. Aku berkesempatan melakukan HIFU & RF (Radio Frequency) body treatment jugaContinue reading “Face & Body Treatment at Pacific Klinik Surabaya”

The Great 50 Show Circus Surabaya: Circus Like Never Before

So honoured and happy to become the first Surabayan to see circus performance by Oriental Circus Indonesia called The Great 50 Show on Wednesday March 13th, 2019. On this post I will share with you my experience, the schedule and ticketting, and also tips from me to experience the best of the show! We shallContinue reading “The Great 50 Show Circus Surabaya: Circus Like Never Before”

Pressed Flowers Arrangement for Decoration

Are you into flowers and plants for decoration and have been trying to preserve it but fail? Because i do! And most of the times my flowers and plants become dry and the color only turn to brownish black *sad* And then, as if the universe sending me the signal, i found from myContinue reading “Pressed Flowers Arrangement for Decoration”

Savvy Minerals Review + Makeup Inspiration

Last Saturday, 14 July 2018, i was invited on Afternoon Talkshow about “Healthy and Wealthy with Savvy Minerals and Young Living Essential Oils” hosted by Surabaya Beauty Blogger, WomanBlitz, Healthy Wealthy Oils and Oils Holic. I believe many of us has heard about Young Living Essential Oils, the pioneer of therapeutic grade essential oils. AndContinue reading “Savvy Minerals Review + Makeup Inspiration”

Unboxing Perfect Beauty ID Goodie Bag

Halo semuanyaaa.. Hari ini aku lagi mau share ke kalian gimana rasanya unboxing goodie bag dari Perfect Beauty ID. Jadi the story behind goodie bag ini adalah karena Perfect Beauty ID hadir sebagai salah satu narasumber dan sponsor untuk Surabaya Beauty Blogger6th Soiree yang diadakan Sabtu 21 April kemarin. Sedikit cerita mengenai Perfect Beauty IDContinue reading “Unboxing Perfect Beauty ID Goodie Bag”

Marcks Venus Beauty Gathering and Products Review

Hello beauty lovers.. Bulan April ini banyak banget Beauty Event yang aku hadirin. Dan hari ini aku mau cerita sedikit tentang Event dari Marcks Venus Indonesia yang didukung oleh Tabloid BintangIndonesia tanggal 28 April 2018, hari Sabtu lalu. Kali ini Surabaya Beauty Blogger berkesempatan mendengar Beauty Talkshow dari Dr. Linda Astari, SpKK dan ada sesamaContinue reading “Marcks Venus Beauty Gathering and Products Review”

Shinzui Ume Complete Your Day Event & Products Review

Good day to you Beauty Lovers. On Saturday 20th January 2018, i was invited to come to the Launching of Ume Body Mist from Shinzui at One Pose Cafe Surabaya. The theme was White and Pink with the tagline “Complete Your Day”. Why “Complete Your Day”? Because these cute body mist meant to complete yourContinue reading “Shinzui Ume Complete Your Day Event & Products Review”

Absolute New York First Flagship Studio in Surabaya & Products Review

A lot of good things happen to beauty enthusiasts in Surabaya. Many beauty brands is opening their flagship studio in this city. One of them is Absolute New York . I was super lucky to be invited by Clozette to attend the opening store of Absolute New York. Taken place at Ciputra World First Floor,Continue reading “Absolute New York First Flagship Studio in Surabaya & Products Review”