Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick Review

I won’t lie that i can’t have enough of lipsticks! I have so many in my drawer, but i still want to buy some more! And this time, i can’t hold myself as i saw Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick: Milk Latte Collection.

Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick
Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick

As soon as i received my package, i directly have my first swatched!

My first impression was “Ohh wow!”

The first “Oh wow” is because i love the color. The Milk Collection is a coral color, which is my all time favourite color for lipstick or lipcream.

It comes in 2 shades:

01 Nudy Pecan

Dasique nudy pecan color
01 Nudy Pecan

This Nudy Pecan shade is warm and cozy! It’s nudy coral color. I do think this shade is perfect for base color as well.

And shade 02 Maple Latte

Dasique maple latte color
02 Maple Latte

Maple Latte shade is slightly darker. It’s a warm rose color.

Dasique soft velvet lipstick shade swatch
Shade comparison

And here’s the first swatched i did after i unbox my package. The upper color is 01 Nudy Pecan and the lower color is 02 Maple Latte.

Ready for my second “Oh wow”?

Dasique branded this lipstick as soft velvet lipstick. And yesss, as soon as i swatched it on my hand, oh it glides smoothly and extra soft! It feels as if the lipstick melt on my skin. Oh wow!! Rite?

How about applying on lip? Feels the same! Smooth and soft, and melt!

As Dasique named this soft velvet lipstick collection: Milk Latte, the texture of the lipstick reminds me of sipping a latte foam. Milky, soft, fluffy, and melt on the lip. Rite? 🥰

I have few other lipsticks said that they are velvet lipsticks, but they don’t have this smooth soft texture as compared to Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick. I am in love 😍

The third “Oh wow” might be a little cheesy for many of you, but pardon my excitement, because this bullet lipstick packaging is magnet! So it’s very easy and fun to use and put it back.

Not to mention the elegant emboss on top and the minimalist font used.

D/q embossed on the top

And the box is minimalist but pretty, with beautiful wording such as:

“True love brings up everything – you’re allowing a mirror to be held up to you everyday”

“Blooming your own beauty”

Reading it gives me a sense of loved! Don’t you feel the same?

Who’s here love to do layering / ombre lips? I found this one at Charis, and believe it will help you who love to make ombre lips look.

First step, apply Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick 01 Nudy Pecan on your lips. Blend with your finger.

Continue to apply Dasique Soft Velvet Lipstick 02 Maple Latte on the inner side of the lips, then blend again with finger.

And tadaaaa! Soft natural Ombre lips! perfect for everyday used.

I Prefer to apply this lipstick for daytime. As for nigh time, i do need darker shade or else, i will look pale. The 02 Maple Latte can be used for night also. But then, i need to reapply few times to build the color and make it darker.

So are you on for another lipstick spree? This bullet lipstick is a must!

If you curious and cannot wait to try this yourself, i put the link here for easy access and shop.

Dasique is Korean Brand by the way. And if you are residing in Indonesia, you can get this one, ship locally from Charis! So no need to wait long for the shipment process from Korea to Indonesia.

Here’s the link.

Thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed reviewing this product and wrote for you.


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