Keenoniks Wonder Remedy Tube

It’s March 2022 but I want to say Happy New Year because this is my first post for 2022. I feel guilty letting a cob web on my blog. Life has been hectic but good. Good news, I am here, back on my writing hobby. So, once again Happy New Year and thank you for still here on AngelWorlds ❤️

Today, I am going to review Keenoniks Wonder Remedy Tube.

I got this from Charis website. However, once my ordered was finished, I can only see this product listed, but no longer can purchase it. Too bad, I guess it was some kind of OOS (out of stock) or maybe shipping regulation to Indonesia from Korea.

Still, I am going to review this. In case the stock back to normal and you and I can purchase it, we’ll all have been well informed from this review 😍❤️

Keenoniks Wonder Remedy Tube

Sounds familiar with Keenoniks? I have reviewed its Rosy Tone Up Sunmilk, a sunscreen that i swear with all my heart, i love it so much!! Finally found my perfect sunscreen.

Based on this past experience, I dare myself to try this Wonder Remedy Tube.

Wonder Remedy Tube is a 2 in 1 products. It’s a soothing cream as well as moisturizer cream to moist and firm our skin.

Price is IDR 323.000 for 50ml .

It contains of:

Centella Asiatica extract 57% which keeps real cica material. Cica is famous for its healing properties.

– Forest scent by natural herb extract from grass in France

– D-panthenol (Vitamin B5) : excellent for moisturizing and soothing troubled skin.

– Allantoin : good for soothing and relieving skin

– Phytosphingosine : which strengthens skin’s power to protect and defend and helps to promote of ceramide synthesis.

Keenoniks Wonder Remedy Tube is EWG Green Grade (can be applied on skin safely), contains no artificial perfume, hypoallergenic tested.

Now is the time for the one million dollar question, why i want to try this in the first place?

Because it contains CICA. My answer is simple and basic. I have tried many famous and expensive products that contains Cica, all were good, but they all have one thing in common: a bit heavy overtime.

It’s like, i love their products for a month or more, but then it felt heavy on my skin, as time passed by. And become more greasy. Although i need to admit that my skin also healed and good, still, i can’t use that for too long and need to find substitute.

So yessss, i want to give Keenoniks a try! I mean i also almost gave up finding perfect tinted suncreen for myself. And now i fall in love, who knows i would fall in love with Keenoniks Cica also? Rite? ❤️ afterall, it gives me reason to write! Haha

Moment of Truth

This Wonder Remedy Tube comes with decent minimalist packaging and hygienic + convenient aluminium tube. I just need to squeeze lil bit, almost with no effort to dispense the cream from the tube. It almost feels like dispensing oil paint 😂 (i used to love drawing… i still do.. but…. Err gotta build my motivation)

Back to the cream.. It has soft cream texture, white color.

To be honest with you, the forest scent was hardly to be smell at first. But as i routinely apply this day and night, then slowly i can smell the soothing scent. Rather than a forest scent, i smell flowery field!

Let’s go back to the moment when i first applied this. My reaction was “oh wow! So smooth, lightweight and absorb fast!

Yes! The soft cream glides smoothly as i spread it evenly on my whole face. It felt so light, and absorb fast!

I tried to read and find information whether this also works as tone-up, because i can see visible improvement in an instant! But no information found! My best assumption was because Keenoniks use the real cica, hence this magic happened.

No edit. Just my bare face with Wonder Remedy Tube

From the first usage till now, my skin has improved alot! Especially the redness and rough skin. After a week of usage, i can see that my skin become more supple and moist!

I have tested of not using any cream for 3 days straight and my skin still very moist and well. 3 days are enough. I am loving my skin and do not want it to feel hungry and abandon 😜 so i routinely apply back this Wonder Remedy cream.

We’ve been talking about all the good points, now, another million dollar Qs would be: is there downside? Minus point?

My sensitive oily skin did experience a little breakouts on chin. But this simply because i apply too generously. I dispense approximately 2 fingers segment to apply on my whole face, twice a day.

After 2 days, breakouts came. I scanned through the ingredients and my skin should have no problem with them. I eliminate the amount of usage. From 2 fingers segment to a pea size on left & right cheeks, pea size on forehead, and another one on chin.

Voila, problem solved!

So if you have sensitive, oily, acne prone skin like me, you might want to bear that tips on mind! 😁

Minus done, plus done! I emphasis more on the good points. So yes yes yes! This Keenoniks Wonder Tube Remedy is really soothing & moisturizer like no other! I highly recommend this for you to try.

For now, let just wish that this product will be available soon on Charis. It’s pretty hard to find Keenoniks product in Indonesia, outside Charis website.

So where are you from? Is Keenoniks easy to be found in your country? Have you tried this or any of Keenoniks products?

Share with me on the comment below!

I am so excited to explore other Keenoniks products. Die die my favourite skincare brand to go ❤️

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