Explore Italy in 7 Days Itinerary

Good day to all of you. Today I am going to share my itinerary for Italy Trip.

I went there on 8 April 2019. It was Spring-Summer time. But the Spring still has the last cold of Winter season. So it was still windy and cold without coat.

So next time, if you are going to go on that date, make sure to pack thermal inner and padded coat, because it was what everybody else wear.

My family and I packed for Spring Summer (more to Summer). We did survive the chill, but it kinda torturing *sob* 😭

But if your trip will be in the middle of April, 18 something and above , a leather jacket will be enough to help in the morning. In fact, you might not need that at all because it gets hotter by afternoon (temperature reach 25’C)

Done with the weather briefing, now let’s get to the itinerary. ❤️


My first destination is Milan. Frankly speaking, nothing much to be done here rather than shopping.

For tourist attractions, i recommend the famous Duomo Cathedral.

And if you want to chill with Duomo view, instead of paying extra on cafe, you can go to Mc Donald’s there, and sit on the second floor. They have window outviews the Duomo, very pretty.

When you take your photo at Duomo, be careful with stranger that suddenly put on bracelet on your wrist or throw bird’s food to attract the doves.

From saying “it’s free and bonus” they will end up chase you and ask you to pay, even if you don’t want.

So 1) always say no or leave when they come near you, 2) always prepare coin.

After Duomo, there’s Castello Sforzesco di Milano. It’s museum. Quite pretty inside and you can chillin on the garden as well. Relaxing like how the local does it.

Next is Colonne Di San Lorenzo, it’s a ruin of old building. And just nearby, there’s Milano Navigli, a river with beautiful view. Try to eat at the cafe nearby and shop at the local market for ham and cheese and some souvenirs to bring home.

Don’t forget to try as many gelato as possible while you’re in Italy. Which one to try? From the truck’s gelato to cafe gelato, they mostly are good. The different will be the price, range of flavors and taste of the cone. But for the gelato itself, all yummy. For personal suggestion, i love Tre Gazzelle Gelato.

Food recommendations:

If you are a fan of Asian Food, there’s a Michelin Star Restaurant just 5 minutes walking from Duomo, the name is Jade Cafe. Very crowded at lunch and dinner hour. Reservation will be great or come early during the opening hours.

Any Italian foods there are mostly nice and acceptable. Also Japanese Food there are nice!

Now for shopping, if you aiming for high end luxury brand then you must visit: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Even if you’re not planning to shop, don’t forget to make time to go there to admire the building.

But if you want an affordable shopping, good quality but cheaper than Zara, H&M, then try the famous local retail: OVS and Alcott.

I bought so many from that 2 retail shops.

From Milan, our next itinerary was Como. We took fast train to Lake Como.

Como – Bellagio – Varenna

Lake Como is like the center of the vibes, it’s big, surrounded by mountains and also small towns.

Best thing to do there is enjoying meal with the lake as the view.

I have one cafe recommendation at Como, named Crevo Ristorante. The price is really worth because they have delicious food, great hospitality, and huge portion of food.

From Como, we took bus for 45 minutes to Bellagio.

In Bellagio, there are many beautiful alleyways. This town is famous for the alleyways. The place is smaller than the center of Como.

And from Bellagio, took a ferry/taxiboat to Varenna.

Varenna is even smaller than Bellagio. It is an old style town, with colorful houses and more relax ambience all over the town.

We came back from Varenna to Milan using fast train.


Next, we visit Venice, boarding on a fast train from Milan.

When in Venice, don’t forget to ride a gondola. The price is 80€ for 30 minutes. 1 gondola can fit until 6 people.

And surely you can board the gondola without waiting the seating is full.

When you arrive at Santa Lucia, buy boat ticket that drive you to San Marco – the heart, the busy, and the famous part of Venice.

I don’t have specific food recommendation here but most of the cafes and restaurants we ate there were acceptable for both price and taste.

And for gelato here, try Venchi. They have fancy cone. Taste good.

Actually there’re still many place to visit in Italy like Florence, Verona and more. Due to limitted time (because i was actually attending exhibition in Milan), i can only explore that cities above.

Things to Note

Here’s some tips for you to note.

If you travel with fast train to other city, always be on time. All the trains are on time, and they will not wait for you.

Book your train ticket in advance to enjoy special price. The tickets could be bought online 3 months before your departure date. So you must plan your visit well.

Now what’s the benefit of booking ticket in advance?

1. You can choose your seating

2. Price a lot cheaper

There’s a destination that only cost us 75€ (4 people) because we bought in advance. But when you buy on the spot, the ticket is actually 68€ per pax.

The price difference is quite big and you can save a lot!

The minus point is you will be given the last wagon to board ☺️ so for example the train has wagon 1 – 18, because you bought in advance, you will always get wagon 16-18.

But don’t worry about the wagon, all the seats are same size, proper, and clean enough.

Another things to note: try to travel inside Milan with metro. The trains route are very easy to understand. And it makes your travel easier rather than walking.

Last but not least, always be on guard. Especially your bag and wallet while you’re in Milan. Pickpocket is one of the issue here. So always be careful.

I love Italy. The weather, the food, though the people are not as friendly as the French, and they not really fluent in English, but overall this place is special.

I always think that Prague and Budapest are forever taking special place rather than any other part in Europe. Now, i take that words.

Because now i have Milan and Paris in heart.

On next post, i will be sharing my France itinerary with you.

So stay tuned and hopefully this post help you on planning your trip to Italy.



The Great 50 Show Circus Surabaya: Circus Like Never Before

So honoured and happy to become the first Surabayan to see circus performance by Oriental Circus Indonesia called The Great 50 Show on Wednesday March 13th, 2019.

On this post I will share with you my experience, the schedule and ticketting, and also tips from me to experience the best of the show!

We shall begin now.

The History

The Opening: History

Oriental Circus Indonesia first big performance was in 1967, adored people with their acrobatic, clowns, and well trained animals to perform. And for the first time, as well as to celebrate their 50th birthday, this show doesn’t use animals.

The Great 50 Show combines the classic circus (acrobat, flying trapeze, aerial silk, puppetry, fire dance and more) with new technology like drone, laser, video mapping, as well as live music performance (band).

The Great 50 Show tells a story about a young guy named Noah who falling in love with circus the first time he watched it and become member of the circus after. But along the way, problems came and made Noah left the circus and sailed to Indonesia. He settled down as a trader and became the father of 3 sons. His passions about circus never fade and he trained his sons to do acrobat and finally they can performed as a group at city square. People loved them and they made Oriental Circus happened. One day Noah has nightmare facing his greatest enemy in the form as a tiger. Noah realized the way to solve this was to make peace with the tiger.

The Fire Dance

Located at North Parking Park of Lenmarc Mall, this a circus you don’t want to miss.

2 hours show with 20 minutes break. A show for everyone from every gender and age group.

The Experience

For this occasion, I was seated at H, fourth row from behind. It’s a Gold Class in seating arrangement.

Now if you ask me whether I can see the performance from that far, my answer is YES. I could see everything clearly!

For the show itself, frankly speaking, I didn’t expect much at first, because (sorry) I never know before that Indonesian Circus could be very professional.

And during the show I keep on “wow” (hoping my jaw didn’t break due to astonishment) and clapping happily.


This show definitely beyond my expectation!

World Class Performance! That’s my title for this show. The ambience, the performace, everything is perfect!

It is not exaggerated to give The Great 50 Show that title. I have watched circus in China, in Phuket, even the famous one in Las Vegas – USA. This one we have here, is comparable to those show! That’s a fact!

Good job!

Happy to bring my 3 years old son who amazed throughout the show, and even asked me to bring him back and see some more!

Us, Inside The Tent

The atmosphere inside also convenience with airconditioner. Pretty cool even for full house. So please do not use your cigars inside. Toilet available outside.

The Schedule & Ticketting

Getting more curious and cannot wait to see yourself? Quickly check your schedule and available ticket. You can buy your ticket from:

• www.thegreat50show.com

• Traveloka,

• Ticket Booth at PasaRame Tunjungan Plaza 6 and Main Entrance Lenmarc Mall.

Get discount up to 25% when you purchase at mall booth.

• On site (1 hour before showtime)

Below is the pricing and schedule details.

For more info and details you can go to website and Instagram Account @thegreat50show

The Tips

Okay since I have already experienced firsthand, I am going to share with you tips to enjoy the circus at best.

1. Do not worry about the seating arrangement. I have proven that seated at 4th row from behind did nothing to me. I can see and enjoy all the performance clearly. So quickly grab available seat. If you urge me to choose, i would suggest to sit at least in Gold / Platinum Class. To avoid pillars.

2. Come early (at least 1 hour before) because queue is expected when you redeem your ticket. But do not worry because your kids and family could chill on the lounge.

The Lounge

There’s a playground where your kids could play, coloring, face and body painting and also asked for balloon. This is FREE. A service provide by The Great 50 Show to make your waiting time comfortable.

You can also buy foods and drinks by Eat&Eat like fried rice, burger, cotton candy and more.

3. Wear something comfortable and no heels. Because you will need to take staircases to your seat, heels will slow you down.

4. Please do not use camera and mobile phone during the show,

5. Don’t go home so soon. After all casts dance the goodbye, the audience will start to leave, but at the end they will come up again from backstage and you can queue for photo

It was unforgettable night out with my family.

I hope this show could continue again and again. Visitting all cities in Indonesia so people will know that we have this world class performace and many will have the chance to enjoy the entertainment. The circus like never before.

As for you, Surabayan, hurry book your ticket now. Don’t miss this one or you will regret 😦

Have a good day!


Angelia Samodro

**Disclaimer: Photos were taken legally from my own camera because I was one of the appointed bloggers. I may documented the pictures for the first 15 minutes of the show for my blog. I have special badgetag given. As for others, phone and camera are strictly prohibited to be used during the show. Security will come to you and warn you if needed.

My review is honest and free from biased**

Disciplining the Kid

Hello fellow parents. Been a while since my last post for this category.

Today I’m back with a pro and cons topic: Disciplining The Kid.

So how you discipline your kid? Do you use verbal, physical, or just tell them nicely?

Kidshealth.org classify actions to discipline the kids based on their ages. And it never included “hit” as one of the way to discipline the kid even when the kid test our limit.

Now what about you? What about me?

Let’s start with my real experience first.

• The Discipline

On a good day with good mood, I can tolerate my son’s insane behaviour. I can just tell him nicely and let it go even when he totally ignore me and do the reverse.

Most of the time, I will yell and raise my voice to let him knows the reason Mommy is not happy and better behave soon.

Please take note that I get angry only when things get worse. Not a little incident like he accidentally spill water or tear my notes.

But, I am not a mother with Long patience who has all the times only for him (yess i do have another job to handle and things to settle), often when my kid behave out of control, I will discipline him.

Sometimes, verbal will not be good enough to teach him lessons.

So when words are failing, I hit him. But of course I never hit him madly that will endanger his life.

I always avoid face, back area, head, and chest.

I hit his butt hardly, and the palm of his hands. And sometime, just sometime, hit his feet.

And for your note, i never left a scar mark, bruises and he never cried and complaint “it’s hurt mommy”. NEVER.

This to teach him lessons while he disobeyed my words purposely. As i say, purposely.

So this is the physicals discipline that i often do at home.

At other time, i will time him out outside the room. Our family room has outdoor access to the fish pond. Here where I will left him crying and lock the door, until he behave. But I don’t this often because after a while i can notice he get used at the term “time out” and know time out just temporary. So he will become the coolest kid and embrace his time out. Seriously my baby boy is cheeky and smart ass!

Few months ago, I was talking to group of friends and surprised that they just yell and raise the voice and never hit the kids. They also told me that my kid could then experience trauma and even behave uncontrollably at school and bullied other kids. (i guess they are all agree with the Kidshealth.org)

And to come with this blogpost, I also conducted a voting on my Instagram and saved everything under “Sharing” Highlight to know the Disciplining style practiced by others.

I was shocked at first and thought whether I was too harsh with my boy.

I was totally insecure and thought poor is my son to have such a cruel mom like me. This is true!

But again, I reassured myself that discipline must take place from early age. And again, to remind myself that my discipline comes when he does the bad thing purposely even after i guide him nicely.

I mean, different case, different behaviour, different circumtances, need different reaction. We could not standardize all things.

It is not that I always hit him, or hit madly. I hit if words fail to be understood. And again, need to highlight that the hit took place at his most harmless part of the body.

My own experience also told me, that discipline is needed. My mom hit me with rattan and I didn’t turn to become a bullier or grow bitter.

I did hate her, but then it came to my realization that yeahhh I was the one who crossed the line and it’s the consequence i need to face. So after cooling down, sometimes might took few days, I reconciled with her and love her again.

Coz hate cannot grow in the fields of compassion. Yes discipline with compassion, not out of emotion.

I know at certain degree, discipline is necessary for the sake of the goodness.

It is just a matter of principle that one hold and trust.

• The Aftermath

So after I discipline him (read: hit his butt / palm of hands/ feet), i know that he’s really sorry when he asked me to carry him on my arms.

So i will lift him, and pat his back, and told him that I don’t hate him. I just don’t like his behaviour. Not his wholebeing.

Why did you do that, again? And did i tell you how to behave accordingly? Why did you continue purposely? Did you know it’s not good? Mommy loves you. My son is a good boy okay? Darren surely understand mommy.

I will never let him sleep after he’s crying without knowing that he’s so loved! On a regular day, everynight, i will end it with a review of the day and tell him how he makes me proud and cheer him for better tomorrow.

And you can ask him whether mommy is a good person or not, he will always answer mommy is good, mommy loves him and he loves mommy back. And he’s more afraid of his daddy who only pinch his hand several times all his life! (Whom not even yell to Darren)

So clearly my action here do not lead to traumatic experience, but merely a lesson. And i hope this will continue and he gets the right perspective and understanding even when he grows older. Though sometimes he might hates me.

The other thing that i never failed to do is to put him on my prayer.

Because I cannot watch him 24/7. He cannot understand every actions that i take. And only God can direct his path. Mend his broken heart, and speak truth to his life.

So i really need divine guidance and protection for my son. To become one fine man.

Coz i can fail. I can upset him. I can depart from the right path too. But God will always set things on track.

• The Confession

Now if you ask me whether i ever regret my action and words said, the answer is YES!

In fact, most of the time i regret the things i did to him. I should be nicer because he’s not even 3 years old! Gosh! Expecting too much. And look at his peaceful sleep or silly act, i love my baby boy so much! He’s a blessing for me!

But again, i am responsible for him and i do the best i can do on that situation.

Have i hit him out of anger? Yes sometimes! Not gonna lie.

But again, even when i was totally crazily mad, i only hit on his safest part: butt, arms, palms, or feet.

I strongly disagree if one hit on head, chest, cheeks, back, and even use tools to hit.

Do i warn him and tell him first or just angry suddenly? Always come with a gentle reminder. And again i only go physical when he purposely disobeyed.

Do i love Darren, treasure Darren? Definitely!!!! He’s the best thing happen to me! And despite his stubborness, he’s one super smart charming and kindhearted boys i know! He’s sweet. He’s the apple of my eyes!

• Case Study

Okay it’s a bit jump here and there but now I want to give you the result of my Instagram post.

When it comes to discipline, Most of them prefer timeout. They will go physical like a pinch on hands/feet rather than hitting. But given the real case situation that once happened to me, 75% agreed to hit the kid on butt/palms.

What was the real case?

I went for a playdate. And Darren took his friend bag, tossed it, and step it one time. He laughed and thought it was funny.

I told him nicely that it’s not right. The bag will get dirty and even broken. He can hit his friend. And also his friend will be sad.

He nod. But then did it again. This time, he walked on the bag. Still, i tried to ask his reason, tell him the consequence and told him i will get angry if he keep doing that.

Nod. But again he did again. Purposely. And God Jesus, happily. He laughed! And even said “mommy look at me”.

Raised my voice but keep reasoning with him. Till the last, was when he finally jumping above the bag. With his shoes on.

I grabbed his palms, hit him, and yell at him. A normal yell that could be heard only on my table okay, not the whole restaurant.

So everytime i need to hit him, it’s always like given circumtances above. A situation that on my understanding is too much.

What did i do if it was my son’s bag and his friend won’t stop doing that? Even before the mom say sorry, i will intervene and say “ouch aunty is sad. Darren’s bag gonna be dirty and broken” in serious tone.

I expect that sentence would hesitate the kid and directly push the parent to stop the kid.

Sorry i know i am direct person.

Now from that case, people responded and said that:

– Just apologize and punish at home because punishment at public is not wise

– Look at the eyes deeply and lead him into earnest apology

– Do the same to his bag so he will understand

– Just hide his friend’s bag

– Just apologize he’s a kid

– Separate him and ask him doing whatever threats you said as consequences

– Never hit it won’t solve the problem

– Just raise the voice, it’s enough

– Mommy should change behaviour first and kid won’t be naughty

Not gonna judge you from your answer though some of you judging me openly on my DM, pointing finger on me and saying i was bad and incapable 🙂

Well, on such situation, i didn’t regret raising my voice and hit his hands.

Please study the case again, it’s done purposedly. And please bear on mind i hit only on palms/butt/feet. And yes i raise my voice but not so the whole restaurant to know. I still kept my privacy.

And given another situation, when someone scold the kid at public due to the over stubbornness and unpoliteness of the kid, my respondeds were agree that it’s normal. They left me message that if the parents cannot behave the kid, they will judge silently and think the parents are not good one.

And again for this case, normal scold not a very loud one that attracts security, crowds, and many okay. And normal hit. Not a slap, or even smack down ☺️

I don’t know whether it’s the same person who always vote the opposites. I surely think that 1) you’re an angelic creature with longest patience. I really need to learn that too. 2) you purposedly ruin the vote. Because we always have that one friend who do that out of random for fun only 😆

And 1 person said this “no matter what teaching style you adopt, no matter how others judge you, no one could become the best parents for the kid but you

Next, we shall go on to……

• The Best Way To Discipline

First, Based on psychology, discipline is needed. And the rules must be consistent, followed by all family members so the child will understand and not get confused. (The chat was from my friend who earned degree in Psychology)

I agree with that. For me, the unity of the parents are important. If daddy scold the kid, mommy cannot protect. The kid will grow and know that mommy is perfect hiding spot. This is not healthy.

The next time the kid crossing the line, the kid will ask mom for a back up. This is not good.

So as long as spouse does not harm the kid, do not intervere.

If you disagree with your spouse, talk later and discuss what and how you guys will deal with the kid next time.

Second, many told me that before bed time is the critical moment that children need to be reassured that they are good and they are loved!

I practice this as well.

You can also find 100 verses telling us about discipline the kid (Christian version).

What i can derive from here is, when it is necessary, do not withhold a discipline. And again, as long as it is within his/her capability and not endanger his/her life.

I’m not telling you that my choice is right and better than yours.

What I really want to tell you is, never judge.

Mr. Amari Soul said this “you said she’s emotional. Is it really that or are you just being inconsiderate of her feelings?”

Each family has its own tradition.

And you might not understand the circumtances that lead to such action.

You might not understand why someone do not punish a kid, a story behind it. A belief. A personal experience.

You might not understand why someone punish the kid. Is it a pride, is that when s/he think that they have failed as parents, is it really the style?

And time has proven that those who received discipline and full love (without physical punishment) have grown, equally in numbers, better and worse.

Those who recieved too much love not always end up being the slumber and pighead and egoistic.

Those who experienced discipline not always end up rude one.

[normal discipline that inquire a punishment. Again not talking that everyday hardship and stiffness on family tradition]

And vice versa.

As the child grows, his or her surrounding play important roles to shape his/her characters.

And I strongly believe that everything done out of compassion will always lead to good things, because you do it with love. You mad with love. You teach with love. You discipline with love.

I am one of the real example of discipline that comeout as a victor 🙂

Through the love and prayers of my parents.

And i believe Darren too will experience the same, even better! And greater!

I pray that God will enlarge my heart capacity to tolerate more, guide my words before i speak.

And guide me side by side raising a gentleman.

And i pray that it happen to you too. Regardless the choice you make in raising your loved ones, your kid will grow wonderfully with a big and warm heart.

That’s the sharing from my side of story. From my perspective. From my experience.

Love for you!

Simple Singapore Style Chicken Rice Recipe

Back to the kitchen after a while now. And this time i cook Chicken Rice as i miss the taste so much.

I was lived 3.5 years in Singapore and Chicken Rice become one of my favourite dish. So to be able to recreate the taste, i dilligently find the recipe that close to the original taste. And i got it from Youtube.

I made several adjustments and lo and behold! Going to spill the recipe to you.

It’s super easy and good taste!

Chi Fan

Soup & Chicken Ingredients: water, chicken broth (if you already have), chicken bones, 8 medium chunks of ginger, spring onions leaf, salt, 2 whole chickens, ice water, sesame oil

How to make the soup & chicken?

1. Fill the pan with water (as much as you like. I recommed big size of pan. Because we gonna need the soup for chili, for rice, and for soy sauce)

2. Cut the root of the spring onions leaf, wash with water, and put inside the pan.

3. Chop the ginger into 8 smaller chunks, pressed hard with knives, and put inside the pan.

4. Add chicken broth / chicken bones for more tastier taste. Add also salt.

5. Take the chicken fat below the skin on the bottom areas, put aside on different plate to be used to cook the rice later on.

6. Rub chicken skins with salt. Be generous on the amount given. Then, put inside the chickens into the pan, move up and down for the first 5 minutes.

7. Continue to boil the chickens, and once the meat is cooked, take the chickens out and soak with ice water.

8. After the heat cool down, rub sesame oil into the skin.

Chili & Soy Sauce Ingredients: 2 big chili, 8 small chili, 4 chunks of small ginger (peel the skin), sesame oil, soy sauce, chicken soup, lemon, salt, sugar

How to make the soy sauce and chili?

Soy Sauce: 3 tablespoon of sesame oil, 3 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 full ladle of soup, mix together on bowl.


1. Fine chopped the chilies and gingers

2. Put inside blender, add 1 ladle of soup, add salt and sugar.


3. Squeeze lemon for freshness

Seasoned again if you think it’s tasteless.

Chicken rice chili should be the combination of sweet sour salty and fresh taste.

Last but not least, the Rice.

Ingredients: chicken fat, thai rice, 1 onion, 8 garlic cloves, salt, olive oil, 8 chunks of ginger (peel of the skin), pandan leaf, soup

How to make the rice?

1. Low heat the chicken fat, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Let the chicken fat produce enough oil.

2. Stir fry garlics, onions, and gingers and then finely mashed in the mortar.

3. Prepare the thai rice. Wash until clean and put inside rice cooker without water (we gonna use the soup).

4. Then, put a strainer/filter above the rice, put the mashed garlics onion and gingers (step 2), add oil from chicken fat (step 1) and pressed it.

Add a soup to squeeze all the extract. When done, pour the soup into the rice (as your regular measurement when cooking the rice) and tie knot 2 pandan leaves, and add 2 pinches of salt.

Then turn on the rice cooker.

Final step, the plating.

Prepare the rice, cut the chicken into small bite size, pour the soy sauce (that we have made above) onto the chicken.

Ready to serve ❤️

During the first attempt cooking this, I got compliments from my family. I was confident with the soup, chicken, and soy sauce. But a bit uncertain with the chili (for me, it’s too spicy. But my family accepted it as just fine) and for the rice.

The rice produce nice fragrance. Very appetizing. Taste good but still not as i imagine. Not enough to have that authentic taste. And the color is too pale.

Though my family agreed that i need to work up on the color of the rice, they accepted the rice taste just well.

And then i worked up my recipe again and success at the second attempt. So the recipe above is valid and i have already adjusted❤️

Now i hope you will love the recipe that i share and feel free and welcome to give feedback and share with me your creation ❤️


Shop Conveniently at the new Althea Indonesia (Eng/Bahasa)

March begins with a wonderful news! And I’m sharing this news for all K-Beauty Lovers that Althea Indonesia is now OPEN again! Wohooo

If you wish to read this full post in Bahasa Indonesia, kindly scroll to the bottom. Because this is a dual post. English/Bahasa

If you haven’t heard about Althea before, this is an online platform where you can buy your K-Beauty products, shipped directly from Korea, with wide range choices of famous brands (Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Etude House, Mamonde, Innisfree, Dr.Jart, Althea, and many more).

Althea Indonesia has operated before (2016 – 2017) and stopped for a while to comply with Gov’ Regulations, now they are back with the new website at in.althea.kr

Don’t want to miss the hype, i quickly browse through the website and shop for my son and i.

I bought:

– Dr.Belmeur Baby & Kids Mild Moisturizer for my baby at IDR 209,000

– Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eyepatch at IDR 143,000

– Koelf Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Eyepatch at IDR 143,000

– Prreti Oil Serum at IDR 135,000

My total shopping were IDR 630,000 . By default, i am eligible for FREE Shipping. And i still have IDR 500,000 points and also freebie code (promotion) so i don’t need to pay anything! What a bliss rite?

My love to shop at Althea Indonesia grows bigger! You should sign up and try to shop conveniently here! And behold, great news are about to be told below!

As Althea Indonesia back in operation, it has several new rules and also good news for us, beloved customers, such as:

• Shopping Rules:

Maximum 8 items per checkout (Before is only 6 items per checkout)

– Can buy 8 exactly same items per checkout (you can buy 8 lippies at the same time, while before you can only by 2 lippies at 1 checkout)

Checkout limit is 1 checkout in 24 hours

Maximum checkout amount is IDR 1,100,000 / checkout

And worry not because as you shop on website or apps, there’s automatic notification to tell you when the shopping limit (items or amount) almost exceed.

• ID Verification

This is will be done 1 time only, during the first purchase.

All the data collected will be encrypted and kept from third party usage. So it will be safe.

This rule is to comply with Custom Declaration Regulation in Indonesia.

And the good news amongst all will be……

• COD Service

Yesss cash on delivery is now available in Indonesia. You can make your checkout first and pay when the package arrive at your doorstep. Convenient! No need to borrow credit card, no need to get out of home and do the transfer from Bank or nearest convenient stores.

Now, for COD terms and conditions will be:

Maximum amount at checkout is only IDR 550,000

– For now, COD is available for selected post code

You can only choose COD again after your first COD package marked as COMPLETE.

What a wonderful news right!

In conclusion, i love to shop here because:

1. Authentic items from Korea

2. Wide range of brands and products choices

3. Nice packaging

4. Fast delivery, took only 14 working days to arrive.

5. There’re shopping and return policy too, so i can claimed and have extra protection if anything bad happen to my package

6. Can read and leave review on the products.

7. Many promotional code to make shopping experience even better and cheaper! And rewards point after each shopping to be deducted on next checkout.

8. There’s free shipping too if you purchase above IDR 299,999 (i suggest you to keep your list and buy at once so you can get this free shipping. And sometimes, they have promotion code, so even if your purchase is lower than IDR 299,999 you can still get free shipping).

So what are you waiting for?

Rather than waited too long for join people’s Korean Beauty Open Order/PO, you can buy directly and receive within 2 weeks. With protection too!

Sign up today at in.althea.kr or download the apps on IOS and Android.

Experience the lovely shopping with Althea Indonesia ❤️


Wohooo good news untuk para Beauty Enthusiast, terutama K-Beauty lovers! Althea Indonesia sudah beroperasi kembali! Dan makin mudah berbelanja di Althea.

Okay sebelumnya, short brief apa itu Althea Indonesia. Jadi Althea Indonesia adalah tempat belanja online kebutuhan makeup dan skincare dari Korea.

Jadi produk dikirim langsung dari Korea, ke alamat kita. Semua produk di Althea ini adalah Authentic. Asli.

Harganya terjangkau, dengan banyak coupons dan promotional code juga. Selain ada banyak brand dari Korea yang bekerja sama, jadi berbelanja sangat mudah.

Dari Etude House, Innisfree, Dr.W Lab, Dr.Jart, Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Mamonde dan banyaaaak lagi.

Althea Korea juga sering berkolaborasi dengan acara Beauty ternama Korea: Get It Beauty. Produknya juga banyak bekerja sama dengan artis-artis, termasuk artis dari Indonesia.

Setelah beroperasi pada 2016-2017, Althea Indonesia sempat berhenti beroperasi karena ada masalah dengan Peraturan Indonesia. Tapi sekarang sudah bisa lagi!! Wohooo

Dengan website baru di: in.althea.kr

Nah, ada beberapa rules baru, berikut juga kabar sangat baik sehubungan dengan beroperasinya lagi website Althea Indonesia, yaitu:

– Ketentuan Berbelanja:

• Maksimal 8 barang per pesanan (Sebelumnya, hanya maksimal 6 barang per checkout)

• Maksimal 8 per barang per jenis yang sama (Sebelumnya hanya bisa membeli 2 barang yang sama setiap checkout)

• Pelanggan membuat 1 pesanan per 24 jam

• Maksimal nilai total belanjaan adalah Rp1.100.000 per pesanan

Temen- temen ngga perlu bingung menghitung “aduhh ini uda sesuai peraturan belum yah atau melanggar yah jumlah pesenan aku sekian?” Karenaaaa… Karena pada saat berbelanja melalui web maupun apps, di bagian layar atas akan ada pengingat/pemberitahuan otomatis kalau sudah melebihi kuota peraturan.

What a convenient way to shop!

Lalu berikutnya kita juga perlu melakukan:

– Verifikasi KTP:

Menurut kebijakan bea cukai Indonesia, pelanggan harus memverifikasi informasi KTP mereka.

Data ini akan dikumpulkan satu kali di halaman checkout pada saat pembelian pertama saja.

Semua informasi yang diperoleh akan disimpan baik-baik dan dienkripsi dan tidak akan digunakan untuk tujuan lain atau oleh pihak ketiga.

Lalu kabar baik berikutnya yang bikin shopping di Althea Indonesia lebihhh dan lebihhh menyenangkan lagi adalah…. *drum roll*

BISA COD! Cash on Delivery wohooo!

Ini menjawab sekali kegalauan temen-temen yang belum ada Credit Card, mager untuk transfer dari Alfamart, atau Bank Transfer kan.

Jadi parcel datang ke rumah, baru kita bayar cash.

– Bagaimana cara membayar dengan COD?

1. Total pesanan anda tidak boleh melebihi Rp550,000.

2. COD hanya tersedia di kode pos tertentu.

3. Anda hanya bisa memilih untuk membayar dengan COD lagi jika status pesanan anda sebelumnya dengan pembayaran COD telah berubah menjadi ‘COMPLETE COD’.

Kalau temen-temen penasaran lebih lanjut dengan Althea, kalian bisa access infonya melalui:

1. Facebook Althea Indonesia di https://www.facebook.com/altheaindonesia/

2. Website Althea Indonesia di in.althea.kr

Aku sendiri sudah beberapa kali berbelanja di Althea. Termasuk di website terbaru dengan ketentuan terbaru di atas.

Kemarin aku beli 4 items dan karena masih punya point rewards dan ada coupon code, jadi tidak perlu mengeluarkan uang sepeserpun! What a bliss ❤️

Buat aku, belanja online di Althea Indonesia sangat memuaskan.

Highlights aku berbelanja di Althea adalah:

1. Produk selalu Authentic, asli

2. Pilihan Brands dan produk yang banyak sekaligus banyak promotional code.

3. Dikirim langsung dari Korea dan cepat. Untuk rumah aku di daerah Surabaya, hanya perlu waktu maksimal 14 hari kerja saja.

4. Tidak ada tax yang perlu dipusingkan dan ada FREE Ongkos Kirim bila jumlah belanjaan kita di atas Rp 299.999,-

Yang di mana, sekali belanja aku pasti kumpulin banyak sekalian. Jadi pasti melebihi Rp 299.999 dan udah langsung gratis ongkos kirim tanpa perlu memasukkan kode lagi. Kadangpun, ada promotional code untuk FREE Shipping. Jadi walau belanjaan ngga sampai IDR 299,999 tetep free deh deliverynya.

5. Boxnya cantik dan bagus (selain ada reguler box, ada banyak limited edition box juga dalam rangka Natal, Tahun Baru, Lunar New Year dan banyak lagi) , packaging aman.

6. Ada Shopping Return Policy juga bila barang yang kamu terima salah atau rusak dalam perjalanan.

7. Setiap kali selesai melakukan transaksi, ada reward point yang diberikan yang bisa dideduct amount nya buat belanjaan berikutnya.

8. Kamu bisa membaca review yang ditinggalkan pembeli. Jadi sebelum beli barangnya bisa tau kira-kira ini bagus ngga. Nanti setelah dipakai, kita juga bisa deh meninggalkan review buat membantu teman-teman yang lain.

Jadi ini bener-bener udah tempat belanja favorit aku. Harganya bersahabat, ngga perlu ikut PO yang bingung belum tentu kebagian, harga kemahalan dan masalah lainnya.

Jadi tunggu apalagi. Ayo buruan sign up dan nikmati sendiri kemudahan dan kenyamanan belanja barang favorit kalian di in.althea.kr


Pressed Flowers Arrangement for Decoration

Are you into flowers and plants for decoration and have been trying to preserve it but fail?

Because i do! And most of the times my flowers and plants become dry and the color only turn to brownish black *sad*

And then, as if the universe sending me the signal, i found @citedesfleurs.art from my friend. And again, the universe spoken, Citedesfleurs had workshop with @basicworkshop, at The Cafe Java Paragon.

Citedesfleurs owned by Ms. Amelie Casasevall. She’s from France and been living for few years in Indonesia. Bali, and now Surabaya.

She’s so kind and eager to share with us her expertise on Pressed Flowers Arrangements.

She managed to answer all of our questions, sharing tips and tricks too.

Lo and behold, i’m going to share a little bit from the workshop.

For Pressed Flowers Arrangements, it is best to know the nature of the flowers and leaves.

Some of the flowers might need to be painted first, so the color could stay vivid. Like Rose, Daisy. But flowers like Hydrangea, Bougenville do not need that. Even the color goes softer, it will last.

This is a revelation for me, in which, now i know why my rose could never work. I need to color it first.

After painting the flowers (when necessary), just prepare carton, newspaper and baking paper, and put into sandwich order.

Like this:

Hard carton – newspaper – baking paper – baking paper – newspaper – hard carton

Then we put the flowers and leaves in between the baking paper, make sure each flowers do not touch one another.

So the sequence will be:

Hard carton – newspaper – baking paper – flowers and leaves – baking paper – neespaper – hard carton

Then pressed hard, put heavy books on top of the sandwich and leave it up to 2-3 weeks.

Change the baking paper and newspaper every 2 days if necessary (when the paper become wet).

And flowers and leaves are ready to be used on decoration.

For the arrangement, you can try to arrange the flowers and leaves until you are pleased, take picture to memorize them and start using the glue to stick it.

We can use white glue to stick the flowers and leaves onto the paper. Then ready to put inside the frame.

In order for the flowers and leaves to stay longer inside the frame, we need to make sure to limit or press as many air out from the frame. Here, we need to use tape to bind every corner of the glass frame / acrylic frame.

That’s all! You can now start practice doing the basic.

And you still need to attend the class because, Ms.Amelie has different techniques, different workshop course, to teach you a lot of new things you don’t know yet.

Even for the tips that i already shared above, i still left some important clues. Like what we need to use to paint, what tape is the best, what glue is the best, and more. So if you are curious, don’t forget to contact Ms Amelie from Citedesfleurs Art or Ms Yenny from BasicWorkshop.

The workshop was sweet and fruitful. I also made new friends from the workshop beside learning from the expert on Pressed Flowers Arrangement.

If you wish to join such class (or looking for other workshops available), you can follow @basicworkshop on Instagram. Ms Yenny has been doing this for 3 years, provide the citizen with valuable and interesting workshop to learn, even for kiddos.

And it is positive activity too, where we can expand our creativity, learn, and make new connection.

Also, you can contact Ms.Amelie of @Citedesfleur.Art directly if you wish to have her on your gathering, bridal shower or other occassion.

She also has some of the decorations ready to be purchased. Just go directly to her instagram account.

This is the type of workshop that i was grateful to join. A basic skill that not yet known by many, activities to improve myself.

Thank you for Basic Workshop – Ms.Yenny and Citedesfleurs Art – Ms.Amelie for having me as the Guest Star.

Your warm and friendliness moved me ❤️ I also adore and appreciate how you guys manage to address all of us participants by name, and recognize participants face when all of us first came in.

It made us feel so welcomed and boost our excitement during the class.

Thank you The Cafe-Java Paragon for the snacks, sweet ambience during the workshop.

And thank you to @doaphotograph for the photos and documentary!

All the photos i used for this blogpost are the courtesy of DOAPhotograph ❤️🙏🏻


DIY Natural Soapbar

Hello everybody! I’m back with content to share and hopefully inspire you.

A little story behind this post is from my own experience.

I’ve been Paraben Free and SLS Free for 1.5 years now, and since last year my sis and I made our own soapbar. We attended courses and never stop learning to be able to make the good soap.

Overwhelmed by the positive feedbacks from our dearest friends and families whom we send our soap to try, we finally opened our business, Premium Artisan Soap on Instagram @Savonette.Soapbar

Although the ingredients we choose are premium, we surpressed the price as low as possible so many people can afford to buy and change to healthier lifestyle.

If you interested, you can peek on @Savonette.soapbar instagram and contact our Admins to make inquiries.

And today, i’ll be sharing with you a recipe to create your own soapbar. And specifically, it’s for souvenir and handwash soap at home.

I promise you that i have already modificate the recipe and steps to make sure even beginner could follow closely at home.

Let’s go to the details.

We are going to make a 500gr soapbar recipe. This could serve up to 3-5 silicone molds.

Moringa Natural Soapbar Recipe

Tools you need: Hand mixer, spatula, digital measurement, Food Temperature, silicone mold, stainless beater, stainless steel spoon, 2 beaker glass, plastic gloves, mask.


72 gr LYE,

8 tsp Moringa Pure Powder (for active ingredients and natural colorant),

175 gr Mineral Water

150 gr Olive Oil (Cold Pressed)

150 gr Sunflower Oil

150 gr Palm Oil

50 gr Virgin Coconut Oil

20 drops Pure Essential Oils (for scent)

Step by Step:

1. Put LYE into the mineral water on the beaker glass little by little, stir it well using stainless spoon until no more solid LYE detected.

Cool it down and wait until it reaches 37′ C

2. Put all the oils (except Essential Oils) into an empty beaker glass.

3. After Step 1 reaches 37’C, pour it into the beaker glass consists of all the oils (Step 2)

4. Mix it well using a handblender for up to 8 minutes, or until the liquid form begins to thicken.

5. Drops the essential oils and powder (in this case: Moringa), and mix it well using stainless beater.

6. Place the batter into silicone molds and wrapped it with plastic cling wrap for 24 hours. After 24 hours passed, put it on the freezer for 1 hour.

7. Open the plastic wrap, remove the soap from the silicone mold, place in open cool dry area for 4 weeks.

8. Then you can store it inside plastic ware or wrapped for gift to be used.

Things you need to know about Soap Making Process:

A. Always use glass and stainless steel products during the process to prevent rusty and burning.

B. Always use handgloves because LYE will make your skin itchy.

Now, if you ask “why do we need LYE? And what about using it later on soap, aren’t we experience itchyness and rashes on our body?

LYE together with the oils will make into glycerin along the way until curing time finished. Which is 2-3 weeks. And hence, you need to give at least 4 weeks before you are able to use the soap.

By the fourth weeks, the glycerin already made and the single component of LYE weren’t there anymore. It’s decompose and evaporate well.

So without LYE, you cannot have natural glycerin. You can add the instant glycerin available on the market to change the step though.

So the answer is NO, it won’t make your skin itchy later on.

On the process, you experience itchyness because the glycerin hasn’t been formed. It is pure LYE.

C. Do not forget to always calculate your recipe in order for you to get the best of your soap, the cleansing formula – the hardeness of the soap – the moist of the soap and more.

For my soap, i always prefer to use Pure Essential Oils and even Therapeutic Grade EO (Young Living EO) rather than perfume and lower grade EO. Because I want it to be close enough to get the title Natural.

And I always add Pure Active Powder to boost the goodness of the soap.

For example, Moringa. Moringa is natural source of Vitamin C and improve collagen, helping reduce fine lines.

So the soap alone only cleanse and moist your skin.

But adding an active pure powder will add more functions to the soap.

Always choose the pure one, no salt, no sugar, no preservatives and no artificial colorant.

This active pure powder, beside adding goodness, will also give natural color to the soap. But sometimes, it’s not enough to get the colour you want.

You can add Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder to the soap.

It’s 100% safe. All skincare and makeup also use this as the colorant.

If you ask me whether the soap recipe that i shared could be used for bathing too, the answer is YES. In fact, it can also be used for face soap.

But the reason I give the title for Souvenir / HandSoap is because this is basic recipe.

For myself, for Savonette Soapbar, the recipe is more complex. Calculate with details and precision. We also give more portion of Olive Oil and include Milk to boost the hydration. Less Palm Oil and VCO. Choosing only the best essential oils, and more.

(Please note that the recipe here is for 500 grams, if you want to make a 1000 grams, you can’t just multiply all the recipes above. There’s fat discounted, water discounted and many more. You need to attend classes too, to learn)

We make sure that the soap is good for ourselves, so we can also sell it to extend the goodness.

That’s why our soap (Savonette) isn’t that hard and fragile compared to the souvenir soap recipe. It needs to be place on room temperature as soon as you open our package and more (all insights, FAQs, testimonies can be accessed easily on the HIGHLIGHT sections on Savonette.Soapbar Instagram)

And that’s about all this time.

If you wish to purchase, you can contact our admins. If you wish to arrange fun activities for your gathering to learn together about soapmaking, just drop DMs on our instagram / contact admins, or email me at: hello.angelias@gmail.com

So are you ready to make your own soapbar now?

Share the result and tag me if you want ❤️ if you still have questions, do drop me a comment. I’ll get back to you soon.

Have a great day!

Updated Best Korean Dramas

Sorry for MIA and not posting much on the early 2019. To catch up, let me share something “light” first. Lately I watch a lot of Korean Dramas and thinking to update my preference here, to share with you.

I’ve posted my favourite before, here https://angelworlds.wordpress.com/2017/05/31/best-korean-dramas/

And as usual, my favourite contains not only mellow romantic, but also historical and also tearjerking heartwarming story to ponder. Not the tearjerking from the super evil mom in law or rivalry of course.

Let the lists begin!

• The Miracle We Met – 2018

Story about 2 men with the same name who got into accident together and the spirit enter wrong body while the other one passed away.

At first he tried his best to be back to his old family and after that acceptingvthe fate and become to live as a new person.

The struggle arouse with his former wife who finally accepted the change of the appearance of his husband, but then to find out that the husband also need to take care other wife, the real wife of the real body he’s entering.

I predicted that there will be reset where the 2 men can live and go back to their own family, because if not, one people happiness is other’s heartbreak.

And true enough, The Angels, set back the time and left a little memory on the head so these 2 men can avoid the terrible fate while arrested the real badguys.

Very heart warming story. I shed some tears but also laugh at many scenes! When people go crazy about What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, i personally choose this Miracle We Met over and over ❤️ Most of the stars here are not young, but they are famous and play the role nicely! Totally recommended!

• Tomorrow With You – 2018

Story about a guy who can time travel through the train since the train accident that made his parents died. He travels to the future to gain knowledge and established company in the present day, make him young and very rich. One day he sees that he is going to die. On exact date and exact event. Devastated with the fact, with the help of other time traveller (who guide him the first time), he decided to change the fate by marrying a girl whom he perceived can safe his life. Turns out that they saving the life of one another and genuinely falling in love. The effort they put to be able to stay together really heartwarming.

Unlike Miracle We Met which full of life lessons and tears and some jokes, Tomorrow With You is typical Korean romantic comedy with a twist of Final Destination plot (if you’re not born on my era, maybe you can google “Final Destination” movie. It’s about people who escape from the death but the death keep chasing them)

So here you got the romance, jokes, and the thrill.

The chemistry between Lee Je Hoon and Shin Min Ah is epic here! Two thumbs up ❤️ I love this couple more than the SongSong couple.. (JongKi and Song Hye Kyo).

And holy gosh…. Can anybody resist Lee Je Hoon? He’s so handsome and talented. I first falling for him at Signal, then i watched I Can Speak and adore the way he speaks English. I mean, not many Koreans could pronounce English well.

• My Secret Terrius / Terrius Behind Me – 2018

Mind blowing and twisting story!

It’s a story about mission to expose the conspiracy in Korea Secret Agent. The main character, Kim Bon, disguise himself as a nanny, taking care of 2 cute twin after he’s running from his department trying to seek valid proof to take down the bad guy.

Be careful, you might predict the bad guy wrongly. I always excited to wait the new episode aired on TV. And never disappointed from the very first episode to the final.

This drama is not boring. The whole family member enjoy to watch this because, really, this is so funny. Even my husband who hates K-Drama joint us watching this happily and giggle together. Every episode keeps surprise us with new facts and funny things.

I am amaze with the extraordinary act by Seo Ji Sub, Kim Sung Joo and Son Ho Joon.

And from the drama, raise a new star crush: Kim Sung Joo who is also a member of boyband named UNIQ.

He’s charismatic, young, talented, and boyyyy… Handsome!

• Mama Fairy and The Woodcutter / Tale of Fairy – 2018

This is a story of a fairy who waited for her husband for 699 years. She suspects 2 men as the reincarnation of his former husband.

And in the eyes of others, this fairy is an old woman, while the 2 men see her as a beautiful goddess.

Problem happen when the fairy cannot recognize his husband, husband also lost his previous life memory, and someone else had the memory.

This drama is hilarious and romantic.

Happy that this drama followed the webtoon closely. And end up to have happy ending for the flowers couple.

Seo Ji Hoon is the second male lead here but his acting performance is much better and exceed the main male lead.

This young boy is so handsome. I watched his dramas before: Signal, School of 2017, Longing Heart (falling for him deeply here! Tho i have already fangirling him when i watch School of 2017). I can say that his acting progress is fast and wonderful! Real definition of talented.

• Encounter – 2019

Starring Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum.

Actually the plot is about draggy and slow, but the main characters able to make me excited to watch until the end of the series.

Story about once married woman, come from rich family who fall in love with ordinary boy she met at Cuba, while fighting the tirany of her ex in law.

I guess i cannot bear the sincerity smile that Park Po Gum has. And how he fight all those gaps and keep his love, that moved me, and kept me watching.

Song Hye Kyo, i wonder why the only bright cheerful personality she had on camera only during Full House with Rain. Other than that, she always plays as a quiet one.

At some scenes here, Song Hye Kyo is also funny and just become “human”, but still very stiff. She’s like one of the royal family.

• The Crowned Clown 2019

Story about Prince who once a good one but drugged himself too much and surround himself with the corrupt parliaments. So the enemies tried to kill him. And he found a clown that looks exactly like him.

Putting the clown on the throne while the good minister hides the real prince and try to recover the real prince.

The crown clowned become a good king, cares about his people and fall in love with the Queen.

But soon everything blown.

This series still aired on Korea, and i still waiting expectantly everyweek on my TV channel.

The male leas is not handsome, at all, to my preference. But this drama has good plot. That’s why i am willing to watch.

Before this, i wanted to put 100 Days My Prince on my list, but as compared to the Crowned Clown, 100DMP is not really a match.

And so i suggest you to watch this instead.

That’s all from now. If you have any suggestion, you can always drop comments.

And if you are looking for a site to watch newest K-Drama with English Subtitles, you can go to Ondramanice.tv

But sometimes, i cannot reach the website 😦

So new list are welcomed, share with me another good titles and also good place to watch the drama.

Have a great day!

Mengenal Lebih Jauh Young Living Essential Oil – Premium Kit

Halo semuanya. Ini kedua kalinya aku bahas Young Living Essential Oil. Kalau post pertama aku adalah ulasan jujur aku dari ngga mau pake YL itu kenapa sampe suka dan Oils apa yang cocok dipunyain kalo belum mau purchase Premium Kit nya… (click here)

Di post kedua ini, aku akan bahas tentang oils di Premium Kit Young Living.

Di sini aku akan membahas detail kegunaan dari 12 oil yang terdapat di Premium Kit Young Living, dan tentunya bukan cuman secara template dan desas desus, tapi sesuai pengalaman pribadi aku dan keluarga saat explore oil-oil ini.

Without further delay, here’s a detail review.

Oils at Premium Kit Young Living Oil:

• Frankincense

Personal Experience:

Aku pakai oil ini untuk Darren yang paling utama. Aku oleskan di ubun-ubun untuk kesehatan otak.

Kalau Darren sakit, untuk imun boosternya selain Thieves (di telapak kaki), Lemon (di spine), aku juga pakai Frankincense ini. Dioles di spine.

Jadi kalo Lemon aku gunakan kalau kondisi Darren masih ceria, tapi begitu lebih lemes, aku ganti ke Frankincense biar lebih cepet. Sambil di telapak kaki Thieves nya tetep dipake yah.

Untuk penggunaan aku secara pribadi, aku suka diffuse ini. Aromanya unik dan cukup menenangkan. Aromanya juga harum banget dan awet, bikin udara jadi seger. Mungkin itu yang bikin jadi damai bawaanya ya.

• Thieves

Personal Experience:

Untuk pengalaman pribadi aku dan keluarga, aku udah buktikan kalau ini memang imune booster. Ngga gampang sakit dan kalo lagi sakit, cepet recoverynya.

Caranya tinggal dioles di telapak kaki.

Aku suka diffuse juga.

Kalo untuk aku, aku punya campuran DIY untuk jadi obat pembersih di rumah.

Air + Purification + Thieves + Lemon/Orange/Lavender/Lemongrass (untuk wanginya).

Masukin ke botol sprayer kaca, disemprotin di meja ato mainan Darren, lalu lap.

Atau masukin buat air pel (tanpa sabun pel yah).

Biar kumannya minim dan bersih.

Kalau lagi mau sakit tenggorokan, atau lagi sariawan, buru-buru di kumur sama Thieves biar cepet sembuh.

Caranya tinggal ditetes di gelas, campur air, tinggal dikumur. (anak kecil jangan dikasih ya soalnya pedes kalo buat kumur)

• Purification

Personal Experience:

Diffuse untuk menyegarkan ruangan plus karena jadi bersih, otomatis imun bertambah kuat juga.

Aku juga suka drop 2 tetes di cotton ball lalu masukin sepatu, ini ampuh untuk bikin bau di sepatu hilang.

Lalu aku pernah kena cairan tomcat dan bikin kulit melepuh. Aku oles Purification untuk menghilangkan racunnya. Ampuh, dalam 2 hari bener-bener kering. Dan setelah dioles, rasa sakit bengkak dan panas di kulit langsung mereda. Selanjutnya dibantu dengan Lavender untuk melembabkan kulit dan proses penyembuhan luka bekasnya.

• Digize

Personal Experience:

Ampuuuh banget untuk aku sekeluarga kalo lagi diare. Tinggal dioles di perut berlawanan jarum jam.

Kalau pencernaan lagi ngga bener (bukan diare yah), bisa dioles searah jarum jam.

Kadang kala aku juga diffuse, cuman ngga sering banget karena kalo untuk diffuse lebih sering yang untuk membersihkan udara sama untuk relaksasi (Lavender, Peace and Calming, StressAway, Peppermint)

• Copaiba

Personal Experience:

Begitu tenggorokan ngga enak, aku tetes langsung di bawah lidah, 2 tetes.

Bisa juga diminum dengan air putih.

Dan untuk memperkuat oil lain ini dengan sistem layer. Jadi misalnya kita lagi batuk, oles RC 2 tetes. Setelah 30 detik, dilayer dengan Copaiba. RC yang tadinya cuman 2 tetes, tubuh akan menerima fungsinya seperti kita meneteskan 4 tetes RC. Jadi lebih manjur lagi.

• Lemon

Personal Experience:

Seperti yang sudah disebutkan di atas dalam pengalaman pribadi aku, aku pakai Lemon untuk imunitas. Dioles di sepanjang tulang belakang.

Lalu kalo Darren bapil, dia kan ngga cocok sama RC. Jadi lemon ini juga aku oleskan di dada dia yah dilayer sama Cypress.

Lalu untuk aromaterapi karena uplifting mood banget dan aromanya yang fresh.

Aku gunakan buat DIY pembersih lantai sebagai campuran untuk wanginya.

Lalu juga minum 2 tetes dengan air putih.

Karena ini natural alamiah, jadi seperti minum perasan lemon. Fungsinya untuk support kesehatan dan pencernaan.

Lalu kombinasi Lemon + Lavender + Peppermint bisa digunakan sebagai Trio Alergi. Mengatasi alergi. Bisa ditetes langsung di kulit yang terkena alergi, dan didiffuse juga. Ampuh banget kalo buat keluarga aku.

• Lavender

Personal Experience:

Diffuse malam hari untuk meningkatkan kualitas tidur aku.

Kalau kulit kering, campur Lavender atau Copaiba ke dalam cream, supaya cepat lembab.

Seperti yang aku ceritakan di atas, aku pakai Lavender juga untuk mengobati bekas tomcat. Ampuh sekali dalam 1 minggu kulit sudah halus dan luka samar sekali.

Aku juga sering oles dan massage perlahan untuk menenangkan Darren biar tidurnya lebih enak.

Dan ini cocok banget buat kalau habis kebentur, ada memar. Cepat sekali sembuhnya.

• Peppermint

Personal Experience:

Kalau buat aku pegal, ini cocok. Bisa jadi enakan.

Kalau batuk pilek, tinggal hirup aromanya untuk meredakan hidung tersumbat, oles di dada untuk rasa hangat.

Kalau pusing, oles di pelipis, tapi agak panas jadi aku sarankan diencerkan dulu dengan VCO / EVOO / Jojoba Oil (semuanya harus yang cold pressed) atau carrier oil lainnya. Kalau dari YL ada namanya V6.

Kalau si kecil demam, Peppermint bisa bantu untuk menurunkan demam. Tinggal dioles ditelapak kaki, dan spine.

Kalau lagi mual ini juga cocok kalo buat aku. Lebih ampuh dari Aroma Ease.

• RC

Personal Experience:

Aku dan keluarga cocok banget pake RC kalo tenggorokan udah mulai sakit buat nelen makanan dan hidung mulai mampet.

Sebelum gejala berubah ke sakit beneran, buru-buru olesin ini.

Dioles ditenggorokan buat kalo mau radang.

Dioles di tulang hidung, alis, dan belakang telinga kalo blocked nose.

Kalo udah jadi batuk dan flu yang runny nose, bisa dioles di tenggorokan, hidung, alis, belakang telinga, dan di dada serta punggung.

However oil satu ini ngga manjur untuk Darren. Darren batuknya makin menjadi kalau pakai ini dan dia selalu muntahin riak. I know it’s good thing ya riaknya keluar, tapi dia muntahin dengan tersiksa banget.

Jadi aku stop kasih RC buat Darren. Aku kasih Darren Cypress, Lemon, Thieves kalo lagi bapil.

• Aroma Ease

Personal Experience:

Aroma Ease ini selalu aku oles di dada Darren kalo dia lagi mual ato sakit perut. Nah sejauh ini, kalo abis dioles si Darren ngga pernah protes mual atau muntah lagi.

Wanginya ada mint-mint nya juga.

Kalau aku secara pribadi lebih suka Peppermint kalau untuk anti mual juga, baunya lebih strong minty soalnya.

Diffuse Aroma Ease juga enak, bisa bikin tenang dengan aroma khasnya yang ada mint dan wangi kalem juga.

• Stress Away

Personal Experience:

Believe it or not, kalau untuk tidur yang berkualitas aku lebih suka Stress Away daripada Lavender. Somehow ini lebih relaxing dan aroma wanginya seperti spa.

Aku belum pernah pakai ini untuk topical application atau massage, aku selalu diffuse.

Darren juga tidurnya lelap.

Nahhh kalau kalian punya Peace and Calming, ini lebih lebih lebih relaxing lagi. Dan suasanya lebih kayak spa high end lagi. Aku biasanya gantian diffuse antara Stress Away sama Peace and Calming.

Oh ya selain diffuse, ini bisa ditetes di bantal juga. It works buat travelling kalo susah bawa-bawa diffuser.

• Panaway

Personal Experience:

Panaway ini seperti kita lagi pakai salep Counterpain. Wanginya sama persis. Bedanya ini cepet banget meresap, ngga sepanas counterpain, tapi manjur.

Begitu meresap dan rasa panas dinginnya hilang di kulit, aku udah mikir “wahh ini pasti ngga sukses. Perlu dioles berapa banyak nihh?” Eh taunya tetep bekerja walopun rasanya oilnya sudah diserap abis sama kulit kita.

Jujur aja kalau untuk didiffuse agak sedikit strong buat aku. Jadi aku biasanya pakai ini untuk topical application.

Pegel-pegel, keseleo, abis olahraga, abis kerja dan lelah, ini bisa bantu relaksasi otot.

In case kalian ngga beli Premium Kit dan pingin bisa relaks ototnya, bisa Peppermint yah. Walau ini memang lebih plong enak. Tapi Peppermint di oles agak sering dan dipijet-pijet di badan yang lelah juga enak kok.

Nah untuk detail Premium Kit adalah sebagai berikut:

Detail Paket

Name: Premium Kit

Price: IDR 2,393,000 (belum termasuk ongkos pengiriman dari Jakarta.)

What you get:

• Membership

• 12 essential oils @5ml each

• 1 roller glide

• 10 botol kecil untuk sharing @1ml each

• Buku kode etik dan member

• 1 diffuser yang dapat kita pilih antara Dessert Mist atau Dew Drop Diffuser.

Apa beda dari kedua diffuser ini?

Nah aku sendiri juga cobain 2 diffuser ini dan menurut aku berikut keunggulan masing-masing produk:

Dessert Mist on Angel’s Personal Experience:

+ ada beberapa pilihan jamnya

+ warnanya lebih banyak

+ designnya lebih elegan

lebih berisik daripada Dewdrop

lebih tahan banting Dewdrop (kalau dibawa travelling di dalam koper)

Dewdrop on Angel’s Personal Experience:

+ tahan banting, cocok buat dibawa travelling

+ tidak berisik

hanya ada 1 pilihan waktu

hanya ada warna biru

Kalau boleh suggest, aku akan tetap suggest Dessert Mist. Karena untuk travelling sebenernya yang diperlukan oilnya dioles topical aja dan massage. Kalau perlu untuk tidur, bisa ditetes di bantal langsung. Kalau melegakan pernafasan, bisa dituang dan hirup dari air panas di mangkok/baskom. Jadi tidak perlu membawa diffuser kecuali situasi mendesak.

Kalau perlu bawa, untuk durability, ya dibawa dengan box nya aja jadi aman tahan banting.

Sekian pembahasan aku mengenai Young Living Premium Kit.

Aku harap post ini membantu untuk teman-teman yang ingin tau kegunaan masing-masing oil.

Please Remember This:

1. Explore Oil karena beberapa oil punya fungsi yang sama, jadi kita perlu mencoba mana yang lebih cocok untuk kita.

2. Natural dan alamiah, boleh digunakan sesering mungkin dalam 1 hari

3. Untuk layering, tunggu minimal 1 menit sebelum dioles dengan oil lainnya

4. Untuk penggunaan bersama obat, beri jedah 1 jam

5. Untuk dilute, gunakan V6 Young Living atau carrier oil yang Cold Pressed. Bisa jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil.

6. Kalau bingung apakah oil boleh dicampur, atau diminum, atau oles dibagian mana, berkonsultasi dahulu

7. Kalau terkena mata jangan dibilas air dulu. Diencerkan dengan dikompres carrier oil dulu, lalu baru dibilas dengan air.

8. Kalau belum join dengan group support, semua oil tanpa terkecuali bisa dioles di telapak kaki.

Post kali ini disponsori oleh Healthy Wealthy Oils. Tapi jangan diragukan keabsahannya ya, karena dari pertama blogging sampai sekarang, aku ngga pernah nulis bohong, semuanya selalu dicoba dan pengalaman pribadi. Ada downside pasti akan diberitahu juga.

Kayak minus nya tadi tetap aku tulis di atas, ada yang ngga cocok juga tetap aku sampaikan.

Buat temen-temen yang mau berkonsultasi secara langsung, bisa ke:

Instagram: healthy.wealthyoils

Leader: Yuki Hadiwidjaja – YL Silver Leader

Whatsapp: 0877.7180.8009

Address: Supermal Karawaci, Gedung E-Center, UG floor, Unit C6

Website: www.myyl.com/healthy-wealthyoils

Healthy Wealthy Oils juga punya support group di mana nantinya bisa saling share pengalaman dengan oil, membaca testimony, sekaligus kalau ada pertanyaan dan ingin tahu “resep” dan blending oil juga bisa di dalam group.

Jadi bukan cuman punya oil lalu clueless ngga ada yang support.

Karena sekali lagi oil ini adalah hasil journey masing-masing saat explore.

Happy oiling!

You’re welcome to drop any comments related to Young Living, i’ll try to reply and share more.

Or you can visit my instagram @angeliasamodro. I put my YL Review on Highlight.

With Love,

Althea Exclusive: Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and Body Sparkling Mist

Hello everybody! This my very first Beauty Review entry for 2019.

So excited to share with you my new found love from Althea Korea, as well as special link to get you, YES YOU, Special Discount (please read until finish).

Yesss, it’s their new exclusive items:

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and Sparkling Body Mist ❤️

Without further delay, let’s dive in my honest opinion about these 2 babies.

Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Okay i got a bit confused reading the name at first. It’s because i was wondering “wait, is this cleanser? But serum? Or maybe this is a toner?”

This is cleansing oil with a serum inside.


As the cleanser, i totally agree that this Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser has a good job for deep cleanse! Removes dirt and makeup instantly.

And with serum inside, this cleanser totally gentle for sensitive skin and nourish the skin well.

The form is like any other cleansing oil, consist of thick water with a little oil feeling.

Upon application, yes, i can feel it glides smoothly on my face, little oily.

But once i rinse with water, it perfectly gone. No excess oil on face, no sticky feeling on face, nor a dry and thick stretchy skin.

Praise you, Althea ❤️

Now how to use this one? It’s very simple!

Step 1: wet your face

Step 2: pour the cleanser

Step 3: massage evenly on face

Step 4: wash with water

Sometimes, just sometimes, when i lazy to remove my makeup, i’ll pour this Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser to my cottonballs and wipe my makeup the way i use micellar water. And it works!

Now this is the great points why you should try this too:

+ Serum inside

+ Deep cleanse

+ Gentle

+ Non sticky, non oily, nom drying

+ PH balance

However as i used this twice daily, morning and night, i got little purging on my chin. (After 3 days straight of usage).

And i try them until 1 week straight.

Then i know that this “deep cleanse” maybe isn’t really my thing, i reduce the frequency to 1 time a day only. And my skin back to normal. Great again, and no problem of using this cleansing oil. Until today ❤️

No more purging, no breakouts. (I didn’t even use acne patch or acne medicine to cure. Because i know this is just purging, the way my skin reacted to something new. No harm. So chill. And yes after the right amount, problem solved!)

Product Details:

Name: Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Price: IDR 120,000

Size: 150ml

Key Ingredients: Mint Leaf Extract, Jojoba, Tea Tree Leaf Extract

Where to get: Althea Website

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist x Titi Kamal

I wonder if this body mist also available widely for other countries, because Titi Kamal is Indonesian actress. And it will be such a miss if they cannot have this one.

Because this body mist is definitely Angel’s APPROVED!

This body mist scent combines floral and fruity aroma.

But from the very first sprayed, i could smell Peach out of this body mist.

Great points for this would be:

+ It’s very handy, light, perfect to be carried inside the bag for touch up.

+ Refreshing fragrance: fruity floral sweet scent

+ Eliminate bad odour

Yesss, what make this Angel’s approved is because i went for BBQ and i didn’t like when my body smells ashy.

So i sprayed this on my neck and my arms and puffff! BBQ smell were gone!

The sweet smell linger on me.

Once again, Praise you oh Althea for such a formula.

Oh please take note this is a body mist so you cannot expect a long lasting experience.

The scent stayed for 2 hours indoor (with aircond). But because it’s very handy, you can reapply whenever you want.

Product Details:

Name: Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist

Price: IDR 127,000

Size: 100ml

Key Ingredients: Damask Rose Water, Orange Flower Extract, Magnolia Flower Extract, Fresh Peach

Where to get: Althea Website

I haven’t experience any disappointment during my shopping with Althea.

Althea always packs the goods safely, sending it in timely manner , not to forget, offers best deals and wide range of products.

And Althea own brand line is da bomb! Always offer affordable price with magic ingredients that WOW-ed me.

I mean, whenever i find a product that is really great on my skin, will usually a bit pricey on the tag. But not here. I can experience goodness in affordable form ❤️

So have you sign up for Althea website? I encourage you to do so.

And here’s a Special Link to get you more DISCOUNT:


So if you are sign up, within 30 days from your signed up date, if you purchase anything, you can use the code “NEW-ID” for 15% OFF (maximum IDR 50,000).

And you can also get another 50% OFF Althea Makeup line, by signing up from the link above or click here, and share the link to your friends and family also ❤️

You can browse the reviews for each product written by all customers across the world before buying, and most importantly: to experience better shopping, directly shipped from Korea by yourstruly ❤️

Share with me if you have tried any of Althea’s products as well as your excitement or curiosity towards these 2 babies.

Here’s another link for my review of other Althea’s Exclusive: Petal Velvet Series and Milk Peel Mask

Have a wonderful day, fellas!