Blogging and Endorsement ChitChat

Hi everyone. How are you doing today? My post today is about personal sharing, heart to heart sesh, and a little tips.

I’ve been receiving endorsement since 2014 and start blogging in 2016.

People look at me and think that it’s easy and wonderful to become Blogger and Influencer.

“You get paid, you get free stuffs, you meet new friends”

These are the words usually spoken to me.

I won’t argue on that….

I do really meet new awesome friends, free stuffs to enjoy (some are the latest in trend), and some brands pay big amount.

But it isn’t fair if you only look at those so called blink-blink side.

I have faced lot of problems along the way too.

It is never easy to raise the number of followers, likes, comments and other engagement with the audience.

Those who work fairly will know that Instagram keeps changing the algorithms and make our audience upside down.

Not to mention the number of likes decreasing make your post unexplorable by the rest 😆

And all the dramas between bloggers and influencers trying to backstab one another.

Tiring huh?

After i have Darren, i don’t really engaged on such world. I do receive endorsements and collaborations, and come to events, but my priority is to become a mom and blogger from home.

That’s why i am very picky to the event i’m about to attend. It’s not the money, it’s not how far the venue or how big the brand is, but it’s about who will handle Darren when i go to event.

So please, i know there’re group of people talking behind my back think that i’m out of business, the truth is: if you don’t see me on an event doesn’t mean i am not invited, 90% of the times i get the invitation but can’t make it because i have my priority. And please, i am lady boss too. So i am doing really well 🙂 thank you!

And why i prefer blogging? They don’t sell fake audience and likes and followers to boost your blogsite. So i am pretty happy that blogging world is still fun and authentic ❤️

For endorsement, many influencer buy followers and likes. You can audit their follower auntenticity using

I don’t blame them, competition get so hard and they might not have other income source or just to make sure they’re stay popular…. so yeah..

What so funny is: i know some of instagrambabes that branding themselves so high, so exclusive and disgusting with those who buy followers and likes, end up their followers authenticity is less than 50%!!!

What a shame. I bet the quote is true. Those who speaks louder are the guilty one .

If there’re any of you like to boost by buying, it’s ok for whatever reason you do that, i don’t and i won’t hate you. Just please don’t act like you are the Queen and rule the world ok? Coz it’s decreasing your personal worth.

Thank you for being patient with my heart to heart session. ❤️

Now i believe many of you still wondering how to get endorsement/collaborations, and what the tips for staying on the business?

If you are about to start, posting good pictures with the help of #hashtag will help you. Post routinely every week. Slowly but sure people will notice you. (Other tips, click here)

Then, don’t forget to have:

  1. Attitude

Attitude here is how you respond to your followers and your partners.

Engagement is very important. You don’t have to reply all your followers, but manage some times to really connect with them.

They will happy and continue to support you.

To respond to the brands that offer you less than what you expect, or brands that push you with so many responsibilities to do… Be calm and open for discussion/negotiation.

Don’t be rude. Do not forget to reply them.

Points out what you expect, and find the win-win solution. If there’s not possible, you can reject the collaboration politely so you don’t close your future deals ☺️

If you’re about to start, please do not randomly send email begging for collaboration. It will decrease your e-value 🙂

2. Professionalism

Professionalism here is to your brands and followers and to yourself.

To brands: do not neglect the deadline. Once you agree to collabs with them, you have to follow closely and make them happy. Happy customers mean repeated future deals! Without partners, you are out of business.

To followers: always be honest with your review. Don’t just sugar coating everything. You must tell the downside without offending the brand. They will happy to read your review and give it a try. Without followers, you are out of business.

To yourself: don’t be blind by the world and thinking to achieve many by lowering your standard. Always take authentic products for safety, for dignity. Pose not to get those dirty minds keep following you, pose to your value. Bikini in a beach, why not? Bikini in a room with naughty face look? Are you promoting bikini or porn magz? Think about that ☺️

Professional to ourselves also mean that regardless how high/low your actual insights, you still work hard and do your best, not by buying to boost them.

I know you can still buy followers and likes, but will you be happy lying to yourself for the rest of it? That your achievement is actually nothing but the lie.

And one day, soon enough, those who work hard will eventually reap and those who get everything in instant will be forgotten.

Because many have proven that hard work don’t lie.

Do you know that a year ago i joined an endorsement management? So this so called management handle quite a lot influencers and i after joining i found out that they sent followers and likers to boost their influencers. Not only that, they also sent followers and likers to all the clients who use their agency. I asked them politely and told them it lowering my worth. They really angry but i don’t care, i quite at that moment. I want my achievement to be real. Call me stupid, but I don’t want to give people reason to make rumour. So i gotta be very careful and real about it.


If you meet new people and make friends a long the way, always remember that God has already assign portion to each and every one of us. You don’t need to be afraid that one will steal from you and you spread rumours and backstab to gain personal profit.

Just be kind and support one another, then your blessings will be doubled! Trust me.

Backstabbing and dramas will shorten “your life”.

That’s all from me.

I have posted before about boosting your traffic old fashion way here . Just click the active link and read.

Hopefully it give you some insight and solutions ❤️

Thank you for supporting me this whole time and please continue to do so.

Would love to hear your feedback too!

Good day ❤️


Mellydia Whitening Series Skincare Review (Bahasa)

Hello BeautyFams….

Hari ini aku mau introduce kalian (dan sekaligus kasih review) skincare brand lokal: Mellydia, dalam kolaborasi dengan Surabaya Beauty Blogger.

Okay first of all, ketika aku milih skincare ataupun kosmetik untuk kolaborasi, aku hanya akan memilih yang udah pasti aman, bersertifikat, dan ngga palsu.

Ini untuk meminimize hal-hal yang tidak diinginkan dan pastinya untuk tidak menyesatkan temen-temen semua hehe 😁

Jadi setelah aku tau Mellydia ini sudah ada sertifikasi BPOM dan HALAL, aku mau untuk cobain. Ini juga jawaban buat kalian yang selalu bilang “skincare Angel pricey. Coba review yang affordable sekali-kali dong” ❤️

Ini aku dapet 1 set skincare untuk whitening dan ini untuk semua jenis kulit yah.. Aku urutkan produk knowledge dan pendapat pribadi aku sesuai langkah pemakaiannya ya..

1. Facial Foam

Sabun cuci muka Mellydia Cosmetics ini bertekstur seperti gel dan mampu mengangkat sisa kosmetik, debu, dan kotoran di wajah. Selain itu, Mellydia Facial Foam juga mengandung skin conditioning berbahan dasar bengkoang yang mampu mencerahkan, mencegah wajah kering dan kusam.

Kandungan utama dari Facial Foam ini adalah Bengkoang yang sudah dikenal sejak jaman dahulu dapat mencerahkan kulit secara alami. Memiliki kandungan vitamin C dan B1 yang tinggi, berfungsi sebagai antioksidan pada kulit. Tak hanya melindungi tapi juga mencerahkan, mengurangi flek hitam dan menjaga wajah agar tetap terasa segar.

❤️Angel says: Wanginya juga enak, menyegarkan dan menenagkan. Bersihin wajah aku tanpa terasa kering.

2. Beauty Water

Mellydia Beauty Water adalah produk praktis yang dapat digunakan kapan pun dan di manapun. Dapat digunakan saat kita merasa sangat kepanasan untuk merefreshing kulit, dapat digunakan sebelum pemakaian serum juga. Gunanya adalah untuk menyegarkan, menutrisi, dan menyiapkan kulit untuk proses perawatan berikutnya.

Kandungan spesial dari Beauty Water ini adalah:

Licorice Ekstrak. Licorice memiliki senyawa aktif bernama “glabridin”, merupakan antioksidan tinggi yang melindungi kulit dari radikal bebas. Selain itu terdapat kandungan Licochalcone, berfungsi sebagai penyeimbang minyak alami kulit. Sehingga dapat merawat kulit berminyak. Licorice juga dapat membantu mengurangi mata panda, warna kulit tidak merata dan flek hitam.

Bengkoang. Sudah dikenal sejak jaman dahulu kala sebagai salah satu tanaman yang berkhasiat mencerahkan kulit. Kandungan vitamin C dan B1 yang tinggi menjadikan Bengkoang sebagai salah satu buah dengan antioksidan, anti aging dan natural brightening.

Aloe Vera. Dikenal sebagai pelembab dan obat radang alami, aloe vera sama sekali tidak meninggalkan rasa berminyak di kulit sehingga sangat cocok digunakan untuk berbagai jenis kulit.

Vitamin C. Membantu produksi collagen dalam kulit sehingga kulit tetap sehat dan mengurangi tanda tanda penuaan. Vitamin C juga dapat mendukung pemeliharaan jaringan kulit dan mencegah kerusakan akibat sinar matahari.

Collagen. berfungsi sebagai penjaga elastisitas dan kekenyalan kulit.

❤️Angel says: Favorit aku. Aku pakai setelah facial wash dan sebelum pemakaian serum. Misalkan tengah hari terasa gerah, panas, aku pakai lagi karena bener-bener menyegarkan. Bisa dipakai sesering mungkin. Malam sebelum pakai night cream aku spray lagi juga. Selain menyegarkan, Beauty Water ini melembabkan juga.

3. Whitening Serum

Bahan utama Whitening Serum Mellydia terdiri dari dua kategori penting yaitu antioksidan dan anti-pembengkakan (anti-inflammatory) yang terkandung dalam: Licorice Extract, Collagen, dan Vitamin C

❤️Angel says: Cepat banget diserap sama kulit. Tidak menimbulkan kesan oily. Tidak perlu menunggu lama untuk bisa mengaplikasikan moisturizer.

4. Day Cream & Night Cream

Mellydia Day Cream adalah krim pelembab yang memberikan perlindungan ekstra UV filter untuk melindungi kulit dari sengatan matahari. Cocok untuk yang sering beraktivitas Outdoor.

Selain diperkaya Licorice Extract, Aloe Vera, Day Cream Mellydia juga berisi:

Shea Butter Extract sebagai agen pelembab dengan kandungan natural vitamin A dan E yang dapat memulihkan masalah-masalah kulit seperti kerutan dan bekas jerawat

Alpha Arbutin sebagai agen pemutih kulit yang menghambat proses pigmentasi kulit dari sengatan sinar matahari.

Vitamin E untuk memperlambat proses penuaan kulit dengan memblok masuknya radikal bebas ke dalam kulit (antioksidan).

Mellydia Night Cream berfungsi untuk menutrisi kulit di malam hari dan membantu menyamarkan noda hitam.

Selain mengandung Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Licorice Extract, krim malam Mellydia juga mengandung:

Alpha Arbutin. Senyawa yang umumnya terkandung dalam buah goji beri yang dapat menghambat proses pigmentasi pada kulit.

Beeswax. Lilin dari lebah dapat digunakan pada kulit sebagai lapisan pelindung untuk menjaga kelembapan kulit tanpa menodai atau menyumbat pori-pori kulit.

❤️Angel says: krimnya tidak membuat kulit menjadi oily. Sangat ringan. Tidak menimbulkan breakouts maupun jerawat.

Okayy jadi aku cobain skincarenya Mellydia ini 14 hari. Dan sejak hari pertama, ngga ada keluhan even untuk kulit aku yang sensitive ini. For your information, kulit aku ini sensinya parah. Kalau Day 1 ngga cocok, dia langsung akan menunjukkan tanda-tandanya. Dan setelah seminggu adaptasi baru aku bisa finalised kan apa aku cocok ato engga.

Tapi kalo sejak Day 1 ngga ada masalah, kayak pake Mellydia ini, berarti ini diterima dengan baik sama kulit aku dan ngga akan ada masalah di kemudian hari juga.

Foto atas: wajah bare face, setelah melakukan serangkaian perawatan Mellydia Whitening Series. Tanpa editting sama sekali, tidak ada jerawat dan lain sebagainya.

Foto bawah: menambahkan bedak dan lipstick, tanpa produk makeup apapun tapi wajah tetap segar alami.

Dan hasil dari pemakaian secara rutin 14 hari, kulit aku tidak kusam, tidak ada jerawat, tidak kering, dan tidak menimbulkan minyak berlebih.

Point plus dari produk Mellydia ini adalah Halal, BPOM, bahannya ringan dan cepat meresap, aman, harganya affordable.

Perlu digaris bawahi bahwa Whitening Series Mellydia Cosmetics ini untuk semua jenis kulit.

Tips untuk yang kulitnya kering dan perlu pelembab yang lebih kuat, bisa diakalin dengan pemakaian Beauty Water yang lebih sering untuk menambah kelembapan kulit.

Tips untuk hasil maksimal: karena ini adalah rangkaian mencerahkan kulit, jangan lupa tetap tambahkan sunblock lagi sebelum beraktivitas di luar rumah.

Produk Mellydia ini sudah aku uji coba dan buktikan sendiri. Buat teman-teman yang pingin nyobain juga, bisa langsung ke link website:

Ataupun Instagramnya di @mellydiaofficial

Aku harap sharing dan review kali ini membantu teman-teman semua yaaaah terutama yang selama ini udah nungguin review skincare affordable dari aku 💋

Have a good day everyone!

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Looke Cosmetics Review

Halo semuanya.

Di bulan September ini, review pertama blog untuk kategori Beauty aku adalah Lip produk dari Looke Cosmetics.

Looke Cosmetics adalah brand lokal Indonesia yang berpusat di Sleman, Yogyakarta dan baru meluncurkan produk perdana mereka yaitu Holy Lip Series : yang terdiri dari Holy Lip Creme dan Holy Lip Polish.

Nah sedikit latar belakang Looke Cosmetics yah, Lip Gloss mereka ini hadir dengan tagline #CelebratingTheNewYou. Ini dimaksudkan agar kita para wanita lebih berani mengekspresikan diri (dengan arah positif tentunya) dan dapat menginspirasi sesama kita.

Lalu setiap penamaan Lip Gloss terinspirasi dari nama dewi-dewi Yunani yang sudah terkenal kuat, percaya diri, unik, dan menarik. Ini juga diharapkan memberi kepercayaan diri bagi para wanita Indonesia yang menggunakan produk Looke Cosmetics.

Okayyy sekarang ngga sabar banget bahas warna Holy Lip Series Looke Cosmetics dan kenapa Lip Gloss lokal ini patut banget dapet tempat di hati kita semua (yesssss Looke Cosmetics sudah dapet tempat istimewa di hatiku ❤️)

Varian Warna Holy Lip Series Looke Cosmetics

Holy Lip Series dibedakan menjadi 2: yaitu Holy Lip Creme dan Holy Lip Polish.

Holy Lip Creme: Hasil akhir matte, warna lebih pekat, formula ringan, tahan hingga 10 jam, multifungsi (bisa untuk lip, eyeshadow, blush on)

Sedangkan Holy Lip Polish: Hasil akhir glossy, transparent dengan micro glitter, ringan dan tidak lengkat, bisa digunakan sebagai lip dan eyeshadow topper.

Untuk variasi warnanya, Looke Cosmetics meluncurkan:

  • Holy Lip Creme Hebe

Hebe adalah Goddess of Youth. Lip Creme ini berwarna nude coral, kesannya sangat natural di bibir. Sesuai dengan maksud nama Hebe yang menampilkan kecantikan alami dengan kesan natural.

  • Holy Lip Creme Thalia

Thalia adalah Goddess of Festivity, dimaksudkan untuk kesan yang feminim, lembut, anggun, dan natural, dengan lambang bunga yang mekar. Warna dari Lip Creme ini adalah dusty pink. Sangat anggun dan lembut.

  • Holy Lip Creme Irene

Irene adalah Goddess of Peace. Dengan warna Lip Creme pink mauve – kecoklatan, warna ini sangat cocok untuk semua skin tone, terutama wanita Indonesia. Warna ini terkesan hangat, sesuai dengan namanya Dewi Kedamaian.

  • Holy Lip Creme Gaia

Warna Gaia adalah warna bata atau kombinasi peach-coklat. Warna ini cocok untuk semua skin tone juga, dan merupakan warna paling gelap dari antara Lip Creme lainnya. Ada yang tahu kenapa? Karena Gaia adalah Goddess of Earth, jadi tone warnanya adalah earth tone, yaitu peach-coklat.

  • Holy Lip Polish Luna

Lip Polish Luna berwarna pink transparant sebagai perwakilan dari Goddess of Moonlight. Memberi kemilau di bibir ketika digunakan. Bisa untuk lip gloss maupun lip topper dan tidak akan mengubah warna Lip Creme yang digunakan sebelumnya.

Why I Love Looke Cosmetics?

• Packaging Cantik

Dengan box hitam menambah kesan eksklusif. Logonya cantik banget seperti cosmic. Misterius, anggun. Packaging yang cantik ini bikin semangat banget nerima dan ngga sabar buat cobain. Cocok juga dijadiin hadiah.

• Cruelty Free, Vegan, HALAL

Kita boleh sangat lega karean produk Looke Cosmetics bersertifikat BPOM dan HALAL. Ini termasuk point yang aku cari ketika menggunakan produk lokal, supaya lebih merasa aman. Selain itu juga, bahan yang digunakan alami dan dalam proses uji coba tidak ada kekerasan terhadap hewan.

• Variasi Warna Banyak

Pilihan warna yang banyak dapat aku mix and match sesuai dengan kebutuhan, baik untuk casual, maupun acara formal dan event. Belum lagi semua shade Holy Lip Series ini boleh dikatakan cocok untuk skin tone wanita Indonesia. Jadi sangat memudahkan sekali!

• Tahan Lama, Tidak Luntur, Pigmented

Sekalipun digunakan untuk makan dan minum, Holy Lip Series Looke Cosmetics bisa tahan lama dan tidak stain/transfer. Setelah makan, untuk lebih amannya dapat diaplikasikan sekali lagi. Tanpa pengaplikasian ulangpun, aku sudah buktikan Holy Lip Series bisa tahan hingga 8 jam. Cocok banget buat tampil on point seharian tanpa perlu ribet touch up.

Bukti Foto Staying Power Looke Cosmetics

Atas: Setelah selesai makeup jam 9.30 pagi

Bawah: Kondisi lipstick di bibir jam 5.30 sore, tanpa retouch sama sekali.

• Ringan dan Multifungsi

Ringan banget feelnya ketika digunakan. Tidak membuat kering. Lalu multifungsi bisa untuk perona pipi, eyeshadow, lip gloss dan topper juga. Jadi cukup punya Holy Lip Series sudah bisa membuat full face make up look.

• Paraben Free

Sudah tidak diragukan lagi yah aku udah say No to paraben selama 1.5 tahun dan aku beyond happy ketika tau selain bener-bener bagus, long lasting, variasinya banyak, ternyata Looke Cosmetics juga bebas paraben! Tanpa pengawet. Yeayyy!!

Lengkap sudah kepuasan dan kecintaan aku buat Looke Cosmetics.

• Rasa Mint dan Aroma Tart

Nah ini preferensi aku yah. Ketika diaplikasikan, ada rasa mintnya. Jadi berasanya seger sekali. Lalu aroma Lip Creme dan Lip Polish Looke ini seperti butter pada tart. Menggugah selera 💋☺️

Jadi kalo ditanya apakah aku bakal rekomendasikan ini?

Jawaban aku adalah YESS!!!

Lalu kalo ditanyain warna terfavorit aku…. Ummm walaupun agak susah nentuinnya aku milih Thalia untuk kesan sweet dan Hebe untuk sehari-hari ❤️

Surprise banget dengan produk lokal yang kualitasnya sama seperti barang Internasional lainnya 👍🏻 Wajib punya banget apalagi warnanya warm dan natural semua, cocok untuk segala jenis skintone.

Untuk teman-teman semua yang ngga sabar buat buktiin sendiri keunggulan dari Looke Cosmetics, kalian bisa ikutan memiliki produk perdana Looke Cosmetics melalui website:

Dan Instagram: @lookecosmetics

Thank you for the collaboration, Surabaya Beauty Blogger! Semua review ditulis jujur tanpa adanya kebohongan dan semua foto tidak menggunakan editting merubah warna lipstick dan wajah.

Summer Style 2018

Summer gonna end in few more weeks (or even some countries has start the Fall season) and I won’t let it pass before sharing my Summer Style Idea with you.

Last year i gave insight for more flowery and casual outfit (

This year, no more flowers but i play with

colors and fun bags.

This kind of dress is so famous for Summer 2018 and glad that I scored one in Mustard color. It’s bright, playful and perfect for Summer.

Bright color jumpsuits could never go wrong for Summer! Paired it with backpack, oh i am so holiday ready! Travel chic!❤️

Next, i paired on my “fit for all-season” frill dress with rattan bag and hat.

Are you agree that this picture really Summer ready? 😍

Last but not least, white color will always in for every season of the weather.

Pairing this Berrybenka Playsuit with bralette for more fun effect and i am ready to rock the day!

All the outfits i wear on the pictures cost me not more than IDR 200,000 on average. Trust me ☺️ Looking chic doesn’t have to be expensive. We just need good eye when shopping and wear the confidence to rock the outfit! You’ll look like a millionaire baby 💋

That’s all about my favourite Summer 2018 outfit. Tho the outfit preference change, my ultimate Summer Rescue still the same:

– Sunblock

– Hat

– Comfy footwear and

– Eyeglasses

What’s your favorite Summer #ootd ? And which one is your favourite from my style?

Share with me your thoughts and wishing you all a great day!

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Recommended Eyelash Extension Surabaya – Vions Beauty

Hi everyone…

Hari ini aku mau share pengalaman dan pastinya ini super honest dan recommended banget ya. I don’t get paid to write this, cuman ini really good! Sehingga sayang banget kalo sampe ada yang ngga tau ☺️

Namanya Vions Beauty (Instagram @vionsbeauty) owned by pretty Ms. Silvi Ong.

Aku udah percayain eyebrow aku sama Vions Beauty since 2017 (Review bisa click di sini) , udah buat ulang lagi, retouch, pokoknya baliknya selalu ke sini.

Dan awal Agustus 2018 ini karena ada acara, aku eyelash extension di sini.

Okayyy, for your information, aku bukan pertama kali doing eyelash ya aku uda cobain sana sini termasuk tempat top dan harganya muahal yang cuman tahan 2 minggu doang.

Dan selama ini yang aku alamin selalu antara ini:

• Mata perih selama pengerjaan atau aman saat pengerjaan, tapi ketika sampai di rumah mulai perih pedes.. Bisa bertahan 1 jam, bisa juga seharian baru hilang.

• Eyelash keliatan natural kalo ada makeup, kalo tanpa makeup keliatan aneh banget di daerah mata. Seakan ngga natural.

• Gatal

• Extra care for lashes karena kepegang dikit aja agak kaku sakit. Kena guling waktu tidur, sakit dikit. Dan ini berlangsung terus dari H+1 pemasangan sampai eyelash extensionnya rontok 85% baru tidak sakit lagi.

• Ketika rontok, bulu mata asli ikut lepas. Ngga sampe botak kok, cuman cukup banyak juga yang lepas.

Not that i didn’t like yah. Hasilnya bagus-bagus semua juga kok yang pernah aku cobain, tapi kayak kata aku, ada minusnya. Tetep membantu banget kalo makeup an mata langsung cetar membahana. Makeup jadi cepet dan on point.

Jadi ketika treatment dimulai sama Silvi, aku langsung bilang “mata aku sensitive yah, harus bener-bener kering atau bakal perih banget”

Nah pada saat proses eyelash extension dimulai, I was so surprised karena pengalaman aku di sini amazing banget, puas banget.

Dan ini kenapa aku suka banget di sini ❤️

    Mata bukan cuman ditempelin penutup, tapi ada masker matanya. Jadi relax maksimal!
    Harganya bersahabat dan kualitasnya luar biasa!
    Prosesnya cepat buanget
    Ngga ada rasa perih, gatal, tanpa mata merah sama sekali. Baik selama proses, maupun setelah pulang ke rumah, aman damai tanpa insiden apapun.
    Looks very natural even on bare face! Looks even greater with makeup on.
    Natural! 100% kayak asli. Aku bahkan bisa pegang bulu mata, bisa bersihin dengan kasar. Ngga ada rasa sakit, mengganjal, kaku, NO NO NO…. 100% kayak bulu mata asli. Mau kena guling, kena gesek… aman tanpa sakit.
    Tidak berat
    Saking nyamannya, i almost felt asleep during the process! Biasanya aku ngga pernah bisa tidur karena bakal ada rasa perih dari lem.
    Saat eyelash extension lepas, hanya sedikitttt sekali bulu mata asli yang copot. Ngga kayak biasanya yang perbandingan 3:5, ini cuman 1:5 perbandingannya. Aku ngga boong ya ngga ada eyelash extension yang bisa 100% bulu mata aslinya ngga rontok. Kena gesek dan lainnya, pasti bisa lepas. Bedanya selama ini rontok bisa banyak, di sini kayak aku bilang cuman 1:5 jadi aku totally pleased! Bahkan aku uda balik dan bikin extension lagi. Bukan karena uda rontok semua ya, aku mau trip ke KL soalnya biar cetar membahana lagi tanpa menyakitk diri 😍

Waktu aku share sama temen-temen mommy-mommy dari Sekolah Darren, semua penasaran sampe bilang “masa sih ngga gatal? Masa si lembut dan ngga sakit? Masa sih bisa dipegang, dikucek bulu matanya?”

Dan aku bilang “go ahead, silahkan pegang dan kasarin bulu mata aku”.

They did it! Mereka pegang dan amazed…

Kalau amazed aja ngga cukup dong ya buat convince kalian ☺️ Jangan kuatir, mereka book appointment dan akhirnya bikin eyelash extension di Silvi-Vions Beauty juga kok.

Dan puas juga dengan hasilnya dan percaya banget sama rekomendasi aku 👍🏻🙏🏻✨✨👌

Nah berikut foto hasil eyelash di Vions Beauty ya:

Eyelash extension on bare face
Eyelash extension with makeup

Untuk pricing, price per August 2018 adalah:

Eyelash IDR 350,000

Touch Up Disc 30-50% dari harga IDR 350,000 berdasarkan masih banyak ato engganya lashes yang tersisa.

So affordable rite?

So if you live in Surabaya and plan to visit Surabaya, and you need eyelash extension service, VIONS BEAUTY is the answer! Do follow the account, save it, and book.

You won’t regret my recommendation 💋

Cerita Inspirasi 2

Hello semua 🙂

Ini kedua kalinya aku bikin blog post dari Whatsapp / pesan berantai yang aku terima.

Aku mau share ini ke temen-temen semua soalnya ini juga ngingetin dan menginspirasi aku.

Jadi biar sama-sama termotivasi lagi.

Aku sering banget juga bahas ini sebenernya.. Yaitu tentang jangan iri karena ngga ada kehidupan orang yang perfect. Yang kita lihat cuman bagus tampilan luarnya tanpa tau gimana kondisi di dalemnya.

Yuk tanpa basa basi lagi… Langsung aku copy ke bawah yah.




Hidup selalu terbungkus oleh banyak lapisan. Kita hanya melihat lapisan luar & tidak tahu isi dalamnya…

Kita hanya melihat, “wah…. pengusaha itu hebat, rumahnya besar, mobilnya mewah, hidupnya bahagia sekali…”

Padahal dia lagi stress & hidupnya penuh hutang, kerja keras hanya buat bayar bunga pinjaman, semua asetnya sudah jadi milik bank…

Huaaa… pasangan anggun yang hadir di acara reuni itu begitu serasi & mempesona, mereka pasti hidup harmonis & bahagia…

Padahal hidup mereka penuh dengan kebencian, saling menuduh, menghianati & menyakiti, bahkan sudah dalam proses perceraian & bagi harta…

Lihat pemuda itu, lulusan Harvard dengan nilai cumlaude, pasti mudah dapat kerja, gaji besar, hidupnya pasti bahagia…

Padahal dia kena PHK sudah 10x, jadi korban fitnah di lingkungan kerjanya. Sudah 2 bulan belum dapat job baru…

Woww… Ibu muda itu, selalu ke pub clubbing & diskotik, dia punya banyak waktu, ngga perlu pusingin kerjaan rumah, hidupnya enjoy banget, dia pasti bahagia….

Padahal batinnya hampa & kesepian, jiwanya merintih. suaminya tak pernah menghargai & mengasihinya…

Lihat tetangga kita anaknya sudah besar-besar semua, bapak ibunya sudah boleh santai & tenang, mereka pasti bahagia, namun kenyataannya orang tua mereka tak pernah bisa tidur nyenyak, anak2nya tak berbakti, suka judi & narkoba.

Kita selalu tertipu oleh keindahan di luar & tidak tahu realita yang di dalam.

Sesungguhnya semua keluarga punya masalah. Semua orang punya cerita duka. Begitulah hakekat hidup.

Janganlah menggosip tentang masalah orang, sebenarnya siapapun tidak mau mengalami masalah tapi manusia tak luput dari masalah.

Jangan mengeluh karena masalah. Hayatilah makna dibalik semua masalah maka semua masalah akan membuat hidup menjadi bermakna!

Jangan bandingkan hidupmu dengan orang lain, karena orang lain belum tentu lebih bahagia dari kita.

SEBUAH MASAKAN, menjadi SEDAP, karna

DIMASUKKAN bumbu-bumbu yang “dipilih” oleh KOKI yang memasaknya.

Begitupun, SEBUAH KEHIDUPAN, menjadi INDAH karna MASUKNYA ORANG-ORANG yang Tuhan “ijinkan” dalam kehidupan seseorang.

Ada yang MASUK seperti KUNYIT, walau penampilan nya jelek, tapi sanggup memberi “WARNA INDAH” yang sulit dilupakan.

Ada yang MASUK seperti BAWANG MERAH yang semakin lama bersamanya, semakin banyak “AIR MATA” yang tertumpah.

Ada yang MASUK, seperti LADA walau nampak kecil halus, tapi memberi “KEHANGATAN”.

Ada juga yang MASUK, seperti CABAI, yang “menipu” dengan warnanya yang menarik tapi membuat “KERINGAT” bercucuran DAN PEDIH.

Ada yang keras dan harus digilas, ada yang lembut dan cukup ditaburkan. Ada yang hadir hanya sebagai pengharum dan ada juga yang hadir untuk menentukan rasa.

JAGALAH dan JANGAN SIA-SIAKAN mereka yang MASUK memberi KEBAIKAN dalam hidupmu..!

SYUKURILAH dan JANGANLAH MEMBENCI.. mereka yang MASUK “menyakiti” hidupmu, karna, merekapun juga “berperan” MENYEDAPKAN pribadimu..!

SEMUANYA ITU, Tuhan ijinkan “MASUK”, untuk MERUBAH, segala yang “tidak baik” yang ada dalam pribadimu, untuk menjadi lebih baik..!

Tuhan mengolahmu dan membentukmu untuk jadi sajian yang sedap bagi semua orang.

Selamat menikmati aneka menu hidupmu. Jalani hidup bersama orang lain… bagaimanapun mereka… akan membantu mengolah hidupmu menjadi sajian yang menyenangkan.

Semoga hari ini dan seterusnya kita semua selalu diberikan sukacita, damai sejahtera & berkat yang melimpah dari Allah


*Hidup itu Singkat*

*Jadikanlah Hidup ini selalu Bermakna dan Bermanfaat bagi sesama.*

Pesan di atas cukup singkat dan bahasanya juga sangat mudah dipahami.

Aku juga dalam hidup ini sering kali dilemma, sering melihat ke rumput tetangga yang lebih hijau.

Tapi lagi-lagi, rumput yang hijau itu juga prosesnya panjang.

Perlu disiramin tiap hari, perlu dipupuk. Dicabutin ilalangnya dan lain sebagainya.

Aku juga ngga tau kalo mungkin atasnya terlihat hijau tapi ternyata akarnya sudah tidak kuat dan tinggal menunggu waktu saja.

Dengan message singkat ini aku dapet gentle reminder buat bisa mensyukuri lebih lagi porsi yang sudah Tuhan berikan ke masing-masing kita.

Karena semuanya baik. Tidak berlebih, tidak berkekurangan. Dan semuanya selalu membawa ke cerita yang lebih baik ☺️

Thank you for reading dan semoga ini memberi semangat dan kehangatan untuk hari kalian!

Savvy Minerals Review + Makeup Inspiration

Last Saturday, 14 July 2018, i was invited on Afternoon Talkshow about “Healthy and Wealthy with Savvy Minerals and Young Living Essential Oils” hosted by Surabaya Beauty Blogger, WomanBlitz, Healthy Wealthy Oils and Oils Holic.

I believe many of us has heard about Young Living Essential Oils, the pioneer of therapeutic grade essential oils. And last year, they launched their first ever mineral makeup collections under Savvy Minerals brand.

And because it still under Young Living which believe on the natural things, we can expect non toxin – non synthetic – no paraben – no filler products, plus, infused with essential oils.

All Savvy Minerals products come in powder so that they don’t need to put paraben (liquid tend to expired faster). And though it comes in powder, all the products could be use to create perfect makeup for daily to glam party look.

Here’s the picture of me getting a glam look makeover . Full face makeup using Savvy Minerals

I got Eyeshadow colour 406, Lipstick colour 602 – Daydream and Lavender Lipbalm (for winning the quiz) during the Event.

So let’s head on to my review and scroll below to see me creating Daily Makeup Look using Savvy Minerals products that i got.

Eyeshadow 406

It’s not that difficult to apply powdery eyeshadow. Just bear in mind to always tap the brush first, or the dust will drop messily on face.

The eyeshadow has a bit of shimmering finish. Yess a bit because the blink isn’t too obvious, but definitely not matte either. I need to add more swatches (gradually) in order to get the darker shade. And finally it become the combination of purplish grey smokey kinda color.

Maybe it will be easier if i put on eyeprimer to help boosting the color ☺️

The eyeshadow is blend-able! Easy to blend and mix and match with other color, even from other brand.

And it is also easy to remove with any makeup remover.

Lipstick 602 Day Dream

It has metallic finish. The color is frosty pink. I used the word frosty because of the metallic effect. But as it get more mature on the lip, the color will slightly change to darker shade. But for me, i personally think it’s too pale for me. Even if i keep adding the color. So my best tips will be combine it with other lipstick color.

This lipstick could moist my lip well (castor oil is the key here). If you have dry or chapped lip, i suggest you to put on lipbalm first for easy and smooth application.

Oh i can easily wipe clean my lips 🙂 Also, this lipstick don’t stain. Good one!

Now let’s play with the makeup.

I created this Daily Natural (plus faux age spots) look to test the products. While everyone getting crazy with cute little fake freckles all around the face, i choose bigger one to make it relateable.

To achieve the look, i used:

Face: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Cream, after makeup all done, i use Innisfree No Sebum Powder.


Step1: brush over Naked2 Urban Decay “Bootycall” all over eyes.

Step2: use Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow 406 on outer crease, blend blend and blend. Add the color gradually to build up the color.

Step3: use CityColor Highlighting Powder Intense Exposure on the inner crease. And on the arch of the brow.

Step4: add Kanebo Black Liquid eyeliner and put on eyelashes to add more drama.

Brow: fill the brow using Naked2 Urban Decay “Blackout”

Highlight: nose – upper lip – cheek bone using City Color Highlighting Powder Intense Exposure

Shading: nose – jaw bones – forehead using LT Pro Shade and Tint Kit 02

Lips: Savvy Minerals Daydream Lipstick

Blush: VOV Minerals 01 Blending Coral

Freckles: using Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow 406

And….. VOILA

What do you think of the makeup? Can we agree to put the word “legit” for this?

I have proven that Savvy Minerals products could be use nicely both for daily and glam look. Ohh by the way, those big freckles looking real but still nice.

I am pleased ❤️

So are you going to try Savvy Minerals products too?

If you need more information about Savvy Minerals or Young Living oil, you can go to their official website at:

Or whatsapp to:

Yuki: +62877-7180-8009

Pauline: +6281-21761-6112


Keep in touch with me by following this blog or head to my instagram account @angeliasamodro

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Review

Goshhh we’ve arrived in July already!

How are you guys doing so far?

I want to update you with my new skincare routine. I have been using this for 1.5 months now.

It’s La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+)

This cream is good for acne prone skin. It stated to become anti imperfection cream, reduce marks, reduce uneven skin tone, and help to fight acne.

What about those who has no problem with acne? Not to worry, you can still use this cream for anti imperfection like redness, big pores, uneven skin tone and more.

First thing to remember, this cream is not moisturizer cream.

You need to apply your moisturizer after using this cream, or you can apply serum before this cream.

The sequence will be:

Face Wash – Toner – Serum – Effaclar Duo – Moisturizer, or

Face Wash – Toner – Serum – Effaclar Duo, or

Face Wash – Toner – Effaclar Duo – Moisturizer

Now, though it is suggested to use 1 range of La Roche Posay products, i have no problem combining the Effaclar Duo with my SK-II products.

Let’s get down with the details why i am in love with this.

I have sensitive oily combination skin. It takes only a day to test whether my skin will react to new product. If i can survive the first day, i won’t have to deal with anything later on. It means, new product successfully accepted by my skin.

And this Effaclar Duo had been accepted by my sensitive skin since day 1.

So i’ll conclude it as:

Lightweight – Fast Absorbtion

The cream is lightweight. When i apply onto my face, the skin directly absorb the cream and left my skin well hydrated without being sticky and oily.

Smells Good

The ingredients list stated it used perfume, and as far as my nose can recognize, it’s the combination of jasmine and rose smell. Soothing and feeling good!

Paraben Free

95% of my skincare and makeup are now paraben free. So i’m delighted to add this one into the healthier skin family!

Comes with the Choice of SPF and not

I have 2 types. The one with SPF for day, and without SPF for evening. Actually we can apply the non SPF for morning too but we gotta need sunblock before our activities. So when La Roche Posay provides the built in SPF, i guess it’s a great deal to cut off the extra need of putting another layer for morning routine!

Eliminates Skin Problems

Here’s the before picture. I always have problem with acnes, breakouts, and redness around my chin. And after 2 weeks of routine usage, this is the result:

I don’t apply any acne creams or drinking any vitamins to help heal my acnes. This Effaclar Duo really does its own magic to my skin.

For drugstore products, this really do a wonder! I totally in love.


As compared with my previous skincare, SK-II, this is very affordable and i can see visible result before i finish half of the tube!

Angelia’s Personal Tips for Effaclar Duo (+)

I heard that the group divided into 2, 50% satisfied, 50% grew more acnes.

As this cream is for acne prone skin, it means it shouldn’t trigger any acnes and breakouts.

Now if you worry, you can test whether you’re allergic to Effaclar Duo or just the combination of range of the products you used is not match with your skin.


It’s by using the Effaclar Duo alone (without other products) for a week.

Face Wash – Efflacar Duo.

That’s it.

If you see no sign of irritations, breakouts and anything else, means your skin is in good condition with the ingredients of this Effaclar Duo.

Then after a week, to embrace back a well hydrated skin, you can add your daily skincare routine combine with Effaclar Duo.

If something happen, try to check whether the serum, the face wash, or the moisturizer triggers it.

In my case, the first day i used only Effaclar Duo and i think my oily combination skin is dry. I quickly add moisturizer on the routine the next day.

But after a week, i try to use the Effaclar Duo only, and looks like my skin is good enough. Supple enough so i don’t apply any moisturizer.

Yup i know Effaclar Duo is not moisturizer so by nature i need something else, but then, my skin could really take it and show great result.

Now it’s up to you to use it solo, or combine it.

For budget wise, you can try to buy without SPF because you can apply it morning and night. It will save more money than directly buy 2 tubes without knowing whether your skin will love it or not.

So that’s all about my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo review.

Drop me questions if you want to ask or share something about your skin concern. ❤️

Wish you have new insight after reading.

Great day to all of you!


Hi everyone.

Welcome back to my Girl’s Talk time! And today i want to share with you all about PRIORITY.


Everything that has life in this world has the same time. It’s 24 hours a day.

Whether you’re the busiest man alive, the forever no job man, the richest man, the poorest, the saddest, or the happiest.

God is so fair by giving us the same amount of time to be spent daily to make the best of our life.

Now the choice to set the priority and to spend the time, is all up to individual person.

And here’s my keyword for this blog post.

Though we all have that 24 hours, we never really spent all 24 hours doing what we love, what we like, what we told to do, and what we should do.

I guess you don’t really get it, or are you with me already?

Let’s say…. I’m an architect student who has lot of projects. These past 1 week i haven’t slept.

Waitttt… Do you think it means 7 days straight no sleep? Actually i can sleep maybe 15 minutes or more, sometimes less, in between. Though it is true that on some days, i did really open my eyes straight from AM to AM.

When i don’t even have time for sleep, do you think i don’t do anything else than just my project? In fact, i can still browse instagram a second, checking out the news, text my loved ones saying i’m busy but i miss you, hoping this hell week end soon.

Are you with me now? I guess you start to get the bigger picture by now.

In simple, No one is ever too busy for something. Because it’s all about setting a priority.

If you’re in a relationship….

I know that you still have your family, your own “Me Time”, your friends, your hobby and many other exciting stuffs and people rather than to spend 24/7 with your Babyboo.

I know that study and score well is inportant. Attend meeting and filing report is important.

I agree. 100% agree.

But if you have already committed to someone, you need to give “a little you” to the other half.

Just a simple chat in the morning, or in the midst of your busy day telling your condition and how you wish your Baby had a great day…. A simple text like that will make someone feel relief.

I believe though you have a tight schedule, you can text on few seconds. And you will always that few seconds ☺️

For those who is waiting the text….. Rather than being angry and waiting for long time, you can also text first. To wish your other half a great day in the midle of their busy schedule.

Love is not about receiving. Love is also giving.

So do give attention. It is not important who text first, who call first.

But if you never receive, it is an alert that you might not in the priority list.

The best way to solve this, is to communicate. Tell your loved ones how you feel. Find solution.

Both of you must listen and have a big heart to understand each other.

The key is, if he/she really like you, he/she won’t miss a chance to get in touch with you. Even in the busiest day of his/her life.

Friends are also important.

Don’t forget to make time to catch up with them.

Be balance. You need your time together with friends alone. Without your lover. This could improve the fun and personal time with your group.

But don’t forget to ask your lover come along in the group hangout some other times. To build a greater connection between your important people.

The same thing applies for Family.

They need you because you’re the precious son and daughter of the family.

Have your time alone with them. Have a quality time.

In other occassion, you can bring your lover along to catch up with the whole family on the next family reunion.

Balance is the key.

If you really pour out the best of you when you’re together with them, i believe there will be no jealousy within them.

Jealousy comes when a person thinks that he/she is out from the priority.

Be committed with the schedule you have made and make sure to communicate it with your lover.

For example if you have already promised your mom to have lunch with her, tell your lover that the noon is belong to you and mom.

If you grab your food so fast and go off, your mom will start to think that she’s going to lose you and begins to dislike your lover.

And vice versa.


For me priority doesn’t have to be strict and stiff.

It must be flexible depends on the situation.

For me priority it’s not being number one. Being the top. Priority is about willingness.

We have to take care ourselves, our family, our loved one, our friends, our job and more.

That’s when the balance and the priority takes to place.

Actually it’s not that hard to set a priority for every situation we face.

It is just the willingness.

Remember, everybody has the same 24 hours. Everybody has struggles and problems.

So your action really determine your willingness. Your priority.

Let me close this with example.

Your long lost friend contact you and wanna catch up. And you make excuses because of the place is far from your house.

Actually it’s never really about the distance. If he/she is your closed friend, you will be willing to take that extra miles and catch up happily.


Appreciate those around you who is willing to spend the time with you.

Because they might have such headache but still put you on their “willing list” aka priority and make time just for you ❤️

Have a great day!!

Clinelle Caviar Gold Series Review

Good day to all of you my blogging family! 🙂

Today i want to share my review for Clinelle Caviar Gold series.

I believe that my fellow friends from Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia have already knew this brand before. If you new to this brand, Clinelle is under PT EIG Dermal Wellness. And EIG (Esthetics International Group) has 30 years of experience in skincare industry. And thank God that Clinelle also entered Indonesia’s market through Guardian, so you and me today, can try this wonderful drugstore skincare.

So when i was contacted to review Clinelle’s new line: Caviar Gold, i screamed happily!

First is because my friends already told me how great Clinelle products are. Second, it’s Caviar Gold. One of the most wonderful (and expensive) ingredients for beauty regime alltogether in one!

Clinelle Caviar Gold line is formulated and manufactured in Korea. It has extravagant formula of caviar and gold to boost collagen, promote natural brightening, skin firming and lifting.

So let’s start the review.

I will break down the review using a sequence order, which showing you step by step of using these products.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Cleanser

Facial cleanser is the first step.

I clean my face with this 2 times daily: morning and evening.

This cleanser comes with easy squeeze tube with flip cap. It has runny gel with specks of gold, foamy and could cleanse my skin well without skin being dry after the wash. Oh tips from me, squeeze a little only because this could easily spill. You don’t want to waste it ☺️

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Lotion

Use this Firming Lotion as the second step. Actually this is not the lotion you imagine. This is a toner.

It is run smoothly like water, just a bit thicker. My skin absorb this quite fast and it is refreshing to use.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Serum

I really love this serum! The tiny gold balls are wonderful to see. Not to mention the effectiveness of this product too.

The consistency is light, not so runny as compared to the toner (lotion). Hydrating, absorb quickly into the skin, non greasy and non sticky feeling. This is a great serum to get supple skin.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum

I feel that this eye serum consistency is thicker than the face serum and lotion. Tips: pump a bit only or it will be such a waste. I only need a little to massage this on my eyes area and instantly feel refresh and relax!

Oh i totally surprise that my eyemakeup works well with this product, so i can use it morning and evening too! Before, i only apply eye serum/cream at night before if i apply under my makeup, it will ruin the look. So this is great!

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Cream

This cream comes in gold hollow plastic jar with small spatula. It has milky texture.

At first i was afraid that this cream would make my skin become too oily, but i can relax because it didn’t happen. It’s well moist but it won’t trigger the produce of extra oil 😁

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Mask

I can’t review how well the mask is, because i only have 1 sheet here. For a mask, i need to test like 1 month or once a week. But if you ask me how hydrating is this mask, i could tell you that this mask also moisture my skin well.

So after 2 weeks of routine usage, this is my conclusion: The usage of full range of Clinelle Caviar Gold products a bit too rich for me. I need to reduce the amount if i apply all of them onto my face. Skin is well hydrated. No irritation. No breakouts. I feel that my face is brighter than before. And it kinda has some blurring effect on my pores which so great!

Now before recommending this to other, let me show you my Pros and Cons.

The Pros:


I believe at the first time you see my picture, you will say this line is looking gorgeous and luxe. And with the gold and black color box, plus the words “Dermatologically tested & Paraben Free”, we can’t help ourself to take this one home. Because this was what happened to me.

So thumbs up for the packaging. Perfect idea for gift set.


[The picture above is my bare skin after using the products for 2 weeks]

Works well for my sensitive and oily skin with some adjusted amount of usage. I think it works better for normal or dry skin.

Hydrating the skin, refresh the skin. Reduce visibility of big pores. Brighter the skin.

Paraben Free

I always have that extra point for product which contain no paraben ❤️


Facial Cleanser 100ml – IDR 99k

Firming Lotion 180ml – IDR 229k

Firming Serum 30ml – IDR 339k

Eye Serum 15ml – IDR 339k

Firming Cream 40ml – IDR 329k

Firming Mask 1sheet – N/A

For a drugstore product, i can say that this line is targetting the middle-up class.

The Cons:

As i have sensitive and oily skin, I need to reduce the amount i use for each products onto my face to lessen the richness so it won’t trigger whiteheads. After i adjust the amount, i can use full products range without concern it will trigger something else ☺️

Angelia’s Recommendation:

If you have normal or dry skin: full range of this products will work great for you.

If you have oily skin like me: you might need to reduce the amount or buy the items you think are necessary.

If i have to pick few products only (in other words, my favourite product): i will recommend you to pick the Firming Serum and Eye Serum. Must have!!👍🏻

So that’s all about my review. I hope you know this products better by reading my review and has no doubt when you make your purchase.

You can get Clinelle products at nearest Guardian Stores in your city or check their website at