The Help, The Debt, and The Responsibility

Good day to you dear friends 😊

Today’s topic will be umm quite serious, but i guarantee that you will get my point easily as usual.

And again i am sharing not to show you that i’m perfect, but this is for my reminder also 🙂


Lately, people around me were struggle about the topic that i’m going to discuss with you.

They struggle about helping their friends/relative who want to lend some amount of money.

The struggle comes because they’re afraid this money thingy will end the friendship if the person they give the money disappoint them. It’s a common trust issue.
what do i personally think about it? I will divide it into 3 subs: The Help, The Debt, and The Responsibility

Here you go!


The Help

Let us help with sincerity. If you feel like helping, help without terms and conditions.

Give your help freely without thinking what the benefit or what you get in return. Don’t think about the “pay back” day.

Give, and forget.

Let your help, goodness, and sincerity be count in Heaven. Because God never sleeps.

The person you help today might not be the one who will help you in time of need. But by helping others, surely God will send the other bunch to help you when you need it the most.

I don’t say this to look good or holy coz i am totally not. But i speak based on my experience.

I never lose a good thing or become unfortunate by helping others. Yes though most of them end up disappoint me, God is never! Always. And forever.

He pours me with more blessings and favors. So i will not stop doing good things as long as i could do it.

The Debt

Give them gradually if you think you can’t trust them.

For example, they need $500. You can give them $200 first. If they really show you the fact that they really need the money, you can always give it again.

Now how will you know if they really need those money or not?Social media!

90% of the people post their activities on social media. Or if they not, their friends will tag them.

Be a creative and smart stalker lol!

People in need won’t go around having fun, dine in expensive places, buy expensive things, on vacation, and else.

Or you can always give them the full amount. But if they come to ask more money, and you see that their life is good, you can make an excuse.

That’s how i do it all the time.

I’m not being picky, not sincere, or stingy.

I do reallt think that It’s a smart and wise move.

It’s good to teach and help people free from their bad habit of lending money.

The Responsibility

Be grateful if there’s people who help you.

They may not in the state of settle down as you think you know, yet they care and spare it for you. (Even if they are settle down and rich, you still need to show some manners)

So you must be responsible!

It is a good thing to still reward yourself for the hardwork, or show some love to your loved ones by buying them presents or treat them a good meal.

It is normal if it is happen twice a week, once in a month, or even lesser.

But if you hang out every weekend, spending big sums to fulfill your desire… Whom you think will trust you and help you again? I don’t say that you need to look poor and miserable. Just act accordingly.

If you can afford to have fun, you should give a good intention of paying them back.

Gradually if you can’t give it full amount yet.

Or at least, text them and discuss about your responsibility.


Please have conscience.

The person who help you may waive it and tell you not to repay the money. But unless so, it is still your responsibility.

I always reject if they repay the money. If they insist, i will receive it and whenever they need help, i will always be there and never think about how they gonna pay that back this time.

My parents teach me to help and never think about it. I have prepared my mental whenever i give.

Still, i am a human. I respect good intention, moral and ethic.

My parents also teach me never to forget the responsibility i carry if someone help me and i always do that.

And that’s why i have high expectation and want to be treated just equal to how i treat people, or….. i will lose hope and respect toward you. Until you show your good intention.


That’s my personal view and belief about this case.

Disappointed many times, but i still give chance to people. I can’t just judge them all on the same weight.

That’s why i need to be wise and smart about it.

Give, as long as i can give. But if they don’t show they really need it and never have a good intention about it, i won’t give second chance.

But i will always help others.

The problem with people nowadays is they always think that YOU MUST HELP.


If you realized how much God has added more and more to those who are generous, you must realize too that consequences also exist for those who ignore.

It’s not only my belief or the lesson that my religion has taught me.

It is the law of the nature.

Applied to all mankind whether you like it or not.

So let us all be good and treat other as how you want to be treated. Have conscience. Have moral. Have ethic. And good manners.

Have a good day ❤️

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Good Skincare Under 100K (BAHASA)

Hello semuanya..

Hari ini aku mau review beberapa produk yang aku belinya ngga sengaja dan ternyata bagus banget! Oh and they’re so affordable juga! Jarang banget kan ya ada produk dengan harga yang terjangkau tapi bagus banget.

Jadi aku cukup surprise dan ngga sabar buat bagiin reviewnya, karena ternyata kulit super sensitive aku akhirnya ketemu sama produk yang affordable dan bagus… Praise God! ❤️

Okeee tanpa berbasa basi, produk pertama adalah:


Sabun cuci muka satu ini ternyata endesss banget!

Harganya yang sangat cocok dikantong (belasan ribu sampe 20 an only) baik anak sekolahan sampe emak-emak, bikin ini jadi new favourite!

Setelah pemakaian, kulit ngga terasa kering dan kaku kok. Sangat lembut, enak.

Untuk scentnya sendiri yang natural yah bukan tipe wangi wangi juga bukan yang bau obat atau charcoal atau bau mud gitu engga kok.

Nah untuk kulit sensitive aku, jerawat yang ada ngga makin merah meradang. Juga bukan langsung kempis hilang sih. Tetep perlu dibantuin sama obat jerawat dan makan yang bener.

Cuman rasa gentle sabunnya dan cukup bersihnya bikin jadi suka.

Oh selain ini ngga bikin jerawat yang ada memerah, ini juga ngga promote new acnes kok 🙂

One important thing, ngga bikin kusam!!!! Haha

I have finished one tube now dan beneran happy with this 🙂

So, yes yes yes for this!

✔️ Affordable

✔️ No dull face

✔️ Gentle

• ERHA 21 Sunscreen Gel

Sunscreen Erha ini ada beberapa macam yah. Karena kulit aku oily, aku ambil yang tipe oily ini (warna kuning tulisan tube nya)

SPF 25 PA++ untuk UVA dan UVB.

Harganya 70 ribuan only for 30 gram.

Sukaaa banget karena ini super light! Cepet meresap. Ngga bikin makin oily. Ngga clog di pores juga. Berasanya kayak pake air aja dimuka.

Warnanya putih, texturenya ngga kayak gel sih, kayak cream tapi more watery dan light feelnya.

Lalu sunscreen yang satu ini dilengkapi vitamin E dan Pro Vitamin B5 untuk perlindungan extra bagi kulit kita dari photo damaging sun ray, dan pastinya menutrisi juga yah.

Ada ngga di sini yang kalo pake sunscreen lalu suka keluar jerawat kecil-kecil selaen aku? I used to experience that, most of the time. Makanya aku picky banget sama yang namanya suncreen. And well, this one ngga promote acnes sama sekali.

So greattt!!

Kalo ditanya SPF 25 cukup ngga si? Well aku ngga suka pakai produk dengan SPF di atas 30. Jadi buat aku ini cukup.

Soalnya ke satu, aku ngga yang lalu berjemur di bawah matahari terus-terusan. Dan kedua, primer atau foundation yang aku pake juga ada SPF lagi. Jadi cukup si buat aku.

So this is a yesss for me..

✔️ Affordable

✔️ Light

✔️ No comedos, no acnes

✔️ Terserap cepat dikulit

✔️ Ngga ganggu pemakaian makeup

Downside: – None, super love this!

You can buy this di Erha Apotechary di mal-mal terdekat.

Ini adalah 2 produk baru yang aku coba secara ngga sengaja dan ternyata bagus.

Kalo ditanya, will i continue buying this dan move on dari face wash atau sunscreen aku yang lama?

My honest answer will be……

Face wash: i still love Cetaphil so so so so much! Jadi i’m going to continue with Cetaphil. Tapi pernah aku bahas kan kalo aku suka Cetaphil nya yang khusus dan ngga masuk indo, jadi kalo stock abis, dan yang dari luar belom nyampe ke alamat aku….. yes, i’m gonna buy Pond’s lagi. Coz why not? Aku uda buktiin bagus dan suka.

Sunscreen: as compared to my previous sunscreen seharga IDR 800K, yeahhhh aku bakal change to Erha21 haha! Save some more!

Karena ya itu tadi sih emang bagus, affordable, lalu juga makeup setelahnya uda ada SPF lagi. Lalu sebelom sunscreen, skincarenya juga uda yang aman jadi dipastikan kulit uda terlindungi. (Why terlindungi? Karena aku tau kok banyak yang bilang brand ini nanti bisa bikin kecanduan, kulit malah ngga bagus, dll. But this is just sunscreen so i am confident and trust the brand)

So that’s all about temuan bagus aku kali ini.

Ask me anything and share with me your experience too! I really love to see some feedbacks and read your story ❤️

With Love,

The Power of Essential Oils

Essential Oils have become a trend since 2017.

Many beauty influencers as well as mommies were purchasing these oils to boost the immune and detox their skin.

Because of the hype, i really curious to try how good the essential oils are but never really bought until recently (because some also multi level marketing, that’s what hinders me from buying. I am afraid that the price isn’t worth the hype)

Till one fine day, Darren won a Peppermint Young Living Oil from @the.essential.oils .

So i now, have the chance to prove it myself.

Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil

The Peppermint claimed to be excel in following areas:

Reduce fever

Allergy Relief

ADHD Support


Sinus Care

Joint Therapy and

Natural Energizer.

You can either dillute it, diffuse it as aromatherapy, or even apply topically, and drop few into your beverage.

I used the Peppermint for natural energizer and better respiratory when dealing with cold, cough and fever.

I pour 6 drops to my diffuser (bought this at @bunnyandclouds instagram. Mini, 7 warmth lighting, high area coverage, not noisy, auto shut off when water runs out) and put it on standby mode for 4 hours.

And how was it?

It really relieved the respiratory. The menthol was strong and delightful!

I totally love the smell and feeling.

It gives pleasure to my joint muscles.

But i do not drink or eat this, nor use it for anti itch, sinus care, ADHD, fever and allergy relief.

If you just heard about Young Living, this brand claimed to have the highest grade of oils. That’s why you can even drink few drops of the essential oils.

Now that this is not yet approved by FDA , do not used as the substitute of your doctor prescription.

After sometimes diffusing the peppermint, i find new hobby to lift up my spirit with fresh scent!

So i browse what could be better than Peppermint, and many said that i need oils for immune booster.

People will purchase Melrose, Purification, Thieves YLO for immune booster.

Thieves is about IDR 515k for 15 ml if you’re a member, Purification is around IDR 285K.

I don’t know about Melrose price, but i guess we need to spend IDR 1 mil to get perfect immune booster.

Now i am going to introduce you Indonesian local brand, Belli To Baby by JAMU.

Jamu has been widely known for their herbal medication and i am excited to know they has EO that they claimed could be used topically and aromatically too.

So i bought their immune booster oil, cost IDR 198k for 10ml.

The oil consist of:


Tea Tree


And Lemon.

Claimed to strengthen the body system, better skin, better respiratory and safe for baby.

The lavender and eucalyptus smell are the strongest here. I can directly identify the scent when i open the lid.

And today i have been diffusing this oil for quite long time and Darren’s immune also good.

He had a cough week ago and usually with the medicine intake, it will take 4-7 days for full recovery. But within 3 days, he has been doing well.

How happy mommy is! I don’t need to spend 1 mil or more for immune booster.

Please take a note that i don’t think oil was the medicine here. Darren recovered faster than before, but i do keep an eye to his meals, drinks, and the oil was just an additional.

By additional means this is not a must. I believe oral vitamins, or natural vitamins like good balance food and fruits and veggies, enough rest, and clean atmosphere still take 90% of it 🙂

I am highlighting that he’s doing well with Belli To Baby just to let you know that it doesn’t necessarily means we need to purchase the highest grade of oils or the expensive one.

After immune booster oil that has lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus and a lil bit of lemon on it….. i still have one more favorite scent.

Lemongrass Young Living Essential Oil

Lemongrass is good for:



Freshen the air


Anti cancer

And again, because this is from YLO, you can apply topically, pour into food and beverage, or diffuse.

For me, diffusing is favourite way to enjoy the oil!

My appetite always good even before using the oil, so i don’t see any wonder of this on myself.

I do apply the oil on Darren’s feet and stomach. They said it can help to boost appetite (it’s no longer a secret that Darren doesn’t like eat!!)

So was it work on Darren?

He did eat well and a lot! But is it because of YLO? I don’t think so.

I diffuse only once a week to refresh the air in the room. And apply on tummy and feet only once.

I don’t apply it on his skin ever more.

And don’t diffuse daily.

Nah if you ask me why he eats a lot lately, i think every child has a phase in their life. Moody, picky eaters, and after they pass the phase, they will eat well again. And now, his teeth also almost complete, and this promote to easy munching too.

That’s all about the health benefit. Now what about beauty benefits?

Lemongrass also believe to improve better skin complexion.

And i don’t see that this oil works for my skin.

Now if you ask me, how many times we need to use the oil…..

I will say, only if needed.

I don’t think it’s good to breathe the aromatherapy every day, even the purest oil has something on it. Come on!

Natural (fresh air) is the best!

So if you think you or your loved ones feel tired, exhausted.. Then it is good time to diffuse the oil.

Or three times a week to freshen the air on your home is also acceptable.

I don’t see it is necessary to diffuse everyday, everynight.

And most of the oil families use it almost daily and treat this eo as an alternative medicine.

I do believe that what makes you healthy and your immune improves aren’t the oils, but the habits.

It’s no way you will be healthy if you don’t tidy up the room, clean it, and eat balance food. Diffusing, drink the oil won’t help.

The oils here just an additional booster.

But again, i put the choice and action for you to take 🙂

Oh before i forget, i have read many companies that sell EO are now stated that it is PURE, COULD USE TOPICALLY, and DIFFUSE.

Remember that eo isn’t meant to be on direct contact with sensitive skin.

You need to dillute with natural oil like jojoba, grapeseed, or cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. (Unless your skin is not sensitive, then you can use it directly on skin. Please put small amount to test first)


Every family is unique. One might doing well with just a local brand essential oil. One might need the highest grade of oil. Many don’t even need oils to promote their better health.

Just use and buy what you believe is good for your family.

That’s what matter isn’t it? ❤️

I can derive my conclusion now…. Essential oil….

I love to have them to lift up my mood, my spirit and freshen the air.

I don’t treat eo as something that works wonder like medicine (but this is nature and organic) no no no…

It just a “supplement” in special condition 🙂

And what is a supplement? It means an additional only. Not a must.

Stay clean and healthy! Eat well, rest well, exercise well!

That’s the cheapest key to longer happier and healthier life ❤️ not buying specific essential oils 🙂

Have a great day!


Kuliner surabaya

Hello… Apa kabar semua? Karena banyak banget yang selalu nanyain recommended places buat kuliner di Surabaya, kali ini aku mau bahas yaa. (For my overseas friends who is planning to visit Surabaya, drop me comment or email me, i will give you the list on English)

List nya bakal berdasarkan my favorite! Bisa jadi itu list most of Surabaya people juga, or only my group and family.

Check it out and give a try 😁👍

• L O C A L | F O O D S

Kalo ke Surabaya, ngga afdol kalo ngga cobain makanan – makanan di bawah ini. Soalnya, cuman Surabaya yang punya nihhh…

1. Rawon Setan Jalan Tunjungan

Dinamain Rawon Setan karena dulu bukanya malem-malem banget. Aku cukup suka makanannya. Gurih.

Rawon + nasi + kerupuk udang + telur asin + es jeruk

Itu yang bakal aku pesen.

Secara tempat, ini depot tanpa AC si.. Jadi mungkin aga gerah dikit. Ngga terlalu luas juga, jadi perlu antri. Dan mohon ngga duduk berlama-lama yaa.. Harganya cukup affordable kok. Per orang kalo makan kayak aku gitu sekitar 50 ribuan. (*bila harga belum naik yaa)

2. Lontong Kupang Jalan Rajawali

Kupang itu jenis kerang. Banyak tempat di Surabaya jual Lontong Kupang ini, tapi kalo ngolah kupangnya ngga bersih, bisa sakit perut.

Walaupun ini makannya di depot panas dan sempit, tapi makanan di sini bersih. Rasanya juga paling enak. Ini terkenal banget.

Biasanya kalo makan, kita panggilnya lontong kupang + sate kerang yaiyyy enak banget. Minumnya, teh botol sosro! Lol

Kombinasi paling tepat. Kalo weekend ini super rame dan ngantri. Ngantrinya sembarangan juga, jadi mohon sabar dan jangan kebawa emosi kalo diserobot orang yaa.

3. Boncafe Steak

Steak Jawa Belanda yang cuman ada di Surabaya. Udah sejak jaman dulu dan sampai sekarang selalu rameee. Buka branch di area mana aja juga selalu rame.

Karena berupa resto, harganya juga udah mulai berasa.

Favorite picks:

Gammon Steak (steak daging babi)

Cordon Bleu (steak daging sapi dibungkus bola roti)

Spicy Tenderloin (for me, aku suka yang sirloin lebihan)

Spring Chicken/Chicken Brandy (disiram brandy, yum yumsss)

Atau legendary Chicken Steak.

Price start di 90 ribuan before tax, ngga termasuk minuman juga.

4. Nasi Cumi Depan Pasar Atom

Nasi cumi ini banyak juga di Surabaya. Aslinya dari depan Pasar Atom dan cuman ada malem hari. But now, mereka buka mulai pagi. Kalo biasa cuman bisa take away karena makanannya istilah jawanya super ngemper (not even depot ya… Beneran di pinggir jalan gitu doang) sekarang dia perbaikin tempat. Ada meja kursi dan lampu cukup terang. Jadi banyak yang makan sana.

Kita pesennya biasa nasi cumi campur/lengkap lalu jangan lupa pesen Es Kacang Hijau Goyang Lidah tepat di sampingnya. Enak pake banget! Sambel pedes ditambah es kacang ijo…. Segerrrrr

Ngga sampe 50ribu juga kok seorang.

5. Bebek Pak Janggut PTC

Bebek goreng yang super tender dan empukkkk, dengan sambel super mantab dan bumbu kuning yang luar biasa haujek!

Aku kalo makan nasinya bisa 2 piring lol.

Minumnya, es sirup jumbo, es teh manis jumbo, atau es sinom jumbo… Heaven on earth! Tapi kolestrol menanti yaaa ahahahahaha…

Bebeknya start 25ribu belum termasuk nasi putih. Siapin tissue buat bersihin keringet atau ingus yang keluar gara-gara too spicy.

6. Kwetiau Medan & Mie Keriting Apeng

Ini wajib banget buat dicoba dan pasti uda sering denger semua kan. Banyak yang demen banget sama kwetiau siram/gorengnya. Tapi my fav, Mie Keriting!! Aku bisa makan 2 mangkuk sendirian haha lalu masi dabao (take away) sebungkus lagi hahaha.

7. Baso Kalianyar, Baso Ketabang Kali, Baso Pak Djo, Baso Kota Bonnet, Baso Rindu Malam, Baso Sidodadi Malang

Okayy itu nama baso-baso ngetop di Surabaya.

My fav pick adalah Baso Petra Kalianyar + es kacang ijo! Pelepas dahaga dan laper di siang hari. Super duper favorit.

1 porsi isi 10 baso + es kacang hijau will cost you around 30.000 rupiahs.

8. Zangrandy

Ice cream tempo doeloe ini aslinya dari Surabaya. Tapi uda buka cabang di beberapa kota lainnya. Sayangnya waktu berkunjung ke kota lain itu, tastenya beda banget sama yang Surabaya. Tetep the bestnya ya makan di Surabaya.

Orang-orang tua paling demen sama Cream Soda Kopyor

Kalo aku, Macedonia Chocolate! Ice cream plus brandy, it’s fantastic!

Bisa juga cobain legenda lamanya kayak Banana Split, Twilight (err harusnya bener kok namanya) atau Tutty Frutty.

9.Ayam Goreng Pemuda

Ayamnya ayam kampung digoreng tapi bukan pake tepung. Tetep crispy dan enak. Yang asli bisa ditemuin di Gwalk Citraland. Yang lainnya adalah saudaranya, anaknya, atau dari team dapur mereka yang uda buka sendiri.

10.Bakwan Dempo 19 atau Kapasari

Ini dari keluarga yang lalu buka sendiri/sendiri kalo aku ngga salah inget. Mesti cobain halus, kasar, sama usus isi goreng. Ini enakkkk banget. Kuahnya juga beda dan enak 🙂

Yang bukan orang Surabaya mungkin bingung antara Bakwan dan Baso yahh.. Di Surabaya kalo bakwan itu kuahnya selalu bening. Tanpa lemak. Kalo bakso, kuah kaldunya pasti bukan kayak clear soup.

Kalo bakwan rata-rata pasti bakal ngelianya ada sejarah dari buyut pake rantang peranakan gitu.

Nahh sebenernya masih ada kayak Soto Madura Wawan, Soto Madura Tapak Siring, Tosoto, Soto Lamongan Cak Har, Sego Babat Mbok Lemu, Nasi Udang Bu Rudy, Bu Kris Penyetan, dan lain-lainnya. Cuman kalo waktu ngga memungkinkan, makanan di atas yang selalu aku bawa buat my guests dari kota/negara lain. Yang lainnya bisa digojekin buat supper, cemil-cemil atau bawain pulang ke tempat asalnya (jika memungkinkan dibawa)

Next adalah…


Tempat hits anak muda Surabaya. Punya interior yang cozy, glam, lucu, dan cocok buat foto-foto seharian penuh.

Untuk harganya ngga kalah sama Jakarta. Rata-rata start di 80k (non steak), dan ada juga yang masih affordable start di 40k (non steak).

Cuman untuk taste sendiri, hampir semua cuman rata-rata aja. Bagus di tempat dan bombastis di harga aja.

Dari sekian banyakkkk, ini yang aku pikir beneran bagus dan layak di makan terus ya. Bukan cuma sekedar foto cantik.

1. Avenue Java Paragon

2. Domicile

3. Society Complex

4. De Soematra (rsvp only)

5. Citrus Lee (rsvp only)

6. Gozadera

7. La Rucolla

8. Noach Cafe N Bistro

9. 17 Lounge Harris Hotel

10. Sky36

11. Confit

12. Catura

13. Ore

14. DS Bistro

15. Domi Deli

16. Hummingbird

17. Mediterraneo

18. Butter and Bean

19. Carpentier ORE

20. The Cafe Java Paragon

21. Tutto Bono

22. Platinum Grill

23. Brassery

24. Goods Diner

25. Briosse

26. La Reia Cake

B B Q | J A P A N E S E K O R E A N

1. Gojumong

2. Magal

3. Kintan

4. Gyukaku

5. Chung Gi Wa

6. Djang Gem


1. Angus House

2. The Meatshop

3. Carnivor

P E R A N A K A N:


2.My Kopi-O

3.Oey Kopitiam



2.Bandar Jakarta Surabaya



1. Ahyatt Abalone

2. Kowloon

3. Maystar

Nahhh itu seputar makanannya. Lalu sekarang:


Biasanya kalo dari Surabaya, yang dibawa adalah:

1.Spikoe Resep Kuno (You can find this di Hokky Supermarket or freshly order ke nomor telpon mereka 082216760199)

2.Sepiku Lapis Legit Livina

3.Almond Cookies (Olino dan banyak brand lagi. Ada di supermarket gede juga and some punya stores sendiri)

4.Bandeng Asap Bogajaya

5.Pia Sari Murni (di Pecinan, Jembatan Merah)

6.Pia Gaya Bali (Pecinan, Jembatan Merah)

7.Roti Jerapah (081330459998)

8.Kerupuk Udang Nyonya Siok

9.Sambel Bu Rudy

Oleh-Oleh yang aku sebutin tadi bisa dicari di jalan Genteng Kali. Itu sepanjang jalan toko oleh-oleh semua. Ada beberapa produk yang emang hanya dijual di store brand tersebut yahh atau made by order.

Sebagian besar bisa didapet juga di Hokky Supermarket.

Semua informasi yang aku tulis might not relevant later yah. Just google it first atau cari di Instagram untuk informasi lebih akurat tentang alamat, telpon, pricing, dan all other details karena pasti berubah seiring waktu.

I hope you have a pleasant stay in Surabaya, The Heroes’ City

Do let me know which one is your favourite. Do get trouble planning your itinerary? Drop comments! I’ll guide you 🙏🏻❤️


Angelia S

Winter Style and TIPS to Stay Warm

Before it is too late and the season change….

I want to share my Winter Style with all of you.

I was lucky that this winter i can go back to United States and had my holiday there. Temperature was around -23′ lowest and 0′ highest when i was there. (And it was freezing cold because US hit by the storms. In facts, it was the most coldest days since 1960 the news reported! Everybody layers themselves like a mummy)

Snow wasn’t that thick because i went to New York on December. The snow thickens around mid January usually.

I will share my tips to stay warm during the freezing cold days too, without wearing too much layers. Sound interesting? Let’s head to the first style.

The Sweet Asian Look

I call this “the sweet asian look” because the westerns tend to be more casual. And the asian…… Mostly tends to look as sweet as possible.

So what do you need?

A cute hat

Cute gloves (usually with poms)

Furry sweater/cardigan

Oversized sweater/dress/pants/skirt

Cute outer or skirt or pants

And a nice turtleneck!

Turtleneck, grey skirt playsuit bought at random boutique.

Boots from Stradivarius (IDR 799K)

Sweater and legging from random boutique.

Headband wool H&M (US $10)

Jacket SEMIR Shanghai (IDR 2 mil)

Outfit from random boutique.

Boots Staccato (i can’t remember the price. It’s between IDR 1-3 mil)

The Casual Look

Now second look. The casual look.

This look not requires many details of your outfit and accessories. Just dress up to your comfort 🙂

So you will only need your best hoodie, sweaters, put the glasses on, and some rocking boots!

Pull & Bear hoodie (IDR 350k)

Legging from TOKO LUCKY 88 with thin fur (IDR 100k)

Boots Rotelli (IDR 1 mil)

For the second photo here, just add on stand out accessories and tadaaa you can turn the simple look to sweeter version! 🙂

(Turtleneck, skirt, from random boutique)

Turtleneck: Uniqlo (IDR 129K)

Jeans: Uniqlo Windblock (IDR 499K)

Boots: Rotelli (IDR 2 mil)

The Edgy Look

Third look is edgy.

Edgy here i assumed as a high fashion.

Bold mix and match of colors, patterns, or being simple but put on eyectaching accessories.

So here you can wear all your outfits but pay attention on the extra details. Not the cute sweet one, but choose one thing that will stand out the whole look.

For example, oversized leg jumpsuit and furry jacket.

Remember the key to any oversize and long outfits is to wear high heels, and preferably the slim one. ❤️

Jacket from Northstorm (US $100)

Jumpsuit (instagram

Boots Stradivarius (IDR 799K)

That’s all about the winter’s look i have.

Now is the time to share the tips to stay warm without being mummy 🙈

1. Invest on thermal outfit

I love my Kathmandu merino sets. It is so thin, but gives maximum warm and comfort. Bought this at Australia and cost IDR 800.000 for 1 piece. So both pants and shirt cost me IDR 1.600.000

Down side, it is non static. So you can feel the static when you put off your outfit. And coz it statics, you can expect a light struck on skin. Not always happen, so relax 😊

If you want cheaper alternative, you can buy the Ultra Warm Heat Tech Uniqlo.

1 piece is IDR 399K.

Material is thicker than Kathmandu. Non static. Comfortable.

But for the warm….. i do feel that Kathmandu is warmer 🙂

For guys…. you need to buy either Kathmandu or Marks & Spencer merino or Ultra Warm Heat Tech Uniqlo.

2. Invest on windproof jacket

This is a good deal! Because the one thing that make you suffer during the winter is not the snow, or the cold temperature. They’re nothing. But the wind………. this is the thing that make you stoned and freezed.

So what brand is good? North Face! But i know North Face design is not stylish. So you can go with whatever brand you like. Just make sure it is really wind proof.

It’s great if you can get these triplets on 1 jacket:

Wind proof, water proof, and goose fur!

I have one. The brand is SEMIR . I bought this at Shanghai long time ago. Cost around IDR 2 millions (cheap and affordable for such a quality!)

(Photo please refers to the Sweet Asian Look, the jacket i wore on Brooklyn Bridge)

Another jacket that is so popular is Canada Goose! I’m dying to have one. They have many designs and all is waterproof and windproof. They don’t really use goose fur for the filling inside the jacket, but it is guarantee to deliver you heat to stay warm.

One thing hinders me from buying… the jacket is US$ 900 the lowest 🙈

Looking for affordable alternative with great quality?

Primark!!! My dad bought this at London. The price is only IDR 230.000 i love to wear this 🙂

I have no down side comments for this brand, except it can’t be bought easily haha.

So that’s all.

I didn’t wear scarf. I put on gloves and earmuffs only few times when the wind is too strong only.

Gloves and earmuffs, no specific brand preferred.

Oh don’t forget to wear wool socks. It really helps your feet to stay warm, unless you wear UGG boots, then you don’t need wool socks because the boots is warm by default. And waterproof 🙂

So if you still wondering how many layers i put…

I only wear:

Underwear – Kathmandu / Uniqlo pants and shirt – Sweater (super thin. It is not knitted or even thick hehe) for top – legging for bottom – and Semir/Primark Jacket.

And mostly i didn’t even put on my jacket. Coz i carry my son, so i still sweat heavily on those freezing wind moments.

Do you have more tips to stay warm? Please share with me ❤️ i believe many want to know too 🙂

Have a good day!


In a world full of trends, i want to remain a classic

That sentence gonna be my forever favourite quote and reminder to self too.


This is not a usual way i am starting a blog post…..

Instead, you might find that the sentence and paragraph on this blog post is quite jumping here and there.

I do my own reflection as i type this.

So pardon the messy paragraph and i hope you guys still enjoy reading this and get something to hold on, to value yourself, and to stand for what you believe ❤️


Often, we lost our identity just to fit in into the crowds.

We can’t hold on to the value we once believe… Just because that’s too odd or old fashioned for others.

We know that some ideas are just wrong but we don’t have enough courage to stand and say NO.

Sad. Tragic.


Because we afraid that we don’t have somebody to be with us.

Someone cool enough to support us.

So we think that it will be better to be their echo.

We should have been loved and liked as who we really are.

We are not an alien or idiot just because we don’t agree in something.

Remain classic doesn’t always mean being one awkward, bored, and anti social or even disconnected / irrelevant to the world we live today.

Remain classic simply means holding on the value and live with it.

Live for what you believe.

Being irrelavant is when you shut your surrounding and can’t appreciate other opinion. But as long as you open for opinions and have dignity with what you choose to believe…..

You’re not a weirdo.

I remember how funny and sad it was when i saw an ads about Korean Beauty Pageant Contest. They all look almost the same.

I don’t want to be like that……

I want to wear my own crown and be recognized as the true me.

I want – the people around me, loves me as i am.

I have real friends, real families who know that i have a blog and writing stuffs.

If this is just a mask to look good for my readers, heyyy don’t you think they will laugh on me and tell their friends that i am a clown? A joke for the family?

But that’s not what happen to me.

Because i am what i am.

I remain myself. Not to follow the crowds. The wrong crowds.

I am not a saint. I have bad temper and easily annoyed too.

But be it in a good mood or bad mood, i always show them my true color.

If i kind to you, it’s genuine.

If i angry and shout… i really mean it.

Finish with my anger, still not talking to you, means i still don’t like you.

Finish with the fight and i say hello and make conversation, means i don’t have hatred on my heart. It’s all clear 🙂

I don’t need to be like the crowd. Faking the smile and talk bad behind you.

Because even a fake smile could easily be sensed by others.

So in all things, just remember to stay genuine 🙂

And be the classic you. That the world could rely… that the world would appreciate 🙂

Can you do that? Do you have courage?

It’s still February. It’s not too late to start a fresh genuine “you and me” and to end the year strong!

Let’s become unique, let’s become a voice and not an echo.

Let’s become the model, not the copycat.

Let’s become the classic one.

Not the tragic one 🙂


I have finished typing this and i remember one important point.

Before others can love us the way we are, we must first love ourselves. Not in narcistic ways that think that ourselve is better than others…

But in the way that accepting who we really are.

Our background, our past, our mistakes, our flaws…. and make the best of it.

Not stuck on the same place, but go forward to embrace new blessings everyday… to a greater future.

One must be fully content about theirselves before loving others.

So remember to love yourself too 🙂 and be genuine.

Wishing you a great day!!

Shinzui Ume Complete Your Day Event & Products Review

Good day to you Beauty Lovers.

On Saturday 20th January 2018, i was invited to come to the Launching of Ume Body Mist from Shinzui at One Pose Cafe Surabaya.

The theme was White and Pink with the tagline “Complete Your Day”.

Why “Complete Your Day”?

Because these cute body mist meant to complete your day.

There are 4 variance for 4 different personalities (Preppy, Pretty, Sweet, and Elegant) with different fresh scents.

But no worries if you can’t choose which one is the best for your personality because you can always test and go with the most lovable scent that you like.

Purple – Keiko : consists of Lavender, Wood, Geranium, Peony and Rose. Her personality matches for those elegant teens.

Red – Isheiya: Citrus, Bergamot, Cassis, Jasmine and Vanilla. The personality of Isheiya is sweet and love arts.

Green – Hatsune: Pineapple, Peach, Apricot, Rose, Orchid. Are you typical Preppy? Here is one to match your personality.

Pink – Ayumi: Plum, White Berries, and White Lily. Ayumi represents the pretty and stylish teens out there.

During the event, Brand Manager of Shinzui Ume – Ibu Retno Sari Ayuningtyas (or Ibu Tyas for the nickname) explained that Shinzui Ume is for teenager, but adults would also be welcomed to use this body mist.

It has unique design represents the cute Japanese Doll – Kokeshi, with easy to carry size. Perfect for travelling because it can fits perfectly inside our bag.

The ingredients inside comes from natural ingredients such as flowers and fruits, to make sure the scents really fresh to brighten up our days.

On that special occasion, Shinzui also invited Beauty Influencer Stefani Gabriela to share with us “How To Become A Complete Beauty Influencer” as well as tips and tricks to take and edit our pictures before posting it on social media.

Now it’s time for my personal review.

First of all, i will score 10 out of 10 for the packaging! I can’t help myself to collect all the cute bottles.

Design is cute and perfect.

Size is easy to carry.

Contains 100ml per bottle.

It comes with sprayer for easy usage.

Then the fragrance….

The similarity of the 4 body mists is the fresh, sweet, and light scented combination of flowery and fruity fragrance.

I can’t really choose which one because i like them all. But if i got to choose one, i will pick Keiko – Purple Doll because the fragrance closed to my favourite scent.

It really gives me extra mood booster to feel fresh throughout the day.

You have already read above that the personality of Keiko is Elegant. I guess that describes me well 🙂 An elegant mother and blogger *lol* (excuse my narcism)

If i want to feel a bit lovely and sweet i will pick Ayumi (Pink) and Isheiya (Red). Feeling preppy? I guess Hatsune (Green) described me well.

But again, Keiko (Purple) is the best to complete my day.

Now let’s talk about the price….

Shinzui Ume Body Mist is super affordable and can easily be found in many marts, convenient stores, and more.

And i am done with the review. I really like the mists.

Do you want a little tips from me on how to use the body mist?

After shower, spray the mist about 15 cm to your body. Remember, not to the clothes you gonna wear, right into the skin.

And after that you can spray a bit on the clothes for a longer freshness.

If that’s not enough, i strongly suggest to use complete product from Shinzui from the body wash, scrub, to the mist. You won’t regret and that wonderful scent will linger on your body all day long! ❤️

That’s all from me. If you want to know more about Shinzui Ume Body Mists, more beauty tips, and beauty events…. You can follow its Instagram at @ShinzuiUme_id.

They gonna have big exhibition on Central Park Jakarta on 13 February 2018 and it’s open for public. They gonna have photobooth, games, prizes and more.

So do check up and have fun together!

Have a good day!💕

Let’s stay connected

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Secret Key Toner and STE Review

Hello beautiful!

This is my first beauty review for 2018, wohoo..

And today i am going to share my review for Secret Key products: Toner and STE

We all know that the Japanese and Korean beauty regime always have a set of skincare to be applied, and Japanese always have the higher price.

And we all do know that it’s a public secret that Secret Key from Korea has successfully create a dupe for SK-II.

Since i am a SK-II loyal user, i want to test it by myself whether this more affordable products from Secret Key really do the tricks 😉

Secret Key Toner

Milk Brightening Toner

Secret Key has wide variant of toners, but i simply choose the Milk Brightening Toner because: It’s a non-alcohol prescription tonner and very gentle even for sensitive skin.

This toner is caring dry skin after facial wash, helping dead skin cells to be removed and promote brighter skin, elastic skin, and well nourished and moisturized skin.

It contains AHA so make sure you don’t use any vitamin C serum.

The texture is watery and the color is like murky water, no scent at all.

You can use cotton pad but i prefer to spill it on the palm of my hands and then i will dab it and gently pat to the whole face and neck.

The size is quite big. It is 248 ml, and it can lasts 1 year and more with generous routine application.

Secret Key STE

Limited Edition Rose

Same case with the Toner, Secret Key STE also offers wide range of choice from the Gold STE, Standard STE to the limited edition Rose.

All Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence contain galactomyces which is also used in SK-II FTE products.

And i choose The Rose STE edition because the function is more wide and promising. It promotes brighter skin, reduce fine lines, calming the epidermis, moisturized skin, calming acnes and prevent breakouts, and also reducing big pores.

To apply this, i simply pour it on my palms again 😁 Maybe because i watch too many K-Dramas, i just prefer to apply the skincare that way.

And i heardddd (okay this might be wrong okay), by gently tapping with your palms, your skin will absorb the nutrient better than using a cotton pad.

I leave it to you to believe it or not.

Oh i love the packaging. The bottle looks simply elegance. But same case with SK-II FTE 75ml, the bottle is a glass bottle. You might want to be extra careful while handle it or… you will break the glass and waste the essence *sob*

It happen to me once, it really broke my heart (and wallet).

Personal Opinion

I have been using Secret Key Toner and Rose STE for 3 months now and i am happy that the products seem good 🙂

Better complexion ✔️

Less acnes and breakouts ✔️

I couldn’t really tell about the fine lines and pores. And it makes my skin slightly radiance.

Please don’t compare this to SK-II. I wake up with “a really” crystal clear face in the morning while using SK-II.

But not with this Secret Key. At least, it doesn’t make my skin dull like other brands. So i’m quite pleased 😊

Money wise… Secret Key is wayyy more affordable ✔️


I don’t know whether this only happen to me or not, but i do undergo some purging period on my chin while using the toner and STE. It gets better after 1 month of daily routines.

So if you ask me if this worth, i will say YESSSS. For those on budget tight, this will do the trick and improve your overall skin.

But again if they say this is the dupe of SK-II and resulting on the same progress on face…. i disagree.

And that’s all about my personal review for Secret Key Toner and Rose STE. The picture above are the products i use daily (secret key used for 4 months now for review purpose)

Toner – Essence – Moisturizer – Zero Sebum Powder – and Lip Scrub.

I hope this article is useful for you. It’s an honest and independent review.

Oh before i forget, i have a youtube channel now. Just search for: Angelia Samodro.

I created this 4 years ago and only posted my same day wedding clip, but i’m planning to be more active and do simple tutorials. Let’s follow each other❤️

Travelling with Baby Part 2 (OVERSEAS)

Hello moms and dads.

Yesss akhirnya Travelling with Baby Part 2 udah aku tulis yah.

Kalo yang Part 1 adalah seputar liburan domestik Darren dan tips tricksnya (bisa check di sini)

Kalo kali ini adalah yang liburan ke luar negri.

Kebetulan Desember ini Darren 20 bulan dan kita punya berkat lebih buat ajakin Darren ke Amerika.

Prosesnya seru mulai dari tawa sampe tangisan baik dari baby maupun maminya LOL.

Kenapa ada tangisan?

Karena Darren ngga betah banget long haul flight.

Kita naik SQ. Dari Surabaya – Singapore 2 hours, transit 1 jam, Singapore lanjut Frankfurt selama 12 jam, sampe Frankfurt transit 1.5 jam, lanjut terbang ke JFK selama 10 jam. Imagine that 😭

Mana Darren uda ngga muat di basinet kan, jadi bubuknya dipangkuan. Mungkin dia juga cape. Alhasil cranky banget.

Tips Long Haul Flight:

1. Bawa snack yang baby demen

2. Bawa mainan yang dia demen atau yang belom pernah dia liat jadi masih excited

3. If you have extra money, you can purchase seat sendiri walo anaknya sebenernya belum dapet jatah seat. Ini ngga aku lakuin karena aku kira dia muat di basinet (maks 14kg) tapi ternyata Darrennya cukup tinggi dan basinetnya sempit buat dia.

4. Download songs ato games seru buat si kecil (i am not against gadget selama wajar yah pemakaiannya. I will discuss about this next time)

5. Jangan malu buat jalan-jalan kalo si kecil uda bosen banget.

Aku sama suami gantian ajakin Darren jalan-jalan di pesawat sama main air di kamar mandi. Lumayan buat dia entertain lagi.

6. Pake baju yang comfy both parents and baby.

7. Pake Erqi Salonpas anak di perut buat anti kembung

8. Kerjasama daddy and mommy sangat penting. Gantian jaga, gantian istirahat, gantian makan. Ini biar dua-dua tetep sehat dan ada staminanya.

Aku sempet nangis juga si waktu Darren cranky banget. Jujur aja aku sebelom punya Darren selalu travelling dan selalu menikmati perjalanan aku. Tapi kali ini tidur aja ngga bisa loh. Dari 24 jam flight itu aku paling ditotal cuman tidur 4 jam. Lainnya stay awake to entertain my baby. Kalopun Darren tidur, di gendongan aku, aku uda ngga nyaman buat gerak atau ikutan bubuk.

Kalo suami yang lagi jaga, dia bisa bubuk juga, aku tetep perhatiin apa si Darren mau susu, belum dia suka ngeringik gitu kan jadi selalu aku elus-elus biar tenang.

Tips Makan:

Sejak 15 bulan, Darren uda makan table food yah (makanan sama dengan aku). Bedanya cuman dia belom dikasi makanan yang aku jajan pinggir jalan.Tapi kalo makanan cafe, resto, catering, atau depot yang bersih, uda aku kasih.Micin, garam, gula ngga takut mom? Kalo untuk anak aku si engga…. Cuman tergantung mommies lainnya yah.Dan ini memudahkan aku travelling kali ini. Jadi di pesawat dan waktu di Amerika, aku ngga pusing cari baby food.Aku makan steak, Darren makan steak. Aku makan burger, Darren juga. Aku makan kentang-pizza-nasi, Darren pokoknya sama persis. Dia di Surabaya susah banget makan. Praise God di sini makannya lahap.Mungkin antara dingin (-16′ terendah selama travelling, dan 0′ tertinggi selama travelling) dan cape yahhh jadi nafsu makan dan minum super banterrrr 😂Oh iya aku selalu bawa lunch box sama snacks juga. Supaya kalo belum jam makan, dia tetep bisa cemil cemil.Untuk air minum, di Amerika dan negara maju lainnya kebanyakan tap water bisa langsung minum yah. Cuman untuk Darren aku selalu beli air mineral sendiri.Lalu makanan kali ini, aku ngga bawa gunting TinyBites. This mainly because Darren uda bisa makan sendiri (walo berantakan) dan giginya uda banyak. Jadi uda ngga perlu dipotong kecil-kecil. Buat yang belum numbuh, gunting ini wajib banget soalnya praktis dari sayur – buah – daging – mie bisa dipotong dengan mudah

Tips Packing:

• Packing Baju:

Aku pack seperti biasa yah. Ngga pake kantongan ato zip lock buat ditulisin Day 1, 2, dan seterusnya. This is mainly because pake sweater dan celananya bisa buat 2 hari. Kalo kotor ya kadang sehari bisa ganti 2x.Jadi aku pack biasa aja sambil bawa spare 3 baju dan 3 celana.

Pampers jangan lupa bawa banyakan yah. Just in case ngga sempet belanja di tempat tujuan kan. Emang pas berangkat bakal penuh sesak banget kopernya, tapi pas pulang uda kosong kok pasti hehe.

Untuk Winter season seperti waktu kita pergi, jangan lupa buat punya:

– Merino untuk dalaman si kecil, atau Uniqlo Heatech. Aku prefee Merino karena beneran lebih hangat. Merino Darren punya Kathmandu Australia.

– Wool socks atau yang tebel pokoknya

– Scarf, topi, sarung tangan

– Jaket. Jaketnya yang windproof, wateeproof, sama yang ada bulu bulunya biar maksimal hangatnya

– Sepatu bisa boot ato biasa, pokoknya bawa 2 pasang just in case basah kena hujan atau salju

– a lot of sweaters.

• Packing Susu:

Buat yang masih pake ASI, mommy tinggal bawa diri yahhh hehe sama supplement dan alat pumping serta kantong asi.

Buat yang udah ganti formula seperti Darren…

Aku udah pack pake Dr Mama Powdered Milk Container.

Aku tulisin ada yang 180ml, 240ml dan 150ml buat Darren.

Aku uda hitung sehari Darren perlu berapa susu jadi udah aku packing 2 pack besar. 1 pack buat perjalanan berangkat di pesawat, 1 pack lagi buat perjalanan pulang.

Lalu aku bawa susu kaleng 800gr dan Dr Mama yang kosongan. Ini buat pas udah nyampe Amerika, sehari hari dari susu kalengnya.

I do suggest bawa banyak yah soalnya negara yang kita tuju itu susunya pasti beda sama yang di Indo.

Hitungan aku meleset dan di US sini adanya Enfagrow Enfamil loh. Untung Darren emang pake Enfagrow. Tapi Enfagrownya pun beda. Aku pernah baca beberapa review anak ga cocok, praise God kok Darren demen aja Enfagrow US. Jadi dia tetep lahap minumnya.

Oh ya susu formula baby di US bisa dibelinya di TARGET, Walmart, sama Walgreen.

Untuk botol susunya aku jujur cuman pake Playtex Nurser Drop In liners. Ini praktis banget jadi ngga perlu ribet cuci. Tinggal dot nya aja yang dicuci.

Linersnya BPA free, pre-sterilized dan aman buat asi atau susu formula air panaspun. Ini number 1 di US loh. Sering sold out.

• Packing Perlengkapan:

Selain bawa koper isi baju dan segala hal lainnya… aku bawa ransel pengganti Diaper bag yah. Ini buat memudahkan di pesawat ngga perlu bongkar koper kecil. Memudahkan juga pas sampe tujuan bisa jalan dan keperluannya muat di ransel kayak susu, baju ganti, snack, pampers.

Selain pakaian dan susu, wajib bawa minyak telon, tissue basah, tissue baby, sanitizer, lotion, dan obat umum seperti obat panas, obat batuk, obat pilek, obat sakit perut dan diare, dannn khusus Darren ada cream alergi kalo kalo kulitnya kumat sensitive dan merah-merah.

Lotion kalo saran aku bawa Petroleum Jelly aja. 1 untuk semua. Bisa buat diaper, bisa buat face dan body.

Stroller – Hipseat:

Okay… Mostly kalo destinasi Asia itu ngga stroller friendly yah. Nah US ini stroller friendly, tapi….. Darren ngga betah di stroller.

Jadi dari awal aku pake hipseat carrier aja. Punya Pognae.

Why Pognae? Paling nyaman buat aku dan Darren juga ngga keberatan berlama-lama di sana, beda sama brand lain dia ga suka.

Back to carriernya…

Ngga pegel mom cuman pake carrier? Buangetttt pegelnya! But gimana lagi. Kalo aku bawa stroller itu cuma nambah bawaan aku dan ngga akan kepake. Jadi ya aku nekatin aja udah.

Sekarang semua aku balikin ke anak dan ortu. Anaknya demen pake stroller atau carrier?

Kalo carrier aja ortu udah siap tenaga? Kalo stroller ortu uda siap rempong? Kalo semua dibawa, uda siap lebih ribet lagi?

Tapi…. idealnya semua peegi bawa stroller dan carrier. Bisa disesuaikan sama mood si anak biasanya. Except for Darren. Walo capek banget tapi aku tau keputusan aku bener 🙂

Oh ya kalo napping gimana? Di carrier 🙂 So far Darren tetep nyaman. Dia bisa napping 2 jam dan bangun ketawa-ketawa uda kayak tidur di ranjang aja haha.

Kuncinya adalah sejauh mana mommies and daddies komitmen buat bersama-sama saling bantu. Ini kunci liburan menyenangkannya.

Lalu juga sejauh mana pengenalan kalian akan karakter si kecil jadi bisa nentuin destinasi, barang bawaan dan sebagainya.

Untuk makan.. Ada hari yang lahap ada yang engga, don’t stress yourself. Kasih susu atau snack. Pengalaman aku, Darren kalo uda laper dia bakal minta makan sendiri tanpa dipaksa. Jadi kalo dia emang ga mau ya brati dia lagi ngga laper.

Pokoknya liburan dibawa happy aja. Ada moment tertentu yang bikin down, kepikiran…. tapi jangan lupa diskusiin sama pasangan dan bangkit lagi.

Dan paling penting adalah…… komunikasiin sama si kecil. Mereka itu ngerti banget loh. Mau masih newborn ato uda gede malahan. Aku sering bilang kayak “Darren mami uda cape banget. Darren jangan nakal ya. Nurut yah” lalu dia berubah dari banyak tingkah jadi kalem.

Dan semuanya ga lengkap tanpa doa yah….

Ini senjata paling utama. Bawa semuanya dalam doa dan Bapa yang di Surga akan mengabulkan keinginan baik hatimu 🙏🏻

Last but not least…..

Mungkin ada yang penasaran perlengkapan buat Darren aku dapetnya dari mana (salonpas anak, playtex, tinybites dll)

Check instagram Bunny and Clouds.

Ini online shop aku sendiri. Mostly harganya lebih murah dibanding toko sebelah. Dan 95% produk yang aku jual udah aku buktikan sendiri. Jadi emang jualnya yang perlu dan ngebantu banget.

So you can check Bunny and Clouds, siapa tau next time ada keperluan yang bisa kamu dapetin di tempat aku :)🙏🏻