Evoluderm Micellar Water and Face Mist Review

Hi everybody.

How’s your week?

My week has been great since it’s also my birthday week!

Have you heard about Evoluderm before? I believe many of you know this brand. Evoluderm is from France. In case you haven’t heard or tried this brand, you should give a try because Evoluderm products are like premium products in more affordable budget. I really like it!

And today i can’t wait to share with you my review for Evoluderm newly launched products: Micellar Water and Face Mist !

Thanks to Kay Collectionwhom sent me this set gift to try ❀️

Let’s head to the main topic!

β€’ Evoluderm Micellar Water

For me, cleanse the face need to be taken seriously. I will wipe over and over until my cotton pad is white and leave no trace of dirt. This, usually makes my sensitive skin become red and irritated. Hence, i always hunt for the best remover to cleanse my face, yet gentle enough to my sensitive skin.

I try Evoluderm Micellar Water in Red Color, for dry and sensitive skin / reactive skin.

“Evoluderm Micellar Water stated to remove dirts, grime, and makeup in a minute. It contains citric acid and hydrogenated castor oil to remove dead skin cells, thus promote a healthy clear skin.”

Now what’s my personal experience using this?

I really like this Micellar Water because it’s Paraben Free! Yeayy.

Very light scented (floral fruity) and alcohol free.

The texture is very similar to water, it is light and runny and a bit foamy (when you rub it)

When it comes to wipe daily dirt (with no makeup, just moisturizer and sunblock on face) it works pretty fast. 1 wipe is enough for the whole face and neck.

When it comes to remove makeup, especially the waterproof one…. I need 4 times and sometimes more to clean the makeup.

(Picture above is the demo on my hand, from liptint – lipbalm – lipcream – eyeshadow – and waterproof eyeliner. Then, for the first wipe you can see that makeup residue can be seen clearly. Second wipe, the color is pretty much clean, but waterproof eyeliner still there. Third wipe, pretty much clean but still need another wipe. I still need the fourth wipe and wash it with soap for the best result)

If you don’t mind with wipe it over and over, then you have no problem with this Micellar Water. But if you don’t like to rub your face to often…..

My suggestion will be: use your usual makeup remover first, wash your face, then continue with Evoluderm Micellar Water before continue to apply moisturizer.

In my case, i have no problem with rubbing the cotton pad over and over because this micellar water is (surprise!) gentle enough to my skin.

No redness. No irritation. No itchy and burning feeling.

I don’t feel sticky nor drying. Thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ»

But when i need to rush into something urgent, i prefer to use my usual remover (because it cleanse fast) and use Evoluderm Micellar Water for my third cleaning step ☺️

β€’ Evoluderm Face Mist

Who doesn’t like to spray face mist here? I am a big fan of face mist because it’s really refreshing and helps to hydrate my skin. I have so many Face Mists on my drawer because i could use it daily and run out fast.

Evoluderm Face Mist could “Refresh our skin in the midst of hot weather, prolong our makeup with sea salt face mist. Sea salt will energize, hydrate, and revitalize our skin.”

What’s so different between Evoluderm Face Mist and others?

Here, Evoluderm uses Sea Salt. Other brands usually only use spring water and added a natural fresh scent on it (or no scent).

With this sea salt on the ingredients, believe it or not, you will feel like you’re going to the beach when you spray this on your face and neck. It has a little bit of ocean scent!

Not to mention that sea salt could energize and hydrate our skin too.

I couldn’t agree more to what’s stated there. Because indeed, i have proven that this Face Mist really refresh my skin. I feel energize and skin hydrate well.

That’s all about my review for Evoluderm newly launched products.

If you curious about this, Evoluderm Indonesia is available at:

Kay Collection Stores

Kay Collection Website (www.kaycollection.com) . Kay Collection has world wide shipping service too!

All Guardian Indonesia Stores.

If you’re not living in Indonesia and want to try these products, Evoluderm also available in Guardian Stores in your country . Or do check their official instagram and website to purchase.

I hope you all have a great day and thank you for reading❀️


Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream Review

Hello beauty lovers ❀️ How are you today?

I am so excited to share with you my review for Purbasari Hi-Matte Lipcream.

Purbasari is a local brand from Indonesia selling skincare and beautycare products. Its lipstick has been a famous and most wanted since the past one year.

And today, thanks to Surabaya Beauty Blogger, i got the chance to try it by myself, for their collaboration project with Purbasari.

We all know that a lipstick could make a total different change to someone’s face.

Therefore, we must find the right lipstick to enhance our beauty.

This, including to find the right color, right formula and ingredients.

And i am pleased to have this box set of 5 colors from Purbasari Hi-Matte Lipcream HYDRA series.

Why Purbasari Hi-Matte Lipcream?
Lip cream gives a matte finished on lip, gentle, not easily stain, and long lasting as compared to other type of lipsticks.

I personally love Purbasari Hi-Matte Lipcream because:

β€’ The Color Variance is Great

I could use them from casual to formal gathering.

For a daily look, i prefer 01 Vinca and 02 Azalea.

For attending event, or to look stand out without being too much, wear 03 Lantana and 04 Zinnia.

Now, for more formal gathering, glamorous, and bold makeup, 05 Freesia is the Queen!

β€’ Leave No Stain
When a brand claimed that its lipstick leave no stain, i always a bit skeptical about it.

But Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream does proof that they’re not only sugarcoat and selling the product.

It really leave no stain.

The color stay on my lip even i drink water, juice, tea, eating oily food, and then wipe it with tissue.

Hence it leads to another point from me which is:

β€’ Long Lasting
Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream is really pigmented and long lasting. But not to worry, you can remove this easily with makeup remover later on.

I clumsily left a smudge on my blouse and to my surprised, it was easy to clean with water and detergent.

β€’ Moist
Upon application, it feels moist on lip. No crack on lip after the usage. It is really safe and healthy. It contains Vitamin E too.

β€’ Affordable
The price ranged at IDR 55,000 depends on which store you make your purchase for one lipcream with netto 6.5 g.


It may not be a signifacant need in other countries. But in majority of Moslem country such as Indonesia, having this “Halal” certification means a lot.

As it is doesn’t really affect me, but i am glad to share this so that people will know and have no doubt when buying this.

Later on, i found out that Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream was produced and proven to contain antioxidants & UV Filter. It is long lasting, fast drying and high coverage.

Couldn’t argue with the statement because i have proven it by myself ❀️

Now let’s see how the color turns on my lip:

β€’ The Casual – Daily Look

β€’ The Date & Hangout Look

β€’ The Glamorous LookIMG_5630 What do you think about them?

If you ask me which one is my favourite from Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream Hydra Series, i will confidently say that i like 02Azalea. The color is pink choco nude, my forever crush for lippie.

Now if you wish to try and purchase Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream, you can get them at:


Cosmetic Store & Supermarket

Or you can purchase them online and look for GOC Shop at:







Bukalapak: https://www.bukalapak.com/goc_shop


: https://shopee.co.id/goc_shop

Elevenia: http://www.elevenia.co.id/store/goc-shop-26886819



That’s all about Purbasari Hi Matte Lipcream. It worth the buzz. Super recommended.

If you have tried Purbasari Lipcream, you can share with me by dropping your blog link below πŸ™‚

Let’s stay connected ❀️


Angelia πŸ’‹


**Disclaimer: Items are given, not purchased by myself. But it doesn’t affect my justification and review of the products. This article written with honesty and dignity as a blogger.

Vions Beauty Korean Shading

Hello semuanya…

Jaman sekarang uda bukan rahasia lagi kalo eyebrow adalah hal yang harus dikuasai para wanita yah.. Entah gambar sendiri, shading, tato ataupun sulam.

Nah aku sendiri termasuk yang punya zero tolerance for pain. Jadi buat aku, sulam / shading adalah hal yang aku hindari. Walopun hati pengen bangetttt biar bisa “i woke up like this” dengan alis selalu cetar gitu, tapi ngga kesampean karena nyali kecil. Aku cuman bisa improve skill gambar manual pake pensil.

Nah tepatnya 16 Juni 2017 kemarin, aku nekad banget keluar dari comfort zone aku dan ngeberaniin diri buat Korean Shading.

Buat yang tanya Korean Shading itu apa sih… Korean shading ini hasilnya nanti natural banget kayak kita pake pensil alis biasa. Lalu bentuknya block gitu yah. Bukan yang guratan-guratan. Untuk hasilnya bisa bertahan 1-2 tahun tergantung perawatan masing-masing. Korean shading 3 hari awal bakal “jelek” karena tebal dulu warna dan bentuknya. Setelah itu peel off dan super natural.

…. aku korean shading sama Vions Beauty by Silviana Ong ❀️

Yang di Surabaya pasti udah pada tau yah. Rata-rata baik influencer, blogger, sampe orang umum shading dan eyelash extension di cece cantik satu ini.

Maka dari itu abis rajin stalking hasil shading Vions Beauty dan konsultasi via chat, aku coba buletin tekad dan ngeberaniin diri buat bikin appointment dan di shading sama Silvi.

Yukk kita bahas detail pengerjaan Korean Shading ini yah ❀️

Jadi step awal yang dilakukan adalah gambar alis. Di sini Silvi bakal bikin yang sesuai bentuk wajah kita. Boleh request juga. Proses gambar alis ini pake pensil alis biasa.

Ini agak take time yah karena harus dipastikan sesuai sama wajah dan hati kita ❀️

I do suggest buat kalian lebih kritis dan jangan malu ato sungkan ngutarain keinginan kalian.

Meskipun itu berarti minta Silvi ganti bolak balik gambar alisnya. Jangan ragu dan sungkan.

Masalahnya shading ini 1-2 taon loh. U gonna live with it. Jadi make sure bentuknya kamu cocok.

Silvi juga akan nanya berkali-kali “uda suka belum? Uda cocok? Coba dilihat lagi” dengan super ramah dan sabar.

Untuk aku sendiri cukup cepet. Soalnya tipe alis yang kita suka sama. Jadi Silvi tinggal sesuaiin bentuknya biar lebih rapi dan perfect ❀️

Nah langkah keduanya adalah pemberian obat. Ini untuk anastesi.

Setelah itu ditunggu 15-20 menit baru mulai sesi pengerjaan.

Waktu Silvi bilang dia mau mulai, dia nunjukin kalo jarum yang digunakan adalah baru. Jadi jangan takut kena penyakit ato ngga steril 😊

Saat itu aku mulai deg-deg an si. Aku facial aja juga pake anastesi. Dan itu masih nangis kesakitan. Aku ngeri gitu.

Ternyata waktu dimulai, NGGA SAKIT SAMA SEKALI! Aku juga surprised banget πŸ˜†

Silvi yang notice aku awalnya gugup lalu jadi santai juga nanya “gimana? Ngga sakit kayak bayangan awal kamu kan yah?” Aku jadi tersipu malu hahahhaa *lebay* 🀑

Pengerjaannya kurang lebih 2.5 jam. Aku agak lama karena sensitive yah kulitnya. Jadi ada darah yang keluar dan Silvi harus stop, kasih obat lagi, tunggu kering lagi, baru mulai kerjain lagi.

Walau ada darah yang keluar tapi ngga sakit kok. Ada perih dikit kayak kalo tangan ngga sengaja kegores pinggiran kertas. Gitu aja.

Aku yang cupu dan ngga tahan sakit banget bilang ini super nyaman dan ga sakit, aku yakin kalian malah lebih tahan banting πŸ’ͺ🏻

Setelah selesai semua, aku dikasih vitamin gel. Gel ini selain untuk ngobatin juga untuk peel off shading yang tebel banget.

Kalau ngga ada acara atau kebutuhan mendesak, sebaiknya dipakai 1x sehari, malam sebelum tidur. Tinggal dioles di alis. Ini supaya warnanya juga lebih tahan lama.

Tapi kalau buru-buru mau cepet say byebye to alis Sinchan karena ada acara, boleh dipakai sehari 3x.

Aku sendiri karena terdesak uda mau pergi liburan, biar fotonya kece, aku pakai 3 kali sehari: pagi setelah mandi, sore setelah mandi, malem sebelum tidur.

Oh ya, setelah shading uda boleh cuci muka loh. Jadi ngga perlu takut muka kucel atau takut kalo cuci lalu hasilnya sia-sia.

Yuk lihat hasil shading aku day by day dari jadi Sinchan sampe super natural 😊

Sekitar alis masih merah semua. Bentuk alis tebal dan kaku
Tidak ada bekas kemerahan. Warna masih tebal, bentuk mulai natural

Bagian depan alis sudah mulai peel off
Peel off 90% sisa bagian belakang saja
Kiri: Sudah dengan makeup tipis tanpa menambahkan pensil alis lagi. Foto kanan: zoom in bentuk dan warna shading setelah 100% peel off

Sukaaa banget 😍

By the way, Kalian pasti sering denger katanya saat mau peel off itu gatel banget, aku ngga ngalamin yah. Gel yang dikasih itu juga vitamin biar ngga kering. Jadi nyaris tanpa gatal. Kalo gatel mungkin cuman dua detik. Tinggal ditekan tekan bentar aja uda hilang.

Gimana… Jadi pada pengen shading juga ngga? 😍😍😍

Eyebrows on fleek

Ini beneran hemat waktu makeup. Aku suka banget. Mana Ce Silvi super ramah loh. Ditanyain apa aja juga dijawab. Dia juga telaten banget bikinnya.

Super recommended πŸ‘πŸ»

Untuk Korean Shading seperti ini, Pricelist hingga end July 2017 adalah:

Lalu Vions Beauty juga menyediakan Eyelash Extension, BB Glow Treatment. Tinggal konsultasi aja dan book treatment yang kalian mau.

Aku udah suka dan cocok banget. Bakal balik Vions buat retouch-retouch biar ngga ribet lagi kalo makeup ❀️ selamanya hahahahaha *happy beyond measured*

Let me sum up this review dengan kasih tips and tricks buat Shading alis:

1. Browse first hasil pengerjaan / portofolio nya

2. Make sure bentuknya kalian beneran suka

3. Siapin mental buat jadi “jelek” di hari awal

4. Jangan dikelupasin sendiri, biarin peel off natural dibantu sama vitamin gel nya
5. Hindari pemakaian produk skincare yang mengandung whitening di daerah alis supaya hasil tahan lama

6. Hindari pemakaian masker di daerah alis
Quite easy right?

I got so many compliments for my korean shading ❀️ I hope this review jadi bantu kalian buat punya gambaran soal shading eyebrow itu seperti apa dan jadi berani juga 😊

Do contact Vions through instagram @vionsbeauty or line official @vionsbeauty (menggunakan “@”)

Kalian  ngga akan kecewa β€οΈπŸ™πŸ» 

Thank you for making my eyebrows effortlessly on fleek, Vions Beauty .

Beauty Redefined with Shiseido


If you follow my blog, then you already know that few weeks ago i've posted about Beauty Service at Shiseido Counter and bring home a wonderful red box consists of 6 items from Shiseido. Both the best selling and the newest collections were inside the box ❤️

As i promised earlier that i am going to do a review about the products, so here i am today. Fulfilling my words πŸ™‚

But before we start, let me give you a short Event Report when i attended Beauty Redefined Event on Thursday, 15 June 2017 at Atrium Pakuwon Mall Surabaya. It was the biggest pop up store for beauty bazaar in Surabaya.

The event started around 7 p.m and it was fun, filled with informative tips about beauty as well as knowledge about Shiseido products.

On one occasion, MC of the event called one lady, named Michelle from Australia. She gave testimony that she used Shiseido Ultimune for 2 weeks and had already felt the big difference. She likes it ❤️ [Wait for my review down below. I have prepared it for you]
After held a talkshow with the audience, MC guided us for tour to each booth on the Bazaar. There were:

Skin Sensor Check Booth – We can get free skin check here to know about our skin firmness, moisture level and more. After a deep screening and consultation, The Beauty Consultant will introduce you to the right Shiseido products to answer your skin need.

Play Makeup Room – We can try many make up products here. From lipstick, eyeshadow, to the latest collection of mascara and cushion! ❤️

Makeup Booth by Professional - Here the makeup artists will help you to do touch up or even do the makeup from your bare face situation.

Massage Booth – Expect a relax moment here. From face to hand massage. Definitely refreshing!

Styling Booth by Shiseido Team – Here, The Team will makeover your hair, from a curl to another hair style, and of course all the products were from Shiseido Hair Series. I love the serum. It made my dry hair become manageable.

Ring Light Photobooth – A booth for you to take picture using the ring light after enjoying the treatment series from Shiseido Pop Up Store. Pampering kinda day!❤️

It was really amazing event. I got the chance to wear kimono and took the picture before i went home ❤️


Now let's start with the products review ❤️

Shiseido Ultimune Concentrate

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is all time favorite best seller products.

I used this serum 2 times a day, morning and evening after cleansing, before i apply my moisturizer. After applying this serum on half of the face, i can notice a huge difference between the 2 areas. Area which has been covered by this serum is supple and smooth as compared to the other area ❤️

I love the scent of this product. It isn't a powdery or flowery scent, i can't really describe what smell is that, but one thing i know, the scent is good and fresh.

Daily use of Ultimune will help make skin visibly brighter, softer, and more hydrated.

It claims that wrinkles and lines will appear less visible too if you use this product regularly.

No wonder Michelle, one of the audience during the Event likes it. I love it too ❤️

• Shiseido Shampoo & Scalp Essence

Do you know that many professional and premium salons use Shiseido Adenovital series?
It's super recommended to grow more baby hair which lead to thicker hair.

I haven't tried this two products long enough so i can't really tell you the result or seeing many new baby hairs. 

However i wanna discuss the scent. Shiseido shampoo smells really good ❤️ and the essence has a mentol/mint scent.

I feel great after usage.

• Shiseido 7 Lights Powder Illuminator

The powder is one of the latest products for Shiseido Makeup and definitely my favourite ❤️ 

It consists of 7 different colors. Soft rainbow color and comes with super soft brush applicator.

Perfect to make face skin looks radiant and shimmer.

I also use this for highlighter and blush on.

The result is soft and natural. Super recommended 👍🏻

Shiseido Full Lash Multi Dimension Mascara

The brush is super gentle! I surprised that it's easy to be applied even on very thin and short lashes like mine. 

After i google more about this mascara, i just knew that Shiseido’s easy to use peanut shape brush exclusively bends 30 degrees and rotates 360 degrees and works with the natural curve of the eye to lift and fan from the root.

So don't worry if you want to bend the brush, it won't break 😊

For perfect result, don't forget to use Eyelash Curler first.

• Shiseido Eyebrow Styling Duo

My crush ❤️ i love this Eyebrow Styling Duo.

The pencil is thin, sharp, it's perfect to make a natural eyebrow strokes. The color is soft and light. If you need more definition on the eyebrows, i do suggest to press a bit so the color will get darker.

I used the powder to blend and smoothen the color even more. Especially on the edge near nose.

That's all about the review. Are you ready to see how the result turns on my face?

What do you think?

I personally love everything on that picture. It's natural, soft, and fresh.

Thank you Shiseido for giving me the chance to try your wonderful products. I really like it ❤️

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Urban Street Style x Levi’s

Hello friends!

Today i want to share with you my OOTD when i had my photoshoot for Levi’s x Sunglass Planet by Optik Tunggal Campaign last May 2017.

The theme for the photoshoot was Urban Street Style.

I am so happy because this style is really my everyday style.

So here’s my first look:

Sunglass: LEVI’S LS 99043 CO1P BLK

Playsuit: Black Kimono Playsuit from Instagram @Javaincloth

Scarf: Random No Brand Scarf with Zebra Prints

Blazer: Grey color from Uniqlo

Shoulder Bag: Charles and Keith

Second look:

Sunnies: LEVI’S LS 98040 CO4P 49 GOLD

Top: Black Sabrina from instagram @ikaletsshop2

Bottom: Long Cullote in White from instagram @frupi_ig

Pouch: Instagram @egie.room

Sandal: VNC

Necklace: Choker from instagram @lovelinastore

Third look:

Eyewear: LEVI’S LS 91093 CO2P 52 MBLK

Outer: Black Long Cardi from Instagram @classycorner.id

Top: Basic Crop from Pull&Bear

Jeans: Zara Basic


I love how easy it is to mix and match things from my wardrobe for this theme.

Old top suddenly become fashionable with a touch of cool eyewear.

And look at this picture below:

Do you think we slay this look?

I really love this shot. We took it effortlessly.

Good weather, good lighting, and this is it ❀️ Almost look like professional models.

My friend here, Claresta, even said that we’re Kelly and Kendal Jenner copied. ROFL! Pardon our thick skin by saying that πŸ˜‚


So that’s all about this fashion style.

You can definitely re-create this look easily and slay your day ❀️😎

If you happen to live in Surabaya, Indonesia, you can go to Sunglass Planet by Optik Tunggal at Pakuwon Mall.

Simply show this picture (or on my instagram account) or state this code: ANG/SP PKW/517 to get IDR 100K OFF for your purchase there ❀️

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Have a good day, 


Beauty Service at Shiseido Counter

Hello beauty lovers. Happy Monday to all of you ❀️

This afternoon, i want to share with you my personal experience with Shiseido.

On Saturday, June 3rd 2017, i was invited to try Shiseido Beauty Service at Metro Ciputra World Surabaya.

This beauty service is a service open for public, this is a session where people can experience or try Shiseido products prior to purchase. 

All you need to do is come there [You can make your appointment at Metro CW or SOGO TP] and tell them you want to try Shiseido Beauty Service. Then, they will prepare things for you to try.

It’s a good service that Shiseido offered because we can have personal experience before deciding which product we should buy and eliminate the doubt whether our skin will show some side effects or not.

On this occasion, i tried the newest series of Shiseido, the skin brightening series – White Lucent ❀️

After the Beautycian prepared all Shiseido White Lucent Series, she began to clean my whole face and start the treatment. It’s massage time! ❀️

She started by cleaning my face using Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Gel. My skin feel smooth and no sign of irritation. 

Then she continued with White Lucent Luminizing Infuser. This is a toner for our skin. We use this to prevent skin problems.

Then she pampered my eyes area with Shiseido Ultimune Eye. This is one of the oldest and all time best seller products from Shiseido.

After a gentle massage around the eyes, she gave me Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. It’s a serum. And this is another all time best seller from Shiseido. People usually take this serum home together with the Ultimune Eye.

After the serum dried, it’s time for another massage. This time using Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Massage Cream. Simply massage it for 2 – 5 minutes on face.

Time to use White Lucent Micro Targetting Spot Corrector.

If the Luminizing Infuser is for prevention, this targetting spot corrector was designed to heal the problems.

And finally time to apply the day cream, White Lucent All Day Brightener with SPF 36. With this day cream, we don’t need to apply another layer of sunscreen cream.

And that was the end of my first beauty service session: massage.

Time to share with you the second session, Makeup Retouch.

My makeup was done by Shiseido Team. What do you think about it?

If you want to re-create my look, here’s the products:

The beautycian used Glow Enhancing Primer as a primer to make my makeup last longer, and she applied Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Foundation in Neutral 2 for me.

This foundation is very light, however it has great coverage.

Next, she used White Lucent OnMakeup Spot Correcting. This to cover my panda eyes and other imperfection such as acnes and redness. She used this as highlighter and concealer too. And for your info, this is one of the newest products Shiseido has!

For shading, she used powder in Medium 2.

And here’s what she used for my eyebrow:

I personally love the eyebrow pencil. It feels like having a korean shading. The color is soft. Even after i put more and more layers on it, still look natural.

You can zoom in the picture and show them if you want to try the products i used.

After my beauty service ended, i have a toured to know Shiseido newest series. So here it is:

And thank you to Shiseido and Kak Ical from 7D Organizer i can bring home a package of Shiseido newest products as well as its best seller.

I am a happy lady! Thank you for having me ❀️

And expect a review for these 6 items on my wonderful red box soon ❀️❀️❀️

New Weapon to Fight Acnes

Hello ladies.

Today i am very excited as i type this on blog.

I want to give you my new favourite “weapon” to fight acnes and redness!! Thank God for this ❀️

If you have followed me for quite a while, you know that i have been discussing about my favourite product to fix my acnes [or you can click here if you haven’t] , so this new post will be the updated version and my new recommendation for all of you.

Hate U Red Spot from Koelf Cosmetic

I believe not many of us have heard about this brand before, or at least me.. I haven’t heard this name before.

This is a Korean Brand. I got this from Elsyoung when i have another collaboration with Surabaya Beauty Blogger . 

Elsyoung is a first hand shop from Korea. All the products are guarantee to be authentic and safe.

To be honest with you, the first time i received this package i didn’t have much expectation because i have already pleased with my previous acne treatment products and didn’t think this product could beat ’em.

Turns out that i am totally wrong about that.

Hate U Red Spot is a liquid solution with a beige color, contains sulfur powder that over the ages has been known to be one of the cure of acnes, tea tree leaf oil, and ginko leaf extract.

As you can see on the above pictures, i have quite acnes and redness. Perfect time to prove that this product is worth to be told β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ»

The texture is like liquid foundation, plus it has beige colour. After i put on the troubled areas, i gently pat it and the formula blends easily on my skin.

Not only it blends easily, it is also has a high coverage, conceal well!❀️ I just need to apply thin layer of CC Cream and voila, my redness are well covered!

Hate U Red Spot is wonderful in my opinion! It concealed better than any concealer or primer. Plus it contains with extracts to soothe acnes. What else i can ask?

It serves both as medicine to fight acne as well as a cosmetic to help you look flawless and say good bye to the redness.

Now, how long does it take to cure acnes?

In my case, i need more than a week. I know this consider long as i  apply this twice daily (day and night), and still the result is a bit slow as compared to my previous products.

But let me highlight this, though i apply for quite a long time, the troubled areas don’t get dry, darker, and dull.

This, i can’t find on my previous product. Usually whenever i face “naughty acnes” that hard to be removed, as i applied the formula repeatedly, affected areas will get darker and dry.

So two thumbs up for Hate U Red Spot by Koelf Cosmetic πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

After experiencing the good result on my own skin, i decide to google more about this product to see if there’re any reviews about this. And yeahh i’m not the only satisfied customer.

Many have tried and prove it themselves. So i better take my words back about “not many have heard this brand” sentence πŸ˜†πŸ™πŸ»

I can assure you that i have already using this product for quite long now and promote this to my sister too.

So if you want to try on your own, you can buy this online at:


Or Instagram @elsyoungid

That’s all about the new magic tool: Hate U Red Spot.

Now i want to introduce you to new masks from Petitfee (i also got this from Elsyoung)

Gold & Snail and Black Pearl & Gold Mask.

Without a routine usage i can’t really tell you whether these masks can really serve the purpose written on the package.

But one thing for sure, the mask sheet is thick, not like any other brands.

But that’s all i can say about the difference. 

And the common thing about this mask is you can feel cooling and soothing sensation that make you relax 😊

Is it worth to buy?

I guess any mask is worth to buy. Despite all the ads and marketing tagline they tried to influence us, mask can really help to soothe and hydrate our skin with routine usage. Not to forget it also help to prevent aging and promote supple skin.

So you are very welcome to try this brand of mask or continue your previous products.

But don’t forget to try the Hate U Red Spot from Koelf Cosmetic. Coz this is magic magic magic ❀️ *singing happily*

New Beauty Apps: House2House (Bahasa)

Halo Beauty Enthusiast di Indonesia.

Ada kabar gembira buat kita semua.

Sekarang telah hadir applikasi baru yaitu House2House yang siap menjawab kebutuhan kita dalam hal kecantikan.

House2House ini telah diluncurkan di GooglePlay pada 1 Mei 2017 dan dapat digunakan oleh semua pengguna Android nusantara.

Nah, apa sih yang membedakan House2House ini dengan aplikasi lainnya?

Pertanyaan ini terjawab ketika saya diundang menghadiri Soft Launching pertamanya pada tanggal 21 Mei 2017 di Hotel Ciputra World Surabaya.

Jadi awal mulanya, House2House ini dibuat karena adanya kendala/kesulitan untuk mencari jasa Make Up Artist (MUA) maupun jasa lain yang berhubungan dengan kecantikan.

Kalau kita search menggunakan hashtag (#) kan akan muncul semua, kita pasti kebingungan buat buka satu per satu, catat nomor telpon dan sebagainya, nah di House2House Indonesia ini semua sudah terintegrasi dalam aplikasi.

Ada portofolio, whatsapp, ada price list, dan bisa chat langsung/appointment assistant, dan ada level of expertise MUA di dalam apps.

Jadi kita tidak membuang banyak waktu lagi.

Hal lain yang sangat menonjol adalah kita tidak hanya bisa melakukan booking untuk waktu mendatang, kita bisa langsung cari jasa MUA di hari itu juga, untuk saat itu juga.

Hal ini dimungkinkan dengan adanya fitur Real Time Nearby Option.

MUA tinggal meng-ON kan fitur ini saat tidak ada job, dan alhasil kita bisa melihat MUA yang available saat itu juga.

Ini adalah inovasi yang luar biasa buat saya. Biasanya saya harus booking jauh-jauh hari untuk mencari jasa MUA yang bagus. Karena seperti yang kita tau, jasa makeup di salon umum biasanya hanya standard saja. Jadi pada saat Soft Launching saya sangat excited mendengarkan penjelasan dari Bapak Hermanto selaku CEO House2House dan juga Bapak Deddy Poerwanto.

Untuk masalah price list yang tercantum, semua sudah termasuk jasa mereka ke lokasi yang kita tentukan. Iya lokasi yang kita mau. Tidak harus di rumah, bisa di kantor dan di mana saja.

Lalu harga melalui House2House tidak lebih mahal ya. Sesuai harga standard masing-masing MUA dan payment di House2House juga sangat mudah. Kita tidak perlu menyiapkan uang cash yang banyak dan repot-repot ambil uang terlebih dahulu dan ada program cicilan juga untuk meringankan.

Nah di aplikasi ini tidak hanya jasa MakeUp Artist yang diandalkan. Tapi semua yang berhubungan dengan beauty. Ada Perawatan seperti Creambath, Potong Rambut, Perming, Coloring, dan lain sebagainya dan semua *sekali lagi* bisa dilakukan di lokasi yang kita tentukan, tidak harus di rumah.

Ini praktis banget ya, misal dari kantor mau ada acara ngga sempet balik rumah, bisa minta bikin hairdo atau dipijat cantik dulu rambutnya di kantor πŸ˜†

Tidak hanya menawarkan kemudahan mencari jasa mengenai Beauty, aplikasi ini menghadirkan berita terkini beserta tips-tips juga seputar dunia kecantikan. Untuk hal ini, House2House Indonesia bekerja sama dengan WomanBlitz .

Pada saat Soft Launching kemarin, selain mengenalkan tentang aplikasi House2House dan cara menggunakannya, ada Demo Makeup juga dari MUA kondang Imel Vilencia.

Nah setelah penjelasan tadi di atas, saya yakin masih ada yang bertanya-tanya “Kalo harganya sama aja antara House2House sama kontak langsung ke MUA dan jasa kecantikan lainnya, lalu apa asiknya?

Ijinkan saya merangkum keunggulan House2House dalam beberapa point di bawah ya:

β€’ Easy Payment karena:

1. Ada Instalasi/Cicilan . 

2. Tidak diperlukan cash karena dibayar melalui Deposito Account House2House (Rekening Bersama) dan dapat juga melalui Credit Card

3. Ada seasonal discount/promo

β€’ Easy Communication karena:

Ada data lengkap (ngga perlu malu tanya harga lagi karena semua tercantum), testimony, bisa chat langsung

β€’ Real Time Nearby Option – booking tidak perlu jauh-jauh hari, bisa mencari saat diperlukan.

β€’ Beauty News – Tidak melulu memesan jasa, kita bisa mendapat edukasi seputar kecantikan juga

β€’ Semua Yang Berhubungan Dengan Kecantikan Ada Di Sini (MakeUp, Perawatan, etc)

β€’ Aplikasi terintegrasi untuk semua pelanggan dan penyedia jasa di Indonesia – Benar-benar inovatif dan memudahkan buat saya. Kalau ada acara di kota lain, tidak perlu pusing lagi cari MUA dan jasa kecantikan lainnya

Mungkin ada pertanyaan lain seperti “Kan keluar di GooglePlay juga baru, jadi aman ngga aplikasinya?

The answer is YES. Hingga hari ini, House2House sudah mencatat 300 pendownload, ada 20 penyedia jasa yang sudah bergabung dan mulai melakukan transaksi via aplikasi. Selain itu sudah diuji dan tidak ada error.

Nahh info terakhir adalah buat teman-teman yang mau bergabung sebagai Penyedia Jasa Kecantikan di House2House syaratnya apa?

Semua bisa bergabung yah, tinggal sertakan portofolio, pendidikan, pengalaman kerja. Tim House2House akan menerima kalian. Tapi sekali lagi, mereka akan memberikan Level of Expertise berdasar portofolio. Seiring berjalan waktu, semakin banyak rating/review dari User, Level kalian akan naik juga.

Lalu buat yang ingin mencari dan menggunakan jasa kecantikan , all you need to do is:

1. Install here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.housetohouse

2. Daftar (kalau tidak menemukan email di inbox, cek spam yaaa)

3. Search and make appointment

Gampang kannn! 
Ayo download sekarang juga! Ada PROMO KHUSUS appointment dari tanggal 1-31 mei 2017 , cukup ketik “house2house” di kolom voucher code maka kamu akan mendapat potongan sebesar IDR 50,000 .

Frozen Age Skincare Review & Pre Launch Surabaya

[Dear my english speaking friends, kindly scroll below for the product review in English]

Hari Sabtu tanggal 6 May 2017 kemarin menjadi hari special bagi para Beauty Enthusiasts di Surabaya.

Ini dikarenakan ada Pre-Launch produk kecantikan dan kesehatan baru bernama Frozen Age.

Yuppp.. Nama ini sangat baru dan asing yah ditelinga. Waktu diundang ke Eventnya juga aku sampe harus googling dulu ini produk dari mana, produk seperti apa. Dan rata-rata reviewnya berasal dari Singapura atau Amerika.

Ini karena ternyata rupanya Frozen Age yang skincare memang dibuat di Amerika. Sedangkan untuk supplement kesehatannya berasal dari New Zealand.

Nah untuk Indonesia sendiri, sejak Juli 2016 lalu produk Frozen Age sudah hadir di indonesia. Lalu mereka membuka headquarter di Jakarta pada September 2016. Dilanjutkan dengan launching produknya di Bali, Batam, Makassar, Jogja dan Surabaya.

Jadi ngga heran yah walau namanya masih asing, ternyata Instagram Frozen Age Indonesia sudah diikuti oleh beberapa ribu orang.

Nah sekarang kita semua pasti bertanya-tanya jadi “Apa keunggulan Frozen Age?” “Apa yang membedakan dengan produk lain?” “Berapa harganya?” Dan paling crucial “Bagaimana resultsnya?”

Setiap produk Frozen Age memiliki kandungan grow factor stemcell. Kandungan ini tidak ditemukan di produk lainnya. Dengan adanya Grow Factor Stemcell ini maka vitalitas kulit akan dipicu untuk lebih sehat lagi sehingga dengan sendirinya segala masalah kulit teratasi

Bukan dari bergantung dengan obat dan produk mereka, tapi dari dalam diri kita yang produksi cellnya sudah lebih baik lagi.
Semua produk Frozen Age juga 100% HALAL.

Produknya diformulasikan untuk all skin type: oily, dry, normal, sensitive, combination, acne prone. Cocok dari remaja hingga orang tua.

Bahkan cleanser nya dapat digunakan untuk anak berusia 3 tahun.

Produk Frozen Age sendiri tidak harus dipurchase secara lengkap atau set. Dapat dibeli terpisah sesuai kebutuhan sambil kita tetap melanjutkan produk skincare sebelumnya yang kita sudah cocok.

Untuk hasilnya, dalam pemakaian 100% rutin dan teratur, kulit akan terlihat cerah, kencang, lembab hanya dalam 3 minggu saja.

Kuncinya adalah rutin.

Aku sendiri cukup beruntung karena ditunjuk untuk live demo. Jadi bisa merasakan sendiri perbedaan dan hasilnya.

Yang aku paling suka adalah Cleanser dan Toner + Moisturizernya.

Cleanser ini mengangkan semua makeup, bahkan yang waterproof sekalipun dengan sangat mudah dan cepat. Cukup 1x pump, dioleskan dengan gerakan memutar di area yang mau dibersihkan, maka kotoran muka kita akan diikat dan tinggal kita peel off seperti gel. Tidak sakit sama sekali. Sisanya cukup bilas dengan air dan bersih 100%.

Toner dan moisturizernya sangat fresh di wajah. Lalu dalam sekali demo, aku udah ngerasain kalo kulit pipi aku jadi kenceng kenyal.

Lalu kulit aku cukup oily yah. Biasa kalo pake makeup cukup sejam aja udah keluar semua minyaknya. Ini setelah makeup aku dihapus dan dipakaikan perawatan Frozen Age, lalu aku ulang lagi makeup aku, hasilnya jauh lebih matte

Aku beneran wowwww banget.

Pertanyaan paling pentingnya sekarang adalah harga ya πŸ˜†

Unfortunately, segment market Frozen Age adalah middle – middle up class.

Produknya dibanderol dengan minim harga IDR 390,000 – 3,950,000 (untuk set lengkap) ☹️

Walaupun hasilnya fantastis, tetep biayanya lumayan yah. Harus beneran nabung dulu.

Kalau ada rejeki, aku beneran saranin cleanser, toner sama moisturizernya. Yang lainnya yahhh ngga terlalu berbeda kok sama produk brand lain.


Update per 13 May 2017

Setelah 1 minggu rutin menggunakan Frozen Age, kulit muka aku terlihat lebih sehat, lembab. Tapi seperti kebanyakan produk kecantikan, ada efek purging.

Purging ini dimana produk membuat wajah mengeluarkan jerawat dari dalam untuk penyesuaian.

Apa purging ini tanda tidak cocok? Bukan. Purging tanda penyesuaian. Kalaubtidak cocok efeknya adalah iritasi, merah, gatal, perih.

Setelah masa purging selesai, aku cukup lega dengan muka yang bersih tanpa jerawat. Sisa menghilangkan bekas kemerahannya aja.

Sedikit disayangkan tapi yah, seandainya tidak perlu fase purging akan lebih bagus. Karena biasanya ketika jerawat mulai muncul orang sudah akan cemas dan siap berhenti menggunakan produk tersebut.


Nah itu tadi seputar skincare dari Frozen Age .

Produk unggulan berikutnya adalah supplemen kesehatan berupa tablet minum Deer Placenta.

Kenapa Deer? Menurut dokter dan ahli, yang paling menyerupai struktur regenarasi cell manusia adalah rusa, lalu diikuti oleh domba.

Deer placenta ini adalah healthy supplement. Tidak menimbulkan kecanduan. Supplementnya tidak didesign untuk harus dikonsumsi rutin.

Hasil utama yang bisa langsung terasa adalah ketika kita dipadati banyak aktivitas, badan kita jadi ngga gampang drop.

Ini jujur dari testimony mereka yah. 

Ada artis Indonesia, Marli Tampubolon yang adalah loyal customer Frozen Age dan sudah membuktikan manfaat Deer Placenta ini.

Aku sendiri ngga cobain πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»

Pertanyaan terakhir mungkin adalah “Kalo diformulasikan di Amerika dan New Zealand, apa bisa cocok dengan kulit Asia?”

Kata mereka IYA. Sudah diformulasikan untuk all skin type, termasuk untuk kulit wajah Asia dengan suhu kelembapan dan panas yang berbeda dari Amerika dan New Zealand.

Aku sendiri percaya, mengingat kulit aku super sensitive. Gampang merah dan gatel. Dan selama demo bukan itu semua yang aku rasain, tapi bener-bener bagus dan terasa bedanya.

Buat yang penasaran, mau coba – kepoin – atau konsultasi dulu…

Frozen Age dapat kamu peroleh melalui:

Instagram @frozenageid

Website www.frozenage.id

Tokopedia www.tokopedia.com/frozenage

_____ Frozen Age Product Review and Pre-Launch in Surabaya _____

Saturday, 6 May 2017 marked as exciting day for Surabaya Beauty Enthusiasts as we were invited to the Pre-Launching of Frozen Age Indonesia .

For my friends who live in America, Singapore and New Zealand, you probably have already familiar with this brand.

Frozen Age products contain Deer Placenta and certified as 100% HALAL.

Why Deer Placenta? Recording to the doctors and experts, Deer placenta cell is the closed one with human placenta cell and by using this, could help us to generate the cell within more quickly to solve our  skin imperfection.

Frozen Age products also suitable for all skin type, including the super sensitive one. And can be used from teenager to adult.

I was lucky enough to be called in front for LIVE DEMO to show how this product really works.

First of all, Ms Stephanie as the owner of Frozen Age Indonesia cleaned the makeup on my face using Refreshing Cleanser.

This is the best cleanser i’ve ever tried. You just need small amount of it and clean your makeup (even waterproof) with circular motion, and all the dirts bind into one gel that you can easily peeled it off.

No rubbing, no redness, no itchy, no burning sensation.

After that you just need water to wash and puffff 100% clean!

I have the example pictures for you here and i showed my mom how this cleanser works:

Second, spray the hydrating toner. Wait until it dries.

Then apply cooling essence. This essence give me super relaxing and fresh feeling.

Next, apply moisturizer on face. Right after my skin fully absorbed the moisturizer, i can feel that my skin is tighter! Wonderful ❀

I do really love this one.

And last one, is the protection sunscreen. The color is beige, textured like liquid foundation. Perfect to blend in to make up.

All the products from Frozen Age do not necessarily need to be purchased in one full package.

We can buy whatever we think we need and leave others.

I will strongly suggest you to try Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer.

What about the price?

Unfortunately the products price is a bit high. Tho it is more affordable than SK-II but still, need to save pennies first.

They targetted middle to middle upper class.

Price varies as low as IDR 390K – 3,950K (for purchase in one set).

So do you want to try this?

I am definitely saving money to buy cleanser-toner-and moisturizer. *motivated to work hard*

Dining Experience at Transmart Lenmarc


Finally setelah berkali-kali dateng buat tulis review dan ngga pernah kebagian meja, akhirnya kali ini bisa duduk cantik dan makan di dalam Transmart Carrefour Lenmarc.

Postingan kali ini mungkin bakal singkat yah soalnya aku bakal bahas dining experience nya aja yah soalnya lainnya udah aku bahas detail di postingan sebelum ini.

Menu yang aku pilih

Jadi di Ground Floor, di deket daerah fish, poultry dan sayuran, ada daerah tempat kita bisa beli dan duduk makan.

Makanan yang disajikan cukup bervariasi, dari Indonesian Food seperti nasi campur dan nasi pilih-pilih (pilih sendiri mau lauk apa dan sayur apa), Dim Sum, Sushi, dan Bakaran.

Dari semua ini yang selalu rame adalah Bakaran.

Harganya cukup murah dan bersahabat. Kayak ayam bakarnya cuman IDR 15.000 , lalu kita bisa pilih sendiri mau bumbu apa.

Aku recommend banget sama ayamnya. Enak lalu dagingnya juga ngga keras. Bumbunya perfect banget. Lalu kalo saosnya aku pilih sambal biasa πŸ™‚

Selain itu kita bisa pilih sosis dan lain sebagainya. Start dari Delapan Ribuan aja. Ekonomis.

Jadi bisa buat makan berat, bisa sekedar buat ngemil ngemil santai.

Nah untuk Dim Sum sendiri harganya IDR 18.000

Hakau nya seru, ada rasa ayam – udang – sama salmon. Harganya sama semua 😊

Jangan lupa cobain jagung manis cumi-cumi, ini unik rasanya hehe belom nemuin di tempat dimsum lainnya.

Kalo soal rasa, sejujurnya rasanya standard yah untuk dimsumnya. Tapi yang pasti bukan berasa ini frozen dan ngga fresh. Masih acceptable banget di lidah 😊

Bakpao isi coklatnya bikin nagih, kecil mungil, hangat, leleh coklatnya. Mantab! Apalagi kita makannya dengan kondisi di luar hujan dingin. Pas jadinya.

Buat yang pingin makan berat dengan nasi-nasi, ada harga paket special juga yang mesti kalian check. Karena promonya bisa berubah-ubah.

Cukup menggugah selera ya dari semua makanan yang di-display? 😊

Kalo buat makan di sini, aku sarankan milih jamnya yang tepat yah. Karena kalo engga, kita bakal berebut meja dan kursi.

Kalo mau nungguin bakal antri lama. Soalnya seperti biasa, ketika makan, jadi ajang untuk bersosialisasi sambil melepas lelah kan, jadi orang makannya ngga bisa cepet.

Kalo mau yang cepet paling beli bakaran atau sushi buat dibawa pergi langsung πŸ™‚

Oh ya.. Pojok Bakarane ini juga rameee ahahaha jadi ada kemungkinan bakal antri lama juga.

Saran adalah, pergi saat weekdays, malam hari πŸ˜† Ini juga masih antri tapi ngga lama kok.

Hadirnya dining area di Transmart Lenmarc menambah pilihan bersantap bersama keluarga saat jalan-jalan. 

Saat lelah berbelanja juga jadi terhibur bisa ngemil santai dulu.

Mungkin kalo bisa diperbanyak meja dan kursinya bakal lebih nyaman lagi dan menampung lebih banyak customer untuk dine-in.

Pengalaman makan saya cukup menyenangkan. Kalian juga harus merasakan sendiri yah πŸ™‚ Transmart Lenmarc beneran jadi destinasi berbelanja seru buat aku dan keluarga.

Tadi sehabis makan kita juga sempetin belanja bulanan lagi.

Belanjaan kali ini banyakkk banget, struknya sampe panjang banget juga.

Seperti biasa kita beli minyak, roti, keperluan mandi, keperluan Darren, camilan, susu. Aku juga beli handuk dan bantal buat bersantai di sofa rumah.

Harganya ekonomis, ada promo dari bantal yang IDR 99.000 jadi 49.900 aja 😍 Kalo buat bersantai boleh lah ya, cukup empuk tapi bukan yang murah lalu bikin pegel kok.

Darren juga tadi betah duduk di trolley hahaha bisa anteng jadi sempet ambil fotonya. 

Hari ini belanja sama makannya bener-bener puas.

Dannnnn… Sebelum aku mengakhiri blog post tentang Transmart Lenmarc, aku mau berbagi “gossip”.

Kalo di postingan sebelumnya aku bilang Transmart tidak membangun Trans Studio di Lenmarc, ini aku lihat ada space loh buat area permainan. Yaiyyy πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€£

Mungkin bukan wahana besar seperti Trans Studio, tapi kita bisa expect area bermain lainnya yang cukup luas.

Ngga sabar banget jadinya biar cepet kelar. Begitu kelar, aku yakin pasti bakal semakin rame dan seru belanja di sini yah. Soalnya one stop shopping experiencenya bakal bener-bener terwujud .

Dan bakal jadi satu-satunya di daerah Surabaya Barat ❀

Let’s wait and see dan berharap cepat selesai area bermainnya. In the mean time, keep calm dan jangan lupa cobain sendiri serunya shopping di Transmart Carrefour Lenmarc.