Evete Naturals Produk Review

Hi teman-teman pembaca AngelWorlds, Apa kabarnya sekalian? Hari ini aku mau review produk all naturals, yang cakep banget menurutku. Namanya Evete Naturals. Mungkin temen-temen udah sering denger dan liat review tentang Evete Naturals yah. Jujur aku di tahun 2022 ini baru kenalan sama brand ini. Tapi waktu aku browsing surprise banget udah dikenal lama danContinue reading “Evete Naturals Produk Review”

Glam Moolon Lip Tint Syrup Review

Sesuai janji di akhir blog post yang lalu kalo aku akan review tentang makeup, and here we are with Glam Moolon Lip Tint Syrup Review from me! Lip tint ini awal populernya dari K-Beauty yah. Dan kebanyakan produk Lip Tint ini diaplikasikan untuk membuat warna bibir ombre. (Walaupun bibir ombre juga dapat diachieve dengan lipContinue reading “Glam Moolon Lip Tint Syrup Review”

Rahasia Riasan Wajah Bebas Minyak

Hi semuanya! Post kali ini jadi post spesial loh karena sedikit berbeda dengan blog post aku biasanya, kali ini aku akan berbagi tips makeup. Tips ini bisa digunakan untuk semua jenis kulit loh. Jadi kita semua pasti pinginnya kalau makeup itu bisa halus, menutupi pori dan fine lines, tahan lama, lalu juga bebas minyak kan?Continue reading “Rahasia Riasan Wajah Bebas Minyak”

Shop Conveniently at the new Althea Indonesia (Eng/Bahasa)

March begins with a wonderful news! And I’m sharing this news for all K-Beauty Lovers that Althea Indonesia is now OPEN again! Wohooo If you wish to read this full post in Bahasa Indonesia, kindly scroll to the bottom. Because this is a dual post. English/Bahasa If you haven’t heard about Althea before, this isContinue reading “Shop Conveniently at the new Althea Indonesia (Eng/Bahasa)”

Althea Korea Petal Velvet Series

What is the first thing come into your mind when you hear the word “Korea“? For me, i will jump imagining K-Beauty products. Skincare, makeup. They are all good! Some of the K-Beauty brands open their flagship stores in Indonesia but that’s still not enough. Thank God there’s a trusted online platform where you canContinue reading “Althea Korea Petal Velvet Series”

Savvy Minerals Review + Makeup Inspiration

Last Saturday, 14 July 2018, i was invited on Afternoon Talkshow about “Healthy and Wealthy with Savvy Minerals and Young Living Essential Oils” hosted by Surabaya Beauty Blogger, WomanBlitz, Healthy Wealthy Oils and Oils Holic. I believe many of us has heard about Young Living Essential Oils, the pioneer of therapeutic grade essential oils. AndContinue reading “Savvy Minerals Review + Makeup Inspiration”

VOV Mineral Illuminated Collections Review

Whether you’re living in Asia or other continents, i believe you have heard about this brand before, VOV. This brand is a Korean brand that has been known widely. In Indonesia, this brand is managed under PT. Teguh Pesona. On this special occasion, i was joining Clozette ID Review Project to try and give reviewContinue reading “VOV Mineral Illuminated Collections Review”

Silverswanlash x Sbbbeautyblogger x Makeupbyphilia

Hello dear friends. I am excited as i write this post coz i got so many positive feedback on my latest post on Instagram . I just posted it for 30 minutes but already had many DMs about the makeup. I think this is because of the great help of my sis, who is a makeup artist.Continue reading “Silverswanlash x Sbbbeautyblogger x Makeupbyphilia”