Keenoniks Rosy Tone-Up Sunmilk Review

Hello dear friends and readers. Angel being diligent and productive before 2021 end is here with another review! Today I am going to review my new love for sunscreen products. This time, i got it from Charis. It’s Keenoniks Rosy Tone-Up Sunmilk.

If you are looking for safe skin protection from UV Rays, then this post is just for you!

Let’s discuss about my personal experience using this Keenoniks as my daily sunscreen.

Keenoniks rosy tone up sunmilk

Keenoniks is a Korean Brand specialized in skincare. This brand has moisturizer, ampoule, and many more.

And this time, i tried its Tinted Tone-up Mineral Sunscreen.

Keenoniks Rosy Tone-Up Sunmilk is mineral sunscreen With SPF 50+/PA++++ .

This sunscreen claimed to be suitable for all skin types.

With SPF 50+/PA++++ , this sunscreen can blocking out UV rays thoroughly. Enough to give protection while we are doing activities outdoor. (Of course with repetition / reapplication if needed)

The color of this sunscreen is peach or cream. And the textured is milky.

Keenoniks tinted sunscreen
Peachy color, milky textured

At first try, i am very surprised that it is very lightweight, and non greasy. Its milky textured absorbed by my skin pretty fast and blend really well into the skin.

One of the ingredients inside this sunscreen is Whistler Glacier Water. And this, gives cooling and soothing sensation on the skin. I love it so much!

And as the name goes.. Tone- Up.. The peachy color makes my face instantly fresh and brighter with adequate coverage for daily look!

The area with sunscreen has brighter look

Pssst, that’s not the end of my review. I like how this tone up mineral sunscreen gives my skin healthy looking and natural glow all days, and oil free!

This is me in the morning
And this is me, at night

I was outside for 6 hours, just applying my moisturizer and Keenoniks Rosy Tone Up Sunmilk, and set it with a compact powder and done! No concealer, no BB/CC/makeup. And all i have is….

Oily free looks, natural looking.

Usually my face will become oily at night, especially if i put on sunscreen on my skincare step.

So yes, i would definitely recommend you this sunscreen! New holy grail for sure!

If you curious and want to try this, I have special price given by Charis, only for my dear friends.

Shop here for the special discounted price!

So this is the end of my review today. Don’t forget to get yourself one! I can guarantee you no regret for buying this! My new favourite!

And even if you just stay at home, don’t forget to always put on sunscreen on your skincare step. Sunscreen proved to help protect your skin vitality and complexion. And those with sunscreen daily, have said that their skin looks better (as compared to their friends from the same age group) even when the age finally catch up.

Apply routinely start from today, and your 50s will thank you enough for the step you take ☺️

Have a great day everyone!

Much Loves!!

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4 thoughts on “Keenoniks Rosy Tone-Up Sunmilk Review

  1. Menarik banget deh tone up sunscreennya bikin kulit terlihat jadi lebih sehat dan glowing dan yang terpenting oil free. Fix ini masuk dalam wishlistku


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