Planning a Holiday

Holiday season is here! Can you believe how fast time flies? I remember i started to think about my new resolution around this time last year and now……. Gosh!

Okay since this is a holiday season, i believe many of us have been busy planning for holiday. Good news is…. I will share with you my tips and tricks about planning a holiday.

My family always go for holiday together minimum twice a year. During Ramadhan and Christmas.

If the holiday was unplanned/sudden, we will just join tour. This is easier since we just need to pay them and the agent will arrange everything for us.

However if we’ve planned the holiday long before, we will become adventurer and wanderer in new country πŸ™‚ which i kinda like ❀️

Busy arranging place to visit, food to eat, attractions to watch, till accomodation. All were prepared by ourselves.

So let’s start!

1. Find Itinerary

Thank God for internet. It’s a huge source for a wandering soul! Just type in the browser your destination, and thousand itineraries will be there for you to choose.

Study the itinerary and arrange it the way you like. You can definitely eliminate or adds on activity. The itinerary you got online is just for a basic guideline to make sure you don’t lost.

The itinerary will help you book your accomodation and planning your activity there.

This would take the most of your time. It’s really not easy to create your own itinerary.

Before, i used to complain almost all the itinerary that travel agents gave. But after travelling several times on my own, now i know how to be grateful to them and complain no more.

Still, in my personal view, i like to travel on my own coz everything is just the way i like it. The food, the hotel, the attractions, plus… no need to rush and wake up early πŸ˜‚ Β and maybe this the only reason my family started to go without travel agent since 2015. We’re not a morning person.

2. Check The Weather

This is important! You don’t want to underdressed or overdressed. If you know the climate, the temperature, it will help you to pack your stuffs and prepare for a good OOTD picture 😁

3. Bring Travel Adaptor and Cable Extension

Another important things that always on my list. It is safe to bring one rather than buying on spot. Why? Because you never know when will you have the chance to buy or find the place to buy. So prepare one first.

For me, one travel adaptor is enough. Then i will use cable extension to share with the whole members. Easy to charge. No need to wait and put on queueing number 😁

4. Prepare First Aid Kit

Bandage, medicine to cure cough, cold, diarhea, gastric, headache and for food poisoning and vitamin c is a must.

5. Get Local Simcard

Make sure to stay connected with the internet when you travel. This is to help you find a map and search anythinh you need if you have no one to ask. Plus, you can upload your picture to social media 😁 and you don’t need to feel afraid or anxious if you accidentally separated from your group/family.

This is why i prefer simcard than renting a wifi router. I always buy local simcard everytime i travel to new country.

6. Extra Pouch For Safety

Are you worried about pickpocket? Or even worse, they could ripped your bag off and get your important stuffs?

I always have pouch attached inside my main bag. I always put extra cash, identity card, passport there. Just in case they ripped it, my important stuff still hanging securely ❀️

7. Be Brave

As you travel on your own, the risk of getting lost is higher. Not only los, sometimes it will be hard to find transportation to get to our next destination. And people seems not so friendly and helpful.

Be brave. This is the art of travelling on your own. Take this as a chance to go outside your comfort zone and become the true adventurer!

8. Set Your Budget


Budget is very important here. Please always remember your budget. Be flexible but don’t over exceed your budget.

It’s good to eat Chipottle or Panda Express or quick meal on convenience store, but it is great to try at least one nice meal at your destination. Find at Tripadvisor or other web to try the local recommendation for those worthy “michelin star” meal.

Last but not least…

9. Transportation Apps


Installing transportation apps is one of the smart move. You don’t need to queue long time for Bus or Taxi. You could always get a lift when you’re almost lost 😁

Not only UBER and friends, i do install some train maps too to ease my journey.

Anddddd that’s how i always plan my holiday. Simple but could give a real headache too! πŸ˜‚ i hope you’re ready to plan yours by now πŸ™‚

Season Greetings! Happy Holiday pallls!❀️


Singapore food lists

Favourite Picks in Singapore
Hello, Fellas! This time i want to share with you my favourite food picks in Singapore ❀️
I lived there in 2008 until end of 2011. So i’ll give you a list that stated not only the fancy expensive food, but also the local and very cheap price, with a delicious taste ofc! ☺️
1. Whampoa Hawker at Balestier Road

Most of people will go to the infamous Newton Circus Hawker, but for me, i’ll recommend you this place. Taste good, more affordable, and you can hang out with the locals!

Hokkien Mie Small Portion is $5 

BBQ Chicken Wing is $1.4

Sugar Cane is $1.5

Fried Oyster Omelette Small Portion is $5
Unfortunately, I can’t remember the number/name of the stall. But do not worry, coz the one that i always buy is the one with long queue! So you can always easily spot the right stall ❀️
2. Wild Honey on Scott’s

Brunch go where? Go WILD Honey!

The must try dish here is the Norwegian – $27

Because I always go there for brunch, I will always order side dishes to accompany my Norwegian. I choose Brazilian Bread – $6 super gooey, cheesy, fluffy bread with seasalt and Breakfast Potato – $6.

A great combination for brunch, not too full, but quite energized for sightseeing before lunch time!
3. Mc Donald’s

Oh wait, did i just write Mc Donald’s? YES! Singapore’s McSpicy is worth to try!! The set meal is $7.5, ala carte is $5.

Indonesian people do love spicy food. But too bad, our McSpicy is so plain.. Come to Singapore and give it a try!

Spicy and tender! And do not forget to spread the chilli sauce! It’s a garlic chilli. My fav ❀️ this is a must. All my indonesian friends who study there also miss this McSpicy after they go back for good πŸ™‚
4. POPEYE Louisiana

Another list of fast food to try! The biscuit and the mashed potato is TOP!! Super tasty. The meat also cooked in perfect temperature to have a crispy but not oily πŸ™‚

Too bad they do not serve strawberry jam for the biscuits anymore. I really miss how great is the jam 😭 but the chicken and mashed potato still worth to try.
5. Aston Express Aston Signature

Are you craving for a steak with affordable price? Make your way to Centrepoint Orchard to try Aston.

Aston has a lot of branches all over Singapore, just google it and find nearest store with your location.

The price started as low as $7 to $20.

Comes with 2 free side dishes of your choice.

This is really a great deal! The taste is nice too ❀️ and this is also in LadyIronChef’s list 😊 give it a try!

I love to treat my friends here to celebrate my birthday back then.
6. Dazzling Cafe at Orchard Gateway

Dazzling is a cafe branch from Taiwan. The design is somewhat cute, classy and girly. The chair is like a rabbit head.

Try the famous Honey Chocolate Toast. 3 stacks of toast bread with hot chocolate filling, served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce ready to entertain your mouth.

For the drink, i do recommend you hazelnut chocolate. You can order it as a hot drink or ice drink. 

Looking for a tea? Wedding tea and summer lychee is refreshing and tasty!
7. Jia Xiang Mee Kolomee Sarawak

This noodle is from Sarawak, Malaysia. Comes with mince meat, shrimps, and wonton. I do really love this! Super tasty. In fact, this is one of the best and delicious noodle in Singapore. You can find it at Vivo City and Rasapura Marina Bay Sands.
8. Founder Ba Kut Te @ Balestier

Ba Kut Te is one of the local food you need to try when you’re in Singapore. When the heaps are more common to visit Song Fa at Clarke Quay, get yourself down to Balestier Road and try the famous old ba kut. It has peppery soup which is so tasty and affordable – $6 . Don’t forget to order Barley as your drink. They open until midnight, best choice for supper too!

My favourite from 2008 till today. And pssst, this place also visited by most of the chinese actors and actresses too! Super famous ❀️
9. 328 Katong Laksa 

Do not bother to travel far away to Katong Area. You can find this famous delicious katong laksa at United Square. You can alight at Novena MRT Station and walk across the street. 

Add on yam (sea shell) to have a bowl of fantastic laksa to satisfy your craving!
10. Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice

You haven’t come to Singapore if you haven’t try Chicken Rice.

There’re a log of famous Chicken Rice:

Tian Tian at Maxwell Chinatown

Bun Tong Kee

Loy Kee


And more.

Most of them are taste the same.

But my fav one will be Wee Nam Kee.

You can order a single portion of steamed chicken or roasted chicken. If you come with your friends and family, you can order 1 whole chicken or 1/2 😊 

I will always order the roasted one, more tasty for me. If you order 1/2 or 1 chicken, you can mix your meat!
11. Todai at Marina Bay Sands

Indulge yourself at a luxury buffet at Marina Bay Sands. For only $70, you can enjoy the unlimited alaskan king crab, salmon, and many other great dishes. Make sure you emptied your stomach before anddddd eat a lot there!

12. TWG

Afternoon will be nice at TWG. A hot tea, cookies, or even main dishes. 

My all time favourite dish will be Lamb Chop. Juicy, tender, and seasoned just right to entertain my hungry soul!

For tea, i will always ask the help of the waiter. I will usually choose something sweet and flowery to brighten up my day!
13. And many more to try…

Head down to Holland Village and try any bars there.

Fat cows at Camden

Llao llao (I recommend you to Order Sanum $5.95)

Awfully Chocolate

Honey Creme

Sunday Folks

Tiong Bahru Bakery (please stop by even if you’re already full. Worth to try)

Spize! (Tom yum and pad thai is a must!)

Ce La Vie

Equinox Bar and Lounge

Max Brenner (try chocolate pizza!)

And more….

I will update you with more info and pictures in the future.
For now, this is my favourite picks for you to try.

Feel free to comment below to ask about direction and recommendation.
As i left my heart there – my second home, i believe you too will left your heart there. Enjoy Singapore ❀️