Hidden Gem Cafe di Batu: Zombie Farmer Cafe

Hi semuanya. Masih lanjutan cerita dari liburan Harpitnas kemarin. Jadi dari Glamping kita pindah ke kota Malangnya buat nginep dan kulineran, lalu ke kota Batu juga sebelum balik ke Surabaya. Nahhh, semua pasti pada tau kalo di Batu dan Malang lagi happening banget dan banyak cafe-cafe cantik ya. Hari ini aku mau sharing salah satuContinue reading “Hidden Gem Cafe di Batu: Zombie Farmer Cafe”

Glamping Seru Jadi Alternatif Liburan Yang Berbeda

Bulan Mei 2022 ini dipenuhi dengan banyak Harpitnas alias hari kecepit nasional ya. Banyak banget long weekendnya. Dan karena sekarang Pandemic sudah berubah ke Endemic, peraturan perjalanan semakin longgar, Harpitnas begini jadi incaran buat liburan semua orang setelah 2 tahun stuck di rumah. Jujur dari teori ini juga sih, aku sama temen aku mikir “kaloContinue reading “Glamping Seru Jadi Alternatif Liburan Yang Berbeda”

Best Photospots in Paris

Paris, the city of lights. Paris, the romantic city. People go crazy over Paris and dressed up to get best picture here. Not only for the gram, but also for memory to bring home. Today, on my blog, I am going to share with you my version of Paris Photospots and a little tips toContinue reading “Best Photospots in Paris”

Staycation at Ibis Surabaya City Center

Hello readers! Today I want to share with you my staycation experience at Ibis Surabaya City Center. Ibis Surabaya City Center is a business hotel that located strategically in the center of Surabaya, at Jalan Basuki Rachmat 94-96, under Accor Group. The hotel is walking distance to Tunjungan Plaza shopping mall, Gramedia Bookstore, convenient storesContinue reading “Staycation at Ibis Surabaya City Center”

Explore Milan and Nearby Towns in 7 Days Itinerary

Good day to all of you. Today I am going to share my itinerary for Italy Trip. I went there on 8 April 2019. It was Spring-Summer time. But the Spring still has the last cold of Winter season. So it was still windy and cold without coat. So next time, if you are goingContinue reading “Explore Milan and Nearby Towns in 7 Days Itinerary”

Things You Need to Know Before Travelling To Japan With Kids and Elderly

I know that mostly say Japan is nice place, nice country, great food, friendly people. And that’s make you want to visit Japan more and more. I couldn’t agree more too. But that only happen if you travel with adults. From my own and latest experience, travelling to Japan with kid, now i know thatContinue reading “Things You Need to Know Before Travelling To Japan With Kids and Elderly”

KL in 4D3N Budget Trip

Hello November! Oh my goshhh finally i finish compiling my KL trip which happen on August 2018. That was an escape trip from the hectic routines that my friend and i had. We randomly opened Traveloka, found best deal and off we go. Without delaying the details, here’s our 4D3N itinerary on Budget Trip toContinue reading “KL in 4D3N Budget Trip”

Planning a Holiday

Holiday season is here! Can you believe how fast time flies? I remember i started to think about my new resolution around this time last year and now……. Gosh! Okay since this is a holiday season, i believe many of us have been busy planning for holiday. Good news is…. I will share with youContinue reading “Planning a Holiday”

Singapore food lists

Favourite Picks in Singapore Hello, Fellas! This time i want to share with you my favourite food picks in Singapore ❤️ I lived there in 2008 until end of 2011. So i’ll give you a list that stated not only the fancy expensive food, but also the local and very cheap price, with a deliciousContinue reading “Singapore food lists”