Summer Style 2018

Summer gonna end in few more weeks (or even some countries has start the Fall season) and I won’t let it pass before sharing my Summer Style Idea with you.

Last year i gave insight for more flowery and casual outfit (

This year, no more flowers but i play with

colors and fun bags.

This kind of dress is so famous for Summer 2018 and glad that I scored one in Mustard color. It’s bright, playful and perfect for Summer.

Bright color jumpsuits could never go wrong for Summer! Paired it with backpack, oh i am so holiday ready! Travel chic!❀️

Next, i paired on my “fit for all-season” frill dress with rattan bag and hat.

Are you agree that this picture really Summer ready? 😍

Last but not least, white color will always in for every season of the weather.

Pairing this Berrybenka Playsuit with bralette for more fun effect and i am ready to rock the day!

All the outfits i wear on the pictures cost me not more than IDR 200,000 on average. Trust me ☺️ Looking chic doesn’t have to be expensive. We just need good eye when shopping and wear the confidence to rock the outfit! You’ll look like a millionaire baby πŸ’‹

That’s all about my favourite Summer 2018 outfit. Tho the outfit preference change, my ultimate Summer Rescue still the same:

– Sunblock

– Hat

– Comfy footwear and

– Eyeglasses

What’s your favorite Summer #ootd ? And which one is your favourite from my style?

Share with me your thoughts and wishing you all a great day!

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Summer OOTD

Summer is almost over and i haven't submit my OOTD post 😊

Despite the hot weather that make me sweat a corn, i do really like Summer. Especially to play dress up!

I love it to be flowery, flowy, bright color and comfy when it is Summer.

So before it's too late, here's my favourite pick for #Summer OOTD (Please forgive me that all the pictures were taken indoor… i get busier than before since i start to send my toddler to class)

• Flowy Dress

I love flowy dress…. Chiffon…
It describes Summer well! This outfit is suitable for beach OOTD, as well as going casual at Shopping Mall.
I bought this at random boutique in Bugis Singapore for S$10

• Flowery Outfit

Flower print outfit goes well with summer vibes 😊
My sabrina dress is H&M, i forgot the price. I bought that in US during sale season, it is so cheap.

The flowery flowy dress is from random boutique near Shaw House Singapore during bazaar. Bought that at S$18

• Tank Top + Short

Ultimate style that describes Summer at its best!
Time to show off a bit of your arms and belly if necessary LOL 😆
Don't be afraid to look out of shape. It is summer time!

My HW short is from random store at Mangga Dua Jakarta, i bought that long time ago. Couldn't remember the exact price. But as i remember it, it would be around IDR 90K – 115K only.

Bright red tank top is from Pasar Ubud Bali. Bought that at IDR 115K . Consider it expensive because the material is bad. Over priced.
But i couldn't say anything since i bought it on holiday season and in most visitted place too.
Back in 2014, this top is booming there. Lot of people wearing the same tank, just different color. So wherever i go, i can easily spot my twinsies! 😊

• Blue Stripe Outfit

Aye aye captain!
When i see blue stripes, it relates to nautical things, which relates to the sea…..

When will you plan to visit the sea? Summer!

Though it can be wear daily too, but this prints also describe summer well.

My dress is imported from Bangkok. I once sold this for IDR 100K only on my previous online shop, The Heirloom.

I'm lucky to keep one for myself haha now i can wear this for Summer OOTD Reference.

Now, what else to prepare to rock our Summer OOTD?

  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Earrings and bracelets (Colourful or Boho will be great!)
  • Comfy sandals (slippers or gladiator)
  • Lace cardigan
  • Cute bikini
  • Shoulder bag (colourful, knitted, canvas with cute prints)

And don't forget to apply sunscreen cream before you go outside. It will help to prevent getting the sunburn and spots when we grow older.

That's my pick for Summer OOTD. What do you think about my outfit? Please share with me your summer OOTD too ❤️

Wishing you a great day friends 😍
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Urban Street Style x Levi’s

Hello friends!

Today i want to share with you my OOTD when i had my photoshoot for Levi’s x Sunglass Planet by Optik Tunggal Campaign last May 2017.

The theme for the photoshoot was Urban Street Style.

I am so happy because this style is really my everyday style.

So here’s my first look:

Sunglass: LEVI’S LS 99043 CO1P BLK

Playsuit: Black Kimono Playsuit from Instagram @Javaincloth

Scarf: Random No Brand Scarf with Zebra Prints

Blazer: Grey color from Uniqlo

Shoulder Bag: Charles and Keith

Second look:

Sunnies: LEVI’S LS 98040 CO4P 49 GOLD

Top: Black Sabrina from instagram @ikaletsshop2

Bottom: Long Cullote in White from instagram @frupi_ig

Pouch: Instagram

Sandal: VNC

Necklace: Choker from instagram @lovelinastore

Third look:

Eyewear: LEVI’S LS 91093 CO2P 52 MBLK

Outer: Black Long Cardi from Instagram

Top: Basic Crop from Pull&Bear

Jeans: Zara Basic


I love how easy it is to mix and match things from my wardrobe for this theme.

Old top suddenly become fashionable with a touch of cool eyewear.

And look at this picture below:

Do you think we slay this look?

I really love this shot. We took it effortlessly.

Good weather, good lighting, and this is it ❀️ Almost look like professional models.

My friend here, Claresta, even said that we’re Kelly and Kendal Jenner copied. ROFL! Pardon our thick skin by saying that πŸ˜‚


So that’s all about this fashion style.

You can definitely re-create this look easily and slay your day ❀️😎

If you happen to live in Surabaya, Indonesia, you can go to Sunglass Planet by Optik Tunggal at Pakuwon Mall.

Simply show this picture (or on my instagram account) or state this code: ANG/SP PKW/517 to get IDR 100K OFF for your purchase there ❀️

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Fashion Haul

Hello! I am so excited as I want to share with you my very first post about FASHION ❀

I made “Fashion” Category from the very first time i set my blog but never posted anything about it.

This mainly because i know i’m not modest, not fashionista and i don’t even know what to talk and review and how to pose! I am that bad πŸ˜†

However, i got many questions coming about recommended Online Shop and Clothing Brand/House that i love to wear, just recently!

So, I guess this is the hint that the universe give and the right time to start my very first blog on Fashion Thingy.


As you can see in most of my pics on Instagram, my style of fashion is simple basic daily wear.

Crop top, loose top, basic top, basic blouse, simple dress, pants.

And the guideline i used to accept endorsement is the clothes need to match with my style and personality. 

I don’t need to look so high fashion with all the frills and metallic on my body. I want to be looked simple and applicable in daily life.

So yeah for me, good style is something that i feel comfortable.

Not the brand, not the price, not the model and the hype.

I have tops priced as low as only IDR 50K on my closet. As long as it is comfortable and not lousy ❀

It is true what they said “ada harga ada rupa” (expensive stuffs have qualities) but in shopping, all you need to do is become smart buyer, not high spender!

Those “looking gorgeous and high class” stuffs don’t always come with high price tag if you lucky πŸ˜†

So before i share with you my favourite place to shop the clothes online, i will tell you what basically in my wardrobe is.

Most of the clothes that i have inside my racks are H&M, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius, F21 and Zara, Burberry, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and Topshop and outfit from my previous online shop (TheHeirloom) . I really like those brands. I am their loyal customer 😊

I’ve a few Mango and other brands, but i don’t need to list them all since i don’t purchase from them frequently. Right?


So back to the main topic… My favourite places to buy clothes online are mostly from those who have endorsed me.

Yeahh coz i have already known their products (for endorsement) and when the service + products they deliver is good, i am more than happy to spend my money with them.

But not to worry, this post doesn’t dedicate to promote their shop. This is purely out of satisfaction (coz some were purely purchased by me, non endorsement) and they describe my style well!

β€’ Instagram

β€’ Instagram @ohayofashion

β€’ Instagram @yeppo_girlz

β€’ Instagram @bangkokpreordernew

β€’ Instagram @frupi_ig

β€’ Instagram @onychaboutique

β€’ Instagram

β€’ Instagram @abbys.wardrobe

β€’ Instagram @javaincloth

β€’ Instagram

Last but not least

β€’ Instagram @aquathelabel

All the shops above based in Indonesia but some of them also provide worldwide shipping.

The price of the outfit above range around IDR 50K – IDR 900K.

So do check them up ❀️

If you wish to see more about my fashion haul, kindly follow my Instagram account @angeliasamodro .

Let’s be friend and stay connected! See you on next post