Summer OOTD

Summer is almost over and i haven't submit my OOTD post 😊

Despite the hot weather that make me sweat a corn, i do really like Summer. Especially to play dress up!

I love it to be flowery, flowy, bright color and comfy when it is Summer.

So before it's too late, here's my favourite pick for #Summer OOTD (Please forgive me that all the pictures were taken indoor… i get busier than before since i start to send my toddler to class)

• Flowy Dress

I love flowy dress…. Chiffon…
It describes Summer well! This outfit is suitable for beach OOTD, as well as going casual at Shopping Mall.
I bought this at random boutique in Bugis Singapore for S$10

• Flowery Outfit

Flower print outfit goes well with summer vibes 😊
My sabrina dress is H&M, i forgot the price. I bought that in US during sale season, it is so cheap.

The flowery flowy dress is from random boutique near Shaw House Singapore during bazaar. Bought that at S$18

• Tank Top + Short

Ultimate style that describes Summer at its best!
Time to show off a bit of your arms and belly if necessary LOL 😆
Don't be afraid to look out of shape. It is summer time!

My HW short is from random store at Mangga Dua Jakarta, i bought that long time ago. Couldn't remember the exact price. But as i remember it, it would be around IDR 90K – 115K only.

Bright red tank top is from Pasar Ubud Bali. Bought that at IDR 115K . Consider it expensive because the material is bad. Over priced.
But i couldn't say anything since i bought it on holiday season and in most visitted place too.
Back in 2014, this top is booming there. Lot of people wearing the same tank, just different color. So wherever i go, i can easily spot my twinsies! 😊

• Blue Stripe Outfit

Aye aye captain!
When i see blue stripes, it relates to nautical things, which relates to the sea…..

When will you plan to visit the sea? Summer!

Though it can be wear daily too, but this prints also describe summer well.

My dress is imported from Bangkok. I once sold this for IDR 100K only on my previous online shop, The Heirloom.

I'm lucky to keep one for myself haha now i can wear this for Summer OOTD Reference.

Now, what else to prepare to rock our Summer OOTD?

  • Sunglasses
  • Hats
  • Earrings and bracelets (Colourful or Boho will be great!)
  • Comfy sandals (slippers or gladiator)
  • Lace cardigan
  • Cute bikini
  • Shoulder bag (colourful, knitted, canvas with cute prints)

And don't forget to apply sunscreen cream before you go outside. It will help to prevent getting the sunburn and spots when we grow older.

That's my pick for Summer OOTD. What do you think about my outfit? Please share with me your summer OOTD too ❤️

Wishing you a great day friends 😍
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