Best Photospots in Paris

Paris, the city of lights. Paris, the romantic city.

People go crazy over Paris and dressed up to get best picture here. Not only for the gram, but also for memory to bring home.

Today, on my blog, I am going to share with you my version of Paris Photospots and a little tips to get your best shoot there.

The photospots might be the same, but i do hope with personal tips, you can access the spots and get your picture nicer ❀️ so this blog will be useful for you. Enjoy!

Best Photospots in Paris

Eiffel Tower

From my personal experience, the best photospot for Eiffel will be Trocadero.

Hat: Primark, Dress: Existcollections, Sandal: Vincci

From this area, you can get full size picture of the tower while you can still have your nice OOTD captured full body too.

How to get there?

Board the red line metro and alight at Trocadero. From there, take exit 1, and use the stairs up. The building will be on your left side.

Best timing?

Best timing will be early in the morning from 5AM – 8AM. After 8AM, you’ll see more and more crowd coming leaving you no empty space to take your best shot.


There’re no toilets, especially in the morning. So plan your outfit well.

And do not forget to bring extra lens. The view is wonderful, but the sun might trouble you a little bit.

Arc de Triomphe

Too bad for my last visit there, there was a chaos, demo by the green vest for the protest that government spend much for Notre Dame reconstruction and forget the homeless. Therefore police block every corner to Arch De Triomphe.

I manage to take 1 picture near the police bus at Champs Elysees.

Sunglass: Givenchy, Jacket: Stradivarius, Jumpsuit: Fashiongrosirindo, Bag: Michael Kors, Shoes: Adidas

And we woke up a bit late. If only we rise earlier, i believe i would be able to take picture with empty background.

So always remember, the key for your great picture is rise early in the morning!


In order to get full size of the building, you need to stand on the street. Sometimes in the middle of the street. Always be careful and strike only when the vehicles stop.

Don’t forget to ask your photographer of the day to alert you when the traffic light is change.

Musee Du Louvre

Visited this famous museum the same day with my Arc De Triomphe. Please excuse the same outfit. And because once again we late, then the crowd were already all over the place.

Sunglass: Christian Dior

So i took one touristy photo and make my way to the garden (behind the large tall trees). Quite quiet here, so i can take picture without so much distraction. But then the famous pyramid glass look smaller.

Beret Hat collaboration with Lepetite Sunshine

However this is a good finding, so whenever you come there and not able to find empty space, you can come to my spot here and take as many pictures as you want.

Le Petit France Strasbourg

Ride with the fast train from Paris City to Strasbourg. This small town is gorgeous. You can also easily spot this wonderful house in the middle of the river.

Dress collaboration with Gilolillo Collection

Unsual spot but gorgeous to take one πŸ™‚

It is worth the journey.

I know it’s not Paris (while my title is Paris) but this small town is close to Paris and famous. So put down the name on your list and have a visit.

Best Season?

Best season to visit this house will be Spring – Summer while the flowers bloom colorfully.

Mont St. Michel

It’s a bit far from Paris city actually, but it’s one of the destination to visit while you’re there.

This place always so crowded but there will be that magic short moment, while everybody busy listens to the headset information and look around, and you can quickly strike a pose.

From my personal experience, the best spot to take is between the pillars.

Turtleneck: Zara, Jumpsuit Collaboration with Ohayo Fashion

Actually there are many spots that i’ve not yet explore due to limited time. I will come back next time with longer stay to hunt the perfect spots and update for you.

But for now, this is what i can share with you.

Don’t forget to wake up early. Because it is the best timing to get your perfect shot.

Another tips from me, when you travel, don’t make last minute itinerary.

Browse your destination so you can start planning your outfit.

Great pictures require extra effort. Trust me.

I haven’t done my best either πŸ™‚ but i have seen i’m progressing. That’s why i am confident to share with you.

Lastly, when you take picture, ignore all the stares toward you.

You don’t know them, they don’t know you. They will remember you only for few more minutes.

So instead of feeling shy and hold back in posing, strike like a pro.

This confidence will gradually add up everytime you manage to stand and ignore the stare.

Just be focus with your goal: GET NICE PICTURE ❀️

I hope my blog give you a fresh air and new insight! Have a good day!


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