Althea Exclusive: Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and Body Sparkling Mist

Hello everybody! This my very first Beauty Review entry for 2019.

So excited to share with you my new found love from Althea Korea, as well as special link to get you, YES YOU, Special Discount (please read until finish).

Yesss, it’s their new exclusive items:

Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser and Sparkling Body Mist ❤️

Without further delay, let’s dive in my honest opinion about these 2 babies.

Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Okay i got a bit confused reading the name at first. It’s because i was wondering “wait, is this cleanser? But serum? Or maybe this is a toner?”

This is cleansing oil with a serum inside.


As the cleanser, i totally agree that this Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser has a good job for deep cleanse! Removes dirt and makeup instantly.

And with serum inside, this cleanser totally gentle for sensitive skin and nourish the skin well.

The form is like any other cleansing oil, consist of thick water with a little oil feeling.

Upon application, yes, i can feel it glides smoothly on my face, little oily.

But once i rinse with water, it perfectly gone. No excess oil on face, no sticky feeling on face, nor a dry and thick stretchy skin.

Praise you, Althea ❤️

Now how to use this one? It’s very simple!

Step 1: wet your face

Step 2: pour the cleanser

Step 3: massage evenly on face

Step 4: wash with water

Sometimes, just sometimes, when i lazy to remove my makeup, i’ll pour this Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser to my cottonballs and wipe my makeup the way i use micellar water. And it works!

Now this is the great points why you should try this too:

+ Serum inside

+ Deep cleanse

+ Gentle

+ Non sticky, non oily, nom drying

+ PH balance

However as i used this twice daily, morning and night, i got little purging on my chin. (After 3 days straight of usage).

And i try them until 1 week straight.

Then i know that this “deep cleanse” maybe isn’t really my thing, i reduce the frequency to 1 time a day only. And my skin back to normal. Great again, and no problem of using this cleansing oil. Until today ❤️

No more purging, no breakouts. (I didn’t even use acne patch or acne medicine to cure. Because i know this is just purging, the way my skin reacted to something new. No harm. So chill. And yes after the right amount, problem solved!)

Product Details:

Name: Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser

Price: IDR 120,000

Size: 150ml

Key Ingredients: Mint Leaf Extract, Jojoba, Tea Tree Leaf Extract

Where to get: Althea Website

Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist x Titi Kamal

I wonder if this body mist also available widely for other countries, because Titi Kamal is Indonesian actress. And it will be such a miss if they cannot have this one.

Because this body mist is definitely Angel’s APPROVED!

This body mist scent combines floral and fruity aroma.

But from the very first sprayed, i could smell Peach out of this body mist.

Great points for this would be:

+ It’s very handy, light, perfect to be carried inside the bag for touch up.

+ Refreshing fragrance: fruity floral sweet scent

+ Eliminate bad odour

Yesss, what make this Angel’s approved is because i went for BBQ and i didn’t like when my body smells ashy.

So i sprayed this on my neck and my arms and puffff! BBQ smell were gone!

The sweet smell linger on me.

Once again, Praise you oh Althea for such a formula.

Oh please take note this is a body mist so you cannot expect a long lasting experience.

The scent stayed for 2 hours indoor (with aircond). But because it’s very handy, you can reapply whenever you want.

Product Details:

Name: Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist

Price: IDR 127,000

Size: 100ml

Key Ingredients: Damask Rose Water, Orange Flower Extract, Magnolia Flower Extract, Fresh Peach

Where to get: Althea Website

I haven’t experience any disappointment during my shopping with Althea.

Althea always packs the goods safely, sending it in timely manner , not to forget, offers best deals and wide range of products.

And Althea own brand line is da bomb! Always offer affordable price with magic ingredients that WOW-ed me.

I mean, whenever i find a product that is really great on my skin, will usually a bit pricey on the tag. But not here. I can experience goodness in affordable form ❤️

So have you sign up for Althea website? I encourage you to do so.

And here’s a Special Link to get you more DISCOUNT:

So if you are sign up, within 30 days from your signed up date, if you purchase anything, you can use the code “NEW-ID” for 15% OFF (maximum IDR 50,000).

And you can also get another 50% OFF Althea Makeup line, by signing up from the link above or click here, and share the link to your friends and family also ❤️

You can browse the reviews for each product written by all customers across the world before buying, and most importantly: to experience better shopping, directly shipped from Korea by yourstruly ❤️

Share with me if you have tried any of Althea’s products as well as your excitement or curiosity towards these 2 babies.

Here’s another link for my review of other Althea’s Exclusive: Petal Velvet Series and Milk Peel Mask

Have a wonderful day, fellas!

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