Unboxing Althea Korea favorites

I have working nonstop these past few months, harder than ever. I guess this is the time to reward and spoil myself.

And my Early Christmas gifts are here! Let’s join me on unboxing review from one of my favorite brands and e-commerce platform, Althea *drumroll*

I have written few different blog posts about Althea





And if you are wondering why do i blog about them again, it is the sign that i madly deeply in love with Althea Korea ❤️

Before i step into the exciting unboxing review, just in case you are too lazy to click on the previous post links, i will briefly tell you what Althea Korea is.

Althea Korea is a website that provides K-Beauty products from various brands in Korea, shipped directly from Korea to our doors. They have best price as they are based on Seoul and shop from Seoul, so they eliminate middle men and provide us best price, safe tracking number, and also 30 days unconditional return policy. For the delivery, Althea offers free international delivery with minimum purchase amount . In some countries, they also offering “pay on delivery” method.

So convenient!

Not only an e-commerce, Althea also launched its own brand: Althea Exclusive and A’bloom which provide us with outstanding skincare and makeup quality (as good as Korean top brands) with very affordable price.

Very exciting right?

So on this unboxing review, i will transfer my excitement as my box contains Althea Exclusive and A’bloom products!!! Best seller one.

Unboxing Time

Inside my full of fun box, i have:

– Althea x BCL Eye Palette + Hologram Pouch

– Althea Waterful Green Bamboo Pads

– A’bloom Meringue Puffs

– A’bloom Sheet Masks

– Althea Watercolor Creamtint

– and Althea Rose Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

Now let us talk a bit more of each product that deserve a try on your life ❤️ *optimist vibe*

Althea Rose Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

This is one of the first products launched by Althea when they finally made their own product line.

This Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is an award winning wash off mask for busy ladies on the go, and was a collaboration with the famous K-Beauty reality show: Get It Beauty .

This skin detoxer is a daily 10 seconds wash off mask. I can say that this skin detoxer is really fresh upon usage. There’re fine grain inside that is perfect for skin exfoliator as well. And don’t worry it is very fine and just as the title say “daily”, it is safe to be used on regular basis.

And then Althea launched new line: A’bloom as the collection of fresh, fun and funky K-Beauty.

This line has Meringue Puffs, BHA blackhead Blaster and Fruit Mask Sheet.

I blogged in detail before, click here.

On this box today, i have:

A’ Bloom Meringue Puffs and A’Bloom Fruit Mask Sheets

A’Bloom mask sheets sold for 60,000 pieces within 24 hours. This is the best seller mask sheet. They have Avocado (Nourishing), Peach (Anti Blemish) and Lemon, Watermelon.

And for Indonesia customers, the favorite masks are Lemon (Brightening) and Watermelon (Moisturizing).

I love this mask because it contains of 25gr essence, fresh with the citrus smell.

My fav mask is the watermelon as it also contains lavender essence to soothe the skin.

The meringue puffs come in 2 sizes: baby and giant.

Small puff perfect to conceal or blend areas like the corner of the nose and also eyes, while the big puff perfect for larger area application like face and neck.

This puffs could be used 2 ways: with water (dewy natural look), without water (for matte finish, more coverage)

Next, On review is Althea Watercolor creamtint.

I like this liptint as it can moisture my lip as well.

Before, i’m not a fan of liptint because after the whole day applying liptint, my lip always crack the next day. Chapped lip that is. But Althea watercolor liptint is doing fine on my lip because it also contains hyaluronic acid and squalene.

Next, If I’m not mistaken (for the timing) earlier this year Althea did the second collaboration with Indonesian actress and singer: Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) (before this was body mist collaboration with Titi Kamal) and launched Sunrise and Moonrise Eye Palette

The color from this palette were picked and created specially to go on a daylight as well as staying out at night.

1 palette for many occasions.

The color is well pigmented and last long throughout the day. The color can pop up easily without the help of eyeshadow booster or primer.


Every purchase of this eye palette comes with a cute hologram pouch, that is Party Ready for me 😊 However i use that pouch to store my makeup to go (read: touch up).

Last but not least the new best selling product:

Waterful Green Bamboo

This waterful green bamboo is my new favourite!

Inside this are 80 cotton pads filled with hydrating essence. You can use this for makeup preparation or before sleep at night.

This Waterful Green Bamboo is suitable for all skin types especially if you have dry skin. You have oily skin like me? Don’t worry this could be use by us too! It doesn’t trigger more sebums.

I love how this pads really give a quick boost on my skin, hydrating well, and fresh!

Are you guys feel jealous by now?

Unboxing very fun with Althea right? The products variety, brands variety, as well as cute packaging!! You can also get all these by login at www.althea.kr or get Althea apps on your IOS and Android.

At the end of November 2019, Althea launched its new reward system, to appreciate and reward all the loyal customers.

Members will earn points and grow in tier level from:



And bloom into flower.

This points collected could be exchanged with gift cards upon check out.

Now how does the point calculated?

You got 1 point every purchase you made:

1 point every USD 1 spent on Althea Global USA

1 point every PHP 10 spent on Althea Philippines

1 point every IDR 1000 spent on Althea Indonesia

1 point every MYR 1 spent on Althea Malaysia and

1 point every SGD 1 spent on Althea Singapore.

Pretty easy right? And 1 purchase could give us more points already.

Are you ready to join the fun and make your purchase at Althea.Kr? This is my favorite place to get my K-Beauty hauls.

Drop me questions if you have anything related to Althea Korea. I will be happy to assist you if possible.

Have a great day!

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