Althea Korea Petal Velvet Series

What is the first thing come into your mind when you hear the word “Korea“?

For me, i will jump imagining K-Beauty products. Skincare, makeup. They are all good!

Some of the K-Beauty brands open their flagship stores in Indonesia but that’s still not enough.

Thank God there’s a trusted online platform where you can buy K-Beauty brands, shipping directly from Korea to your address, no tax, and have free delivery with minimum transaction spent, and many promotional discount code too!❤️

Let me introduce you to Althea Korea, my number 1 or should i say favorite platform to shop for my K-Beauty haul.

In case you have a doubt with Althea, i believe all K-Beauty enthusiast know about Get it Beauty Korean Reality Show. And yesss, they collaborating with Althea Korea so many times. This brand is legit.

With all the benefits that i’ve mentioned above, plus shopping and return policy, brand from Sulwhasoo – Laneige – Hera – Innisfree – Etude House – W Lab – to Althea’s own brand.

I were spoiled with the choices of brands, products, and discounts!

For this post, I’m gonna review Althea’s own brand, which just launching their newest series: Petal Velvet.

I got these package as i signed up to be on their Angels Community.

Althea Petal Velvet Series

• Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway

It’s a sunblock with SPF 50+PA++ that can fight UVA and UVB.

Made with natural ingredients, light weight formula and cruelty free.

This sunblock left my skin velvet matte finished, control the oil up to 9 hours! And not clogging the pores.

With Damask Rose, this sunblock smells sweet and hydrating well. Expect a cooling sensation upon application.

I am amazed how this sunblock can moisten my skin and give protection to sunrays. Andddd of course controlling my excess oil.

Not to forget, unlike any other sunblock that using white cast that makes our face become Unevenly white, this Althea Petal Velvet Sunaway is translucent and blends well with skin tone.

This sunblock is only IDR 145,000 for 55ml.

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Worth to have!

Althea Petal Velvet Powder

Althea Petal Velvet Powder comes in 3 color choices:

Translucent : white color forms, but it won’t make your face white. The color is transparent upon application. This one suitable for all skin tone.

– Warm Beige : for all skin tone. If you want to have more coverage, i suggest to buy this color.

– Pink Lavender (Special Edition for Althea’s 3 years Anniversary) : for all skin tone, will make your skin brighter. Smell really nice.

Now that Translucent and Warm Beige powder are very common, i will only show you the picture of how Pink Lavender would be like on skin

Blends really well, isn’t it? Still looking very natural.

I love to combine this powder with Petal Velvet Sunaway daily. They give me medium coverage skin with good protection of the ultraviolet and excess sebum.

The price of this powder is IDR 60,000 for 3gr, and IDR 66,000 for the special edition Pink Lavender color.

• Milk Peel Cream Mask

This mask is my new favourite! With milky scent and whipped cream look alike form!

We only need to apply this for 1 minute and then rinse with warm water. I can feel that my skin become smoother immediately. Not to mention the relaxing and funny feeling when the mask make “bzzzzz” sound, just like a melting whipped cream.

This mask contains AHA and BHA, very gentle but effective to exfoliates the skin.

One thing that i am concern about is because this mask is for peeling, it triggers my acnes to pop out. So i can’t use it too often to keep my acne calm and sleep well. I only use this twice a month.

This mask is sold for IDR 139,000 for 50ml.

So here’s the picture of my bare face. Only using moisturizer, followed with Petal Velvet Sunaway and Petal Velvet Pink Lavender Powder:

Please note that although i am editting the color and tone, but i don’t use any beauty filters. If you zoom in, you can see my pores, a little redness on chin as well.

But hey, it’s really great to have such a velvetty skin daily!

That’s all for my review this time. I am curious with Althea face wash, toner and moisturizer now. Will purchase them soon and give it a try after my second shopping haul come.

If you want to buy product from Korea, i do suggest you to make your own Althea account and enjoy discount and free shipping ❤️

Oh each time you do a purchase, they will credit a point for you too, that you can use to deduct your amount to be paid later ☺️

And also there’s a column to leave your feedback for the products and can read other comments. So before you purchase, make sure to read those reviews too. Gonna help you to decide which product to try.

Browse and Buy from:

Indonesia: Althea Indonesia

Or download Althea apps on IOS and Android.

This review isn’t paid review. I write and promote the products (and website) because it’s really good! And that’s why i signed up to be in their Angels Community too.


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