Macaron by Chiboust

Hello girls!

I believe that most of us (girls) are really into sweet things. From the sweet scent of the perfume to the delicious sweet tooth.

And today I wanna share with you the best Macaron in town (Surabaya, Indonesia).

Before i start reviewing this, i want to let you know that i hate macaron at first.

It’s like eating tons of sugar. I can’t taste anything else, not even the filling inside. All i can taste is sugar, sugar and more sugar. Hate it to the max.

So everytime i hang out with my girls, i will skip sharing their macarons if they order one.

I find peace with macaron a year ago when i was sitting down waiting for my cake to be decorated at The Harvest. I look at those pretty color, and try their Chocolate Macaron. And i am pleased. It’s not that sweet, and i can feel the chocolate too. 

Year passed by, never had another bite of macaron till my cousin bring me La Maison Macaron. This macaron is the best in Medan and open their branches in Jakarta and Surabaya too.

Many people come down to the newly open store at Galaxy Mall, queueing to bring home the infamous macaron.

And at first bite, i fall in love again. I am more pleased with this macaron. Just right at taste and texture, pretty color, pretty box. If i would rated this macaron, i will give 5 out of 5. That’s perfect!

Cut the story short, last week my friend gave me Chiboust.Id macaron.

I fall in love with the packaging at the first sight! It was simple, original, sweet, and dreamy kind of box illustration. Not just me, i bring 2 boxes for photoshoot and my blogger friend also felt the sameit’s pretty” said her.

Now what about the taste? Do u think i can rate this 5 out 5 too? When you’ve already have your fav before, u know you’ll have higher expectation.

And the answer to the question above is YES! To be honest, i want to rate it 10 out of 5 lol! 😂

Chiboust macaron is PERFECT! I am delighted!

If you think they pay me for this review, you’re wrong. They didn’t give me single penny. I write this because i am well pleased. 

And nothing can compare the word of pleased customer, true testimony.

Chiboust Macaron is special. They created extraordinary flavor and not sweet at all (u can taste the sweet sugary on it but not too much, definitely the right amount to tickle your tastebud) 

Even my grandma love this you know. U can imagine how my grandma hates sweet tooth as she getting older. She’s 75 years old now, but this macaron, she will fight me to get a whole bite of it 😆

Not just my grandma, my sis and my husband are constantly open the fridge door and steal 1 from me 😆 or, they will cut this into tiny pieces to make sure all of us can eat all the macarons.

So here’s the flavors i got from Chiboust:

•Butter Popcorn 🍿
•Ispahan (Lychee, Rose, Raspberry)🌹

•Bıchā (Thai tea)🍵

•Crunchy PBJ 🥜🍇

•Brekkie (Maple Bacon)🥓🥓

•Pandan Coconut 🌱🌴

•Chocolat au lait🍫🍫🍫

The price is 17k/ piece . It is cheaper if you buy per box.

Box of 6 : 100k or Box of 12 : 200k

If you ask me which flavor my favorite is….. I can’t decide.

I love Ispahan! Taste so girly and fresh and the right amout of sweetness. 

Maple Bacon is extraordinary too! I can’t never stop amazed how the crunchy salty bacon works well on macaron.

Crunchy PBJ! Love the peanut butter inside. Taste like caramel tho.. definitely my favourite too..

Butter popcorn is nice too! How i wish the filling inside is more thick! So i can lick it again and again and again.

Thai Tea and Pandan Coconut. These two best consumed with a hot tea drink! Perfect afternoon for me.

However for chocolat au lait, i can say that this is a common taste of chocolate macaron, except the fact that it contains less sugar than any other macarons in town.

So if you want to give a sweet present for your friend or loved one, you can order your macaron through:

Line: aprilia.listiyani90

Whatsapp: +61420790889 

Or Kindly follow their instagram

I’m sure they’ll greatly pleased as i did ❤

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