KL in 4D3N Budget Trip

Hello November!

Oh my goshhh finally i finish compiling my KL trip which happen on August 2018.

That was an escape trip from the hectic routines that my friend and i had. We randomly opened Traveloka, found best deal and off we go.

Without delaying the details, here’s our 4D3N itinerary on Budget Trip to explore Kuala Lumpur. I also put every cost that we spent to help you calculate your own budget for the trip. Enjoy!

Ticket and Hotel

We flew with Lion Air, the tix price including 20kgs baggage allowance and 4D3N stay at Citin Seacare Pudu Hotel.

The price above was for 2 people. So 1 pax for roundtrip ticket Surabaya – Kuala Lumpur – Surabaya and hotel for 3 nights were only IDR 2.2 million. Very cheap!

Citin Seacare Hotel is a budget hotel that strategically located at Pudu. It is also near MRT and only 8 minutes drive to KLCC, 5 minutes to Bukit Bintang.

Grab from hotel to that place is around RM 5-8 only per trip.

The hotel is not big, but the room is quite spacious as compared to other budget hotel i went before. Enough space to walk within the room with our luggage opened on the floor, proper space for shower, decent room with window and moderate cleanliness. TV cable, desk, drawer, free coffee-tea-and bottle water. They serve breakfast too.

Img src: Google. My room just too messy, i can’t take picture

Please bear on mind that they provide bath amenities except tooth brush and tooth paste. (And from what i know, it’s actually the same on every budget hotel at KL)

KFC and many convenience stores are just walking distant. Very perfect for traveller.

For all of you who like to go on a budget trip, this bundling is perfect. But if you’re not on a budget savvy mode, you might get a lil shock. It’s been a while since my last budget trip (coz i travel with my parents most of the time, so we usually stay at nice hotel 4 stars minimum and fly with nice airline too). But this one was acceptable tho i got a bit uneasy at the beginning.

Now the itinerary….

Day 1

We landed in KL around 3pm and grabbed to the Hotel (RM 80), after settle down a while, we went to KLCC (RM 5) to catch the sunset and take picture with the Twin Towers as a background.

The kiasu us reluctant to buy Fish Eye Lens at first and lying down on the street just to get full picture of the towers. We gave up and finally bought 1 at RM 30 resulting in adoration and satisfaction to get the picture above. (So don’t forget to buy one, it is important. We learnt our lesson hardway LOL)

We had our dinner at foodcourt inside the mall, Hainan Chicken Rice Malaysia style that cost us RM 7. The soup and rice tasted differently from Singaporean style, but i consider this as delicious as well!

After dinner, we continue to do window shopping at the mall. I managed to buy Durian Pancake (been craving for this. But i forgot how much it cost)

We call it the night around 10 pm, get back to the hotel for rest. (Grab RM 8).

Day 2

Cafe hunting start today. As we were still full of excitement, i plan to travel a bit far and save the near one for later.

We travel to Kota Damansara to hop on Rimba & Rusa cafe at Sunway Nexis. Grab from our hotel cost RM 30-45.

Too bad it open at 12 pm so we cross the street to have our breakfast at hawker there. Nasi lemak of your choice, RM 11.

And we back for a dessert at Rimba & Rusa. Creme brulee for me, and banana split for Mindy-my friend, cost us about RM 60.

Img Src: Google. But this what actually we had that day

Next, we grabbed to Sunway Geo (RM 45) to hop on La Fleur x Uniqorn Cafe.

The cutest above all!

I can’t remember the exact price, but definitely not expensive. Their latte is very addictive. My matcha is very rich, intense, but sweet with the right amount of milk. The cake is good for photo, not my recommendation. Would love to try their waffle next time.

You can stay hours there because this cafe has many cute spots like ball pit, unicorn costume, and lot of unicorn plushies. The owner and staffs are very friendly.

And we travelled back to KL city (RM 45) to have dinner at Lot 10 Bukit Bintang Foodcourt. We had Ba Kut Teh and Oyster Omelette while meeting some friends from Althea Korea HQ: Sidney and Eros .

Oh Lot 10 FoodCourt is very famous as they have many stalls for local food which taste great.

We head to Pavillion KL for green tea dessert at Nana, shopping haul and went VNC and grabbed back to hotel. The grab cost RM 13 because of peak hour.

Day 3

I plan to go to Thean Hou Temple, Dataran Merdeka and do a little shopping at Sungai Wang and Fahrenheit and end the trip by chilling at nice lounge.

So in the morning, we go to TheanHou Temple.

That was my first time being at a temple. It’s gorgeous! This temple has a lot of photo spots. You are free to take picture, just don’t make the noise and make sure you wear something appropriate, coz after all, it’s a temple for religious activities. We need to respect them.

Downstair, there’re stalls selling goodies and foods. But we’re heading to Chocha Foodstore at Petaling Jaya for our brunch.

Img Src: Pinterest

I called this place a hidden gem in the bustling city of KL because at the front door you’ll see an old hotel signage with a chinese name. Just when you enter the door, you will greeted with vintage semi outdoor makan place with everything antiques and retro.

Meals start at RM 24 ( i ordered CFC – it’s marinated chicken, and my friend ordered Aglio Olio Duck) and you can have free water. Taste good. I definitely love the place and the food! Recommended!

Then we went to Dataran Merdeka for photo taking and little walk near the Mosque.

We spent 1 hour there under the bright and hot sun, and went straight to Sungai Wang and continue to Fahrenheit for final shopping.

The price is mostly affordable, maybe i went at the wrong fashion season, so the clothes there weren’t in my interest and ended up bought one cute pink off shoulder top and eye masks at Watson (this is bomb!! I will review it for my Beauty category!❀️ Must have)

And before the night end, as per my local friend recommendation, we went to Martini on 57 (located beside Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur) for chilling.

The lounge has direct view to the Twin Towers and KL city. Breathtaking!

You must wear smart casual attire with no jeans, no slippers and no sandals. No children under 17, and no photo taking with professional camera. The security quite strict with the rules. We saw some groups were banned to enter because they didn’t comply with the dressing rules.

I strongly recommend this place for chilling. Beside the breathtaking view, the price and tax were not that expensive. The music also great! Not just a loud music that you can’t barely enjoy moving your body with.

1 beer, 1 cocktail, 1 fries platter and 1 sandwiches platter plus the service and tax cost about RM 170.

I would recommend you to order their Pizza, which cost only RM 32 for one whole pan! We thought the pizza will be serve per slice only, and we regret that! It’s huge and cheap.

Day 4

We woke up late and packing to catch our flight back to Indonesia today. Not much to do. We even ate cup noodle for breakfast and lunch to save time.

Our trip ended there.

But there’re lot of things we haven’t done and try.

We should go to Genting, Melaka, Astaka Morocco Putrajaya, and more.

If you travelling with kids, Sunway Lagoon definitely is a must!

In KL city, we should try more local food at Jalan Alor Bukit Bintang.

I mean, the last time i went to KL was 15 years ago! KL has changed a lot. The little angel who went to KL before can only recognize the Twin Towers and Sungai Wang 🀣

At the end of the trip i spent RM 700 in total (food, little shopping, grab, convenience strores)

So im rupiahs, my total expense was around IDR 3.6 million. Affordable for a short escape!

If you want to save more, use public transport like Bus and MRT. I believe you can save quite a lot. And eating at hawker trying all the local food will count also!

Little tips for you too….

If you’re travelling with casual tourist attire, you won’t have problem. But if you’re on a photo hunting like us, with colorful outfit and makeup on (tho it’s consider less makeup as well), many will stare at you. Some will try to get near you, telling flirty joke and flirty song.

That shocked me a bit because i imagine Malaysia as more modern and open country than Indonesia. In Indonesia, i never get that strange look, but here people staring at us.

Just be prepared, you might want to bring jacket or cardigan to show less.

We didn’t see and experience pickpocket, but still you must put attention on your belonging coz our local friend got robbed.

That’s all for my budget savvy KL Trip. I tried to be precise with the price and details to give you clue for estimating your own budget.

I hope this itinerary will help many of you in planning your holiday at KL.

If you want to have a look of my visit there, head to my Instagram Account (click here) and go straight to “KL” Highlight.

If you have been there, you can also share your itinerary here with me. Would love to read and keep that for my next visit.

Have a great day!! ❀️


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