Explore Milan and Nearby Towns in 7 Days Itinerary

Good day to all of you. Today I am going to share my itinerary for Italy Trip.

I went there on 8 April 2019. It was Spring-Summer time. But the Spring still has the last cold of Winter season. So it was still windy and cold without coat.

So next time, if you are going to go on that date, make sure to pack thermal inner and padded coat, because it was what everybody else wear.

My family and I packed for Spring Summer (more to Summer). We did survive the chill, but it kinda torturing *sob* 😭

But if your trip will be in the middle of April, 18 something and above , a leather jacket will be enough to help in the morning. In fact, you might not need that at all because it gets hotter by afternoon (temperature reach 25’C)

Done with the weather briefing, now let’s get to the itinerary. ❤️

4 Days at Milan

My first destination is Milan. Frankly speaking, nothing much to be done here rather than shopping.

For tourist attractions, i recommend the famous Duomo Cathedral.

And if you want to chill with Duomo view, instead of paying extra on cafe, you can go to Mc Donald’s there, and sit on the second floor. They have window outviews the Duomo, very pretty. The tricky part of taking the picture there is only the lighting. I have tried editting on my phone but still not bright enough.

When you take your photo at Duomo, be careful with stranger that suddenly put on bracelet on your wrist or throw bird’s food to attract the doves.

From saying “it’s free and bonus” they will end up chase you and ask you to pay, even if you don’t want.

So 1) always say no or leave when they come near you, 2) always prepare coin.

After Duomo, there’s Castello Sforzesco di Milano. It’s museum. Quite pretty inside and you can chillin on the garden as well. Relaxing like how the local does it.

Next is Colonne Di San Lorenzo, it’s a ruin of old building.

And just nearby, there’s Milano Navigli, a river with beautiful view.

Try to eat at the cafe nearby and shop at the local market for ham and cheese and some souvenirs to bring home.

Don’t forget to try as many gelato as possible while you’re in Italy. Which one to try? From the truck’s gelato to cafe gelato, they mostly are good. The different will be the price, range of flavors and taste of the cone. But for the gelato itself, all yummy. For personal suggestion, i love Tre Gazzelle Gelato.

Food recommendations:

If you are a fan of Asian Food, there’s a Michelin Star Restaurant just 5 minutes walking from Duomo, the name is Jade Cafe. Very crowded at lunch and dinner hour. Reservation will be great or come early during the opening hours.

Any Italian foods there are mostly nice and acceptable. Also Japanese Food there are nice!

If you are looking for steak in affordable way, I suggest Roadhouse Steak at Milano Centrale.

You can enjoy a steak as low as 15€ with great taste! Good deals rite? And their Chianti also nice, not bitter not sweet.

On picture above is 300gr rib eye (18€) + onion ring + a glass of chianti.

Oh don’t forget to try drink Spritz ☺️

A drink with alcohol inside, taste a bit combination of orange. Really refreshing especially at noon.

Now for shopping, if you aiming for high end luxury brand then you must visit: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Even if you’re not planning to shop, don’t forget to make time to go there to admire the building.

But if you want an affordable shopping, good quality but cheaper than Zara, H&M, then try the famous local retail: OVS and Alcott.

I bought so many from that 2 retail shops.

From Milan, our next itinerary was Como. We took fast train to Lake Como.

Como – Bellagio – Varenna

Knit Outer sponsored by @gilolillo.collection

Lake Como is like the center of the vibes, it’s big, surrounded by mountains and also small towns.

Best thing to do there is enjoying meal with the lake as the view.

I have one cafe recommendation at Como, named Crevo Ristorante. The price is really worth because they have delicious food, great hospitality, and huge portion of food.

After enjoying Como, we ride funicular to take us on the high site, Brunette. The view is very pretty from up above here. Too bad it was Wednesday and most of the restaurants up there closed 😦

From Como, we took bus for 45 minutes to Bellagio.

In Bellagio, there are many beautiful alleyways. This town is famous for the alleyways. The place is smaller than the center of Como.

And from Bellagio, took a ferry/taxiboat to Varenna.

Varenna is even smaller than Bellagio. It is an old style town, with colorful houses and more relax ambience all over the town.

For these 3 places, we can unwind the hectic day and relax to the max. The surrounding really support the relaxation. A place that i really enjoy and release my stress.

We came back from Varenna to Milan using fast train.

1 Day at Venice

Next, we visit Venice, boarding on a fast train from Milan.

Hat Sponsored by @lepetite.sunshine

When in Venice, don’t forget to ride a gondola. The price is 80€ for 30 minutes. 1 gondola can fit until 6 people.

And surely you can board the gondola without waiting the seating is full.

When you arrive at Santa Lucia, buy boat ticket that drive you to San Marco – the heart, the busy, and the famous part of Venice.

I don’t have specific food recommendation here but most of the cafes and restaurants we ate there were acceptable for both price and taste.

And for gelato here, try Venchi. They have fancy cone. Taste good.

In Venice, what everyone else (including me) was enjoying the view and eats and drinks and shops. Not much to be done.

Actually there’re still many place to visit in Italy like Rome, Florence, Verona and more. Due to limitted time (because i was actually attending exhibition in Milan), i can only explore that cities above.

Public Transport

I love the public transport in Italy. Most train stations (including Metro) equipped with Lift. So it’s very stroller friendly, wheel chair friendly, and luggage friendly.

All the direction also clear and easy to understand.

I do recommend you to use the Metro for your mobilization.

Airport transfer in Milan also very easy. There’re direct buses from Milan Malpensa to Milano Centrale which is quite affordable and you can sit comfortably. After you reach Milano Centrale, you can continue your journey with Metro.

So far in Italy, we never took taxi.

Photo Spots and Suggestions

Anti Radiation Necklace Sponsored by @luce.mart.id @qmart.id

If you plan to take picture nicely (not many people on the background) i do suggest you to wake up early and take picture.

Best time will be 7 AM during Summer because after 7, the sun glare might reflect on camera.

I do not suggest taking picture on evening. I know that the sky still bright at 8PM, but everybody also still outside and taking picture. So the crowd will still be there.

If you cannot go early, then wait until the place is less crowded. That’s how i took majority of my photos, and as you can see, always minimum distraction of the crowd ☺️

Peek at my instagram account @angeliasamodro , i turn on my location detail so you can easily reach the photo spots too.

Onemore thing about photo, try to ignore strangers that stare on you. They will forget you. So be confident and pose. This is also hard for me, but i push myself. Because this will be the only trip i didn’t bring my son along, so i can take many pictures. So i must cherish the moment and make the best of it. And that’s how every pictures taken, even on crowded day.

Things to Note

Here’s some tips for you to note.

If you travel with fast train to other city, always be on time. All the trains are on time, and they will not wait for you.

Book your train ticket in advance to enjoy special price. The tickets could be bought online 3 months before your departure date. So you must plan your visit well.

Now what’s the benefit of booking ticket in advance?

1. You can choose your seating

2. Price a lot cheaper

There’s a destination that only cost us 75€ (4 people) because we bought in advance. But when you buy on the spot, the ticket is actually 68€ per pax.

The price difference is quite big and you can save a lot!

The minus point is you will be given the last wagon to board ☺️ so for example the train has wagon 1 – 18, because you bought in advance, you will always get wagon 16-18.

But don’t worry about the wagon, all the seats are same size, proper, and clean enough.

Last but not least, always be on guard. Especially your bag and wallet while you’re in Milan. Pickpocket is one of the issue here. So always be careful.

I love Italy. The weather, the food, though the people are not as friendly as the French, and they not really fluent in English, but overall this place is special.

I always think that Prague and Budapest are forever taking special place in my heart rather than any other part in Europe. Now, i take that words.

Because now i have Milan and Paris in heart.

My parents do not agree with this as they also have been so many times to Paris and Milan, and for them, Prague is still the best.

On next post, i will be sharing my Paris itinerary with you.

So stay tuned and hopefully this post help you on planning your trip to Italy.


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