The Pure Lotus: Lotus Leaf Hair Treatment Review

I’ve been doing review on makeup, skincare, bodycare, travelling tips and self building posts. Today something exciting is coming. It is a hair care review, suitable both for dry and oily scalp, from a Korean Brand: The Pure Lotus.

The Pure Lotus has many series. And today i want to specifically reviewing their Lotus Leaf Treatment which i’ve been using for 3 months now.

I first knew this brand from Kiki Siantar’s (Mmehuillet) Instagram Story. She tried this Lotus Leaf Treatment and said after few tubes she started to see that her hair is less damage and healthier. Not to mention the feeling after rinse, that hair not oily and not sticky and manageable.

Upon the first read, i ignored this as i thought “oh our hair condition is different, mine is oily scalp” but you all know that Instagram is like private detective right? It kept showing me post related to The Pure Lotus until i finally become stalker! 🙂

Then i read so many testimonies from oily scalp people that said this Lotus Leaf Treatment is anything they need for. How after 1 or 2 tube it changes the scalp condition permanently, some even only within 2 weeks to see visible result on reduced oil. I was so wow’ed and sold! 🤣 My oily scalp problem kinda bad. I need to wash my hair almost daily or else, limp hair is my reward the next morning. So yes finally purchased, 2 tubes first.

The Pure Lotus: Lotus Leaf Treatment

This is not a conditioner, they said. It is a hair treatment.

Lotus Leaf Treatment is a treatment not only for hair but also for the scalp. Could be used for normal – oily – and dry scalp.

The ingredients are plant based which contains complex extracts of 8 plants that are grown and extracted from Jeju. They are:

– Lotus Leaf

– Lotus Root

– Green Tea

– Aloe Leaf

– Orange Peel

– Rice Extract

– Rosemary Leaf

– Cochineal Cactus

What are the benefits?

– With sub-acidic treatment to help with damage hair’s pH balance

– Moisturising and nourishing

– Formulated with protein to coat the dry and rough hair for smoother finish

The Good Points:

– Doesn’t contain any surfactant with sulfates

– No artificial scent, color, or silicone oil!

Personal Thought about this Lotus Leaf Treatment

Lotus Leaf Treatment Details

Packaging: tube, 220ml

Price: IDR 300.000/tube

How to use:

Normal: towel dry hair after shampoo, apply enough amount on hair and scalp, wait 3-5 mins amd rinse with lukewarm water

Dry: after shampoo, on wet hair, apply enough amount from scalp to end of hair. Massage, wait for 5 mins and rinse.

Oily: after shampoo, on wet hair, apply enough amount from middle of the hair to end. And then bring the remaining to scalp and massage. Wait for 5 mins and rinse. 2 times a week only. Remember, not putting directly to scalp or with excessive amount. Only massage to scalp from whats remaining on your hair.

Texture: water gel type with heavy cream texture.

Upon the first try, my hair became more oily! And i can see my hair loss is much more than usual. I was shocked at first and confirmed with my sis (she has dry scalp, rough and damage hair) and she experienced the same.

But i didn’t give up just yet.

I tried it again. The next day after my second try, i woke up with less oily. And i try not to wash my hair that day and see if it can last, sure enough it was last until the next day. Pheww! What a relieve!

So i tried to be consistent and use it regularly for 2 times a week until my first tube run out.

After a tube, i can see that my hair is thicker. Not that i grow babies hair, but the volume is up! Surprise right, with no silicone oil but i can achieve this.

And yes it grows stronger, the number of falling hair decrease as well. Not that significant but consider very normal now, 30 hair strands. Definitely a progress here.

For the oily scalp problem, it still come and go. I don’t wash my hair daily now, 3-4 times a week now depending on how oily it is. from the washing hair frequency, it has developed so much! From 7 times a week to only 3-4 days.

But when the scalp produces excessive oil, it still that bad. Super limp hair next day. Totally flat hair! 😩

Till i publish this post, i have finished 2 tubes in total and using my third bottle (yesss repurchase)

What I love:

– Non sticky / oily feeling after usage, rinse off easily

– the gel absorbed pretty fast and become like a water on hair

Gel absorbed and become watery

– make my hair stronger and volume up

What I dislike:

– Expensive… Let’s be honest, 220 ml can only stay for less than a month. If you have longer hair and thicker hair, this will be problem. If you use it with minimum amount, you can save till a month or month and a half, not more than that.

– Even after 2 tubes haven’t experience the permanent result of bye bye oily scalp.

But i won’t protest against this personal oily scalp reason because they don’t mention this hair treatment is for eliminating the oily scalp problem. Maybe i am just jealous for those who graduate from the oily scalp problem permanently 😁 but hey i still have half of my third tube. Wish me luck! 🙂

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