Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Review and Updated Skincare

Hello my dearest friends and readers.

Today i’m excited to share my review for Kiehl’s Night Recovery Concentrate. Been using this for 3 months now.

I always skeptical when it comes to a serum. Because by these far, both cheap and crazily expensive serum never show a significant progress on my skin.

And one day my SK-II Dark Spot Essence run out and i happened to be near Kiehl’s store. So i decided to buy their Best Selling Serum for night usage – without expecting too much to be honest.

Then after few months of intensive usage, i know that this serum really works and my skin gets healthier!

That’s the reason i want to share with all of you.

This serum is consist of pure essential oils and distilled botanicals, has no paraben, and has no mineral oil. I bet you have known that i declare myself paraben free for quite a while now ☺️

There’re Jojoba, Rosemary, Lavender, Jasmine, Sunflower Seed, Rose and other ingredients, but Lavender is the strongest scent i can smell here. Relaxing. Perfect for night serum.

Unlike essential oil that usually very oily, this serum concentrate is not that thick, it glides easily just like water but more intense. My skin could absorb the serum quickly and leaving the face to have natural glow until next morning, not greasy at all. And the moisturizing power is quite strong!

This serum must be used before we apply any other skincare. It can be used alone without the need to put on any other skincare after.

I use this serum alone and i need 3-4 drops to cover my whole face and neck.

Next advantage point, this serum is 30ml and the serum is full till the top of the bottle. Usually they will fill not as full as this.

So i am quite happy, consider the price is not cheap.

Then, the bottle is quite thick. I accidentally dropped it one day, was shock and worry that it broken, but it’s totally fine.

For a clumsy people like me, the thickness of the bottle is important note to highlight 😁

Now what does it do to my skin?

My skin is hydrated, supple and glowing naturally.

Not the glow because of your face is oily…

Not the glow because of your fair white skin…

Noticeable glow without oil on my cheekbone, bridge of nose, forehead.

Overall complexion also getting healthier.

This concentrate doesn’t cause breakouts. It help to soothe my troubled chin area.

My sis also compliment my skin for being more and more glowing and healthy day by days!

Say goodbye to tired looking skin!

So yeahh what Kiehl’s claimed to visibly restore the appearance of skin overnight is not an empty tagline. I definitely trust them.

I also think that this serum stands out from many other serums that i’ve tried before.

This…. without the application of any night cream and mask, could maintain the moist my skin needs.

I do really recommend this serum. The price is worth the result.

Can you believe that it took me 28 years to finally get a healthier skin? At 24, i found that SK-II really helped my skin to do better and catch up with all the nutrition my skin need these whole time.

It gave me healthy glowing look, not dull skin. But it didn’t help my acnes problem.

At 28 (just recently) i found that La Roche Posay is the best to treat my acnes. My skin is acnes free now (except when my period is coming, but gone as the guest go away).

And now, i found a serum that gives extra glow from my previous SK-II treatment. The one that nourish my skin well.

Found it.

So if you ask for my skincare routine now.

It will be:

Facewash: Cetaphil For Face

Toner: SK-II FTE

Serum (Day): La Roche Posay with SPF

Moisturizer: SK-II RNA

Day Hangout: Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Cream

Serum (Night): Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Mask (2 times a week): Dr.Jart+ or Korean brands face mask sheet (Etude House, Innisfree, The Faceshop and more)

What about your favourite? Does anybody try Kiehl’s before? You can discuss with me here ❤️

Stay connected and have a good day!


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