Stay Healthy and Active with Absolute Hypoallergenic

Hi everyone. You know i count myself blessed as i have the opportunity to share information on my blog channel and got readers from all over the world.

That’s make me promise myself to provide you with more positive and informative articles, from skincare – makeup – motivation – travelling – fashion and more.

And today i want to share with you about feminine hygiene.

Feminine hygiene is very important, however this also the one that we often neglect.

I can count by fingers how many times i use feminine wash during my teens. Very rare! I always think that as long as i use clean toilet, clean underwear, my intimate area is healthy and hygiene.

But as i got older, i know that the more active, the more activities we do and busy we are, the more sensitive and prone to infections (and irritations) our intimate area is.

We can fight the external like clean the underwear, using toilet seat sanitizer, eat clean and healthy. But we can’t run from the job and activities.

In order to keep my intimate area healthy, i can’t depend on the sanitizer and clean clothes only.

I need extra care, extra protection. This is when i discover Absolute Hypoallergenic

Yes, there are a lot of feminine hygiene wash out there, we got to be smart and read the ingredients to choose the best product.

Because after all, it’s our intimate area we’re talking about. We cannot just randomly buy feminine hygiene wash without being educated what’s inside the products.

Absolute Hypoallergenic

Absolute Hypoallergenic distributed by KINO (PT. Kino Indonesia).

Absolute Daily Feminine Wash has 2 variant:

Aloe Vera and Biolacto Active (Green Packaging) for Naturally Soothing.

This one formulated with milk extract (Biolacto Active) to maintain balance of normal flora in feminine area to prevent itching and odor. It is also enriched with Aloe Vera extract to moisten skin around feminine area.

Collagen and Biolacto Active (Pink Packaging) for Youth Revitalize

The milk extract ingredients with pH 3.5 maintain balance in our feminine area, where the Collagen meant to enhance skin softness around feminine area.

As you can see on the pictures above,

Absolute has 2 types of feminine wash form:

1. Foam

The foam very fluffy, light. The scent is good. It cleanse my intimate area well and easy to rinse with water.

2. Liquid

The liquid glides smoothly like water, the color is almost transparent. Leaving my feminine area fresh and clean.

I love to use the foam wash at home, and bring the liquid for travelling as the bottle is smaller and more compact.

Now what makes Absolute Hypoallergenic stands out from the rest on the market?

– As the name goes “Daily Feminine Hygiene”, this feminine wash is safe to be used on daily basis.

Paraben Free! I am beyond happy to know that the soap i use for my intimate area does not contain preservatives! Not that paraben is dangerous. Paraben is common ingredients in cosmetic industry, to help the product last longer . It just my personal preference and definition to be more healthy.

pH 3.5 is perfect for our intimate area

Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested. This means that Absolute feminine wash is suitable even for sensitive skin. We can use the soap worry free!

Refreshing flowery scent to keep feminine area smells good. Do you know that some soaps are smell really nice but after we sweat out, the smell become stuffy. This don’t happen when i use Absolute Hypoallergenic.

– Choice of soap forms, we can choose whether we want the foamy cleanser or liquid cleanser

Easy to use.

For foam: press the pump, apply foam on intimate area, wait for few seconds and rinse with water.

For liquid: pour on the palm, mix with water, apply on intimate area, wait for few seconds, rinse with water.

– Good ingredients such as collagen, aloe vera, and milk extract.

Safe and proven to prevent bad odour, irritation, and itchiness.

For me, i do really love using Absolute Hypoallergenic. I have already pointed out why i like them and it would be more perfect if there’s no SLS on it.

To the dearest women out there… Let us care more about our intimate part and be extra diligent.

Keep the feminine area clean help us to prevent Fluor Albus, bad odour, cancer and more. The benefits are all ours.

So let’s care more.

For more information about Absolute Hypoallergenic, kindly click the active link below:

Instagram: @absolute_women



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