Absolute New York First Flagship Studio in Surabaya & Products Review

A lot of good things happen to beauty enthusiasts in Surabaya.

Many beauty brands is opening their flagship studio in this city.

One of them is Absolute New York .

I was super lucky to be invited by Clozette to attend the opening store of Absolute New York.

Taken place at Ciputra World First Floor, on Wednesday, September 27, 2017, me and other Beauty Bloggers in Surabaya worn New Yorker themed outfit and bring the joy to the store.

There were a make up demo by Yenny Lemonade and make up tips from Surabaya Famous Influencer Wulan Wu.

The store is dynamic, edgy. It has wide range of makeup products that we need. The price is affordable. Don’t ask about the quality. It definitely great!!

I browse through the stores and have difficulties to pick my needs! I feel like buying them all!

Product Review

So after browsing and ask for the expert guidance there, i bought some recommended products from Absolute New York that is also an essential for my makeup.

Strobing & Shading Palette and HD Flawless Translucent Loose Powder.

The Beautycian recommend me the Tan to Deep Palette because it match my skin tone.

I love powder palette than cream palette / stick products because powder works well on my oily skin. I could blend it easily using brush. Some color could also be used as a blusher! I get 6 colors for only IDR 275K. What a deal!

For highlight, there are:


Just Peachy


For contour, there are:




And if you’re first timer and curious how to highlight and contour, there is a “cheat sheet” behind the box to guide you which area you need to highlight and contour πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

For me personally I only highlight my nose bridge and a little near the cheekbone to give a strong definition on face.

I contour my nose, cheek, and chin.

And for the HD Flawless Powder, i choose the translucent because it is more transparent and neutral (also available on skin natural shade) . I bought this for IDR 180K.

These 2 items are essential in my makeup routines.

I used contour and shading to help me achieve V-shaped look. My cheeks are big and nose is flat. (Please help, God). This powder is used to minimize the excessive oil that my hormone produce. It also smoothen my makeup and blurred my big pores. It’s non drying, lightweight and mattify skin.Β It can be used daily without makeup and after makeup.

I strongly suggest Absolute New York products for the great result and affordable price. I would definitely visit the store often!


Face: VOV Mineral Illuminated Cushion, ANY HD Loose Powder

Contour Highlight: ANY palette

Blush: VOV Balls on Cheek

Eyes: Kanebo Liquid Liner

Lip: Berry Me Avione Beauty

Thank you Clozette and Absolute New York for having me. It is an honour for me. Looking forward for more collaborations.

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