VOV Mineral Illuminated Collections Review

Whether you’re living in Asia or other continents, i believe you have heard about this brand before, VOV.

This brand is a Korean brand that has been known widely.

In Indonesia, this brand is managed under PT. Teguh Pesona.

On this special occasion, i was joining Clozette ID Review Project to try and give review on VOV newest collection – VOV Mineral Illuminated series: The Cushion, The Blusher and The Eye Palette.

So, what’s make Mineral Illuminated Series stand a chance to win my heart and most probably yours too?

VOV Mineral Illuminated Series is lightweight, it is suitable for all skin type including the sensitive one. It also contains natural ingredients that won’t harm our skin. Healthy and safe. It’s animal cruelty free, no testing on animals.

It’s pigmented just like American products brands, but the shade is suitable for Asian skin.

And as the name goes with “illuminated”, we all can expect the beautiful shimmer in most of the products of this line.


My Mineral Illuminated Collections Pick


It comes in 2 color shade: Natural and Light.

I choose the natural shade because it blend well with my skin color.

Now how’s the product goes?

It’s super light. However, it has great coverage! It will stay until 8 hours!

Skin look radiance but it won’t make my oily skin become too dewy or shiny. Perfect!

Additional point from me is…… You just need to apply a little bit (1-2 time pressing is more than enough) and do not need to apply powder after that. It has SPF 50 and also PA! And when it is time to remove the makeup, i could wipe this off easily!

Last but not least, please give an extra credit to the beautiful packaging. Lux! A metal box with rose gold color is pretty, girly, and looking preppy!


VOV Mineral Illuminated Blusher has 3 color choices: soft pink, rose, and coral.

I choose Coral Blusher. This is the best seling item.

It gives a natural look for the cheek. The shimmer could be used to highlight cheek bone.

This blusher contain of gradation of 20 colors from pink to gold.

Oh i tried this to use as an eyeshadow. It works! ❤️

The brush is soft and smooth, it helps to apply the blusher easily.

Tips from me: blend the brush on all the colors to get perfect color for blusher and eyeshadow.

Use only the gold color for shimmer and highlight purpose.

Now that I only have the cushion and blusher with me, i do feel that i need to purchase the eye palette as well. Can’t stop thinking about the palette.

The Application


Face: VOV Mineral Illuminated Cushion, ANY HD Loose Powder

Contour Highlight: ANY palette

Blush: VOV Balls on Cheek

Eyes: Kanebo Liquid Liner

Lip: Berry Me Avione Beauty

My Personal Thought
I love VOV so much! All the products that i’ve tried is so pigmented.

High coverage but feels light on the skin.

Good color.

Easy to blend.

Long lasting.

My oily and sensitive skin doesn’t react to the products.

It is affordable!

I didn’t only bring home the Mineral Illuminated series. I also purchased SHOW CASE Balls on Cheeks blusher that can be used as shimmering and highlighter as well.

This is different with the Mineral Illuminated Blusher. This balls on cheek is similar to Guerlain Meteorites. It comes in 2 colors: Pink and Gold. Pink is more natural, Gold is more shining. So i choose Gold for a perfect additional for my highlighter tools.

The scent is sweet! Packaging is cute! Color is wonderful. Price??? Amazing!!! IDR 190K only.

If my friend didn’t stop me that time, i will end up buying a lot of products and have difficulties to pick up my favourite.

That’s all my review about VOV Mineral Illuminated products.

I do recommend the products if you’re looking for product ingredients that is friendly to sensitive and oily skin, pigmented, and has that shimmering effect, this is the one for you.

Have you ever tried VOV? Do share with me your review by dropping the link on comment box. Or if you have any questions or want to discuss about VOV, just drop a comment.

Have a good day ❤️

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