Airing on Sonora FM


Today I’ve new experience to share with you.

Today is the first time I went to the radio and airing! Yes we’re talking about LIVE talk!

Thank you to WomanBlitz , Mba Lilies who invited me to join this ladies talk.

For your information, every Thursday 9-10 AM Radio Sonora 98.0 FM Surabaya has program named Ladies Time With Woman Blitz . The program is mainly about light and informative sharing about local inspirative woman and covering a lot of topics like beauty, health, business, family and many more.

They aimed to empower women and promote local inspiring woman to share.


As this is my very first time on air, I feel like I barely can focus on the proper answer for the questions! So sad..

After the question finish and move to another one, then i only remember i have more “keys” to share for the previous one.

Really sorry for this amateur source 🙏🏻 and that is why i posted this article! To provide you with better answer and points i can’t share earlier.


This morning we talked about social media. How i first get my followers, reaching out to the young out there, and little tips embracing this era of social media.

So I started to get my followers because I am an active user of Ask.Fm . (Find my username: angeliasamodro)

At that platform, i answer – share – and give motivation to become stronger and better women (most hot topic questions are all discussed here, on my blog, so worry not, you don’t need to stalk my Ask.Fm from the very first post) And then people get to know me, follow my instagram too, and offer me endorsement.

I think the possible reason why these bunch are keen enough to follow me is because i always answer their question and show genuine care. Rather than positioning myself as the one who always right or super wise or older than most of the users, i positioned myself as a friend who emcourage those who’s in need.

I don’t judge you from what happen to you, but let’s encourage one another to turn the mess into message and do better in the future.

So that is how i reach out and empower others, through kindness. 

If you ask me why i do bother to answer all the questions with long explanation my answer is because i’ve been through or witness most of the cases that you ask. So i feel the burden to share, to encourage.

My heart also break looking at this young generation, standing without strong moral value and easy to get lost.

Your life story, good or bad, become my personal lesson to learn. To understand how the young behave and think, how to accomodate their feeling, and this could be powerful weapon to equip myself while raising my little baby.

Little tips on this social media will be: share what you need to share but remember to have a privacy too.

Most people out there do not really care of what you’re going through, they just wanna find topic to discuss or judge . You do bad or good, some will still hate you.

Always “filter” what others can see. This is not public lying. You just be wise and take control of your life. 

Nah on the other side, as the followers, let’s filter the content we receive too.

Learn both from the good and bad. There’s always a story and lesson to get. Rather than judging and blaming the bad one, let’s learn and take their hard times as a lesson.

What about tips for a good looking instagram?

Earlier i was mention you need camera. Emm before i bought camera, i only used my cellphone too.

But please remember to always have a good lighting in order to get a good photo. And if you don’t, don’t be lazy to apply filters.

Filters here are not talking about those apps which smoothen your skin, make it glow and else. Filter talking about how you edit the brightness of your photo, contrast, saturation, highlight and shadow.

I love to used Snapseed for this. But if i got lazy, i use the filter that instagram provided.

You don’t have to wear fancy clothes, fancy meals, or quirky pose. All you need is a good lighting and people will easily attracted to it.

Those fancy stuffs surely score points too, but it is not necessary. 

These are the little things i forget to share earlier. If you still have questions on it, feel free to drop me comment, reach me at my Ask.Fm or Instagram too.

I will be happy to share and assist you.

For full review on what happen today, kindly follow and read under “Woman And The City” category ❤

[ Angelia Tirta Samodro, Mendukung Anak Muda Lewat Sosial Media–583.html ]

This is a great website for women. (I’ll specially discussed about this web and the great founder, Mba Lilies soon)

We can get a lot of information like cooking tips, beauty, fashion and many more! Rather than tuning on rumours and gossip, let’s educate ourself more with reliable and good stuffs for self improvement.

Thank you duo Lilies ketje! ❤️

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