Grey Hair At Last

Hello friends.

It’s been a while since my last post.

Today i want to share with you my 2017 hair: grey balayage hair yaiyyyy!❤ As promised rite? Tehee.

Before i got exactly what i’ve been dreaming, i went through nightmare and disappointment first.

So i knew one of the talented hands to create perfect balayage hair in Surabaya. Her clients are a lot, from ordinary one to instagramceleb. And i have my confidence in her when we talked about my desired hair. So after a super long talk, we set the date and i was ready to get make over!

Sat down for 8 hours from 10.30AM to 6.30PM, i got only 1 time bleach. Yesss one time only. She did not wash my hair, just reapplied another plate of bleaching chemical and rinse it at 5.30PM.

After the first wash, my hair look like Barbie’s hair. All blonde due to the bleaching, and the texture also look like a doll hair. 

And time to put on dark grey color. Wait around 45 mins, washed hair, and nightmare began!

I wanted to have dark grey hair. She did test the color and show me the sample first. But what happen to my hair was not the deal we made.

It look like a super light grey. Even worst than a granny hair. But she convinced me that i look good. She styled my hair and that night, with the dim light, i feel terrible but okay.

Next morning i screamed like hell watching my reflection on the mirror. It was not a light grey. It is white and ugly!

Picture taken was a lot nicer than the actual look

Nightmare didn’t stop there. The color was not blend and again, ugly.

Left and right side were different color

I sent her my picture, complained and asked if she can fix this.

Super disappointed with the respond. She said it was perfect, all good. She said it was ash grey coz i only got 1 time bleach, could be darker if only i went 2-3 times bleach. When i protested about how the gradation look ugly and didn’t blend well, she said that her technique was right. 

Tired of all the fight, i just need her to fix the hair. She did offer me to put on grey corrector and a little bit of blue color, but when i asked her about how the end result will look like, she cannot gave me assurance. 

All the people i met, none of them were saying that i look okay and my hair was ash grey. All they saw were nightmare and ugly white silver color. Not cool!

I bet it will hurt her pride to admit that she had fail, so she better defense herself and keep bluffing and put the blame on me.

Ugly gradation/balayage . Hair look super damage and dry

I have lost my hope. Feeling terrible and like an ugly duck. I didn’t want her hand to touch my hair ever again. I’ve learned my lesson hard way.

So i decided to go to Blobar Surabaya

I met Mas Aryo there, asked him if he could fix my hair. And he did it!

With extra care, he re do the process. Darkening my hair, gave a lot of conditioner. Fix the ugly balayage. And then applied dark grey color unto my hair. 

He also told me that bleaching could only be hold for 45 mins max. If you put the chemical more than 45 mins, the hair will be damage and still you cannot get the tone color you want.

Sitting for 8 hours, i could have reached till 3 times bleaching! Really thanks to her 😞

At Blobar, i only sat down for 4 hours and i got perfectly ash grey balayage hair. Yes the real ash grey! And my hair look and feel a lot healthier from the treatment he gave.

Mas aryo was really good and sincere! I like him a lot. Though he was not the one who wash my hair, but he always supervised! He always checked and controlled it. I feel super good and knew exactly that i will achieve my hair goal with him.

I know in comparison with other Salon, Blobar price might kills. But u know what, learning from my experience, what really matter is the professional hand who do it for you. Can’t just play around with your asset!

So in order to achieve this look, i need to pay IDR 1.8 million nett.

500k for the olaplex bleaching

800k for the balayage service

250k for the hair color: brown

250k for hair color: grey

I didn’t mind the price. All i knew was they made my day! Turned the ugly duck into swan again.

Nicely done! Thanks Blobar

A week after the retouch at Blobar

Become Choco – Ash color after many times washing

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