The Help, The Debt, and The Responsibility

Good day to you dear friends 😊

Today’s topic will be umm quite serious, but i guarantee that you will get my point easily as usual.

And again i am sharing not to show you that i’m perfect, but this is for my reminder also πŸ™‚


Lately, people around me were struggle about the topic that i’m going to discuss with you.

They struggle about helping their friends/relative who want to lend some amount of money.

The struggle comes because they’re afraid this money thingy will end the friendship if the person they give the money disappoint them. It’s a common trust issue.
what do i personally think about it? I will divide it into 3 subs: The Help, The Debt, and The Responsibility

Here you go!


The Help

Let us help with sincerity. If you feel like helping, help without terms and conditions.

Give your help freely without thinking what the benefit or what you get in return. Don’t think about the “pay back” day.

Give, and forget.

Let your help, goodness, and sincerity be count in Heaven. Because God never sleeps.

The person you help today might not be the one who will help you in time of need. But by helping others, surely God will send the other bunch to help you when you need it the most.

I don’t say this to look good or holy coz i am totally not. But i speak based on my experience.

I never lose a good thing or become unfortunate by helping others. Yes though most of them end up disappoint me, God is never! Always. And forever.

He pours me with more blessings and favors. So i will not stop doing good things as long as i could do it.

The Debt

Give them gradually if you think you can’t trust them.

For example, they need $500. You can give them $200 first. If they really show you the fact that they really need the money, you can always give it again.

Now how will you know if they really need those money or not?Social media!

90% of the people post their activities on social media. Or if they not, their friends will tag them.

Be a creative and smart stalker lol!

People in need won’t go around having fun, dine in expensive places, buy expensive things, on vacation, and else.

Or you can always give them the full amount. But if they come to ask more money, and you see that their life is good, you can make an excuse.

That’s how i do it all the time.

I’m not being picky, not sincere, or stingy.

I do reallt think that It’s a smart and wise move.

It’s good to teach and help people free from their bad habit of lending money.

The Responsibility

Be grateful if there’s people who help you.

They may not in the state of settle down as you think you know, yet they care and spare it for you. (Even if they are settle down and rich, you still need to show some manners)

So you must be responsible!

It is a good thing to still reward yourself for the hardwork, or show some love to your loved ones by buying them presents or treat them a good meal.

It is normal if it is happen twice a week, once in a month, or even lesser.

But if you hang out every weekend, spending big sums to fulfill your desire… Whom you think will trust you and help you again? I don’t say that you need to look poor and miserable. Just act accordingly.

If you can afford to have fun, you should give a good intention of paying them back.

Gradually if you can’t give it full amount yet.

Or at least, text them and discuss about your responsibility.


Please have conscience.

The person who help you may waive it and tell you not to repay the money. But unless so, it is still your responsibility.

I always reject if they repay the money. If they insist, i will receive it and whenever they need help, i will always be there and never think about how they gonna pay that back this time.

My parents teach me to help and never think about it. I have prepared my mental whenever i give.

Still, i am a human. I respect good intention, moral and ethic.

My parents also teach me never to forget the responsibility i carry if someone help me and i always do that.

And that’s why i have high expectation and want to be treated just equal to how i treat people, or….. i will lose hope and respect toward you. Until you show your good intention.


That’s my personal view and belief about this case.

Disappointed many times, but i still give chance to people. I can’t just judge them all on the same weight.

That’s why i need to be wise and smart about it.

Give, as long as i can give. But if they don’t show they really need it and never have a good intention about it, i won’t give second chance.

But i will always help others.

The problem with people nowadays is they always think that YOU MUST HELP.


If you realized how much God has added more and more to those who are generous, you must realize too that consequences also exist for those who ignore.

It’s not only my belief or the lesson that my religion has taught me.

It is the law of the nature.

Applied to all mankind whether you like it or not.

So let us all be good and treat other as how you want to be treated. Have conscience. Have moral. Have ethic. And good manners.

Have a good day ❀️

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