Resilience: New Way to Prepare Your Child Future Ready

Halo kepada teman-teman pembaca Angelworlds. Hari ini aku mau sharing hal yang aku dapetin dari acara Talkshow Nutriclub berjudul: Resilience is the New Way to Prepare Your Child Future Ready. Walaupun acaranya oleh Nutriclub dan ada judul “child”nya, bagi kalian yang masih belum berkeluarga dan masih muda, aku harap tetep stay di sini dan bacaContinue reading “Resilience: New Way to Prepare Your Child Future Ready”

Smoking and Acceptance

Ahhhh it’s been a long time since my last “Girls’ Talk” post. Lately i received some questions about smoking. Let’s talk about this based on my personal view. ••• I never smoke. I don’t like smoke. I don’t like to smoke. I still remember i almost lay down unconsciously when i waited for my passportContinue reading “Smoking and Acceptance”

Pros Cons Sex Before Marriage

Hello people… Another hot topic is here! I have received more than 1000 questions on this topic, almost every day.. Every month.. And every time this question appears on my Ask.Fm i feel sad 😦 This is not “you know we live in millenium era! This is 21st century. Let’s be open minded” Open minded diContinue reading “Pros Cons Sex Before Marriage”