New Updates from Me

I have put my blog in dormant for several months! And today I want to greet all of you, my online friends, readers, a warm greeting and new updates from me 🥰

September 2021.. We almost come to new year again. Another year passed by just like that, with a Pandemic still hot trending topic everywhere.

And as a business owner, 2021 hit even harder than 2020. Since the beginning of pandemic in 2020 till mid of this year, i’ve been knocked down to the lowest point of my life.

Can’t help myself with the feeling of uselessness, helplessness, and more. I am amaze of how i still stay sane although i cried so many times and sit down with empty mind for hours. Power of prayer huh. Although i was broken hearted, but still it gives peace beyond understanding and light up a hope.

Cut story short, during this broken pieces of myself, God really put up everything back together and gives me assurance, hope, and love. He opened up door of opportunities, let me cross path with people meant for this season of my life, good leaders, good communities. That finally, dreams are alive again!

Networking Marketing (MLM – multi level marketing) and Insurance Agent are the 2 things i avoid the most in my life. Who knows, i become this 2 things 😂 (you really have know idea what life would be! )

But God opened this 2 doors for me. How i know this is from God? I believe there’s no coincidence in this life. And as i soon prayed for opportunities, two of my friends happen to introduce me to these things, not stopping there, how rare it was that you introduce not only to the business, but also to the top leaders? And in continue communication with them. Not only a welcome greeting on board then bye bye. But again, even after given the opportunities, my parents – sis – and bff knew that i prayed for weeks, for guidance and peace before i really join on board.

• Young Living Journey

Let’s talk about networking marketing. This is Young Living Essential Oils that i have been used since 2018 and have positive results on my daily life. That’s why I am more than willing to share this to people around me.

And what i love the most about my Young Living Group: Sinikinijoy, is there are no hidden agenda and a must in this. You buy at your own pace. Don’t need to do the business. We have general support groups which only educate members how to use the oils and the benefits.

For those who want to join the business, Sinikinijoy has separate group, so regular member / user won’t feel disturbed. And here, people are growing together, supporting each other, collaborating. A really positive place to grow.

Not gonna lie, the income is good when you are diligently work! So i say YES for such opportunity.

Note: if you curious, you can peek my page on instagram Oilala.Oilili

• Life Planner Journey

What about being Insurance Agent? I believe life planner is one of the most hated person someone could put into the list beside bankers 😜 (credit card and opening new account)

The reason why i become an insurance agent is because i want to become different and really helping people with their life plans.

How many of you, when you got your insurance book, you don’t bother to read one by one? And despite the details that your agent told you, they did not explain that ON BILL doesn’t mean they cover 100% of the amount stated there. Sad 😩 My old insurance also!

The reason we buy insurance plan are:

– we want to be covered, full

– we don’t want to use our assets first

– peace

Too bad most of insurance fail to give that, even when we choose the expensive plan they have. Because we are not careful or fully understand their legal words there.

But since i knew AIA (the company i am working now), their products are different. They use cashless everywhere! They pay 100% because their ON BILL is pure. So this is triggering me to reach out to others, educating them well, so you will find peace on your life plans if anything bad happen.

My new journey gives me excitement and new hope! It is NOT EASY!

Although finally i can earn bigger and stand on my own feets (yes because running family’s company, all will say “it’s not your hardwork”. Rite?”), i also lost many things. My dearest circle that i thought would be supportive, at least by giving me their time to explain, are quick to run and never read my message. (i never push anyone to buy, i just wish they could spare me times to explain, at least they got product knowledge also). But i totally understand this. Many of us got traumatic experience with insurance agents and multi level marketing, so yes it acceptable if people block us even before we show the different side of us. ☺️

And yes i found some supportive leagues as well. But this is also not by my power. This is all because of God’s grace alone, because of His Might alone!

He leads, He straighten the path, and i’ll follow and fully depend on Him.

There’re nice songs that i use during my quiet moments recently. It’s called Defender and Touch of Heaven. And fyi , if i can give you recommendation, try search: Decibel Worship

I love their version ❤️ Really calming, strengthening, and powerful worship!

The lyric goes like this:

Defender – Song by Francesca Battistelli and Steffany Gretzinger

You go before I know
That You’ve even gone to win my war
You come back with the head of my enemy
You come back and You call it my victory,

You go before I know
That You’ve even gone to win my war
Your love becomes my greatest defense
It leads me from the dry wilderness

And all I did was praise
All I did was worship
All I did was bow down, oh
All I did was stay still

Hallelujah, You have saved me
So much better Your way
Hallelujah, great Defender
So much better Your way

When I thought I lost me
You knew where I left me
You reintroduced me to Your love
You picked up all my pieces
Put me back together
You are the defender of my heart

Touch of Heaven – Hillsong

How I live for the moments
Where I’m still in Your presence
All the noise dies down
Lord speak to me now
You have all my attention
I will linger and listen
I can’t miss a thing

Lord I know my heart wants more of
You My heart wants something new
So I surrender all

All I want is to live within Your love
Be undone by who You are

My desire is to know You deeper
Lord I will open up again
Throw my fears into the wind
I am desperate for a touch of heaven

I hope my stories encourage you, that no matter in what situation you are right now, don’t depend on your understanding. Don’t be afraid with the circumtances. Instead, always look to The One who loves us so much! Whose hands will never leave us, and we can put our cares to Him alone.

Jesus is the answer!

And i hope you find peace to draw near , be freshen up, anchored, and ready to stand up again and be fruitful and useful! ❤️

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