Last Day in 2020

Hi everyone, late Christmas greeting for you.. Today we are in the last day of 2020. Yes it is Dec, 31, 2020.

Some of you might be busy preparing for New Year’s Eve, a little party, a little hangout, and some might let the night pass by just like that. Whatever you’re doing, please remember to stay safe and follow the gathering protocol well.

For myself, I am going to have a simple dinner at home with my families only. The only place where we can eat and chit chat happily.

I have ordered some foods from restaurant to be sent home, and my friend also sent me a New Year’s dinner. That will be more than enough foods to celebrate. But no fireworks this time as i have a furbaby with me now, a Siberian Husky, still 3 months old. I heard most puppies are afraid of the fireworks’ sound.

So how’s 2020 for you? I guess 2020 is not about our achievements, our travelling trips. It is more for us to strive and survive, and be grateful for the year. Don’t you agree?

2020 ain’t easy for me either. My 2 main businesses are highly affected even until today, make us use our own saving to strive. And if i look to the natural realm, soon my bank account would collapse too.

Also, Looking for all the plans and trips i have for 2020, i can really say that 2020 is like a joke. A big clown.

But throughout the months, throughout the difficulties, though most of the times it appeared bleak, God showed me that He is faithful. He provides! Not too soon, not too late, just in time.

The thought i have for 2021 is also a scary thought where everything seem not yet in place yet, unstable, and unpredictable.

Am i worry? YES! Am i scare? DEFINITELY.

But once again i know that my God is just and faithful and 2021 too, He has gone ahead of me and prepared for me.

Though it so dark, i believe i will survive again. And so are you!

I hope you all stand strong, keep doing whatever you can and be productive, and rest all your cares to the One who hold tomorrow, coz He’s not gonna disappoint you and me, and everyone who put their trust on Him.

We can go through 2021!!

And what about New Year’s Resolution, do you guys still make it?

I personally don’t have any resolution for 2021. 😂 i am embarrass with myself. Instead of resolution, i put on prayer wishlist for 2021.

Including total health protection and financial breakthrough through the famine (yes covid situation bring financial famine, literally, so i need a breakthrough!).

I wish 2021 not passed by just like 2020, mostly home and… almost no significant events happen.

I wish 2021 will be nicer and brighter!

And i wish wherever you are, while you read this, you find courage and hope too.

And warmest greeting from me to you ❤️


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Hello, World! My name is Angelia, currently living in Surabaya - Indonesia. This blog is about a little thought of mine regarding girl's talk, beauty, food, fashion and travel, as well as parenting as myself is a mommy. Hope you really have a good time reading my blog peeps! Get in touch with me through Instagram: angeliasamodro or email me at

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