Blessing in Disguise: COVID19

I have heard many are sad for 2020. So much things happen and most of them were unpleasant events.

I have heard people saying that 2020 is so wasted nothing we can do until 2021.

I know it is easy to feel stuck during this time. Feel unproductive, hopeless, useless, but you don’t have to stay on that loop forever. For me, this season is really like a blessing in disguise. I have gotten more things done than usual, i got my family spending time together, cooking together and do groceries together.

My son got to play the whole day with his daddy. I believe yours too. Usually his daddy comes home around dinner time, bathe, little chit chat and sleep. So this is a beautiful time if you know what to do about it.

During this time, if you are a hardworker and no time to rest before, this is the perfect time to get a beauty sleep.

I know that’s not easy for hardworker, but think as this: your body also need time to recover. It can’t function properly without you taking care of it.

Done with few days of slack back and chills, now is the time for self empowerment.

For me, self empowerment comes by reading a book. I delight in good books, with soothing music background of course to keep me going. And as i have kid, i can only do this when he’s sleeping at night. So i start my reading time at 11pm. An hour a day is quite good for my soul.

I know some person are not meant for book, any books. So what can you do to empower yourself?

What about exercise to stay healthy and fit? Don’t let the fluffy couch and snacks consumed you and by the end of the quarantine shocked you with a whole new level of weight gain.

You can also unlock new skill. Learn new things that you initially plan to do but never have time before.

As people stays at home, i see more of my friends cook more. This is a good sign right? Even for those who never entered kitchen before, they tried to bake something, make a refreshment drink. It is really beautiful.

There will be something to do. You just need to make up your mind and get it done.

And then you can see that this quarantine thingy is not as boring as you think or you experienced before. There’s always new thing.

Even if you don’t excited for new thing, there are plenty to be grateful during this moment. The quality time that you have forgotten with your loved ones. It does not need cafe, restaurant, cinema to enjoy your time together.

It just take the two of you, talking, cuddling.

My grandmother also happier now because she got to see her daughter and grandchildren more at home. Usually she always home alone at day.

If you take a moment to look at the small details, it is still wonderful time.

Yes i know that our mobilization are limited now. I know our income are driving us crazy. Some people are really terrific to be in crowd even for doing groceries.

I am also a business owner that during this time experience almost 0 income. On the tragic side, i have fixed cost for my households, for meals, and for all my employees. And i still do advertising and endorsing, and paid my talents even higher than their normal rate. I believe they also need income so they increase the endorsement rate. I am also “bleeding”. But that should not be the main concern as i am not the only one facing it. It’s a global problem, happening everywhere.

In fact as i bleed, i still have a little of my emergency fund to stay alive. And that emergency fund also still enough for me to do little charity. No my emergency fund is not more than US$500 (exclude my saving and child education saving) to ensure you that you probably living this dark hour way more convenient than me. One of my friend were terrified, he shared that his emergency fund is only US$10,000 (not including his own saving, wife’s saving, child and education saving). i told him that he can live longer than me on this period.

To stay alive i need:

Air (free), peace (free), love (free), meals, electricity, water, and some medicines. And it really doesn’t take that much.

You see friends, some might have money and they still worry so much. Some are perfectly healthy but they fear to be infected so much.

It is our fear and stress that consumed us and make us think that we really can’t survive tomorrow.

Instead of focusing on the bad side, i appreciate the little things. And there my soul find peace.

During this time, Peace is very priceless and all you need.

I put my anchor strong on the promises of the Lord. And yes it is something that i won’t trade. Because in Him i can find peace even in the midst of the storm. In Him i know that my needs will be supplied not according to my bank account which running out soon, but according to His righteous. Yes it is happening. Friends and family sending foods, then i don’t need to cook daily that leads to more groceries. Which means that i save more right? And many of His goodness i experience daily (even when my expenses are still on going and get greater), left me assured that He is there and not a second leave me and let me die in despair.

Look your surrounding! Birds chirping, clear blue sky, brighter stars. I even notice that there are more butterflies on my garden nowadays. it is all good. And we know for sure the old world we are living also healing, to sustain more in the future.

If you take this “pause” moment to do nothing and feel hopeless, you will miss the big points.

Take this time to really take a break for a while, and start fresh! Enjoy the things you never done, appreciate more. Get more deeper with God. And celebrate!

Because even it looks so bad, God is in control. Even it looks like we are under heavy storm, this too shall pass and a beautiful rainbow and warm celebration awaits!

So don’t feel stress out alone, don’t commit suicide, hang on there and let’s enjoy this moment together.

Cheers for you and me, cheers for the world.

*All the beautiful illustrations are from various accounts on Pinterest

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8 thoughts on “Blessing in Disguise: COVID19

  1. Right kak. Thats so many bad effect of this covid 19 but it has positif effect too, we can have perfect time with family❤


  2. Semoga wabah ini cepet kelarr ya kak,,,kenapa sih orang² masih gasadarr bahayanya malahh mentinginn beli baju lebarann,,,buat apasihhh baju lebaran kalo dia kena COVID-19 kan percuma juga😡


  3. Keren bgt ci blog nyaa😍😍 use english lagii .. effortny gede 💯💯 Semoga wabah covid-19 segera kelar ya cii… supaya semua bisa kembali normal pelan”🙏🏻🙏🏻 Stay safe and stay healthy ci angel❣️ Godblessyou


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