Purito From Green Cleansing Oil Review

Hello everyone.

Today i want to give a little review of Purito – From Green Cleansing Oil.

Purito is a skincare brand from South Korea that started to hype due to their EWG ingredients.

Purito only uses safe natural ingredients. Among natural ingredients, only safe ingredients are used, with US environmental organization’s EWG skin deep score in mind all times.

No wonder people are crazy about it and wanna try their products.

I got mine, shipped directly from Korea, one of the best selling products: From Green Cleansing Oil.

I’ve been regularly use this cleansing oil for 4 months and fall in love with it from the first try.

Without further delay, let’s dive to the details.

Purito From Green Cleansing Oil

Purito From Green Cleansing Oil is 100% vegan and contains 5 nutritive oils such as:

– Olive

– Sunflower Seed

– Jojoba

– Sweet Almond

– Grape Seed

This From Green Cleansing Oil contains no mineral oil, no ethanol, no PEG, no linanool, no artificial fragrance and also cruelty free.

What’s more interesting? This From Green Cleansing Oil also pregnancy safe!

How to use the product?

1. Dispense 3 pumps of cleansing oil on clean palm and rub together

2. Massage on dry face. I love to do it on circular motion and also put a little pressure to relax the skin

3. Add a little water and massage again for emulsification process

4. Wash with water

5. Apply face wash

My Personal Opinions

I love the simple packaging that Purito has. The box was made from recycled paper. It does not make the packaging lousy or less pretty, in fact, i can receive their environmental friendly message clearly and be proud as i use their product.

Purito From Green Cleansing Oil uses a plastic bottle with a dispenser. The dispenser comes with stopper as well to make it easier to bring on traveling without the fear of leaking and messy.

Now let’s discuss how this cleansing oil works on my skin.

This cleansing oil is very delicate on my sensitive skin.

It washes away impurities like dirts, makeup, and sunscreen.

Yes sunscreen!

Before getting my hand on Purito Green Cleansing Oil, i need a remover first then cleansing oil and follow with face wash. If i skip one of those step, i still can feel my sunscreen on my face.

But after i met Purito From Green Cleansing Oil, i just need this cleansing oil plus face wash. And it’s totally clean.

Face well hydrated, no rashes, no redness, not too oily and not sticky. It’s really wonderful!

This cleansing oil become my favorite daily wash off cleanser.

My skin is noticeably smoother and more supple.

I do put extra attention on the ingredients that my skincare and makeups have to make sure my skin get the best nutrition needed. With Purito, i can find relief.

If you want to try any of Purito products as well as get more informations about this brand, you can check:

Facebook: @puritokorea

Instagram: @purito_official

Website: www.puritoen.com


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9 thoughts on “Purito From Green Cleansing Oil Review

  1. Saya jadi penasaran nih kak dengan Purito From Green Cleansing Oil karena tidak mengandung bahan-bahan yang berbahaya bagi kulit. Kebetulan saya memang belum menemukan cleansing oil yang cocok buat kulit saya, saya masukkan wishlist dulu nih kak produknya,thanks ya kak Angel buat reviewnya.


  2. Thanks so much ci for your review😍😍 berguna dan membantu banget buat kita semua dalam bidang skincare dan beauty ci❤️


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