Beauty Rollers Review

These past few years people are crazy about Beauty Roller.

Indeed, this beauty roller has brought benefit for face and skin. So it doesn’t surprise me if this tool become a trend.

Now, there are a lot of different rollers in the market, from Stone (Jade – Rose Quartz) to Stainless, Platinum and more.

I have 3 rollers on my own, 2 from stone (jade and rose quartz) and 1 made of stainless.

Which is the best roller? You’re about to find out my preference.

First before we start, let me explain to you the benefits of using beauty roller. Regardless what type of roller you have, they all carry the same benefits.

What are the Benefits?

– Increase blood circulation

– Minimize pores

– Reduce the appearance of fine lines

– Minimize puffy eyes and face

– Tighten skin

– Help skin to absorb skincare better

How to use this Roller?

Use small roller for eyes, nose, and smaller areas and the big roller for the entire face.

Use 3 times per area.

Always roll upwards, don’t put any pressure.

Angel’s Preference:

1. Put on mask sheet and use the roller for massage

2. Use your skincare followed by this roller for blending and deep penetration

3. Put on the fridge 5 minutes before using for cooling and relaxing sensation

Now time to review the beauty rollers that I have.

A) Rose Quartz Roller

Okay I got my Rose Quartz Roller from Kay Collection.

Why Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz symbolized love. Love for yourself. This stone add confidence, acceptance, and draw more love towards you.

In my opinion, this Rose Quartz roller has cooling sensation than any other roller, even without putting it inside the fridge.

Glides smoothly. And the design is sweet.

B) Jade Roller

I got mine from Marne Official. This brand is one of the first who comes up with beauty roller in Indonesia.

For me this Jade Roller looking more real in terms of stone. The color get darker as time passes by just as how jade stone should be.

It glides smoothly.

C) Laneige Time Freeze Face Fit Roller

As comparison with the Rose and Jade Roller, Laneige face roller has very different feature.

It has 2 rollers big and small, and the shape is V.

Making it possible to roll both small and big roller together.

And perfectly fit on jaw area.

So yes definitely this one help to achieve more V shape.

But V Shape does not come as simple as rolling your beauty roller, okay?

Please really take note of that.

So among these 3, which one is my favorite roller?

I bet you already know!

I use 3 of them regularly. But my favorite one will be Laneige Time Freeze Face-Fit Roller.

Because somehow beside it functions like any other beauty roller, it also help me glides away the fat i have along on my jaw area. Making it tights and more V i guess.

The downside of this Laneige Time Freeze Face-Fit Roller is the price that quite expensive. It’s around 650k Rupiahs while the 2 stone is around 200k Rupiahs only.

But if you do have some spare on your piggy bank account, i recommend to invest on Laneige.

Now, if you ask me where to buy those Roller… I believe you can find many now, regardless the brand.

And as i stated earlier, all Beauty Roller carry the same function. So you can choose based on your budget preference and color favorite.

Is this roller really necessary?

Well, this beauty roller just a tool to boost a performance. Just a helping tool. It is not a must. Not necessary.

You can still reduce fine lines with extra care and anti aginh products, not to mention: laser.

You can still depuff swollen face with ice cube.

You can still minimize pore with the right serum and pore products.

So do not be discouraged if you don’t have this hype tool yet.

I hope my review give a little enlightment and information for you all.

Have a great day, Beauty Enthusiast!


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