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Hello! How’s everybody doing?

I admit that i’ve been inactive on this blog for quite a long time and only posting for collaboration purpose.

If you ask me “How have you been, Angelia?” I’ve been well this far and quite busy due to moving to new house and expand new business. So yeah basically i am still a home momma, working things out from my house while taking care my kid, going to new office on crucial days and weekend.

And same old same old, 24 hours seem not enough for me.

This is not just a quick update post of how i am doing.

This a post to share that like many, i also felt overwhelmed at time and feeling like given up.

All the problems that keep on coming, facing new trials and challenges…. Even imposed to dark magic. Haha. You read it right. Dark magic and evil power, some people really targetted us as the subject. (worry not, nothing bad happened to us. He is good! We just terrified how people can become so mean)

Yeah that’s my new roller coaster ride.

But above all, Praise God that He is a God who lives, who hears and has already won over everything so by His grace alone, i can overcome all sorts of that crazy ride and stand still with a smile.

And this introduction lead into my sharing points.

Our mind could easily take over everything. Whisper that life is unfair, how this friend so blessed while we are not…

How that friend still blessed though everybody in this town know s/he did dirty things…

And even saying that we’re uncapable to do most of the things and a total failure as compared to everybody else in this universe.

Sounds you enough? That sounds me enough at a time! Yes i am also that shallow! I stand high, but when i fall, i pretty much rolling into the dark deep hole. I am an ordinary human ☺️

At that point, i know that our nature will direct us to make conversation with those whom we trust, whose so dear to us.

Life partner, sibling, best friends.

Thank God if those group of bunch bring the words of season and freshen our soul. What if it doesn’t work that way?

So i change my source of refuelment.

Instead of sharing first and hopefully that they will all ears and not judging first… I turn to prayer.

The only One whom always all ears, no judgement, and with open hands ready to rescue….

God and God alone.

And by then my life become easier, i can see things in whole new perspective and ready to “fight” again. Doors and windows opened to lead to way out.

And my conversation with others goes on to new level! Instead of complaining and feel miserable, i could tell facts that burdened me and share how i can overcome things though there’re some that still going on.

Such a good news, such a good vibes will hard to be rejected by those who perceived you as their dearest.

They will also find new hope and you impact good things to their life.

Many candles be lighted up again. Hopes flames, faith strengthens.

Because you never know the journey that they walking in (tho everything look so good on the outside).

God bless us so we could be a blessing. To become a living testimony that everyone else might experience exactly the same, even greater.

Changing our source of hope changes the game.

Don’t let God be the last option when you go into life’s trouble. Put Him on the frontline.

I believe you will say “read this somewhere else. Heard this before”

Even i, wrote this before.

But yes i tend to make Him my last defense. And i always know that putting Him as my defense will change the game. And i always overcome things then.

But again and again, i always put Him on my last and then shout “Praise God for He is good!”

Indeed He is.

But changing directly for God to become the frontline will really overjoyed you.

And instead of saying “at the end, we win this with God” it will be more wonderful to say “from the very beginning we knew we won this with God”

And as this post writen and published, for the first few months in my life i have already practicing this.

Turn to Him first. My number 1.

And all i can see is from glory to glory He brings me in His mighty wings.

My dearest friend who is so keen to spare your time and read through….

Regardless of your religion and whom you believe, turn to God first.

I know you have walked so many beautiful journeys too and today if you feel stuck, opt for Him first.

Our live is an opened book. A book that God has written. So who can help? Only He alone can.

I hope this little sharing time and quick update from me become new refreshment to your soul to fight the day, the week, the month, and everyday in your life!


Thank you for reading and have a super blessed day!

I’ll be back often. Promise you.

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Hello, World! My name is Angelia, currently living in Surabaya - Indonesia. This blog is about a little thought of mine regarding girl's talk, beauty, food, fashion and travel, as well as parenting as myself is a mommy. Hope you really have a good time reading my blog peeps! Get in touch with me through Instagram: angeliasamodro or email me at

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