Face, Body, and Hair Care Favorite

Good day to all of you! Sorry for being MIA for a while now. I’ve been busy with my new start up.

But heyy, here i am again, doing the one thing i love: writing a blog.

Today i am going to share my favorite face – body – and hair care.

Before labelling them as “my favorite”, i’ve used them regularly and bought repeatedly. Thus, the result is legit for my skin.

Are you excited to find out? Let’s start!

These are my morning routine.

After facial wash, i use Neutrogena Eye Cream.

Since i don’t have wrinkle yet, i am not so sure if this cream really working but for me it’s better to prevent. And so far, everytime i go to face clinic they always say that my eyes areas are still in very good condition.

This cream is absorb easily and leaving to spot or marks when i apply my makeup.

Next step… Prreti: Oil Serum . Prreti is a Korean brand skincare. I got this serum from Althea.Kr

I use 3 drops for my whole face.

I love the smell of orange inside the serum. Feeling refresh and brighten up my mood.

This serum also absorb almost immediately. It’s hydrating well. The only minor thing is this serum contain more water as compared to other oil serum.

Then, i apply my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo for the next step. I have already reviewed this and LRP is one of my skin saver 🙂 a product that really helps me achieve my current healthy looking complexion. Read here if you haven’t read.

Wait 3 minutes to dry, and then i layer my face with Althea Korea Petal Velvet Sunaway. It’s a sunscreen. I’ve been using this and repurchased. Totally in love with this sunscreen that hydrating my skin, non comedogenic and also contains no white cast! Perfect.

Read here for my full review of the product.

Last step, pat a little powder onto my face using Althea Korea Petal Velvet loose powder and lipbalm to protect my lip from dryness, from Young Living.

Actually i love to use Young Living lipbalm and lipgloss because their product do not make my lip darker. In fact, it change my lip color in healthier color , and permanently! From dark and pale (i am not a smoker), into natural pinkish color.

and these are my night routine.

Start with a clean face after facial wash, then i apply my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

I really love this face oil. It calmed my skin, and powerful to work overnight and let me wakeup with brand new – healthy – and hydrated skin.

Must have! I have reviewed this in a detail before. Click here to read.

Once my skin absorb all the oil, i continue my night skincare with La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and Young Living Lipbalm.

Before i sleep, i love to use eyepatch , two times a week, and also a mask sheet – 3 times a week.

This is how i do my skincare routine.

All the products mentioned have been with me quite a while and been on my repeat order cart too.

I am not going to replace them because i really like it. Favorite ❤️

As for the Prreti Oil Serum, i have already finished 2 bottles and i am going to change to Kiehl’s Dark Spot Serum .

And lastly…. My favorit bodycare.

Cetaphil is my one and only lover for face cleanser. It is gentle and wipes off the dirts perfectly.

I have reviewed Cetaphil in depth before, you can click here.

And i always bring face mist on my bag because it always helps me to relieve the stress over hot weather while keeps my face hydrated.

Spray spray spray. Spray as many as you like it.

Then for hair care…

I have an oily scalp. This makes me need to wash my hair daily, otherwise my hair will be so freaking ugly the next day.

But since i knew Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo, i can relax.

My scalp doesn’t get quickly so fast, and my hair smells good too. Very refreshing.

But as the shampoo helps to control my excess sebum, i find it a bit drying too and leads to flaky scalp (not dandruff okay). To solve this, i use Makarizo Mint Sorbet Hair Spa once a week and phewwww this trick really works!

Lastly, over the years i have made Chloe my signature scent. I love the sweet powdery floral scent. It’s not too much, linger longer, and smells elegant.

All the products above have been used by me for at least 3 bottles/tubes for over 2 years latest. And if you ask me whether i’ll continue to use it or not, my answer will be YES I WILL CONTINUE. In fact, i’m still using it now.

That’s when i can labelled them “favorite” ❤️

What about you? Have you try any of the products i mention above? Do you also like it? Or what products suit you best?

Share with me your opinion on the comment section.

Have a great day!


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