The Great 50 Show Circus Surabaya: Circus Like Never Before

So honoured and happy to become the first Surabayan to see circus performance by Oriental Circus Indonesia called The Great 50 Show on Wednesday March 13th, 2019.

On this post I will share with you my experience, the schedule and ticketting, and also tips from me to experience the best of the show!

We shall begin now.

The History

The Opening: History

Oriental Circus Indonesia first big performance was in 1967, adored people with their acrobatic, clowns, and well trained animals to perform. And for the first time, as well as to celebrate their 50th birthday, this show doesn’t use animals.

The Great 50 Show combines the classic circus (acrobat, flying trapeze, aerial silk, puppetry, fire dance and more) with new technology like drone, laser, video mapping, as well as live music performance (band).

The Great 50 Show tells a story about a young guy named Noah who falling in love with circus the first time he watched it and become member of the circus after. But along the way, problems came and made Noah left the circus and sailed to Indonesia. He settled down as a trader and became the father of 3 sons. His passions about circus never fade and he trained his sons to do acrobat and finally they can performed as a group at city square. People loved them and they made Oriental Circus happened. One day Noah has nightmare facing his greatest enemy in the form as a tiger. Noah realized the way to solve this was to make peace with the tiger.

The Fire Dance

Located at North Parking Park of Lenmarc Mall, this a circus you don’t want to miss.

2 hours show with 20 minutes break. A show for everyone from every gender and age group.

The Experience

For this occasion, I was seated at H, fourth row from behind. It’s a Gold Class in seating arrangement.

Now if you ask me whether I can see the performance from that far, my answer is YES. I could see everything clearly!

For the show itself, frankly speaking, I didn’t expect much at first, because (sorry) I never know before that Indonesian Circus could be very professional.

And during the show I keep on “wow” (hoping my jaw didn’t break due to astonishment) and clapping happily.


This show definitely beyond my expectation!

World Class Performance! That’s my title for this show. The ambience, the performace, everything is perfect!

It is not exaggerated to give The Great 50 Show that title. I have watched circus in China, in Phuket, even the famous one in Las Vegas – USA. This one we have here, is comparable to those show! That’s a fact!

Good job!

Happy to bring my 3 years old son who amazed throughout the show, and even asked me to bring him back and see some more!

Us, Inside The Tent

The atmosphere inside also convenience with airconditioner. Pretty cool even for full house. So please do not use your cigars inside. Toilet available outside.

The Schedule & Ticketting

Getting more curious and cannot wait to see yourself? Quickly check your schedule and available ticket. You can buy your ticket from:

• Traveloka,

• Ticket Booth at PasaRame Tunjungan Plaza 6 and Main Entrance Lenmarc Mall.

Get discount up to 25% when you purchase at mall booth.

• On site (1 hour before showtime)

Below is the pricing and schedule details.

For more info and details you can go to website and Instagram Account @thegreat50show

The Tips

Okay since I have already experienced firsthand, I am going to share with you tips to enjoy the circus at best.

1. Do not worry about the seating arrangement. I have proven that seated at 4th row from behind did nothing to me. I can see and enjoy all the performance clearly. So quickly grab available seat. If you urge me to choose, i would suggest to sit at least in Gold / Platinum Class. To avoid pillars.

2. Come early (at least 1 hour before) because queue is expected when you redeem your ticket. But do not worry because your kids and family could chill on the lounge.

The Lounge

There’s a playground where your kids could play, coloring, face and body painting and also asked for balloon. This is FREE. A service provide by The Great 50 Show to make your waiting time comfortable.

You can also buy foods and drinks by Eat&Eat like fried rice, burger, cotton candy and more.

3. Wear something comfortable and no heels. Because you will need to take staircases to your seat, heels will slow you down.

4. Please do not use camera and mobile phone during the show,

5. Don’t go home so soon. After all casts dance the goodbye, the audience will start to leave, but at the end they will come up again from backstage and you can queue for photo

It was unforgettable night out with my family.

I hope this show could continue again and again. Visitting all cities in Indonesia so people will know that we have this world class performace and many will have the chance to enjoy the entertainment. The circus like never before.

As for you, Surabayan, hurry book your ticket now. Don’t miss this one or you will regret 😦

Have a good day!


Angelia Samodro

**Disclaimer: Photos were taken legally from my own camera because I was one of the appointed bloggers. I may documented the pictures for the first 15 minutes of the show for my blog. I have special badgetag given. As for others, phone and camera are strictly prohibited to be used during the show. Security will come to you and warn you if needed.

My review is honest and free from biased**

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