Pressed Flowers Arrangement for Decoration

Are you into flowers and plants for decoration and have been trying to preserve it but fail?

Because i do! And most of the times my flowers and plants become dry and the color only turn to brownish black *sad*

And then, as if the universe sending me the signal, i found from my friend. And again, the universe spoken, Citedesfleurs had workshop with @basicworkshop, at The Cafe Java Paragon.

Citedesfleurs owned by Ms. Amelie Casasevall. She’s from France and been living for few years in Indonesia. Bali, and now Surabaya.

She’s so kind and eager to share with us her expertise on Pressed Flowers Arrangements.

She managed to answer all of our questions, sharing tips and tricks too.

Lo and behold, i’m going to share a little bit from the workshop.

For Pressed Flowers Arrangements, it is best to know the nature of the flowers and leaves.

Some of the flowers might need to be painted first, so the color could stay vivid. Like Rose, Daisy. But flowers like Hydrangea, Bougenville do not need that. Even the color goes softer, it will last.

This is a revelation for me, in which, now i know why my rose could never work. I need to color it first.

After painting the flowers (when necessary), just prepare carton, newspaper and baking paper, and put into sandwich order.

Like this:

Hard carton – newspaper – baking paper – baking paper – newspaper – hard carton

Then we put the flowers and leaves in between the baking paper, make sure each flowers do not touch one another.

So the sequence will be:

Hard carton – newspaper – baking paper – flowers and leaves – baking paper – neespaper – hard carton

Then pressed hard, put heavy books on top of the sandwich and leave it up to 2-3 weeks.

Change the baking paper and newspaper every 2 days if necessary (when the paper become wet).

And flowers and leaves are ready to be used on decoration.

For the arrangement, you can try to arrange the flowers and leaves until you are pleased, take picture to memorize them and start using the glue to stick it.

We can use white glue to stick the flowers and leaves onto the paper. Then ready to put inside the frame.

In order for the flowers and leaves to stay longer inside the frame, we need to make sure to limit or press as many air out from the frame. Here, we need to use tape to bind every corner of the glass frame / acrylic frame.

That’s all! You can now start practice doing the basic.

And you still need to attend the class because, Ms.Amelie has different techniques, different workshop course, to teach you a lot of new things you don’t know yet.

Even for the tips that i already shared above, i still left some important clues. Like what we need to use to paint, what tape is the best, what glue is the best, and more. So if you are curious, don’t forget to contact Ms Amelie from Citedesfleurs Art or Ms Yenny from BasicWorkshop.

The workshop was sweet and fruitful. I also made new friends from the workshop beside learning from the expert on Pressed Flowers Arrangement.

If you wish to join such class (or looking for other workshops available), you can follow @basicworkshop on Instagram. Ms Yenny has been doing this for 3 years, provide the citizen with valuable and interesting workshop to learn, even for kiddos.

And it is positive activity too, where we can expand our creativity, learn, and make new connection.

Also, you can contact Ms.Amelie of @Citedesfleur.Art directly if you wish to have her on your gathering, bridal shower or other occassion.

She also has some of the decorations ready to be purchased. Just go directly to her instagram account.

This is the type of workshop that i was grateful to join. A basic skill that not yet known by many, activities to improve myself.

Thank you for Basic Workshop – Ms.Yenny and Citedesfleurs Art – Ms.Amelie for having me as the Guest Star.

Your warm and friendliness moved me ❤️ I also adore and appreciate how you guys manage to address all of us participants by name, and recognize participants face when all of us first came in.

It made us feel so welcomed and boost our excitement during the class.

Thank you The Cafe-Java Paragon for the snacks, sweet ambience during the workshop.

And thank you to @doaphotograph for the photos and documentary!

All the photos i used for this blogpost are the courtesy of DOAPhotograph ❤️🙏🏻


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2 thoughts on “Pressed Flowers Arrangement for Decoration

  1. I love this blog post. It reminds me of my childhood when I used to dry press flowers and save them. You’ve encouraged me to perhaps start doing so again, especially as even now I enjoy card making and other paper crafts. It seems like I could combine these hobbies if I get the opportunity ☺️🌼

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