DIY Natural Soapbar

Hello everybody! I’m back with content to share and hopefully inspire you.

A little story behind this post is from my own experience.

I’ve been Paraben Free and SLS Free for 1.5 years now, and since last year my sis and I made our own soapbar. We attended courses and never stop learning to be able to make the good soap.

Overwhelmed by the positive feedbacks from our dearest friends and families whom we send our soap to try, we finally opened our business, Premium Artisan Soap on Instagram @Savonette.Soapbar

Although the ingredients we choose are premium, we surpressed the price as low as possible so many people can afford to buy and change to healthier lifestyle.

If you interested, you can peek on @Savonette.soapbar instagram and contact our Admins to make inquiries.

And today, i’ll be sharing with you a recipe to create your own soapbar. And specifically, it’s for souvenir and handwash soap at home.

I promise you that i have already modificate the recipe and steps to make sure even beginner could follow closely at home.

Let’s go to the details.

We are going to make a 500gr soapbar recipe. This could serve up to 3-5 silicone molds.

Moringa Natural Soapbar Recipe

Tools you need: Hand mixer, spatula, digital measurement, Food Temperature, silicone mold, stainless beater, stainless steel spoon, 2 beaker glass, plastic gloves, mask.


72 gr LYE,

8 tsp Moringa Pure Powder (for active ingredients and natural colorant),

175 gr Mineral Water

150 gr Olive Oil (Cold Pressed)

150 gr Sunflower Oil

150 gr Palm Oil

50 gr Virgin Coconut Oil

20 drops Pure Essential Oils (for scent)

Step by Step:

1. Put LYE into the mineral water on the beaker glass little by little, stir it well using stainless spoon until no more solid LYE detected.

Cool it down and wait until it reaches 37′ C

2. Put all the oils (except Essential Oils) into an empty beaker glass.

3. After Step 1 reaches 37’C, pour it into the beaker glass consists of all the oils (Step 2)

4. Mix it well using a handblender for up to 8 minutes, or until the liquid form begins to thicken.

5. Drops the essential oils and powder (in this case: Moringa), and mix it well using stainless beater.

6. Place the batter into silicone molds and wrapped it with plastic cling wrap for 24 hours. After 24 hours passed, put it on the freezer for 1 hour.

7. Open the plastic wrap, remove the soap from the silicone mold, place in open cool dry area for 4 weeks.

8. Then you can store it inside plastic ware or wrapped for gift to be used.

Things you need to know about Soap Making Process:

A. Always use glass and stainless steel products during the process to prevent rusty and burning.

B. Always use handgloves because LYE will make your skin itchy.

Now, if you ask “why do we need LYE? And what about using it later on soap, aren’t we experience itchyness and rashes on our body?

LYE together with the oils will make into glycerin along the way until curing time finished. Which is 2-3 weeks. And hence, you need to give at least 4 weeks before you are able to use the soap.

By the fourth weeks, the glycerin already made and the single component of LYE weren’t there anymore. It’s decompose and evaporate well.

So without LYE, you cannot have natural glycerin. You can add the instant glycerin available on the market to change the step though.

So the answer is NO, it won’t make your skin itchy later on.

On the process, you experience itchyness because the glycerin hasn’t been formed. It is pure LYE.

C. Do not forget to always calculate your recipe in order for you to get the best of your soap, the cleansing formula – the hardeness of the soap – the moist of the soap and more.

For my soap, i always prefer to use Pure Essential Oils and even Therapeutic Grade EO (Young Living EO) rather than perfume and lower grade EO. Because I want it to be close enough to get the title Natural.

And I always add Pure Active Powder to boost the goodness of the soap.

For example, Moringa. Moringa is natural source of Vitamin C and improve collagen, helping reduce fine lines.

So the soap alone only cleanse and moist your skin.

But adding an active pure powder will add more functions to the soap.

Always choose the pure one, no salt, no sugar, no preservatives and no artificial colorant.

This active pure powder, beside adding goodness, will also give natural color to the soap. But sometimes, it’s not enough to get the colour you want.

You can add Cosmetic Grade Mica Powder to the soap.

It’s 100% safe. All skincare and makeup also use this as the colorant.

If you ask me whether the soap recipe that i shared could be used for bathing too, the answer is YES. In fact, it can also be used for face soap.

But the reason I give the title for Souvenir / HandSoap is because this is basic recipe.

For myself, for Savonette Soapbar, the recipe is more complex. Calculate with details and precision. We also give more portion of Olive Oil and include Milk to boost the hydration. Less Palm Oil and VCO. Choosing only the best essential oils, and more.

(Please note that the recipe here is for 500 grams, if you want to make a 1000 grams, you can’t just multiply all the recipes above. There’s fat discounted, water discounted and many more. You need to attend classes too, to learn)

We make sure that the soap is good for ourselves, so we can also sell it to extend the goodness.

That’s why our soap (Savonette) isn’t that hard and fragile compared to the souvenir soap recipe. It needs to be place on room temperature as soon as you open our package and more (all insights, FAQs, testimonies can be accessed easily on the HIGHLIGHT sections on Savonette.Soapbar Instagram)

And that’s about all this time.

If you wish to purchase, you can contact our admins. If you wish to arrange fun activities for your gathering to learn together about soapmaking, just drop DMs on our instagram / contact admins, or email me at:

So are you ready to make your own soapbar now?

Share the result and tag me if you want ❤️ if you still have questions, do drop me a comment. I’ll get back to you soon.

Have a great day!

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