Savvy Minerals Review + Makeup Inspiration

Last Saturday, 14 July 2018, i was invited on Afternoon Talkshow about “Healthy and Wealthy with Savvy Minerals and Young Living Essential Oils” hosted by Surabaya Beauty Blogger, WomanBlitz, Healthy Wealthy Oils and Oils Holic.

I believe many of us has heard about Young Living Essential Oils, the pioneer of therapeutic grade essential oils. And last year, they launched their first ever mineral makeup collections under Savvy Minerals brand.

And because it still under Young Living which believe on the natural things, we can expect non toxin – non synthetic – no paraben – no filler products, plus, infused with essential oils.

All Savvy Minerals products come in powder so that they don’t need to put paraben (liquid tend to expired faster). And though it comes in powder, all the products could be use to create perfect makeup for daily to glam party look.

Here’s the picture of me getting a glam look makeover . Full face makeup using Savvy Minerals

I got Eyeshadow colour 406, Lipstick colour 602 – Daydream and Lavender Lipbalm (for winning the quiz) during the Event.

So let’s head on to my review and scroll below to see me creating Daily Makeup Look using Savvy Minerals products that i got.

Eyeshadow 406

It’s not that difficult to apply powdery eyeshadow. Just bear in mind to always tap the brush first, or the dust will drop messily on face.

The eyeshadow has a bit of shimmering finish. Yess a bit because the blink isn’t too obvious, but definitely not matte either. I need to add more swatches (gradually) in order to get the darker shade. And finally it become the combination of purplish grey smokey kinda color.

Maybe it will be easier if i put on eyeprimer to help boosting the color ☺️

The eyeshadow is blend-able! Easy to blend and mix and match with other color, even from other brand.

And it is also easy to remove with any makeup remover.

Lipstick 602 Day Dream

It has metallic finish. The color is frosty pink. I used the word frosty because of the metallic effect. But as it get more mature on the lip, the color will slightly change to darker shade. But for me, i personally think it’s too pale for me. Even if i keep adding the color. So my best tips will be combine it with other lipstick color.

This lipstick could moist my lip well (castor oil is the key here). If you have dry or chapped lip, i suggest you to put on lipbalm first for easy and smooth application.

Oh i can easily wipe clean my lips 🙂 Also, this lipstick don’t stain. Good one!

Now let’s play with the makeup.

I created this Daily Natural (plus faux age spots) look to test the products. While everyone getting crazy with cute little fake freckles all around the face, i choose bigger one to make it relateable.

To achieve the look, i used:

Face: Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Cream, after makeup all done, i use Innisfree No Sebum Powder.


Step1: brush over Naked2 Urban Decay “Bootycall” all over eyes.

Step2: use Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow 406 on outer crease, blend blend and blend. Add the color gradually to build up the color.

Step3: use CityColor Highlighting Powder Intense Exposure on the inner crease. And on the arch of the brow.

Step4: add Kanebo Black Liquid eyeliner and put on eyelashes to add more drama.

Brow: fill the brow using Naked2 Urban Decay “Blackout”

Highlight: nose – upper lip – cheek bone using City Color Highlighting Powder Intense Exposure

Shading: nose – jaw bones – forehead using LT Pro Shade and Tint Kit 02

Lips: Savvy Minerals Daydream Lipstick

Blush: VOV Minerals 01 Blending Coral

Freckles: using Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow 406

And….. VOILA

What do you think of the makeup? Can we agree to put the word “legit” for this?

I have proven that Savvy Minerals products could be use nicely both for daily and glam look. Ohh by the way, those big freckles looking real but still nice.

I am pleased ❤️

So are you going to try Savvy Minerals products too?

If you need more information about Savvy Minerals or Young Living oil, you can go to their official website at:

Or whatsapp to:

Yuki: +62877-7180-8009

Pauline: +6281-21761-6112


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