La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Review

Goshhh we’ve arrived in July already!

How are you guys doing so far?

I want to update you with my new skincare routine. I have been using this for 1.5 months now.

It’s La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (+)

This cream is good for acne prone skin. It stated to become anti imperfection cream, reduce marks, reduce uneven skin tone, and help to fight acne.

What about those who has no problem with acne? Not to worry, you can still use this cream for anti imperfection like redness, big pores, uneven skin tone and more.

First thing to remember, this cream is not moisturizer cream.

You need to apply your moisturizer after using this cream, or you can apply serum before this cream.

The sequence will be:

Face Wash – Toner – Serum – Effaclar Duo – Moisturizer, or

Face Wash – Toner – Serum – Effaclar Duo, or

Face Wash – Toner – Effaclar Duo – Moisturizer

Now, though it is suggested to use 1 range of La Roche Posay products, i have no problem combining the Effaclar Duo with my SK-II products.

Let’s get down with the details why i am in love with this.

I have sensitive oily combination skin. It takes only a day to test whether my skin will react to new product. If i can survive the first day, i won’t have to deal with anything later on. It means, new product successfully accepted by my skin.

And this Effaclar Duo had been accepted by my sensitive skin since day 1.

So i’ll conclude it as:

Lightweight – Fast Absorbtion

The cream is lightweight. When i apply onto my face, the skin directly absorb the cream and left my skin well hydrated without being sticky and oily.

Smells Good

The ingredients list stated it used perfume, and as far as my nose can recognize, it’s the combination of jasmine and rose smell. Soothing and feeling good!

Paraben Free

95% of my skincare and makeup are now paraben free. So i’m delighted to add this one into the healthier skin family!

Comes with the Choice of SPF and not

I have 2 types. The one with SPF for day, and without SPF for evening. Actually we can apply the non SPF for morning too but we gotta need sunblock before our activities. So when La Roche Posay provides the built in SPF, i guess it’s a great deal to cut off the extra need of putting another layer for morning routine!

Eliminates Skin Problems

Here’s the before picture. I always have problem with acnes, breakouts, and redness around my chin. And after 2 weeks of routine usage, this is the result:

I don’t apply any acne creams or drinking any vitamins to help heal my acnes. This Effaclar Duo really does its own magic to my skin.

For drugstore products, this really do a wonder! I totally in love.


As compared with my previous skincare, SK-II, this is very affordable and i can see visible result before i finish half of the tube!

Angelia’s Personal Tips for Effaclar Duo (+)

I heard that the group divided into 2, 50% satisfied, 50% grew more acnes.

As this cream is for acne prone skin, it means it shouldn’t trigger any acnes and breakouts.

Now if you worry, you can test whether you’re allergic to Effaclar Duo or just the combination of range of the products you used is not match with your skin.


It’s by using the Effaclar Duo alone (without other products) for a week.

Face Wash – Efflacar Duo.

That’s it.

If you see no sign of irritations, breakouts and anything else, means your skin is in good condition with the ingredients of this Effaclar Duo.

Then after a week, to embrace back a well hydrated skin, you can add your daily skincare routine combine with Effaclar Duo.

If something happen, try to check whether the serum, the face wash, or the moisturizer triggers it.

In my case, the first day i used only Effaclar Duo and i think my oily combination skin is dry. I quickly add moisturizer on the routine the next day.

But after a week, i try to use the Effaclar Duo only, and looks like my skin is good enough. Supple enough so i don’t apply any moisturizer.

Yup i know Effaclar Duo is not moisturizer so by nature i need something else, but then, my skin could really take it and show great result.

Now it’s up to you to use it solo, or combine it.

For budget wise, you can try to buy without SPF because you can apply it morning and night. It will save more money than directly buy 2 tubes without knowing whether your skin will love it or not.

So that’s all about my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo review.

Drop me questions if you want to ask or share something about your skin concern. ❤️

Wish you have new insight after reading.

Great day to all of you!

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  1. Hallo, I am ayu. We have the same type of skin. So I want to try this product. I am using SKII FTE right now. So I put this product after FTE, is it right ? Thank you. 🙂

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