Hi everyone.

Welcome back to my Girl’s Talk time! And today i want to share with you all about PRIORITY.


Everything that has life in this world has the same time. It’s 24 hours a day.

Whether you’re the busiest man alive, the forever no job man, the richest man, the poorest, the saddest, or the happiest.

God is so fair by giving us the same amount of time to be spent daily to make the best of our life.

Now the choice to set the priority and to spend the time, is all up to individual person.

And here’s my keyword for this blog post.

Though we all have that 24 hours, we never really spent all 24 hours doing what we love, what we like, what we told to do, and what we should do.

I guess you don’t really get it, or are you with me already?

Let’s say…. I’m an architect student who has lot of projects. These past 1 week i haven’t slept.

Waitttt… Do you think it means 7 days straight no sleep? Actually i can sleep maybe 15 minutes or more, sometimes less, in between. Though it is true that on some days, i did really open my eyes straight from AM to AM.

When i don’t even have time for sleep, do you think i don’t do anything else than just my project? In fact, i can still browse instagram a second, checking out the news, text my loved ones saying i’m busy but i miss you, hoping this hell week end soon.

Are you with me now? I guess you start to get the bigger picture by now.

In simple, No one is ever too busy for something. Because it’s all about setting a priority.

If you’re in a relationship….

I know that you still have your family, your own “Me Time”, your friends, your hobby and many other exciting stuffs and people rather than to spend 24/7 with your Babyboo.

I know that study and score well is inportant. Attend meeting and filing report is important.

I agree. 100% agree.

But if you have already committed to someone, you need to give “a little you” to the other half.

Just a simple chat in the morning, or in the midst of your busy day telling your condition and how you wish your Baby had a great day…. A simple text like that will make someone feel relief.

I believe though you have a tight schedule, you can text on few seconds. And you will always that few seconds ☺️

For those who is waiting the text….. Rather than being angry and waiting for long time, you can also text first. To wish your other half a great day in the midle of their busy schedule.

Love is not about receiving. Love is also giving.

So do give attention. It is not important who text first, who call first.

But if you never receive, it is an alert that you might not in the priority list.

The best way to solve this, is to communicate. Tell your loved ones how you feel. Find solution.

Both of you must listen and have a big heart to understand each other.

The key is, if he/she really like you, he/she won’t miss a chance to get in touch with you. Even in the busiest day of his/her life.

Friends are also important.

Don’t forget to make time to catch up with them.

Be balance. You need your time together with friends alone. Without your lover. This could improve the fun and personal time with your group.

But don’t forget to ask your lover come along in the group hangout some other times. To build a greater connection between your important people.

The same thing applies for Family.

They need you because you’re the precious son and daughter of the family.

Have your time alone with them. Have a quality time.

In other occassion, you can bring your lover along to catch up with the whole family on the next family reunion.

Balance is the key.

If you really pour out the best of you when you’re together with them, i believe there will be no jealousy within them.

Jealousy comes when a person thinks that he/she is out from the priority.

Be committed with the schedule you have made and make sure to communicate it with your lover.

For example if you have already promised your mom to have lunch with her, tell your lover that the noon is belong to you and mom.

If you grab your food so fast and go off, your mom will start to think that she’s going to lose you and begins to dislike your lover.

And vice versa.


For me priority doesn’t have to be strict and stiff.

It must be flexible depends on the situation.

For me priority it’s not being number one. Being the top. Priority is about willingness.

We have to take care ourselves, our family, our loved one, our friends, our job and more.

That’s when the balance and the priority takes to place.

Actually it’s not that hard to set a priority for every situation we face.

It is just the willingness.

Remember, everybody has the same 24 hours. Everybody has struggles and problems.

So your action really determine your willingness. Your priority.

Let me close this with example.

Your long lost friend contact you and wanna catch up. And you make excuses because of the place is far from your house.

Actually it’s never really about the distance. If he/she is your closed friend, you will be willing to take that extra miles and catch up happily.


Appreciate those around you who is willing to spend the time with you.

Because they might have such headache but still put you on their “willing list” aka priority and make time just for you ❤️

Have a great day!!

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