Clinelle Caviar Gold Series Review

Good day to all of you my blogging family! 🙂

Today i want to share my review for Clinelle Caviar Gold series.

I believe that my fellow friends from Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia have already knew this brand before. If you new to this brand, Clinelle is under PT EIG Dermal Wellness. And EIG (Esthetics International Group) has 30 years of experience in skincare industry. And thank God that Clinelle also entered Indonesia’s market through Guardian, so you and me today, can try this wonderful drugstore skincare.

So when i was contacted to review Clinelle’s new line: Caviar Gold, i screamed happily!

First is because my friends already told me how great Clinelle products are. Second, it’s Caviar Gold. One of the most wonderful (and expensive) ingredients for beauty regime alltogether in one!

Clinelle Caviar Gold line is formulated and manufactured in Korea. It has extravagant formula of caviar and gold to boost collagen, promote natural brightening, skin firming and lifting.

So let’s start the review.

I will break down the review using a sequence order, which showing you step by step of using these products.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Cleanser

Facial cleanser is the first step.

I clean my face with this 2 times daily: morning and evening.

This cleanser comes with easy squeeze tube with flip cap. It has runny gel with specks of gold, foamy and could cleanse my skin well without skin being dry after the wash. Oh tips from me, squeeze a little only because this could easily spill. You don’t want to waste it ☺️

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Lotion

Use this Firming Lotion as the second step. Actually this is not the lotion you imagine. This is a toner.

It is run smoothly like water, just a bit thicker. My skin absorb this quite fast and it is refreshing to use.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Serum

I really love this serum! The tiny gold balls are wonderful to see. Not to mention the effectiveness of this product too.

The consistency is light, not so runny as compared to the toner (lotion). Hydrating, absorb quickly into the skin, non greasy and non sticky feeling. This is a great serum to get supple skin.

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Eye Serum

I feel that this eye serum consistency is thicker than the face serum and lotion. Tips: pump a bit only or it will be such a waste. I only need a little to massage this on my eyes area and instantly feel refresh and relax!

Oh i totally surprise that my eyemakeup works well with this product, so i can use it morning and evening too! Before, i only apply eye serum/cream at night before if i apply under my makeup, it will ruin the look. So this is great!

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Cream

This cream comes in gold hollow plastic jar with small spatula. It has milky texture.

At first i was afraid that this cream would make my skin become too oily, but i can relax because it didn’t happen. It’s well moist but it won’t trigger the produce of extra oil 😁

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Mask

I can’t review how well the mask is, because i only have 1 sheet here. For a mask, i need to test like 1 month or once a week. But if you ask me how hydrating is this mask, i could tell you that this mask also moisture my skin well.

So after 2 weeks of routine usage, this is my conclusion: The usage of full range of Clinelle Caviar Gold products a bit too rich for me. I need to reduce the amount if i apply all of them onto my face. Skin is well hydrated. No irritation. No breakouts. I feel that my face is brighter than before. And it kinda has some blurring effect on my pores which so great!

Now before recommending this to other, let me show you my Pros and Cons.

The Pros:


I believe at the first time you see my picture, you will say this line is looking gorgeous and luxe. And with the gold and black color box, plus the words “Dermatologically tested & Paraben Free”, we can’t help ourself to take this one home. Because this was what happened to me.

So thumbs up for the packaging. Perfect idea for gift set.


[The picture above is my bare skin after using the products for 2 weeks]

Works well for my sensitive and oily skin with some adjusted amount of usage. I think it works better for normal or dry skin.

Hydrating the skin, refresh the skin. Reduce visibility of big pores. Brighter the skin.

Paraben Free

I always have that extra point for product which contain no paraben ❤️


Facial Cleanser 100ml – IDR 99k

Firming Lotion 180ml – IDR 229k

Firming Serum 30ml – IDR 339k

Eye Serum 15ml – IDR 339k

Firming Cream 40ml – IDR 329k

Firming Mask 1sheet – N/A

For a drugstore product, i can say that this line is targetting the middle-up class.

The Cons:

As i have sensitive and oily skin, I need to reduce the amount i use for each products onto my face to lessen the richness so it won’t trigger whiteheads. After i adjust the amount, i can use full products range without concern it will trigger something else ☺️

Angelia’s Recommendation:

If you have normal or dry skin: full range of this products will work great for you.

If you have oily skin like me: you might need to reduce the amount or buy the items you think are necessary.

If i have to pick few products only (in other words, my favourite product): i will recommend you to pick the Firming Serum and Eye Serum. Must have!!👍🏻

So that’s all about my review. I hope you know this products better by reading my review and has no doubt when you make your purchase.

You can get Clinelle products at nearest Guardian Stores in your city or check their website at

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