Peaceful Mom Tips

Good morning to all of you.

Today i want to share with you articles that has blessed me and keep my anger in control toward my daily chaos, as a mom.

Some might think that staying at home and raising the kid is easy peasy job. Well the truth is, it is not easy at all.

We always struggle with how fast the time flies a day while there’re lot of things to take care. The cranky kids, the neverending laundry, the dirts, oh don’t forget to cook or reheat the food. Until there’s only little time left for mom to take a bath and lie down.

For those who think it is easy, kindly make a few days leave from your job and try to do the house job while taking care your kid. And let’s see whether you change your statement earlier or not ☺️

Okay without further delay, i’m gonna let you read the 2 articles. First one is from WhatToExpect.Com, an apps for parents to track the development of the kids with useful sharing and information. And the second article is from DecibelOne. This one is Christian based, expect a bible scripture to refresh your soul.


Losing Temper as a Mom

Losing your temper is the pits, isn’t it? And not just for your toddler — a hearty helping of mommy guilt is the cherry on top of your bad-day sundae. But rest assured that you are not alone. Hearing “no” again and again from your little naysayer can challenge even the most patient mom, and throwing/shrieking/whining (the toddler disobedience trifecta) is frustrating even when you’re in the best of moods.

So move on from this episode (apologizing to your toddler might help you feel better, and it sets a good example, too), and focus on defusing your anger better next time. Remember: If you manage to stay levelheaded instead of losing your temper, your child will eventually learn that she can keep calm too. Here are some “stay cool” strategies to try the next time your toddler’s behavior gets your temperature rising:

• Know your limits. It’s often not just your toddler’s whining that pushes you over the edge. It’s the “other stuff” you have going on that makes you lose your cool — deadlines at work, errands to run, an argument with a friend. Something has to give, and sometimes it’s your temper. When you’re really feeling stressed — and we all know that feeling — avoid additional triggers. Skip the errands and head to the park instead.

• Pick your battles. You need to set limits to keep your toddler safe and to help her learn how to control herself and her behavior. But you don’t need to say no to everything. Decide which rules are important to you and stick to them, and let the rest go (who cares if she insists on the red cup for every meal, or wants to pair stripes with plaids?). This decreases frustration on your child’s part and yours — and keeps minor arguments from becoming major battles.

• Give yourself a time-out. If you feel like you’re about to start losing your temper, take a deep breath and count to ten. Center yourself with a sip of tea or a gulp of sparkling water (even if you have to drink it in a go-cup while chasing your toddler around the backyard). Or step into another room (as long as your child is safe) and take a moment to close your eyes or quietly gaze out the window. It’s amazing how much more “in the zone” you’ll feel in a few short minutes.

• Try distraction. If a battle of wills is about to begin, shift gears and try to tickle your child’s funny bone before you both lose your cool. Sometimes a little kids’ joke, funny face, or favorite song can work wonders with a child — and parent — who are about to explode.

• Find an outlet. A parent, a friend, your very understanding sister. Tap a supportive soul who’s a good listener and make that person your sounding board. When your child’s napping or out with another family member, call your support person and vent (and be sure to return the favor the next time she’s the one with a gripe to air).

• Be good to yourself. A mom who takes care of herself can take better care of her family. So make sure you’re getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating right. Treat yourself to a bubble bath or make a date night with your partner (there’s nothing like a little romance to recharge your batteries).

To the Mom Whose Life has Zero Chill…

If you’re inwardly shouting, “That’s me!”, we’re going to see in a bit how the chill mom is not a myth, but can become your very present reality with the Lord.

Maybe you’re thinking: Chill? Mom? Those two words don’t belong together, at least not in my universe! I’ve got diapers to change, toddlers to chase down, and dinner to sort out. And that cliché about coffee getting cold…well, I didn’t even have time to make myself a cuppa…

But hey, isn’t that precisely why you’re reading this? You know there’s got to be a better way to live. And you’re right. Ready to be mindblown?

Here it is, in one word: REST.

Now hang on, before you head off to laze in bed for the entire day (though that might sound tempting), read on. Rest does NOT give us licenses to be lazy, but refers to an inward posture of resting in the Lord, while doing what needs to get done. As Jesus Himself said:

“Are you tired? Worn out? . . . Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. . . . Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. . . . Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.”

–Matthew 11:28–30 (The Message)

Sounds fantastic, but the question remains: HOW do we rest in the Lord?

We see it in the Bible story of two sisters, Martha and Mary. Jesus had dropped by their house for a visit, and Martha did the customary, appropriate thing of serving Him. But Mary did something very different: She sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word (Luke 10:39).

Before long, Martha got fed up and started to complain: “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Therefore tell her to help me.”

In one fell swoop, Martha blamed two people: Her sister for leaving her to serve alone, and the Lord Jesus, for not caring about that. Although Martha’s desire was to serve the Lord, she ended up losing her temper with the very ones she loved. In her own strength, she ran out of steam.

Does that sound familiar? Do you busy yourself all day cooking, cleaning, and thinking that everything will fall flat if you let go for just a moment? Do you get frustrated when things become too much to handle, lose your temper with your loved ones, and feel guilty after? If so, check out Jesus’ loving response to Martha:

“Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

Notice how Jesus wasn’t scolding Martha for serving, but He was gently pointing out her worry and anxiety in doing it? Likewise, today, He loves you too much to let you suffer under the weight of all that. He wants you to enjoy being a mom.

And the key to living that way is by doing the one thing Mary did, preferably before starting your day: She sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His word (Luke 10:39). She was resting with the Lover of her soul, and allowing His words to impart peace and strength to her.

Even if you can only spare five minutes, Jesus would love to spend that time with you. You can meditate on His reassuring words to you, like those in Philippians 4:19 (AMPC): “And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

If you’ve got no time to do it in the morning, you can still take a love break with the Lord whenever you can, pour out your heart to Him, read a verse or listen to a worship song, and let Him refuel you with His grace.

When you choose the good part–resting at Jesus’ feet and letting go of your stress, you will end up being so saturated in His love for you that it will overflow to your loved ones. Imagine wrapping up all your stress, worries and concerns into a tightly-woven ball, and tossing it into Jesus’ loving arms. Now it’s in His hands, not yours! When you realize that the Almighty One has got your back, you will smile more, be relaxed and at peace, and have the strength to accomplish all you need to do in your day. Best of all, you will find joy infused in your every day, laughing often and enjoying the precious moments with your little ones.

Moms, you can go through your every day, knowing that the all-sufficient Lord loves you and is with you to guide you in all things, and meet your every need to overflow. That’s the secret to being a chill mom, even when life has zero chill .


I can say that i also face the same struggle almost everyday. It is amazing how in the end i can survive crazy day and find new strength to finish another crazy day.

I guess it’s God’s mercy that sufficient for me. For the calling.

I remember how angry i was at one time until i stopped talking to my son for 1 hour and went out from the home to chill the head.

After that, there’s a big guilty inside my heart. But still without those hard action to take, my son will hold on to his will.

This kind of battle will set my mood down. And those articles which blessed me become my achor.

To remind me whether should things make me angry or i can let go the case, and to remain sane through the daily chaos.

I do really hope it blessed you as well 💋

Because a happy mom is everything to the house!

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