Smoking and Acceptance

Ahhhh it’s been a long time since my last “Girls’ Talk” post.

Lately i received some questions about smoking.

Let’s talk about this based on my personal view.


I never smoke. I don’t like smoke. I don’t like to smoke.

I still remember i almost lay down unconsciously when i waited for my passport in the room full of smokers. After that, i really don’t feel comfortable to be around smokers.

Thank God 99% of my friends share the same vibes with me. So i can hang out happily without worrying i’ll passed out again.

But when i was with the 1% , which is the smokers, i will tell them politely that i can’t bear the smoke. So either i will change my seating position or they will excuse themselves and smoke outside.

We keep be friend and respect each other.


Now what’s the motive behind your smoking decision?

– Just Curious

– To Look Cool

– To Get Acceptance

– To Make Corporate Deals

– To reduce stress

– or it’s already a habit?

But before habit, there’s something that make you started to smoke.

Now for those who hasn’t start… I want you to think again.

Can’t you be accepted with your genuinity, funny, kind, smart, or even sloppy attitude? Must you smoke?

Isn’t there any other way to close the deal? You don’t have to smoke with them to make them like you and finally close the deal.

(Oh this is not a sweet crap. I’ve been working too. I don’t need to smoke just to close a tender)

Are you sure smoke will reduce your stress? What about going for short holiday for yourself? No budget? Staying at home can be a choice too. Or as simple as eating sweet dessert can reduce stress.

Because happiness is our own responsibility. We have to choose to be happy.

Now if you say you’re “just a social smoker”. Why should you do that? Wouldn’t they include you in the gank if you are not a smoker?


Please take time to question yourself before you make a decision.

Now for my personal view…..

I do think you must take it seriously.

Smoking is cheap, but in the longterm, it cost so much. SO MUCH.

The addiction will lead to serious illness.

And not only it harmed your body, now think about your loved one as the passive smoker. Studies had proven that passive smokers face more serious health problem than the active smokers.

Do you want to see your loved ones suffer just because of you?

Oh this is not a post to intimidate or scare you or lecturing….

This is just a gentle reminder to make good decision for your life.

What you’ve done in your youth couldn’t be re-done. And for every path that you’ve taken, there’s always consequences.

Choose wisely.

For the sake of your own great life and the wellness of your beloved.

One anonymous ever asked me this one on my Ask.Fm account “do you think smoking is a sin?”

Well to be honest, there is no clear statement or verbs that saying smoking is a sin.

But there’s a verb stating that “your body is the temple of God”.

Again, with my personal view and belief, i believe we must take a good care of God’s temple.

I’ve seen one funny but touching carricature picturing that God staying inside a man’s heart, and then this man smoke. The next thing happen is… the heart, where God resides is full of smoke and He’s sad (due to lack fresh air).

I laugh at this cartoon but soon realizing that this method really works for a gentle reminder.

At the moment, i decided to take a good care of myself as the temple of God.

I don’t smoke, i don’t do tattoo (tho i admit it’s cool and i kinda like to have one, obviously!), and i always keep the rules to respect my body and not letting others to do the other way to my temple.

Now what about you? I always respect people personal choice.

I just hope you choose the best for your life. Not because of acceptance.

But because it’s who you really are 🙂

Are you trying to quit smoking? The key is commitment.

And try to do it slowly but surely.

You can’t stop at sudden. Your body, your hormon will reject it and lead to greater addiction.

Start by decreasing the number of cigarette you take daily.

I wish you all a happy healthy life, regardless what’s your choice.

Good day good day!

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