In a world full of trends, i want to remain a classic

That sentence gonna be my forever favourite quote and reminder to self too.


This is not a usual way i am starting a blog post…..

Instead, you might find that the sentence and paragraph on this blog post is quite jumping here and there.

I do my own reflection as i type this.

So pardon the messy paragraph and i hope you guys still enjoy reading this and get something to hold on, to value yourself, and to stand for what you believe ❤️


Often, we lost our identity just to fit in into the crowds.

We can’t hold on to the value we once believe… Just because that’s too odd or old fashioned for others.

We know that some ideas are just wrong but we don’t have enough courage to stand and say NO.

Sad. Tragic.


Because we afraid that we don’t have somebody to be with us.

Someone cool enough to support us.

So we think that it will be better to be their echo.

We should have been loved and liked as who we really are.

We are not an alien or idiot just because we don’t agree in something.

Remain classic doesn’t always mean being one awkward, bored, and anti social or even disconnected / irrelevant to the world we live today.

Remain classic simply means holding on the value and live with it.

Live for what you believe.

Being irrelavant is when you shut your surrounding and can’t appreciate other opinion. But as long as you open for opinions and have dignity with what you choose to believe…..

You’re not a weirdo.

I remember how funny and sad it was when i saw an ads about Korean Beauty Pageant Contest. They all look almost the same.

I don’t want to be like that……

I want to wear my own crown and be recognized as the true me.

I want – the people around me, loves me as i am.

I have real friends, real families who know that i have a blog and writing stuffs.

If this is just a mask to look good for my readers, heyyy don’t you think they will laugh on me and tell their friends that i am a clown? A joke for the family?

But that’s not what happen to me.

Because i am what i am.

I remain myself. Not to follow the crowds. The wrong crowds.

I am not a saint. I have bad temper and easily annoyed too.

But be it in a good mood or bad mood, i always show them my true color.

If i kind to you, it’s genuine.

If i angry and shout… i really mean it.

Finish with my anger, still not talking to you, means i still don’t like you.

Finish with the fight and i say hello and make conversation, means i don’t have hatred on my heart. It’s all clear 🙂

I don’t need to be like the crowd. Faking the smile and talk bad behind you.

Because even a fake smile could easily be sensed by others.

So in all things, just remember to stay genuine 🙂

And be the classic you. That the world could rely… that the world would appreciate 🙂

Can you do that? Do you have courage?

It’s still February. It’s not too late to start a fresh genuine “you and me” and to end the year strong!

Let’s become unique, let’s become a voice and not an echo.

Let’s become the model, not the copycat.

Let’s become the classic one.

Not the tragic one 🙂


I have finished typing this and i remember one important point.

Before others can love us the way we are, we must first love ourselves. Not in narcistic ways that think that ourselve is better than others…

But in the way that accepting who we really are.

Our background, our past, our mistakes, our flaws…. and make the best of it.

Not stuck on the same place, but go forward to embrace new blessings everyday… to a greater future.

One must be fully content about theirselves before loving others.

So remember to love yourself too 🙂 and be genuine.

Wishing you a great day!!

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Hello, World! My name is Angelia, currently living in Surabaya - Indonesia. This blog is about a little thought of mine regarding girl's talk, beauty, food, fashion and travel, as well as parenting as myself is a mommy. Hope you really have a good time reading my blog peeps! Get in touch with me through Instagram: angeliasamodro or email me at

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