Secret Key Toner and STE Review

Hello beautiful!

This is my first beauty review for 2018, wohoo..

And today i am going to share my review for Secret Key products: Toner and STE

We all know that the Japanese and Korean beauty regime always have a set of skincare to be applied, and Japanese always have the higher price.

And we all do know that it’s a public secret that Secret Key from Korea has successfully create a dupe for SK-II.

Since i am a SK-II loyal user, i want to test it by myself whether this more affordable products from Secret Key really do the tricks ๐Ÿ˜‰

Secret Key Toner

Milk Brightening Toner

Secret Key has wide variant of toners, but i simply choose the Milk Brightening Toner because: It’s a non-alcohol prescription tonner and very gentle even for sensitive skin.

This toner is caring dry skin after facial wash, helping dead skin cells to be removed and promote brighter skin, elastic skin, and well nourished and moisturized skin.

It contains AHA so make sure you don’t use any vitamin C serum.

The texture is watery and the color is like murky water, no scent at all.

You can use cotton pad but i prefer to spill it on the palm of my hands and then i will dab it and gently pat to the whole face and neck.

The size is quite big. It is 248 ml, and it can lasts 1 year and more with generous routine application.

Secret Key STE

Limited Edition Rose

Same case with the Toner, Secret Key STE also offers wide range of choice from the Gold STE, Standard STE to the limited edition Rose.

All Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence contain galactomyces which is also used in SK-II FTE products.

And i choose The Rose STE edition because the function is more wide and promising. It promotes brighter skin, reduce fine lines, calming the epidermis, moisturized skin, calming acnes and prevent breakouts, and also reducing big pores.

To apply this, i simply pour it on my palms again ๐Ÿ˜ Maybe because i watch too many K-Dramas, i just prefer to apply the skincare that way.

And i heardddd (okay this might be wrong okay), by gently tapping with your palms, your skin will absorb the nutrient better than using a cotton pad.

I leave it to you to believe it or not.

Oh i love the packaging. The bottle looks simply elegance. But same case with SK-II FTE 75ml, the bottle is a glass bottle. You might want to be extra careful while handle it or… you will break the glass and waste the essence *sob*

It happen to me once, it really broke my heart (and wallet).

Personal Opinion

I have been using Secret Key Toner and Rose STE for 3 months now and i am happy that the products seem good ๐Ÿ™‚

Better complexion โœ”๏ธ

Less acnes and breakouts โœ”๏ธ

I couldn’t really tell about the fine lines and pores. And it makes my skin slightly radiance.

Please don’t compare this to SK-II. I wake up with “a really” crystal clear face in the morning while using SK-II.

But not with this Secret Key. At least, it doesn’t make my skin dull like other brands. So i’m quite pleased ๐Ÿ˜Š

Money wise… Secret Key is wayyy more affordable โœ”๏ธ


I don’t know whether this only happen to me or not, but i do undergo some purging period on my chin while using the toner and STE. It gets better after 1 month of daily routines.

So if you ask me if this worth, i will say YESSSS. For those on budget tight, this will do the trick and improve your overall skin.

But again if they say this is the dupe of SK-II and resulting on the same progress on face…. i disagree.

And that’s all about my personal review for Secret Key Toner and Rose STE. The picture above are the products i use daily (secret key used for 4 months now for review purpose)

Toner – Essence – Moisturizer – Zero Sebum Powder – and Lip Scrub.

I hope this article is useful for you. It’s an honest and independent review.

Oh before i forget, i have a youtube channel now. Just search for: Angelia Samodro.

I created this 4 years ago and only posted my same day wedding clip, but i’m planning to be more active and do simple tutorials. Let’s follow each otherโค๏ธ

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